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UFO Existence From the Past

Dennis Balthaser, 5/01/01

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Summary: For many of us that research this subject of Ufology, most of that research has only been accomplished during the past 20 some years. Based on other information available however, it appears that UFOs have existed in one form or another for many more years than that, and I will present some of that information in this editorial.

Dennis Balthaser

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For many of us that research this subject of Ufology, most of that research has only been accomplished during the past 20 some years. Based on other information available however, it appears that UFOs have existed in one form or another for many more years than that, and I will present some of that information in this editorial. The United States Air Force has been interested in UFOs for at least 50 years, as is proven by the research being done by the historical Ufologists, with documentation to support their claims of Air Force involvement. Is the Air Force still involved? I’d propose a high wager that they are, as are other government organizations.

Because we have nothing physical to prove the existence of UFOs, the skeptics, debunkers and critics have a field day with our research and claims, always quick to ask, “Where is the proof”? They never consider the fact that many witnesses are extremely credible individuals and that some people still believe everything they are told by our government and that the media is the final word to all news. Information is overwhelming that something different and unexplainable has been seen in our skies for many more years than just the recent 50 years.

In order to look at this subject properly, (prior to the 1940’s), requires us to come out of our box that we have been trained to think in all of our lives. That’s not easy and many times can be uncomfortable. As an example, if UFOs are real craft and controlled by living beings of some sort from another planet, in or outside of our own galaxy, what will that information do to some of the religions of our world? Will they finally admit that we are not the only living thing in the universe? Boundary lines of countries are not visible on earth when observing the planet from our own space vehicles orbiting a few hundred miles above us. Maybe we have to realize we’re not just Americans, Canadians, Japanese, French or Italians. Maybe the time is here now, to start thinking that we are earthlings in a universe filled with other life. What would that do to the world leader’s that think they must control everyone and everything? Are the disputes that we as humans have over boundaries, religion, etc., really worth killing each other over, as we’ve done for centuries? Is there any wonder why extraterrestrials (if they exist and are visiting our little blob of mud and water) have chosen not to communicate with us?

Caves, pyramids and other records of ancient civilizations are producing drawings that to some of us definitely look like they represent UFOs. What were these people trying to depict in their drawings, thousands of years ago, which has given us a record of their existence, that we are now just finding and trying to interpretate.

Of particular interest to me in my research is the fact that many of the mysteries of ancient civilizations appear to have a direct bearing on, or knowledge of astronomy. One of those mysteries involves the Nasca plains in Peru, which has been called one of the most baffling in all of archeology, containing over 20 different types of animals and other figures so large that they could only be viewed from the air. It covers an area 37 miles long and 15 miles wide. The “geoglyphs” are gigantic. For example, the curly tailed monkey would fill a football stadium, and the lizard is twice as long as the monkey. The spider is 150’ and is aligned with the constellation of Orion, as are the Egyptian pyramids. No one knows the origin or intent of the Nasca civilization, which inhabited the area between 2500BC-1400AD, flourishing between 200BC and 600AD and then much later by the Incas.

I suppose for many, the biggest obstacle to overcome would be the interpretation of some of the Bible versus that may relate to UFOs, depending on your interpretation of those versus. Are you willing to risk having your world views shaken? In honesty however, what should we make of the book of Ezekiel, where it refers to “flying fiery wheels”? What were they referring to? Ezekiel 10:9, refers to “each wheel having a second wheel crosswise within, that sparkled like chrysolite, giving off a greenish-yellow glow”. (The Living Bible, Tyndale House Publishers). There are many other versus in the Bible that researchers have questioned, and I guess until more research is done it will be up to each individual to interpret those versus as they choose, based on whatever their belief is. Many people feel their belief system is the right one and are closed minded to any theories based on the facts. Their parents, grandparents, priests, ministers and rabbis have formed their reality, and it is much easier to let someone else do their thinking for them rather than draw their own conclusions. If we as a race are to evolve technologically, emotionally and spiritually, we have to be willing to accept the facts that we learn along the way and not dwell on the dogmas of our ancestors. In this editorial, I only ask that you examine the evidence, add your own knowledge and beliefs or experiences, and draw your own conclusions. As a researcher, I simply want to open your mind to other possibilities.

For the skeptics, debunkers and critics, I have presented some physical evidence in the form of art work that predates modern Ufology by several hundred years, and in this researchers mind, tells me we are dealing with some phenomenon today, that has existed for many, many years.

Perhaps you have seen some of this artwork in TV documentaries, but I am indebted to a gentleman from England that has assembled a truly remarkable web site to display copies of frescos, tapestries and oil paintings, dating from the 1300’s to the 1700’s. (Just for the record, that time period was prior to a United States Air Force, or other governmental organization that today claims UFOs do not exist.)

The gentleman I’m referring to is Matthew Hurley and his web site, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in this subject is:


Space in this editorial, does not permit me to show all of the artwork, but I think I have shown enough of it so that the debunkers, skeptics and critics can perhaps explain to me what it is that is depicted in the sky’s in these historic pieces of artwork. As Matthew states in his web site introduction, “we can only guess at why these artists chose to insert UFOs into their artwork”. Did they have actual sightings as we have today, or was there some connection between religious events and UFOs? I firmly believe that those individuals who do not believe in UFOs, will have difficulty explaining these examples away as being weather balloons, crash test dummies, ball lightning, top secret government aircraft, etc.

Hopefully in this short editorial, I have presented enough information to create some doubt in your mind as to what we’ve been told about the existence of UFOs, by military and government leaders during our recent past. That simply being, “that they don’t exist”.

It will be a little more difficult for them to deny artwork from several hundred years ago, which appears to several of us to contain undeniable evidence of the existence of UFOs, or at least what appears to be UFOs. There was some reason for these objects to be shown in this artwork, and I’ll let you decide what that reason might have been. Hopefully research and investigation will continue on the drawings found in the pyramids, caves and other locations from thousands of years ago, in order for us today to understand what those civilizations were leaving for us. I wonder what we’ll leave for future generations to ponder on this subject of Ufology.

A special thank you to Matthew Hurley who has compiled the most extensive collection of UFOs in historical art on the Internet.

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