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Soviet UFO Secrets

James Easton

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: The Summer 1994 issue of Flying Saucer Review contains an article entitled "Soviet UFO Secrets", by Bryan Gresh. The article also appeared in the MUFON UFO Journal for October 1993.

The Summer 1994 issue of Flying Saucer Review contains an article entitled
"Soviet UFO Secrets", by Bryan Gresh. The article also appeared in the MUFON
UFO Journal for October 1993.

Brian Gresh is stated as being the Senior Vice-President of Altamira
Communications Group and an associate of George Knapp, described as a
renowned UFO researcher. I am personally familiar with Knapp's work and as
far as I am aware he is highly regarded.

The article details information obtained by both men during a 10 day visit
to Russia in March 1993.

The entire article is too lengthy to reproduce, however, the following
extracts contain the main substance of the article:


The trip to Russia took seven months to set up and was arranged by our man in
Moscow, Nikolai Kapranov. Kapranov is a Russian physicist who served as
Security Advisor to the Soviet Parliament.

Our goal was to talk, face to face, with those who were in the know...

One of the bigger gems was Boris Sokolov, a retired Russian colonel from a
distinguished military family. Sokolov ran an unprecedented study, the likes
of which, he is undoubtedly correct in saying, will never be repeated. "For
10 years," Sokolov says, "the entire Soviet Union became one gigantic UFO
listening post." The year was 1980.

"We had 40 cases where our pilots encountered UFOs," said Sokolov.
"Initially, they were commanded to chase, then shoot, the UFO. But when our
pilots would engage, the UFO would speed up. The pilot would give chase,
lose control and crash." That happened three times. Twice, the pilots died.
"After that," Sokolov said, "the pilots received another order: When they
see a UFO they should change course - and get out."

With the exception of the original "engage" order, Sokolov says the Soviets
adapted a passive observation stance - if they saw a UFO, fine. The Soviet
attitude was unlike the Americans, Sokolov says, who had set up some 30
radar stations to track UFOs.

October 5, 1983 is a date Sokolov will long remember. He received an order
from his commander to leave immediately for an ICBM base in the Ukraine. The
reason for the urgency? A report from the base commander to the Chief of the
General Staff that the day before, from 4 until 8 that evening, a UFO had
been observed near the base. During that time, the lights had lit up on the
base control panel - the launch codes for the ICBMs had, mysteriously, been

"They received an order to prepare the launch of the ICBMs," said Sokolov.
"The chief of the General Staff wasted no time in sending in our UFO

Fortunately, no missiles were launched.

Rimili Avramenko's world is somewhat unique. He is one of the chief
scientists working on Russia's version of SDI. Avramenko has been entrusted
with the highest possible clearances.

We began our interview of this highly-regarded scientist with what we
thought would be a good ice-breaker: is the UFO phenomenon for real? The
question was quickly brushed aside, in no uncertain terms.

"My colleagues and I don't even think that's a question!" he bellowed. "Of
course they are real!"

The exchange of information between aliens and humans, the scientist claims,
has led to the development of what he referred to as the "weapon of the
aliens," the plasma beam. The space age weaponry was incorporated into the
Soviet version of SDI. Dr. Avramenko also confirmed for us that the Russians
knew UFOs were from somewhere else as early as 1959. The Americans knew that
too, he said, because both sides had the same type of satellite defense
warning systems. Dr. Avramenko shared with us a couple of other startling
pronouncements: during the Vietnam War, he said, a massive UFO flew over
Hanoi. Although every major weapon in that city had its sights set on the
craft, it didn't budge. Dr. Avramenko also slipped up and told us the only
craft which can approach the speed of UFOs is the American "Aurora" which is
being flown in Nevada. When the look of amazement registered on our faces,
Avramenko quickly back-tracked and said his information was based solely on
articles in the popular press.

Another of our meetings put us across the table from the Ministry of
Defense official who is in charge of the current study. By agreement, we are
not yet able to make his name public, but we can give the name of the study,
"Thread-3." One illuminating section of those papers contains details of UFO
sightings by Soviet cosmonauts. Unlike American astronauts' reluctance to
talk about the subject, Soviet references to UFOs were reported from the
very beginning, with Yuri Gagarin himself. In the documents, Gagarin is
quoted as saying UFOs are real, they fly at incredible speeds and that he
would tell more about what he had seen in orbit - provided he be given
permission to do so. The documents also provide information on American
space encounters, including several references to things seen on the Moon by
our astronauts, and how that information was removed from NASA's public

What do the Russians know about the most celebrated of all UFO crashes, the
July, 1947 report of a crashed disc outside Roswell, New Mexico? Our next
interview made it seem apparent that, even in the 40s, the Russians weren't
buying the weather balloon explanation of Roswell being proffered to the
American people at the time by the US military. The interview was with
Valeriy Burdakov, a man who, to my knowledge, has never granted an interview
to a Western journalist. In the 1950s, Burdakov was a scientist at the
prestigious Moscow Aviation Institute, birthplace of the Soviet space
program. Burdakov's interest in UFOs led to lectures on the subject,
lectures which came to the attention of Sergei Korolyov, the dean of Soviet
rocketry and the founder of the Russian space program. But Korolyov did not
admonish the younger Burdakov; instead he confided in him.

As the now-60-something Burdakov relates, Joseph Stalin invited Korolyov to
a meeting in 1948. The dictator brought Korolyov to a room where, spread out
on a table, were piles of material and information collected during a top
secret study. Some of the information was gleaned from reports of Soviet
operatives in place in New Mexico at the time of the alleged crash. Stalin
was anxious to know, what did Korolyov make of this reported crash of a UFO
near Roswell?

"Korolyov told Stalin the phenomenon was real," said Burdakov. "He told him
the UFOs were not dangerous to our country, but they were not manufactured
in the United States, or any other country. Stalin thanked him and told him
his opinion was shared by a number of other specialists."

Burdakov says he has no doubts about the extent of the American government's
involvement in the UFO phenomenon. Several branches of the American
military, he says, are involved in active research and study. "We know that
the United States Air Force possesses plenty of material," says Burdakov.
"The U.S. Navy has a big amount of material as well. We know that special
orders have been given to keep all materials secret. When curious people ask
for the materials they are told they're not there, that they've been

Ron Varlamov of the Moscow Technology Institute believes evidence abounds.
We met with Dr. Varlamov at his small apartment outside Moscow for an in-
depth interview. Dr Varlamov has travelled to a number of reported UFO
landing sites in Russia, including 10 in the direct vicinity of Moscow, to
conduct a variety of tests on physical and chemical changes in the soil and
the environment. Among his voluminous findings; identical quartz timepieces,
one placed inside a landing site, the other just outside, record time at two
different speeds. The quartz timepiece inside the landing circle speeds up.
Dr Varlamov has also discovered that inside the reported landing site
circles the land is all but sterile, yielding just a few individual samples
of single-celled animals per cubic centimeter of soil. Just outside the
circles, tens of thousands of single cell animals flourish in every cubic

Amongst his other fascinating findings: evidence of what is knows as "angel
hair", a type of by-product of UFO exhaust. Varlamov has obtained a sample
to analyze the content. Dr. Varlamov also claims at least six attempts have
been made to make pre-arranged contact with alien intelligence. Some of
these contacts, he claims, were successful.

Varlamov's findings are supported by a government biologist and close
colleague. His name is Yuri Simakov.

Another of Dr Simakov's discoveries comes from two reported landing sites
in Siberia. Simakov found microscopic worms in the soil. Nothing too unusual
there, except these worms are particular to Mexico, and don't occur
naturally anywhere in the former Soviet Union.


There are obviously many fundamental repercussions arising from the content
of this article. If we take it at face value, then:

1. Both the former Soviet Union and the American governments (and presumably
others) have been aware of the existence of extra-terrestrial life for
many years and have orchestrated a cynical cover-up.

2. Contact has been established with extra-terrestrial life forms.

3. Advanced technology has been obtained from these life forms.

4. They have the ability to engage ICBM's and possibly other nuclear weapons

5. U.S. astronauts did encounter extra-terrestrial craft and there was a
significant sighting made on the moon, all of which have again been
cynically covered-up.

6. The U.S. Air Force and Navy do possess "material" from extra-terrestrial

7. Extra-terrestrial life forms have the ability to "distort" time, as we
know it.

There are of course many researchers who would say "We've been telling you
this for years."

The fact that the background to the interviews and specifically the
interviewees has been documented does lend significant credibility to this

Would anyone care to comment on the authenticity of the purported statements
and the repercussions thereof?

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