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UFO Sighting Report


late Nov.l998


Manito, Il. USA


Triangle, Silent, white ,green purple lite on bottom with labyrinth design on bottom

Date Reported:

1/19/2004 9:07:44 PM



No. of Witnesses: 




No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

3:05 am. Looking south from my house along Tobogon Rd. Lite at first looked like head lites Turned North It didn't stay on the road but flew over fields. Followed the road into Manito along the High School. Then the gradeschool over a small park, small wheat field. I was upstairs looking out my bathroom window.It was very low one white lite in the middle of the triangle by this time I had opened the window and was hanging out. I swear it saw me because it turned on all the undercarriage lites. Lite green and purple. It tipped straight up totally silent, The undercarriage was not smooth it was a labyrinth. At first my senses told me stealth but of all the pictures I've seen the undercarriage is smooth. It silently glided straight up point first. Then fear set in I know they saw me. I have to leave for work soon. Are they waiting? Mentioned it to my neice who also lives in town, and of course she thought me on something till the next nite she was up at 3am feeding her new born stepped out on her patio to smoke and guess who or what glided right over the top of her house. I have never seen a report of any triangle ufo with the labyrinth undercarriage I regret not going downstairs for my camera but I was afraid I'd miss this once in a lifetime opportunity. I wonder if any one else saw this in late Nov. 1998?

Witness Background

At time Manager, 1yr college,

Other Comments

I have grown up in this flat farmland and have seen many unusual sights. But people are very tight lipped here and don't hesitate to label those who believe delusional. That day will come. They are hear. For what reason Who knows, The government knows more than we will ever know. Freedom of information act, or not.

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San Jose, Il USA