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Finding the hard answers to Earth's greatest mystery within a scientific paradigm

Warren P. Aston, Presented at the 1996 Australian International UFO Symposium, Brisbane

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Summary: This paper addresses the symposium theme by drawing together all facets of Ufology and alien contact in an attempt to make some sense from both commonsense and scientific viewpoints. After giving my background and assumptions, I discuss the reasons why answers elude so many researchers as well as the strengths and limitations of the scientific approach.

This paper addresses the symposium theme by drawing together all facets of Ufology and alien contact in an attempt to make some sense from both commonsense and scientific viewpoints. After giving my background and assumptions, I discuss the reasons why answers elude so many researchers as well as the strengths and limitations of the scientific approach. After presenting an overview of the phenomenon, it's history and discussing the cosmology of alien contact, I then argue that the data to date indicates that genuine UFO activity originates from both extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional sources. From this viewpoint I review nine different areas of alien activity on earth, show how much alien activity from both sources is camouflaged, the military cover-up and indications of events in our near future and their implications to the human race. My conclusion summarizes the fact of alien contact in a positive way.

At this symposium we have heard and will continue to hear from some of the worldâs leading UFO researchers. As we would expect, these presentations will have varying emphases and will represent several different viewpoints. In my own presentation I will address the particular theme of this symposium and in the process attempt to draw together some of these viewpoints and find some coherence in what is surely the greatest challenge to science and in our understanding of the universe - the UFO phenomenon. Because I am in effect trying to cover the entire spectrum of UFOlogy my comments in each area will necessarily be fairly general and brief. My choice of language will attempt to indicate the degree of certainty I feel is appropriate for each aspect that I cover. Every one of these areas deserves much more time and depth than is possible here.

Finding Answers

First let me share a personal note. After more than twenty years as a serious student in this field I have now reached the point where I believe strongly that the UFOs have been with us long enough and that several aspects of the phenomenon itself have progressed to the point that we should be starting to make some sense of it. Some things should be clear now. I came into the field with no preconceptions other than an awareness that something was going on which orthodox science could not adequately explain. Over the years since I have preferred to remain independent of the various groups and organizations so that I am free to pursue answers in whatever direction that leads.

All of the major conclusions presented in this paper have been reinforced by my research over the last three years into a daylight landing and contact case that took place in Montana in 1940. When the full account is released early next year I believe it will prove one of the most significant and revealing cases ever recorded. I make no claims to having all of the answers and I donât know anyone foolish enough to claim that they do, but I believe we have enough data from the past five decades in particular to make a start. The methodology of science must be followed if we are to measure the UFO phenomenon. Data must be collected systematically, correlated, evaluated and probed before we can expect to find answers.

Are UFOs real ? Or are we chasing phantoms ? Anyone who is in any doubt whatsoever about the reality of the phenomenon is simply not acquainted with the evidence about what is going on. The evidence that something is happening which defies conventional science is abundant, unambiguous and is readily available in every category imaginable. UFOs are a long-term, world-wide, multi-cultural reality with much more physical evidence available than most of us realize. The mounting evidence that UFOs and aliens are real and are part of the future for all of us deserves our most serious attention and best efforts to understand it.

Before I review the phenomenon and what I believe this evidence is telling us, I want to briefly outline some of the reasons why answers elude us and have bedevilled and hindered UFO research up to the present:

In my view, there have been two major obstacles to finding out the truth about what UFOs actually represent. The first obstacle I call ãThe Search for the Single Answerä - the belief that there is an ultimate answer somewhere explaining UFOs; that they will prove to be either psychic apparitions or alien space craft or mental delusions, Doug & Daveâs homemade hot-air balloons or perhaps some natural activity that we donât understand.

By assuming that any one of these causes must account for all genuine UFO activity we are forced to ignore much of the data and to arbitrarily select what we will accept and use. When researchers or groups label each other ãnuts and boltsä or ãpsychicä for example, we make an unwarranted and dangerous assumption by implying that UFOâs can only be one or the other. In fact the evidence to date unmistakeably indicates that UFOâs do have more than one origin.

The illusion of the Single Answer has held back the research of some of the brightest minds in UFOlogy. But like the human mind, our world and the universe itself, the UFO phenomenon is marvellously complex and is multi-faceted, not simple at all.

In addition, we have too often not realized the necessity of observing UFOs as the global activity it is. A report made by a Mongolian goat-herder or a Kalahari bushman is as valid as one made by a New York businessman - any search for patterns in the data will be misleading if we restrict ourselves to sightings in the Western World. As another example, our understanding of the well-known ãMystery Airshipä activity over the U.S in the late 1890âs changes dramatically when we dig a little further into the records and discover that identical craft were also seen in places as far afield as the UK and New Zealand around the same period. Dismissing the airships as ãman-madeä clearly does not fit the facts. Many of us have been too parochial in our outlook.

Many of us have made too many assumptions and been too hasty in arriving at conclusions. To quote from one recent example, one author has made the claim that disc-shaped UFOâs are no longer seen, only triangular and rectangular craft. At best that may be true in the authorâs immediate area, but it is certainly not true worldwide.

Many others write books claiming that the aliens hail from Orion, the Pleiades or some other origin - again, that may be true, but even if it were, it is not necessarily true of every other encounter. Such statements assume, wrongly, that the ãanswerä applies to every other case.

We must view UFOâs on their own terms and not impose our own ideas and preconceptions onto the data. During the decades leading up to the 70âs many researchers and groups refused to consider any UFO report that included sightings of beings associated with the craft - they were quite prepared to consider UFOâs as interplanetary craft but not that they might be piloted - a special type of logic which always escaped me. Since about 1973 onwards however reports of humanoids have become so numerous and impossible to ignore that almost everyone accepts it as part of what is happening. But sadly, we still have researchers and organizations today who find it hard to accept other aspects of UFO activity, the idea of contactees being but one example.

Until recently there has been too little co-operation between groups and researchers, too little sharing of data and ideas. The flow of information is now being aided enormously by the internet but there have also been some encouraging signs of co-operation recently between groups, such as the CFM Coalition (1) for research purposes between three of the largest groups in the U.S. On the Australian scene I applaud the efforts of Diane Allen from Victoria in recently compiling a national register of all groups and researchers in the country - an idea that deserves to be replicated elsewhere (2).

Lastly, in the past five years all of us have seen the focus of UFOlogy swing firmly toward almost a total preoccupation with ãabductionsä and to one particular type of reported being, the much-denigrated ãGreysä. In the process we are educating the general public to accept that aliens are, by definition, usually small beings with large dark eyes who can kidnap us from within our own homes. Abductions undoubtedly represent a tremendous opportunity for ufologists to find some answers. I do not at all dispute that the whole abduction aspect deserves the most serious study and effort, but I feel great concern as I see other, perhaps less spectacular research areas neglected and other types of reported beings relegated to the twilight zones of research.

The Counterfeit Aspect

The second major obstacle keeping us from the truth is what I term the ãCounterfeit Aspectä. Put simply, the extra-terrestrial hypothesis alone is clearly not adequate in accounting for all reported aspects of the UFO phenomenon. I believe that there is also a counterfeit to the phenomenon of alien contact which has confused all of us at times and kept the truth at bay for many researchers. There is a source of UFO and alien activity from much closer to home which can duplicate most aspects of genuine alien activity, even including the appearance of ãspace-craftä.

The most incisive analysis of this aspect of UFOs I believe has been by Dr Jacques Vallee who has written prolifically on this aspect for some years now. He concludes that the UFO phenomenon actually represents contact with beings from a multitude of other dimensions, from what he calls a ãmultiverseä all around us here on earth. Such entities would be variously labelled as ãangelicä or ãnegativeä from New Age viewpoints, as ãadversarialä from a Gnostic perspective and ãdemonicä or ãsatanicä from a traditional Christian point of view. Vallee traces very convincingly the activities of these beings down through history and the strategies that seem to be at work attempting to influence our cultures and religions through spectacular and well-known events such as what occurred at Lourdes, Fatima and more recently in Bosnia and Mexico and through on-going, lesser recognized activity. (3) A percentage of ãUFOä activity is not extra-terrestrial therefore but should be more accurately considered as extra-dimensional in origin.

I share most of the concerns Vallee has expressed and agree with his contention that some sort of dimensional activity is involved. But here I part company with him because Dr Vallee, along with many others, seems to have fallen into the trap I mentioned earlier of invoking a single, simple explanation for something very complex. He takes the position that all UFO activity can be explained as extra-dimensional. The objectivity marking most of his work suddenly disappears when he attempts to justify his conclusion by making some very arbitrary statements. For example he dismisses out of hand the very possibility that aliens could be: ãhuman in shape. They would certainly not breath our air...ä. He then refers to the many sightings of humanoid UFO pilots by stating that: ãWhatever they are, the occupants of such craft are not genuine extra-terrestrialsä.(4)

These two examples illustrate perfectly the principle that seeking a Single Answer requires us to ignore and distort facts. The inability to recognize this duality within the reality has kept most researchers from grasping the complexity of the UFO/alien experience. Too much energy has been expended by too many people pursuing the fallacy of a Single Answer and far too many trees have been wasted in the process.

To end on a positive note, UFOlogy has made some tremendous strides as dedicated researchers have followed both scientific methodology and have learnt to think beyond convention and dogma. We are all light years from where we started but there is still some distance to go.

From this point on my comments will centre primarily on the genuine alien contact that has been and is taking place.

The Cosmology and Implications of Extra-Terrestrial Contact

The whole question of extra-terrestrial life is actually a deeply emotive issue for most people, whether we understand that or not, and has the most profound world-changing implications imaginable for all of us. It forces us to confront several of the most basic issues facing us as individuals and as a race - questions concerning the purpose of existence, whether there is a Creator and therefore a meaning to life etc. all of which are difficult issues in themselves and also a primary reason why UFO researchers remain so divided. It was interesting to me how much media attention following the announcement of probable life on Mars in August focussed on the theological and philosophical aspects of the find. What we believe about life beyond earth says much about our own core beliefs and our world/universe view.

In 1960 the Brookings Report was commissioned by NASA and it seems more than likely that official NASA and U.S Government policy since then has been largely based upon itâs conclusions, hence the current policy of denial and non-disclosure concerning alien contact and activity. (5) The Brookings Report concluded that direct contact by earth with extra-terrestrial beings could lead to, quote ãsweeping changes or even the downfall of civilizationä. Even on earth, the report noted, ãsocieties sure of their own place have disintegrated when confronted by a superior society....ä In view of the on-going media portrayal [in the Western World at least] of various aspects of such contact, such a conclusion now seems somewhat pessimistic.

Nevertheless, the potential for major upheaval within our society following official alien contact remains real and should not be minimized.

Now for the good news: we need not fear the spectacular type of alien invasion that we all saw in the movie Independence Day a few months ago. In recent years a number of studies have reached some interesting conclusions about the implications of alien contact. Essentially they have concluded that any race that has developed the technology to achieve interstellar travel must have first learnt to avoid self-destruction by also advancing socially and by learning to conduct themselves peacefully. If this is so - and I believe that most of the evidence to date supports this reasoning - then a kind of universal code of conduct would naturally result. One of these studies concludes with this interesting and very encouraging statement: ãAs a result, the entire galaxy in a cosmically short time period will become populated by stable, highly ethical and spiritual civilizationsä. (6) We cannot however totally rule out the possibility that a technologically advanced alien civilization may not necessarily be morally superior to us or may have reasons to interact with us in ways that go against our own ethics or accepted standards of behaviour.

Logically however, any advanced civilizations would have an embargo restricting the level of contact with any race still planet-bound until the developing race had proved itself fit and ready to join the wider community. Knowing the upheaval and potential chaos that would result to earth society if a mass landing or show of strength were to take place, contact and communications from any ethical alien race would logically take place over a long period of time. Such contact would probably be directed first at those people whose value systems would allow them to accept the messages given. The communication may well be mixed with some absurdities and contradictions so as to confuse what is really happening (does that sound at all familiar?) and thus ensure that scientists do not take it seriously. We would have in effect a very ãleakyä embargo against the earth, holding against scientists and governments generally but gradually allowing the alien presence to become known by the general public. (7) I believe that this is what has been happening.

So we need not fear an alien invasion. We need not fear it because it has, quite literally, already taken place and by the time my presentation finishes I hope you will understand why I feel quite comfortable saying that.

Historical Overview of the UFO/Alien phenomenon

The evidence from historical records from many parts of the world make it clear that extra-terrestrials have visited earth periodically throughout our recorded history, although the full extent of this activity and the degree of interaction with humans remains open to debate. My own conclusions point to an intermittent but fairly substantial degree of alien activity on earth throughout history that has continued to the present. Over the centuries this activity has usually been interpreted and recorded in religious or cultural terms such as ãgodsä, ãangelsä, ãelvesä, ãgoblinsä, ãdevilsä etc. and it is only in recent decades that much of this activity has begun to be recognized for what it is, ie. extra-terrestrial in origin.

The data suggests that visits to earth prior to this century were primarily by a group or groups that appear almost identical to caucasian humans. These visits have been benign and seemingly for observation and monitoring of our cultures and generally without direct interference - although there are some very clear indications of what could best be termed ãcultural assistanceä in Europe in the Medieval period. (8) In places as diverse as Japan, the Americas, Africa, Australia and China, alien involvement has taken place over the centuries, sometimes becoming prominent aspects of indigenous culture. In many cases such activity continues today, often poorly recognized outside the society itself.

Alien activity in centuries past has taken place quite openly and over extended periods in some parts of the world. Whether we look at the legends of the Paiute Indians in California of a race from the sky who travelled in ãsilvery canoes with wingsä, living for long periods in their midst or the edicts of Emperor Charlemagne in France against the people who visited frequently in aerial ãshipsä we see a consistent pattern of contact. Similiar stories are preserved among most cultures in all parts of the world. In our own century, primitive tribespeople in remote parts of Peru for example have reported aliens who visited them openly and lived among them for periods of time.

The evidence for alien visits to earth in the distant past is surprisingly strong. One of the best examples is the dozens of small skeletal remains with disproportionately large skulls, together with over 700 engraved circular stone discs uncovered in 1938 by archaeologists on the Chinese-Tibetan border.

When finally deciphered in 1962 the artifacts told of the crash of a space craft from the Sirius system thousands of years ago, stranding the survivors who intermarried with local people. Their descendants today are of unusual appearance and very small stature. (9)

In more recent times, with the advent of World War 2 and the advances in aviation, space and nuclear technology that resulted, sightings of UFOs increased dramatically world-wide from the late 1940âs onward and incidental observations of presumed alien occupants - uncommon until this point - began to be made. The level of UFO activity world-wide has continued to increase overall since then.

The Level of UFO Activity

There is a huge gap between the UFO activity that is occurring world-wide and the information that is made available to the public. As a current case in point take the wave of UFO sightings over and near the largest city on earth, Mexico City, since July 1991 which continues to the present. If you can imagine two silvery discs hovering in daylight over say, New York City for 5 hours, bringing the city to a standstill and thousands of other sightings, hundreds of videos and photographs being made over a five year period, the whole world would know of it. Yet precisely these things have happened in Mexico City and have not been reported in the western media at all.

The words of Professor James McDonald of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics at the University of Arizona in an address to the American Society of Newspaper Editors in Washington DC in 1967 bear repeating, ãAmerican newspapers print very little domestic news from foreign countries and virtually no UFO reports from abroad would estimate that only one or two per cent of locally reported UFO sightings are read beyond the readership area of the nearest small town paper. If each dayâs paper in each major city carried an adequate account of all the U.S UFO reports for the preceding 24 hours the citizenry would be up in arms in a week demanding that the Congress find out what is going onä.

His words are just as true almost 30 years later and just as applicable here in Australia as in the U.S. Any experienced UFO researcher knows that a high percentage of sightings are never reported properly to anyone and only a tiny number of reports ever appear in any form of media.

A 1991 Roper Organization survey found that 7% of all American adults claim to have seen a UFO, translating into roughly 13 million adults in the U.S alone. (10) As the years pass, UFO activity generally has increased globally. Although too early for firm trends, there are some strong indications that a growing percentage of UFO sightings are becoming strongly overt in nature, with a marked increase in overflights of groups of UFOs of varying designs and sizes and a continuation of the long term trend to increasing landings in populated areas and increased reports where humanoids are seen in conjunction with landed craft.

In addition to Mexico, intense UFO activity today continues in several specific locations, most notable Puerto Rico, Brazil and Russia. Additionally, both animal mutilations and the so-called ãcrop-circlesä continue to take place in several parts of the world in addition to the U.S and U.K. Although both phenomena continue to be linked with UFO activity in many cases, the underlying purposes remain in doubt and we are left to speculate about what is really behind these enigmas.

The Alien Agenda

The picture of alien activity on earth as I believe is indicated by the data is an enormously complex one but can be simplified under the following categories:

1. The monitoring of all aspects of earth society. This includes the surveillance of our energy sources, weapons capability and the long-term monitoring of selected individuals and families throughout their-life spans.

2. Exploration and monitoring of the physical planet in all itâs aspects.

3. Intentional displays of UFO activity and direct contact with randomly selected individuals as part of a gradual program of disclosure.

4. Discrete and limited social and technological assistance to individuals, groups and governments.

5. Compassionate assistance to a developing culture is known of in at least one instance of which I am aware.

6. The mining of rare-earth minerals and metals. The removal of large quantities of freshwater is also well attested.

7. The monitoring of other alien groups and their activity on earth seems apparent from some recent cases.

8. Possible genetic monitoring and experimentation by involuntary methods, ie. ãabductionsä as they are popularly known. With a handful of possible exceptions, these cases seem to have commenced in the late 1950âs but numbers remained low (or unreported) until the 1970âs. While some of these events undoubtedly occur only on a psychic/spiritual level, there can be no doubt that the physical abduction of people does take place and much evidence that psychological tampering hides the event from the conscious recall of the abductee or experiencer.

Despite the current proliferation of theories I see little firm evidence disclosing the ultimate purposes of such activities. I strongly suspect that like the UFO phenomenon itself, actual ãabductionsä will ultimately prove to have multiple origins - a small number resulting from covert military experiments, many will prove to have a psychic or dimensional stimulus and the remainder will prove to be extra-terrestrial in origin.

9. Lastly we have the claimed technique of alien contact by telepathic means known as ãchannellingä. Channelling, which is just a space-age name for an old-fashioned seance, is the last resort of kooks and is clearly open to manipulation and fraud. There are one or two instances where the calibre of the channelled information is such that I remain cautiously open to the possibility that some sort of authentic alien source might be involved, but generally speaking it is clear to me that the majority of such activity comes from the counterfeit dimensional source. I am yet to be persuaded that anything of value has been or is being communicated to us by this method. (11)

Camouflaging the Activity

One of the most easily verifiable facts from the past fifty years is that the majority of UFO activity occurs in rural areas and most often in the early hours of the morning. (12) This leads us to the inevitable conclusion that UFO activity is generally not intended to be observed and that much - perhaps most - UFO activity actually remains unobserved and hence unreported. The alien intent has generally been to confuse us wherever possible.

It seems probable that much alien activity originates in bases on earth and on our moon and thus many UFO craft we observe may be short-range reconnaissance craft rather than the interstellar vessels many assume them to be. I believe that underwater travel via the oceans and seas has long been used extensively to avoid detection, as well as natural and artificially generated cloud and mist cover.

Small, remote-controlled craft a few feet across - first reported in WW2 by both Allied and German pilots - continue to be reported from time to time, often during aircraft and missile testing and appear to facilitate remote viewing of desired targets.

Beginning with the ãairshipä sightings in the late 1890âs, there is now some strong evidence that alien craft are sometimes disguised as familiar man-made craft, more recently as fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, probably for operation in areas where they are more likely to be seen or to further disguise the nature of the activity.

The appearance of anomalous creatures [usually a ãBig Footä type creature but smaller robotic-type beings have also been reported] appearing in association with some landed UFO craft cannot be doubted and appears to be for the purpose of controlling the immediate environment and keeping witnesses away. Some physical evidence of these creatures, including hair samples (13) , has been analyzed without being identified as a known species.

The Human Cover-up

There has long been a massive involvement by elements within the military/intelligence machine of the U.S and some other countries in relation to the alien presence. (14) Freedom-of-Information requests in recent years have established beyond doubt that U.S government agencies have kept the highest possible security lid on most UFO/alien data since at least 1947. It is a serious mistake to assume, as some have done, that governments are incapable of keeping major secrets for long periods. The ãneed to knowä concept which effectively compartmentalizes classified information has probably been the largest factor making it possible for the current denial and the institutionalized ridicule of UFOs to continue.

Yet, I feel a degree of sympathy for the elected governments involved who have been faced with an unparalleled situation. We must also be careful to remember that in many cases, elected officials right up to the White House may genuinely know less than a well-informed UFO researcher about what is really going on. The real cover-up goes much deeper into the permanent realms of intelligence in the inner government. Here there is strong evidence from multiple independent sources that one or more departments within the intelligence community [certainly involving the CIA and probably under an NSA umbrella] covertly monitors the movements of several alien groups operating in our skies and on earth while also seeking to obtain alien technology and ensuring the containment of the alien presence.

Paradoxically, while the intelligence/military machine covers up much genuine UFO activity, on some occasions in the U.S and abroad, UFO activity itself has been used as a cover for secret projects such as the testing of experimental craft - which may even resemble a UFO - [the Aurora project is a current example], weapon and computer systems and the development of psychological programs, including mind-control techniques, sometimes using unwitting subjects. (15)

Why a cover-up anyway? There are many reasons. The hope of gaining some military or economic advantage through acquiring advanced technology is likely the most important reason, but it is far from being the only one. The loss of national support, loss of pride in the face of a superior force and the understandable concerns about the impact that all this would have on all the important institutions of society are powerful reasons for maintaining a cover-up.

We must also not overlook the obvious fact that the human cover-up is clearly not contrary to the alien agenda. The cover-up could be ended at any time by the landing of a single alien craft on the White House lawn, so for now at least they have chosen to reveal themselves to us gradually.

Few now question that indisputable physical proof of alien life including recovered craft and crews has long existed. ãRoswellä is not the only crash of a UFO and was almost certainly not the first; it is just the best documented so far. The U.S government is not alone in possessing alien materials; the Russian and Chinese governments are reportedly working with crashed vehicles and there is anecdotal evidence that Australian scientists have been involved at times in some of this research.

Beginning with the first credible reported crash in Norway - followed by other crashes in Mexico, the U.S, Germany, Brazil and Argentina for example - recovered material in most cases has likely been claimed by the U.S military under the terms of foreign aid given, which reportedly has been contingent upon the forfeiture of any ãspace objectsä regardless of origin.

As time passes, in at least one sense the official ãcover-upä of data by government grows ever more irrelevant as growing numbers of earthâs citizens have their own experiences with the reality of alien contact. Effectively, the cover-up has ended for each of these people.

Our Near Future

There are many current reports which link the cover-up by military and intelligence elements under MJ-12 (or whatever name it now uses) with extensive underground bases where military technology from back-engineered alien craft is being developed and tested. Despite the extreme and often spectacular fantasies circulating in this area of UFOlogy, I see no reason whatsoever to doubt that these reports are fundamentally based on fact and furthermore, that this activity takes place in locations other than in the Nevada desert. There is strong evidence for believing that U.S facilities here in Australia are also being used for the testing of advanced weapon systems. (16)

I find also that the evidence that some kind of treaty or agreement was made in the early 60âs between the Eisenhower administration and at least one alien group in exchange for advanced technology quite compelling, although ultimately unproven. The implications and current situation if true are much less clear.

The speculations that further link alien involvement with political manipulations world-wide in preparation for a ãNew World Orderä also bear watching. It must be remembered that the U.S military now has the technical capability to stage a completely plausible extra-terrestrial ãlandingä or other event for the publicâs benefit for possible manipulation and control purposes. I do not doubt that much of which we could term conspiracy theory is real enough, but in a wider sense the picture of alien contact is much larger than any of the conspiracy viewpoints allow for.

At this stage therefore I have nothing beyond personal opinions as to how closely any of the conspiracy scenarios will mirror actual events in the near future, other than that alien contact will be a component. Since most aspects of these viewpoints are not mutually exclusive, it is probable that the future will be a combination of elements from all of them.


In conclusion therefore, UFOâs consist of a combination of secret military developments [some of which is based on recovered alien technology]; of dimensional activity that masquerades as something else and of a hard-core of genuine extra-terrestrial visits by a number of advanced races using faster-than-light interstellar travel. My data suggests as many as twenty distinct alien groups may be involved and the number could possibly be much higher than that. There can be no question that some of these groups have long had numbers of their people living and operating on earth among us undetected.

There is no celestial quarantine of our planet. Authentic alien involvement has been a significant factor for a very long time in the development and progression of earth society when viewed as a whole and remains so today. Such assistance appears to be restricted to technological areas pursuant to what is apparently a universal directive of non-interference in matters of belief. Where such matters become an integral part of an alien encounter the source of the experience seems likely to be a counterfeit dimensional one.

That aspects of alien activity on earth will comprise some of the most significant events of the coming decades seems clear enough, but I see few specifics. When open disclosure of alien contact is eventually made - whether accidentally or intentionally - the potential for social/economic/ cultural disruption may well prove to be a major de-stabilizing factor in the human raceâs near future. The consequences of sudden changes to our technology in areas such as aero-space/general aviation/energy/medicine and communications for example may be as profound as the damage that would result to religious institutions unprepared for such an event.

The credibility of our governments, media and other institutions currently involved in the denial of alien reality will be further seriously challenged if it becomes evident (as I believe will prove to be the case) that intelligence agencies have long been involved in illegal and immoral crimes against ordinary citizens and have avoided moral and financial accountability to the elected government. I worry about the consequences for a society whose already tenuous respect for itâs leadership is finally destroyed by disclosure of itâs ãblackä activities.

The dimensional counterfeit of alien contact, with itâs ãmessagesä adapted to cultural expectations, can also be expected to increase in scope and influence of the belief systems of a growing segment of humanity.

There is, in the final analysis, a great need in our society for a broadening of our collective awareness of our place in the universe before this awakening is forced upon us by events. Regardless of whether we see alien contact from scientific, metaphysical, conspiracy, religious or philosophical viewpoints - all of them valid and useful windows for viewing ultimate truth - one thing is clear: our society faces great changes in the next decade or so as the dominant consensus world view catches up with reality.

Despite the likelihood of short-term disruptions to our society, genuine alien contact will, I believe, ultimately prove to be a positive and should lead to a general recognition of the spiritual dimensions underlying all world faiths and our origin in, our connection to and destiny with Deity. Everything I have learned these past twenty years or more as a UFO researcher bears an eloquent and powerful witness that we live in a vast, beautiful universe of great diversity, populated by billions of intelligent beings - many of whom look like us - and some of whom have already begun making contact.

The imminent dawning of an age in which we openly and officially take our place as new members of the galactic community provides all of us with a first exciting glimpse into the eternal realms about which so little is known. Perhaps our ultimate destiny as a race is to return to the stars from whence all life came. But for now, our view of the future must broaden to encompass these other dimensions and other worlds, the civilizations that inhabit them and the opportunities that this contact represents.



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14. Stanton Friedman, TOP SECRET MAJIC, Marlow, NY 1996 focusses on the evidence for MJ-12 and the continuing cover-up of the Roswell case and Timothy Good, BEYOND TOP SECRET, Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1996 is a global roundup of facts documenting the cover-up of UFO data.
15. Jacques Vallee, REVELATIONS. Chapter 5 covers the 1979 Franck Fontaine ãabductionä in France.
16. The NASA video sequence transmitted from the shuttle Discovery while in orbit 15 September 1991 [showing several spacecraft performing complex manoeuvres and then accelerating into deep space in apparent response to two beams of ãenergyä fired from the earth] is currently the most convincing evidence I know of which demonstrates that such weapons are currently either being tested or are fully operational at Australian sites. The source of the ãbeamsä appears to be U.S bases at Exmouth Bay in Western Australia and Pine Gap in the Northern Territory. For an analysis of the video see Dr John Kasherâs article in the 1994 M.U.F.O.N SYMPOSIUM PROCEEDINGS.
Timothy Good, ALIEN LIAISON, 95-99 offers other evidence suggestive of Australian involvement with U.S intelligence operations.

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