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UFO Sighting Report






hovering over trees that seems to be looking for something

Date Reported:

1/18/2004 11:10:28 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



5 to 10 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I was just a little kid playing at a playground witch has a forest in the back of it where we would go and build forts and go bike riding in. One night as the sun was going down on a summer night with a blue and pink sky while playing at the park something caught my eye in the southern sky then i looked and told my friend,we both looked in awe, so we decided to climb a tree that we have climbed many times before to see the object better witch was a disk shape metalic object witch was kind of pink color witch i think reflected by the pink sky but the object was probably more silvery texture,it was just hovering over the trees and when't to east to ouest and then back again and then it kind of came a bit towards us and then it went south to the point where we could not see it anymore so we decided to climb the tree even more where we could see again and it was still going south,this object was not going fast and it was silent i know it wasn't an hellicopter witch i know can maybe move like what we saw and also know what a hellicopter looked like witch would have made some noise from its propeller witch there was not,after we could not see it anymore we decided to go home and tell are parents about what we just saw and being a little kid after seeing something like that we could not wait to tell someone but the problem is that i did not,I don't know why but I did not talk about till 10 years later and i have asked my friend if he remembered what we saw a long time ago and he does not. I will say this, this is not fabrication or something that imaginated I know what we saw and to this day I haven't seen any thing like since and at that time when i was a little kid what i saw would have been the last thing on my mind as i din't even know what the word ufo was or what.From my observations the object was looking for something of some sort cause of the way it was moving around

Other Comments

well since i remembered what i saw that one night i have been interested in ufo's and other paranormal and mythology

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Ottawa Ontario Canada