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UFO Sighting Report




Massachusetts, United States.


It was very bright and was on fire.

Date Reported:

1/9/2004 6:40:42 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



25 miniutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

This event happend today, 1/8/04. I was in Massachusetts when this event took place.It was 1 A.M.This is in Western Massachusetts, in the United States. First, I was driving around in Springfield, Massachusetts when I saw an airplane in the sky that didn't make a sound, it looked like an airplane exactly of course except for that the wings were painted a "reddish" color. It made no sound at all, and no one even payed any attention to it. Then, I gazed at it and when it was moving to the West, it became three crafts. I could barely see them. They were bright gold, and they were very close to each other. Next, I assumed that was the sunlight reflcecing off the airplane, and the sunlight was making the left wing and the right wing glowing making it seem like two seperate obkects. The middle was glowing too, I assumed. That main part of the airplane (the middle) was the third "ship" that it was "came" into. So, I didn't think much of it.

I was with a friend in the yard, and I saw many airplane type things leave that "smoke trail" line as they pass by. You can see where they went. They vanished and disapeared after that. They looked lke airplanes. They didn't get close to the ground at all. The were further in the distance also.

About 6 PM I was in the back with company, he was a friend. There were many airplanes and helicopters flying by. Theres not THAT muhc airplanes that usually fly by. There was a couple of helicopters and many planes that were very low. The planes came or were going to the forest. I saw an airplane-type thing crashing down, it looked like it was on fire, there was smoke from it. There was flames at the ending. I said, "Hey, what's that?"

and I went over there and there it was. It wasn;t moving down slowly, and it was in the far distance. I couldn't tell if it was an airplane or not, but the ending was glowing in gold like Mars was on the day that Mars was the closest to the Earth in a thousands of years. It was moving down slowly. The unidentified flying object was on fire with a trail and smoke coming from it. In the sky, it was perfectly clear, there were absolutely no clouds or anything like that. Before the object went down behind the trees, it stopped and froze in mid-air. it froze, it was hard to notice it has froze at first because it move so slow. Then, all of a sudden another object that was smaller and further in the distance was heading towards where that object was. Anyway, I turned around to my friend, and we began talking about it freezing in air. We looked back three minutes later and the object went to the west and it froze there. It went up, and to the west. it stalled and hesittated there, ofcourse, I was frightend, and I was still staring at it. When we looked away again, talking, it moved to it's old spot, and then towards the east more. We didn't see it moving but we assumed it moved because when we turned back around it was in a different spot.

The object had a golden color to it, and it looked red because of the flames surrounding it. it was gold, it was as bright, and looked almsot exactly like it. The other object (Unidentified flying objecu number 2) was unreconizable. I couldn't see anything of the second object but I only saw smoke from it. Object1 didn't go hurtling to teh ground or anything, it just moved slowly to the ground crashing. I was in panic, so I didn't care how fast or slow it moved. lol. The object had a long flame and smoke at the end of it. I looked up in the sky and you can still see smoke from where the object has traveled as falling. By the way, I don't actaully live in Springfield, I just saw that "airplane" there. I saw this second event with the objects at my house, outside of Springfield. This object was clearly falling to the ground until it stopped.

Next, the other object came down to the hovering Object1. We ran inside and tryed to find binoculars. I wasn't even caring about cameras or video tape or anything. It ddin't even come to my mind to think about cameras or anything. I ran inside my bedroom, and looked out the window. Outside the window was the UFOs (Object1 and Object2). The backround of the whole sky was red and orange just like sunset ofcourse. But once Object 2 disapeared and Object 1 was hidden behind the trees, and the sunset of all red disapeared. It made me think: "What if the sunset wasn't a sunset at all?"

As the backround of a beatiful orange-red color vanished, I searched for more paranormal activivites. I searched the skys. My friend and I the sky return to it's pure blue color. Streetlights turned on and it was getting darker by the second. The sky darkend, the streetlights were lightend kind of earlier than I suspected, so it made it mroe difficult to see anything, but it would still be visible.

Where did Object 1 and 2 go? Object 2 just plainly vanished when we both runed around to go inside and get the binoculars. After that, Object 2 was hidden behnd tall, thick, dark trees. I lloked out the window in my bedroom and saw a light coming from the trees. it was very small, and you can barely see the object. It was probably Object 1 because it was close to where we were than Object 2. Anyway, it faded away and I lost where it was because it was in between to trees that were close together. It was hidden by sight, and I think it was behind the darker trees that you, nor anyone could not see through.

After this, I saw blinking lights in the sky. The blinking was lights of airplanes. There were tons of airplanes in the sky, but not in one spot. There was some from the north, west, east, south, southwest, northwest, northeast, southeast. They didn't come at the same time either, and they were all high in the sky at somewhat different altitudes. Then, next I saw something else. I saw black cars cuh as minivans, vans etc.. going down my street which is a dead end. The dead end leads to the woods and forest. There was 1 or 2 houeses in the forst, the first house is near the street and the second is deep in the woods and no one lives in it. I knew that those cars have never been on this street before. before I saw this car on this street, I saw a car in the distance. Tha car was a blackish looking car with lights on it. Those cars increased. As I speak, the cars are still coming. But those cars were never in in a group, or came down a street at the same time, or never passed eachother. The cars down are cooling down. There isn't as much cars as there were before. The cars were in different sizes but mostly they were vans. The windows were tinted, you couldn;t see inside of them, and plus it was dark. The first car I actaully noticed came from the woods, it didn't come into the woods. The second one I saw (as I said earlier) was going toward the woods.

Thats the end of what happend. Please, if you have YIM please send xgamer22002 (thats me) a message and we can talk about this. Or e-mail me through Yahoo mail.

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