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Flying Triangles on the Increase

Filer's Files #20 (2000)

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Summary: UFO reports in the US were low with less than 200 in April compared to 400 last November. However, Flying Triangle reports have increased inferring these may not be of extraterrestrial origin.

UFO reports in the US were low with less than 200 in April compared to 400 last November. However, Flying Triangle reports have increased inferring these may not be of extraterrestrial origin. It is possible that UFOs are maintaining a low profile while our Sun continues its heavy solar storm activity. The on going May solar display is the most magnificent in recent memory and a new sunspot record occurred on May 18, 2000, with 342 sun spots. This number is over double NASA's prediction of 150 for this solar cycle named "Cycle 23." This activity is far beyond normal cyclical upswings and may be cause for concern since tremendous amounts of energy and radiation smash into the Earth's magnetic field. Our weather may be effected and strong radiation could create communication and other problems. Large flares and CMEs are expected that could shift ocean currents and the jet streams effecting our weather patterns. The US East coast has already had record setting high temperatures followed by unusually heavy rains. These bursts of energy can be seen in spectacular displays of the Aurora Borelis (Northern Lights). NASA's ACE spacecraft recorded an increase in the solar wind velocity that peaked on May 18th. Heavy sun spot activity is generally followed by Solar Flares. NOAA Space Environment Center forecasters estimate an 80% probability of M-class solar flares and a 10% chance of a powerful X-class flare in the near future.


UNION BEACH -- I was at Union Beach at about 7:00 PM in full daylight on May 14, 2000. We were walking along, and my dad thought he saw a "kite" but later we realized that it was a UFO. It was a triangle shaped object heading toward the Raritan Bay just south of New York City on a slant that looked like this "/". It soon disappeared into the atmosphere and was gone. About 30 seconds after that I noticed three very small white dots, they were lined up in a triangle. It was very strange because it was like everything you see on TV. But it happens to you!

TUCKERTON - On May 14, at 9:25 PM a triangle shaped object flew very slow and low over the Garden State Parkway at mile marker 56. I looked out my driver's side window and saw what I thought was a plane coming over the tree line. It was triangle shaped UFO and had red lights under it with a green glow to it. It was not more than 100 feet above the road and going slow with no noise or vibration at all. I slowed to about 40 miles an hour and watched it take off to our right. We then noticed a red/pinkish circle in the distance that the first object was heading towards now at a very high speed. The triangle object seemed to disappear as soon as it got to the circle object, because we did not see it anymore. Then the circle object shot across the sky heading west to east at a blinding rate of speed and could barely be seen. It then headed back towards the west and disappeared.

STAFFORD FORGE - Another witness reports, "A triangle craft was going across the Parkway very low, and slow at 9:25 PM on May 14, 2000. There was no noise. It had non-blinking red lights underneath with a yellow/green glow to the rest of it. The triangle speeded up heading for a hovering red circle like object in the distance. The triangle then seemed to disappear into the red object. The red circular object then shot across the sky back to where we first saw the triangle. It then flew almost out of sight and within seconds back again to where we were. The police were contacted but said they had no reports from other people. Editors Note: Tuckerton and Stafford Forge are only five miles apart; apparently, two separate sets of witnesses noticed the craft. Union Beach is sixty miles to the north also near the coast. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director of the National UFO Reporting Center.


EDINBURG -- On May 7, 2000, I observed a triangular object in the eastern night sky at 10:12 PM passing north to south. It was about 100 feet isosceles triangle. There was no noise and the craft appeared to be moving very slowly and very low. I observed the craft for about five minutes.


RANDLE - On May 13, 2000, a large dark triangle was observed against the clouds with deep five minutes and then seemed to land east of the highway. I rolled down the windows to listen, but there was no sound. It moved very slowly, and had to be about 1,000 to 2,000 feet in width. Thanks to NUFORC.


INDEPENDENCE -- On May 13, 2000, two witnesses observed a dark triangle with about eight landing lights spanning about one-third of the way back of each leading edge at 10:00 PM. They had the object in sight heading east for eight seconds. It was silent but they could hear a faint aircraft sound far to southwest. Witness #1 is an ex Kansas City Aviation Department employee who has flown small aircraft. The object flew at about stall speed, but the witnesses had no visual reference to determine its altitude or speed. He felt, if they were observing landing lights, he would guess its altitude was 3,000 feet and the object to be about the size of a 707 commercial four engine jet aircraft. Witness #2 has seen stealth bombers in the air many times when he worked at Whiteman Air Force Base. He says, "This the object was not a stealth bomber!" NUFORC note from Peter Davenport: We highlight this case because we spoke at length with the witness, who is quite experienced in the aviation field. He is quite familiar with all types of aircraft, and he reports that the object witnessed was like no aircraft he has ever witnessed before. Editor's Note: Ninety minutes later, a similar craft was sighted over Minnesota.


KAMLOOPS, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- On May 8, 2000, I was sitting at my friend's back porch in Juniper having two cans of beer with my girl friend when we noticed a large triangular object hovering in the mountains about six kilometers away. We called in my buddy and the three of us watched it for about five minutes when it separated into four triangular shaped craft. These craft had a light on each side and a big one in the middle. It appeared they emitted an aura that was darkest at the lights and the brightest around the ship. This aura changed color, when the lights changed color. Then at the same time a really powerful strobe light lit up the mountains for a few seconds. The ships formed into one object, shot up into the sky, and disappeared at 9:05 PM. A similar craft was seen on May 6 at 9:18 PM hovering low over another witness's home with a giant white light in the middle that shown down on the witness. Thanks to NUFORC and Peter Davenport.

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