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UFO Phenomenon in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States

Paul Stonehill, June 2001 Update, Russian Ufology Research Center, Author of The Soviet UFO Files (1988)

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Paul Stonehill
Russian Ufology Research Center
Author of The Soviet UFO Files (1988)


Mr. Eduard Gozhin, a UFO researcher from Siberia, has stated in a letter to the RUFORS Ruound Table today that a book published in Tomsk (Russia), provides an adequate explanation. The title of that book is 'Monitoring Atmosferi Sibirskogo Regiona', and it contains a chapter regarding the January sighting.

Although Mr. Gozhin does not possess the book, he was able to summarize the explanation contained therein. The UFO is but an electromagnetic "clot" in the atmosphere. There is a laboratory, dedicated to the research of similar phenomena. Such phenomena (systems, per Mr. Gozhin) are caused by human activities - an interference with ecological equilibrium in nature. Basically, Mr. Gozhin wanted to indicate that Russian scientists study such “UFOs”, and the latter have achieved some results in their work.
Hence, he is of the opinion that the Barnaul Object is no UFO, but a phenomenon created on Earth.

To learn more about RUFORS and modern ufology in Russia, contact Nick Subbotin at:


There is a page in English, and Nick speaks English, too. The RUFORS Round Table facilitates exchange of anomalous phenomena and UFO information between active Russian, Ukrainian, and other researchers. Ask Nick how you could join this excellent meeting place of UFO researchers.


The article was published in May 2001 issue of FATE Magazine. It is titled

“The Unknown Tunguska: What We Know And What We Do Not Know About The Great Explosion Of 1908”.

Once again, Dr. Rubtsov has demonstrated his analytical abilities, and his wealth of knowledge of Soviet and the post-Soviet paranormal scene. I am glad that FATE decided to publish his work, and hope that he is not the last Ukrainian/Russian researcher of such standing to be published in that magazine.

I wish that English-speaking researchers would read some of his other wonderful publications heretofore available only in Russian. Such articles as the one in FATE promote cooperation across borders and oceans.

Years ago Dr. Haines and Dr. Rubtsov created a Federation (The joint American-Soviet Aerial Anomaly Federation) to promote joint Soviet-American UFO research. I still keep some of their publications, and cherish them. Dr. Rubtsov’s books are among publications in the library of the Russian Ufology Research Center. My book “The Soviet UFO Files” (Philip Mantle has my gratitude, for without him the book would not have been possible) was a brief introduction to the history of Soviet ufology; but I am glad I was able to mention the two scientists and UFO researchers.

For greater insight into the heretofore-unsolved Tunguska mystery, do read Dr. Rubtsov's article.

Philip Mantle’s and my new book about Russian UFO phenomena will contain a chapter discussing the Tunguska Phenomenon in great details, revealing information heretofore unavailable in the West (including reports about of secret expeditions to the site).


Michael Gershtein is one of the most knowledgeable contemporary Russian ufologists. Those who want to reach him through the Internet need only look at the website listed below, or write to his email address. Michael Gershtein is fluent in English.


Basically, he is a well-known researcher, journalist, and writer. I value his opinion about “The Soviet UFO Files”, and am encouraged in my further writing endeavors. He has helped me to get an accurate picture on such controversial cases as the Ordzhenikidze 1983, etc.

I do not always agree with him on every single case, but do recommend his intellectual savvy and sheer and immense knowledge and clear grasp of Russia's UFO realities to such prominent researchers as Dr. Haines, George Knapp, and all others who are interested in Russian, East European, and Asian UFO developments.

Michael Gershtein is also quite up-to-date on Western UFO research and cases.


I recently learned that Sergey Korolyov’s daughter is seeking a publisher for her book about the life of her famous father. For those who do not know, Sergey Korolyov was one of the founders of Moscow Group for the Study of Reactive Motion and participated in the Soviet Union's first launch of a liquid-propellant rocket in 1933.

The man was the most famous Soviet rocket designer and pioneer of cosmonautics, for years he was known only by his code name "Chief Designer".

He was the source of the Soviet successes with the first artificial satellite of the Earth Sputnik-1, and the first man in space Yuri Gagarin.

In January of 1999, I compiled and published a few UFO-related episodes of his life. Hopefully, his daughter will reveal more, if there is anything to reveal.

An English translation of her book would be most welcome. Just like the translation of another prominent Soviet scientist’s (Professor Burdakov) books; Professor Burdakov knew the “Chief Designer” personally, and has much to say about Soviet UFO phenomena history.

I mention some of his ideas in my book (we corresponded years ago); but Western researchers deserve to read more of this great scientist’s writings.

My piece can be found here:



I have been researching the meaning of double spirals and ancient astronaut hypothesis-ever since I read a fascinating book published in the USSR; its author is Mr. Nikitin, a scientist, and a writer. I wish the book would be translated and available to others (its title is Kostri na beregah, 1984, Moscow). I mention it briefly in “The Soviet UFO Files”.

Ancient Minoan coins carried depictions of the same double spirals Mr. Nikitin observed in the Kola Peninsula (the "labyrinths").

In the USSR, it was Ivan Yefremov, a great writer and scientist, who aroused interest of multitudes with his description of Minoan Crete, and other ancient sites. His book Tais of Athens also carried mention of ancient and lost scientific devices (in Asia). I will talk more about him in the future.

Here is more about the double spirals:

Wilkins, Maurice Hugh Frederick, a British biophysicist and Nobel laureate, contributed to the determination of the structure of the nucleic acid known as DNA. He studied the structure of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecule by X-ray diffraction techniques and discovered that the molecule appeared to have a double spiral structure.

Now, look here (this is from Scotland, an ancient stone monument, from about the same period I discussed in my small serialized Russian-language book about ancient astronaut hypothesis; somewhere around 3000 and 2500 BC):


This is also of great interest:

Spatio-temporal Patterns in Liquid Crystals.

These beautiful pictures show cooperative phenomena exhibited by a nonlinear system out of equilibrium. Because liquid crystals "self-organize", they effectively solve many coupled, nonlinearintegro-differential equations faster than we can compute them.


Finally, there is this scientist on note in Japan who authored:

Double Spiral Energy Surface in One-Dimensional Quantum Mechanics of Generalized Point like Potentials

At this site:


What are we dealing with? What is the meaning of the double spirals in nature, history, biology, etc.?

Mr. Nikitin is a wonderful Russian source. Others have conducted similar research; recently there have been expeditions to the forbidden Northern areas of Russia. Philip Mantle and I discuss this in our new book. Also, an ancient mysterious Ukrainian culture, a contemporary of Minoan Crete, had similar motifs on its pottery.
More about this ancient culture of my native land can be found here:



Russian newspaper Komsomol'skaya Pravda in its December 1, 2000 issue published an article about the Dalnegorsk case (NLO svili v Primorje gnezdo). I find this very interesting: in the early 1990s , according to the newspaper, Russian generals from the anti-aircraft forces became concerned about the UFO activity in the area, and contacted local UFO researchers. An exchange of information ensued.

It is newsworthy when a major Russian newspaper mentions such fact (the author actually quoted Valery Dvuzhilni, the chief investigator of the Height 611 UFO crash).

A very interesting discovery related to the Height 611 case was made by a Russian scientist who resides in the United States. His name is Alexander Krivenyshev



There are several organizations and researchers of note in Ukraine. Dr. Rubtsov of the RIAP is mentioned above. Another one is Kratokhvil Valeriy Yosipovich, an expert in the field of extraterrestrial civilizations, author of the book "We are extraterrestrials", as well as other books, and member of a UFO research group. I had described him in my book “The Soviet UFO Files”, referred to his findings about Chernobyl, and other cases.

Valeriy Yosipovich Kratokhvil was born in 1942. He has researched alien/ET phenomena since 1966. Author of the following books: 'Clairvoyance: From Magician Of Ancient Times To NASA Space Programme' (Kyiv, 1991), 'Rejuvenating Prescription' (Kyiv, 1992), 'Secrets Of Long Duty' (Minsk, 1992), 'UFO - Visitors From Future' (Minsk, 1992), 'UFO-Machine Of Time' (Kyiv, 1993). That's how Ukrainian translators title his books in English. Since 1972, he is also a member of UFO research group.

I was also glad to find out that in Ukraine, space research scientists and UFO researchers like Mr. Kratochvil routinely meet to discuss issues of interest to both parties. Read the URL below for additional information.



An interesting news item is found at this website:


I recall that Tiksi is located in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya). The whole area of the republic is located in the high latitudes. Over 40% of the territory lies within the Arctic Circle. Sakha borders the Laptev Sea and the East-Siberian Sea of the Arctic Ocean to the north.

In the KGB UFO files, released in 1991 to Pavel Popovich, there is a report about about a UFO sighting in the area of Tiksi. Also, Yakutiya is awash with anomalous phenomena; some information was presented in The Soviet UFO Files and there is more in our new book. Yakutiya will some day host international research expeditions.



I think all researchers will find this site to be of interest. I did, several years ago, and do strongly recommend it. Several interesting Soviet UFO publications are listed.

Another one of my articles is listed at this website:


I am glad that the United States Navy is also interested in anomalous phenomena, and that the Naval Postgraduate School’s library uses me as a source. I hope that someday we, civilian UFO researchers, would become informed about Naval research of the unidentified underwater objects. I am sure there is wealth of information in store for us....but for now such information and data remain classified in the States, Russia, U.K. and other world navies.


I found a curious mention of the Soviet Institute for Management Issues. Apparently, UFO ("flying saucer") phenomenon was one of their "issues". This was revealed in an interview, reprinted in a Russian-American newspaper. The person who was interviewed was one of the officials at the Institute. This is the first mention of this Institute and Soviet UFOs I'd ever seen.



There is a great publication, available in English, too, from Russia. You can also send your inquiries there.

A noted Russian ufologist, Yuri Smirnov, publisher of Chetvortoye Izmereniye i NLO newspapere can be found on this site. He is capable of responding to English-language inquiries:

In my native Ukraine, one of the best sources is Dr. Rubtsov. You can email him at:


He recently published a critique to Platov/Sokolov "revelations" about Soviet ufology. ("History of State-Directed UFO Research in the USSR" by Dr. Yuliy Platov and Colonel (ret.) Boris Sokolov. )

For those who seek reliable English-language research from the former Soviet Union, besides people I have mentioned previously, I would like to add Mr. Anatoly Kutovoj's name. He is fluent in English, resides in Lithuania; has extensive contacts throughout Russia and Byelorussia. I have followed his research endeavors, and am impressed. It is because of people like him, as well as Messers Subbotin, Gershtein, Rubtsov, and Chernobrov that post-Soviet ufology is alive.

To reach Vadim Chernobrov and his MAI- Kosmopoisk Group, use this email address:


Vadim Chernobrov is a seasoned, experienced field researcher. More about him in “The Soviet UFO Files” and the new book about UFO research in Russia/CIS, written by Philip Mantle and myself.

My main purpose in presenting the above-mentioned individuals is to introduce ufologists who reside in the West and the Orient to the new breed of UFO researchers in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, and other states in Eastern Europe.

Here is how you can reach Mr. Kutovoj, (and at the same time check out Nick Subbotin's research):



Mr. Kutovoy has an extensive collection of materials about Felix Zigel, who is considered to be the Father of Soviet ufology.

My and Philip Mantle’s new book will look at Felix Zigel’s achievements, and explore little known facts of his biography.

Read more articles on this topic:

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