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1966: The Year of the “Saucers”

George D. Fawcett, Flying Saucers (Mysteries of the Space Age), August, 1967, Issue No. 53

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Summary: 1966 proved to be the year of saucers in many ways, both internally, nationally, area wide and locally an Easton, Pennsylvania UFO researcher and investigator for over 20 years stated.

1966 proved to be the year of saucers in many ways, both internally, nationally, area wide and locally an Easton, Pennsylvania UFO researcher and investigator for over 20 years stated.

Flying saucers have finally taken on a respectability that is not questioned after 20 years or more of repeated appearances worldwide. LIFE MAGAZINE finally broke its silence of over 12 years by printing proof (in the form of excellent photographs, both black and white and in color). LOOK, READERS DIGEST, POPULAR SCIENCE, TRUE and other magazines joined the parade with serious saucer articles.

CBS TV devoted a full-hour to this phenomena with veteran newscaster Walter Cronkite moderating "UFO ..... Friend, Foe or Fantasy?" Many other networks followed suit, but not in such a questionable way.

In this area, the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Two-State UFO Study Group observed its first anniversary on April 25, 1966.

Three authors wrote saucer books that became best sellers overnight. Two newsmen, Frank Edwards and John G. Fuller wrote "Flying Saucers ... Serious Business" and "Incident at Exeter" respectively. Fuller was a 1931 graduate of Lafayette College in Easton. French Astronomer and NASA Consultant Jacques Vallee penned "Anatomy of a Phenomenon".

False explanations attributed to saucers were a dime a dozen and included Moon Dust, Swamp Gas, the Planet Venus, Sodium Vapor Clouds, and Ball Lightning. College students in California, Ohio, Maine, North Carolina and elsewhere sent up balloons with flares to add to the confusion of eyewitnesses and serious researchers and investigators.

Evidence of saucer censorship was uncovered in 1966 when it was revealed that Air Force Directive 200-2 prohibits disclosing UFO information unless "it has been positively identified as a familiar or known object." A Joint Chiefs of Staff directive - JANAP 146-B - threatens prosecution under the Espionage Act to military personnel, commercial pilots and merchant seamen who discuss any sightings in public.

Reports of saucer sightings and saucer landings (some of them complete with occupants) became as frequent as day to day weather reports and public interest began to grow by leaps and bounds, both in this country and overseas.

As tension increased House Republican Leader Gerald Ford of Michigan formally demanded a Congressional hearing and investigation of flying saucers. He, of course, was backed by Marine Major Donald E. Keyhoe, Director of the National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in Washington, D. C. Ford's demands were met, when limited open Congressional hearings were held by the Armed Service Committee and Air Force officials on April 6. As a result of this meeting the Air Force contracted with the University of Colorado recently to investigate flying saucers for $300,000 for the next 18 months.

In the meantime Arthur Godfrey, Sammy Davis, Stuart Whitman and Johnny Carson revealed their UFO experiences before nationwide audiences.

And even as radar tracking, background radiation increases above normal and photographs and movies of the saucers were beginning to indicate a real phenomenon beyond the shadow of a "reasonable doubt" the George Gallup Poll discovered that 95%, of Americans are familiar with the flying saucer phenomenon (only 86%, ever heard of Lyndon B. Johnson) and no less than 5 million Americans claim to have seen flying saucers.

Several notable liars were discovered in 1966: Astronaut Walter M. Schirra, Jr. "that he nor any other pilot he knows has ever seen a Flying Saucer" (contrary to recorded sightings by many of his fellow Astronauts, Cooper, McDivitt, White, Borman. McDivitt got photographs of one over Hawaii). Sir Bernard Lovell, Director of Jodrell Bank Observatory in England said in Massachusetts that saucers "were incredible nonsense" and in California that the saucers "were strictly an American phenomena". (At a time when over 451 persons in Warminister, England were reporting that they had not only seen one, but photographed one on several occasions) Newsman Walter Cronkite in the CBS TV UFO program stated "that there had been no radar tracking or photographs of flying saucers". (Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Chief Air Force UFO Consultant has recently stated that Air Force reports include both unexplained UFO photos and radar tracking.)

Hynek now realizing his "swamp gas" folly states that "no true scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon has ever been undertaken despite the great volume of hard data."

Dr. 1. M. Levitt, Director of Fols Planetarium in Philadelphia said "he believed in UFOs, but thought the Air Force should stop its investigation of them."

It has been learned from various reliable sources that recent flurries of flying saucers over Russia have caused a religious revival there. After telling them for years that the saucers don't exist, the recent sightings combined with the fear of the unknown have resulted in many persons returning to the Church in Russia, which is exactly what their government didn't want in the first place. In this country the many blackouts have been blamed on flying saucer appearances. Although this has not yet been proven, it is a known fact that many blackouts have occurred in this country and overseas under similar circumstances in previous years.

Representatives in Argentina, Canada and England asked for new investigations of flying saucers, in 1966, but what happened after these requests is yet unknown. Chile and the U.S.A. made similar requests.

Colman Von Keviczky of the United Nations, Office of Public Information purposed in a memo to U­Thant that a special department be set up at the UN to investigate worldwide UFO encounters and furthermore that the UN be the only authorized group to openly contact their occupants. At the same time, Knut Hammerskjold, nephew of the late Secretary General of the United Nations, revealed during an otherwise routine speech at a convention of the Aviation - Space Writers Association in New York that "he believes flying saucers exist and come from outer space."

The Air Force next admitted that they tested an AVCO saucer in Canada (which used air ducts) in 1960 and that it crashed after the U.S. taxpayers had invested over 14 million dollars for its development. The taxpayers, after investing millions of dollars to investigate saucers, now found that our government along with others were hard at work trying to duplicate saucers. Without knowing his motive, Mayor Barry Ivers of Brewer, New Hampshire had erected a city signboard which read "Welcome UFOs. Landing Sites Available." This overture was quickly followed by three saucers that chased the private plane of Governor Haydoh Burns of Florida 6,000 feet over Ocala while flying through the state on a political campaign.

Saucer congresses and conventions were held in 1966 in Missouri, Utah, California, Arizona and Ohio and drew a large number of participants.

Things that became common knowledge in 1966 were the September, 1953 Air Force Intelligence Manual 200-3, chapter 9, page 3, which showed official flying disc (or "flying saucer") illustration - NEVER MADE PUBLIC BEFORE. This was followed by the 1958 drawings of two types of Unidentified Flying Objects that were illustrated and authorized to be posted in radio room and on the bridge of all ships by the Secretary of the Navy. This document entitled OPNAV 94-P-3B and told what to report over the MERINT RADIOTELEGRAPH PROCEDURE for early warning in defense of the North American Continent. And the final document, one which indicated a change in the attitude of many towards the saucers was the December 24, 1959 order issued by the Inspector General of the Air Force to every Air Base Commander in the continental United States. It was issued to all Air Force Operations and Training Commands and was entitled "UFOs.....Serious Business".

And though it couldn't be proven rumors continued to exist and become widespread that extraterrestrial saucers had crashed and been captured with their pilots many years ago in the United States, in Mexico, Norway, England and elsewhere.

LOOK magazine with its October 4 and October 18 issues ran a series of articles entitled "Aboard a Flying Saucer" and told the story of Barney and Betty Hill, who were captured and given physical examinations by humanoid beings in New Hampshire in 1961. It sounded a little like "PROJECT APOLLO" in reverse to many.

A long playing record on UFOs, produced by Century Records in Seattle, Washington State was on the market and was entitled "File 733­UFO". A contactee oriented UFO color documentary movie entitled "Phenomena 7.7" was produced in California at about the same time. Currently, America's teenagers were dancing to "Blues of UFOs" and "Hey, Mr. Spaceman!"

Feeling that "Flying Saucers, little men and ray guns" were as real as "Project Gemini, the astronauts and the laser ray" Fawcett predicted a big flurry of flying saucer sightings to occur in December and during the spring of 1967. He felt more large blackouts and power failures would occur soon in conjunction with the UFOs and that sooner or later "flying saucers" would become a major item on the agenda of the United Nations. Saucers he contended were serious business and deserved a sober scientific probe on a worldwide scale.

Full play has been given to the saucers in 1966 by all news media... TV, radio, magazines, books, newspapers, movies even down to the daily comic strips.

Perhaps the most startling of many of the varied reports have come from local policemen and state patrolmen from over a dozen states. Some of these involved car chases and sightings below tree-top levels.

A close study for patterns reveals that 1966 continued the trend of the large number of "saucer landings" and " saucer occupants" being reported worldwide since 1964. A total of over 125 landings have been reported from every corner of the globe since 1964, with 41 in 1964, 43 in 1965 and 41 to date reported in 1966. And this list is far from complete with 85 landings reported from America and 40 landing reports from overseas.

So far as the small "humanoid occupants" are concerned 30 of these occupants were observed during this same period of time, with 19 encounters in the U.S.A. and 11 from overseas. Seven encounters were reported in 1964, sixteen in 1965 and seven in 1966 to date. The most recent one in Pennsylvania occurred at Erie, Penn. on July 31.

Persons desiring a copy of hearings conducted by the Committee On Armed Services of the House of Representatives on "Unidentified Flying Objects", which were held on April 5, 1966 may obtain a copy by ordering Number 55, from the U.S. Government Printing Office in Washington, D. C.

On November 1, the American Space Tracking Systems finally announced that they have been tracking three "unidentified flying objects" on their radar screens since 1958. Any UFO researcher worth a grain of salt knew about these objects as far back as early 1959. These objects remain "unknown" even to this date and no country has been able to find an explanation for them.

The Cocoa Beach, Florida Chamber of Commerce dedicated a 300 by 1,000 foot UFO landing station at Fisher Park in June, anticipating that this may be the first landing place for UFOs from outer space. Joe Morgan, president of the Chamber said that in the event a UFO landed at the station, he would lead a welcoming committee. A week prior to this William Von Horn, the Hillsdale County Civil Defense Director issued a 24 page report challenging an Air Force investigator's conclusion that "swamp gas" caused UFO sightings there in March. He said that the records show that it was too windy and too cool for "swamp gas" to form, that the eyewitnesses were familiar with this phenomenon and that markings and background radiation above normal were found in the area where the UFO landed.

In recent weeks the Air Force has once again tried to calm the public with ridiculous explanations for UFO sightings, which can now be added to the list mentioned earlier in this pamphlet. Add to the list cosmic ray balloons and stars and be prepared to hear more of such ideas before the advent of 1967.

UFO photographs and movies and radar tracking and sightings by scientific personnel have been reported in large numbers in recent months worldwide. Both the photographs and radar tracking by military personnel become "classified" information according to Air Force Policy 200-2 and cannot be released to the public for any reason.

On April 4 ..... Charles Cozen, 13, a young mountain boy near Hamilton, Canada reported that he was burned on the hand from touching the "antenna" of a softly glowing "flying ship" that was one of several that landed in his hometown.

On April 18 .... a 50 to 60 foot long flying saucer landed in a driveway of a home in Conway, New Hampshire. Herman Brafill said he was awakened by a sharp blast, followed by a sound like a snowplow. When he got up he saw a huge bullet-shaped object "glittering gold", with a greenish undercarriage move eastward over the treetops. Later that morning he found a strange, slag-like material in the driveway, which he turned over to authorities to investigate.

On July 19 .... Gemini l0 astronauts John Young and Michael Collins, spotted two UFOs during their first orbit. The Pentagon had to admit that no identification of the mysterious sky objects was possible. So these two astronauts, joined with other astronauts, X-15 pilots and astronomers in making their UFO sightings known to the public.

On June 24 .... just prior to the above July encounters, Patrolman William L. Stevens of the Richmond, Virginia police force reported that he had seen, reported and chased a large "zeppelin" like object with green and yellow lights around the outer edge for a long period of time. He estimated the object was 300 feet off the ground and that its size was between 125 feet long and its color appeared to be a "dirty gray".

On August 16 .... at the Flying Cloud Airport in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, several pilots reported an "object" that settled down on the east-west runway and then zoomed up and away.

August 22 .... at Easton, Penn., Mrs. W. Stewart Hughes and family, along with several neighbors reported an object like "a great big half of a grapefruit, with a dome on the bottom, which was surrounded by a fine mist." They said the object maneuvered in the area about ten minutes and then took off straight up over the Lafayette College football field, disappearing in a matter of seconds.

On August 27 ... many witnesses watched an object that changed its shape flying over the Black Forest in Germany. The object was surrounded by a "girdle of light". Two American F-102 jet fighters were scrambled from Ramstein AFB and they tried to catch the object but the object was too high for them to approach it. The Observatory at Stuttgart said the object was between 20,000 and 25,000 feet.

On September 13 .... at 7:30 A.M. Randy Rotenberger, a farm boy, near Gwinner, North Dakota watched a strange object land near his home. The object appeared to be metallic and was shaped like two bowls fastened together lip to lip. Two red lights and a green light were arranged along the center and the object rested on three "legs". He guessed the object was around 8 to 10 feet thick and about one and a half times as wide as a Cadillac is long. He watched the object for about one minute, then it took off with a buzzing sound and was completely out of sight within four seconds.

Some of the statements recently made by the top consultant to the Air Force "Project Bluebook" (the UFO headquarters in Ohio) are quite startling to say the least. Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Chief AF-UFO consultant has revealed a "pattern found in numerous sightings, admitted the existence of unexplained UFO photos and radar tracking, and called for an end to ridicule of reliable witnesses." A sample of his statements follow:

"It is unequivocally false to say that UFOs are never reported by scientifically trained people. Some of the best, most coherent reports come from such witnesses."

"The AF reports include unexplained UFO photos and radar tracking."

"1 have in my files hundreds of `brain teasers'. The truly puzzling reports come from reliable, stable, educated people who generally consider such reports as bunk until shaken by their own experiences. Very few reports are from cranks or low IQ people".

"In the last two years, UFO sightings have reached a new high. Each wave of sightings adds to the accumulation of reports which defy analysis by present methods of attacks."

"No true scientific investigation of the UFO phenomenon has ever been undertaken, despite the great volume of hard data."

"I'm getting to the point where I'd like to say, 'Let's put up or shut up'. Instead of having UFO a synonym for crackpot and ridicule, let's make it scientifically respectable."

"As long as UFOs exist, their origin must remain an "open issue."

A top University of Arizona scientist, James McDonald, senior physicist at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, recently told more than 200 U.S. faculty members and students that Unidentified Flying Objects are most likely extraterrestrial probes. While studying UFO reports at Wright Patterson Air Force Base (home of "Project Bluebook") McDonald discovered a report, entitled the Robertson Report, which was completed in 1953. It showed that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) had ordered the Air Force to "debunk" stories on UFOs and it was signed by a C.I.A. agent named Phillip G. Strong, and was issued because such UFO reports were clogging intelligence channels. McDonald further stated that Air Force Regulation 200-2 makes it a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for any air base official to give out such information.

Recently there has been a 12 month siege of concentrated sightings of UFOs over Wanaque Reservoir, New Jersey and a 21 month out­break of similar encounters reported from Warminister, England. Both of these reoccurring flurries of "saucers" are still continuing.

In many sections of the world many people gave up "overnight campouts" due to UFO encounters which badly frightened them. At the present time in many sections of the country (even at the Homer Research Lab in Bethlehem, Penn.) many persons are staying up late at night in hopes of seeing a UFO land before their very eyes. The same can be said for Wanaque and Warminister, also. Yet, in other parts of the world some people have left their homes and moved elsewhere due to frequent "saucer" sightings. Some people in other localities are afraid to drive their cars out after dark, because of strange objects in the skies that follow their cars and even sometimes land on or near various highways. The UFO problem is a complex one and a serious one.

Mel Noel of Hollywood, California, a California commercial airplane pilot and a former Air Force pilot who, while on duty with the Air Force was assigned to a group of four F-86 jets to hunt down and photograph UFOs recently announced that they were able to get pictures, thousands of frames, but were never allowed to see the results. Noel says that after being released from the Air Force he remained silent during the 10-year statute of limitations, which ended recently and has been lecturing on UFOs since 1965.

"Flying saucer" sightings seem to occur not only in 26 month cycles of time, but also every 5 years and every 10 years .... such as has been reported in 1947, 1952, 1957, 1962 and it looks like 1967 will be another big year, too. In fact, "it is my belief based on 20 years of study of the UFO phenomena that a new flurry of sightings will start in December, 1966 and run through July, 1967 and that if the number of "landings" continues at the present pace an overt "contact" will occur in 1967 with extraterrestrial beings."

It is also my firm conviction that these many unidentified flying objects and their occupants reported worldwide over the past 20 years and more should be given the urgent attention of the United Nations for a global probe of these phenomena."

Flying saucers are a very complex problem and one which must be solved as soon as possible. It is an emotional, military, political, scientific, social and spiritual problem and as such is a challenge to science, religion and society on an international scale.

Let's take a look at the 1966 "landings" and a quick glance at their occupants. Up to the date November 6, 1966 there have been over 44 landings reported worldwide with only 9 of these reports from other countries. "Occupants" have been reported in 10 of these incidents with no foreign reports of "occupants" listed. Four of the "landings" occurred in Canada, so for the most part (according to my records at least) 39 out of 44 landings were concentrated in North America and only 5 from overseas.

I feel that the "tree-top level" and "landing" reports should be studied carefully by scientists for these puzzling cases are less likely to be anything else but "visitations" from beyond our planet. And of clouds, meteors, swamp gas, planets, ball lightning, moon dust and sodium vapor clouds or reflections ...even by the so-called "untrained eye".

Let's look at the 1966 "landings" to date with now 46 such reports in my files, 11 from overseas. The symbol (0) will indicate those that involved occupants being seen.

In January such occurrences were reported from South Hayward, California, from Georgetown, Alabama, from Tully, Australia. February brought similar happenings from Madrid, Spain and Little Hulton, England. March was a big month for "saucers on the ground" as observations were reported from Brisbane, Australia, from Harrow, Ontario, Canada from Dexter, Michigan, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, from Hillsdale, Michigan, from Bangor, Maine, from Temple, Oklahoma (0), from Cook, Minnesota, from Wichita, Kansas, from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, from Pecos, Texas (0), from Pioneer Mountain, Oregon (0), from San Francisco, California (0), from Alden, New York.

April encounters were reported from Dearborn, Michigan, from Liberty, Kansas (0), from Denver, Colorado (0), from Mansfield, Ohio (0), from Alanson, Michigan, from Lancaster, Ohio, from Lawrenceville, Ohio, from Yorktown, Iowa, from Stonington, Michigan, from Conway, New Hampshire, from Denver, Colorado (0), and from Dorchester, Massachusetts.

May reports of "landings" came only from Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Canada. June was quiet, but July brought a new flurry of "objects" on the ground from Erie, Pennsylvania (0), from Haverhill, Massachusetts (0), and from Mud Fork, West Virginia.

August reports of an identical nature from Eden Prairie, Minnesota (0), from Roxana, Delaware, from Anita, Iowa and from West Deer Township, Pennsylvania. September landings were reported from Gwinner, North Dakota and from Glines, Utah (0), Late reports from Ovalle, Chile on July 31; from Tanchachin, Mexico on August 7 and from Parkensburg, West Virginia (0) on November 2 have just been brought to my attention.

Of the 11 "occupants" observed near or in the "saucers" most of them appeared to be humanoid in appearance, and seemed to be interested in picking up flora and fauna specimens and watching machines and cars in operation, as well as checking water and electrical supplies and farms and crops. Most of these reports covered sightings of creatures dressed in what appeared to be space suits and divers helmets, though there were several exceptions to this rule. Some of the eyewitnesses reported that they received messages from these beings or that they were unable to understand what was being said. Some of the humanoids seemed to have difficulty in breathing in our atmosphere. In any case, scientists must try to find explanations for these landed "saucers" and their occupants at the earliest opportunity. Hostility could result if persons continue to shoot at these mysterious visitors.

A new document in a series called "Unidentified Flying Objects" can now be obtained by those interested from Sarah Hunt at Room 4A-120, Pentagon, Washington 25, D. C. This document is No. SP-109 and is entitled "Facts About Unidentified Flying Objects". It is a 50-page booklet from "The Library of Congress Legislative Reference Service" and is slanted towards the Air Force's negative viewpoint towards UFO recognition.

An Akron, Ohio owner of a drive­in movie theatre has cleared part of his property as a landing field for flying saucer pilots. He has made several UFO sightings there in the past few years and is a firm believer.

In addition, a radio station in Little Rock, Arkansas has offered free air time to the "passengers" of any UFOs. The time can be used by these "passengers" to air their views on any topic, within reason, and any listener who opposed the views would have air time in which to reply.

On August 17 near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil two technicians, Miguel Jose Viana and Manuel Pereira da Cruz were found dead on a hillside nearby after a woman living in the vicinity told police she had seen a luminous object land in the vicinity.

On August 19 in East Liverpool, Ohio four boys who had been sleeping outdoors reported a large UFO hovering near them. The four ran in terror to their homes, but one boy stayed outside to watch a few seconds longer. As he did he was struck on the side of the head by a "light ray", which he said came from inside a door which suddenly opened upon the bottom of the craft. As the result of being struck by this ray, his hearing was impaired for a long period of time, before it returned to normal.

Most people who have gotten too close to the "saucers" either on the ground or overhead during the past 20 years have reported the following documented physiological effects: heat burns, temporary paralysis, electric shock, sleepiness, amnesia, dimming of vision, loss of the ability to swallow properly or to hear properly and blackouts. A word to the wise should be sufficient and besides no one likes a dead hero. Leave these problems up to the police, military and scientists and leave "well enough" alone, instead of approaching these mysterious objects.

On October 30 it was the second consecutive night that UFOs were reported in eastern Long Island area in the vicinity of Patchogue. Many of the objects hovered at tree-top level, were multi-colored and emitted screeching noises. Several hundred persons, including policemen, said they saw the UFOs, one of which was photographed. The photo showed a bright star-like object in the dark sky. Some of the objects carried red and green lights, and were only around 200 feet above the ground and were cylindrical in shape.

The October 28, 1966 issue of LIFE MAGAZINE featured a color photo of a top-shaped UFO, which was snapped by an American Executive while in Brazil. Its sounds attracted a large number of persons to the area near where they saw the object land and take off again.

LOOK magazine is in the process of doing several more UFO articles, as they have increased its circulation and number of subscriptions. The SATURDAY EVENING POST and PLAYBOY magazines will both do feature stories on UFOs in the near future with much of their information from APRO and NICAP's files, so those persons interested should be on the lookout for them.

On August 12 over the suburb of Turramurra, Australia the Air Force is investigating reports of UFOs that have appeared at night for several months. Residents say a large gleaming object (circular) has moved slowly over their houses making a whirring sound. They reported that flashing gold lights gleamed from the object making a tumbling pattern.

The Aerial Phenomena Research Organization of Tucson, Arizona reported that a number of hunters had watched a UFO land near Barinas, Venezuela on August 18. Also APRO reported a family at Durand, Wisconsin had watched an object about 3 to 4 feet above the ground and between their home and their orchard around 200 feet away. On September 7, their son reported a 'thing' outside that made a 'sound' that hurt his ears. It was 30 feet long and made a high pitched sound and also flashed blue, green and white lights. On September 28 at Vernal, Utah witnesses reported a UFO around 30 feet in diameter that was oval-shaped with a flat section girding it. It was making a humming sound like an electrical transformer. Up to September 28 it had been seen 5 times. (NOTE: Similar objects were photographed at Bloomfield, N.J. on November 10.)

A special issue of the FLYING SAUCER REVIEW, which is published at 21 Cecil Court, Charing Cross Road, London, W.C. 2, England is now available to those interested. The Review has been published in England for the past 13 years on UFO matters. This issue entitled "The Humanoids". Landings and UFO Occupants can be ordered for $1.75 per copy and will be well worth it. Study it to see what the "saucer occupants" look like all over the world over the past 20 years or more.

Perhaps one of the best books ever written, judging from his first one "ANATOMY OF A PHENOMENON" is now being written by Jacques Vallee, a French mathematician and astronomer and a NASA Consultant on the "Mars Maps." The book entitled "Challenge to Science ... The UFO Enigma" can be purchased from Henry Regnery Co., Dept 1000, 114 West Illinois Street, Chicago, Illinois 60610 for $5.95. I personally feel that if the scientists do not accept this challenge immediately (as they do appear to be doing for the first time) that many serious problems will result from UFO appearances in the near future. Censorship and ridicule cannot be apart of any scientific investigation of UFOs. Both of these factors have kept the scientists away from serious consideration of the UFO problem worldwide for the past 20 years.

Our National Defense is seriously threatened by the constant appearance of UFOs over power lines and reservoirs. With our electrical power out of action (blackouts) and perhaps our reservoirs poisoned or drugged we would be helpless to defend ourselves against attack by either another nation on our own planet or by "visitors from space". W e already know what these objects can do to airplane and car motors, as well as individuals who approach too closely to them. Recent concentrations of UFOs have been reported from Fort Randall Reservoir (New Jersey). This situation is serious and bears close watching, not only in this country, but on a worldwide basis also. It is interesting to note that the U.S. Government is now working on flying submarines for spying purposes for the future. Too often the science fiction of the past becomes the science fact of the future.

RADAR TRACKING OF UFOs are also a fact, and by Air Force Regulation 200-2 Radar tracking become classified information also. This is a fact too!

A form of censorship, AFR 200-2 (issued 20 July 1962) states on page 4, paragraph 8 the following: 8. Exceptions. In response to local inquires regarding any UFO reported in the vicinity of an Air Force base, the commander of the base concerned may release information to the press or the general public ONLY AFTER positive identification of the sighting as a FAMILIAR or KNOWN OBJECT. UFOs by present Air Force terminology cannot be released to the public by policy. (UFOs have no positive identification, thereby the term "unknowns" is used to designate these reports . )

On November 12 a man and his wife (confidentially) reported to me that they watched two reddish objects maneuvering above and near the Homer Research lab of the Bethlehem Steel Co. at Bethlehem, Penn. The UFOs were circular, had flashing lights and released smaller objects from them on several occasions.

There are two main groups of persons who study UFOs:

1. UFOlogists -- serious, scientific students of the exciting phenomena now taking place in our heavens. Among such intellectually curious students are numbered today many outstanding aviators, space scientists, engineers, radar experts, college professors, ministers, high­ranking officers of the armed services, and others.

2. Contactees or Saucerians -­many of these people purport to have made contact with those whom they call the space people - either by physical means or utilization of mysterious and mystical techniques which are never subject to objective scientific analysis or other kinds of demonstrable proof.

It's quite conceivable that the truth lies between these two extremes, so that both groups will prove to be important for the final evaluation of UFOs. There is also a SILENT GROUP among both of the above groups, as well as within the Air Force "Project Bluebook". The final answer will come when those who remain silent at the present time (because of various motives) speak out. 1966 brought many of these persons into the open for the first time, so that the truth will not be able to evade the world for a much longer period of time.

On November 12 Mr. Edward Gunderman of 504 Anderson Heckman Terrace, Phillipsburg, New Jersey got more than he bargained for, when he was bringing five girls home from a skating party. The girls noticed three or four cars stopped near Route 24 and that their passengers were outside and scanning the skies. As the Gunderman car passed them the girls looked out the back window of his car and screamed. They were Sherri Lewis (14), Gloria Fuller (13), Nancy Gunderman (13), Cheryl Mullin (12) and Debbie Kubic (10). Mr. Gunderman (because he was busy keeping the car on the road) and Miss Kubic (because she was crowded out when the excitement began) did not get to see the object in question, even after they finally stopped the car. But the other four girls did and this is how they described it...shaped like planet Saturn; like a child's top; like an object with a ring around it with a bubble on the top and a bubble on the bottom; a ring with a bump on the top and a bump on the bottom. The object was round and it had two green lights on top, three red lights on the middle ring and flashed white rays from the bottom of it. It also revolved and moved up and down and finally straight up before it disappeared in the direction of Washington, New Jersey. They watched the object from the car for around 10 minutes as it maneuvered from 11:25 to 11:35 p.m. As the object spun at tree-top level it appeared to be much bigger than a plane and at a low altitude. When Gunderman finally brought the car to a stop, he could only see stars overhead. The girls were so frightened that they chose to remain in the car with their skates. And so ends another UFO encounter.

Groups that requested and received hearings on UFOs and briefings were as follows: the Defense Science Board, Senate Committee on Government Operations, Subcommittee on Atmospheric Phenomena, House Select Committee on Armed Services (April 5, 1966). Many of the Presidents of our U.S.A. have received similar briefings during the past 20 years (most times after press conference questions have been asked.) A study of UFO leads to a study of MANKIND. The scriptures tell us "many signs" will be seen and warns us not to be deceived by them. We are reminded to SEEK & FIND, but more important, to WATCH & PRAY. Perhaps this is the message of 1966 "THE YEAR OF SAUCERS".

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