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UFO Sighting Report






Actually, it was not an UFO, but a comunication through the TV. Don't ask me how...

Date Reported:

1/20/2004 12:22:01 PM




20 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I am 20. When a saw this, I was around 8 years old, alone at home, reading and watching TV. It's 8 pm. I was so focused on the reading that I didn't payed enought atention on TV. But a different sound supreended me to what looked like a weird commercial.

The screen became red, and some inicials were showed, but I don't remember the letters. Then, appeared a woman, like in a TV news, and start to talk in a strange language, with something that looked like japanese writings in the right side of the screen. The writings was always changing, like in a translation. In the back, there was a green landscape, but the woman was in black and white collors, a white woman with black clothes, and something like a table was red.

Instantanealy, I got up and tried to change the chanels, but the image keep the same. Then I tried to manually change the frequency of the chanel, but the control, that was anallogic at the time, was like broken, the frequency couldn't be moved.

Like in a desesperated reaction, I turned off the TV. This worked, but I was not satisfied. I turned on again and the image was still in there. Now, there was a man speaking, and no landscape behind, just red. The man was in black and white collors too, a white man with black clothes. As I still didn't understand anything that he says, besides, he looked like angry this time, I decided to turn off the TV again. I was a kid alone at home, it was night, I got too scared and called to the work of my mother to ask if she could see it on TV. She said that everything was normal, it was just the news and there was nothing to worry.

So, after some minutes thinking, I decided turn on the TV and try to understand what the man was talking about. But when I turned on the TV, the normal news was in the screen. That is it.

My father trowed away that TV one year after I've seen this thing, and I have never seen this kind a thing again.

By the way, this was not the first time I was alone at home, and keep alone at home after the incident, but I haven't seen this again.

I'd like to know if there is someone else that had a incident like mine, before. It was so strange because the frequency couldn't be changed, a human thing couldn't do this to a TV. Or could?


Witness Background

I am a student of medicine.

Other Comments

Before the incident and after the incident I have no belief that the UFOs can get to Earth. I think that nothing can go after the speed of light, but all the times I think in the incident, a significant doubt appear in my head.

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