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Men In Black, An Investigation

BoB Oechsler (reprinted on totse.com)

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: Among the attachments included here are responses to questions submitted regarding CURSE.TXT, Guardian, "Original Guardian", Alien Liaison book reference authored by Timothy Good, etc. and the following file listings.

Men In Black


Among the attachments included here are responses to questions submitted regarding CURSE.TXT, Guardian, "Original Guardian", Alien Liaison book reference authored by Timothy Good, etc. and the following file listings.

11] Biographical Information Sheet - BoB Oechsler

12] Guardian Investigation - UFO Video Case (February 1993)

13] Insider's Report - Investigating the Guardian Enigma

The latter is an indepth report on the investigation through May of 1993. There have been other interesting revelations and discoveries since then that again tend to support more of Guardian's claims reported as "preposterous" by Robert Stack on the "Unsolved Mysteries" broadcast of 2-03-93. My personal experience indicates that this one case has been subjected to more diversified scientific scrutiny than any other UFO case. Much of that is no doubt due to the fact that there exists such an abundance of tangible evidence to work with, both tactile and corporeal. With that stated, I'll start by responding to the questions in order of number received.

I ) Unspecified Guardian question ... (Lee)

[RES] ... Refer to attached [2] & [3] above.

2) Was Bob approached by an MIB? ... (Leslie)

[RES] ... While I have researched the MIB (Men In Black) phenomenon for several years and recently investigated a possble MIB incident in Maryland, I cannot confirm that I've ever been directly approached by anyone or anything fitting the common description. Suggested reading: The UFO Silencers, Mystery ot the Men In Black authored by Timothy Green Beckley, Inner Light Publications 1990 New Brunswick, NJ.

3) Was Bob's house broken into & was a (tape) stolen? (Leslie)

[RES] ... There has never been any evidence of my house being "broken into". However, there was an incident in 1989 during the course of several field investigation trips to Gulf Breeze, Florida wherein several audio taped interviews and two very important computer disks mysteriously vanished from my somewhat less than perfectly organized home office. I should point out that we did find overt evidence of mail tampering between myself and Ed Walters including undelivered packages of photographic and mapping materials. The evidence was submitted to postal authorities and an investigation initiated which stopped the illegal practice at least for six months.

4) Did Bob ever meet with the Guardian? What did he learn? (Dave)

[RES] ... In November of 1992 while on location shooting part of the "Unsolved Mysteries" segment with the Cosgrove-Meurer Production Company, we received a telephone call at our hotel in Kanata, Ontario from an individual who professed to know the identity of Guardian. I stayed an extra aay after shooting just to meet with this individual who was providing numerous contact names, addresses and phone numbers for corraboration including that of the individual he claimed was Guardian.

The person that I met with was a local college student who had known Guardian for 17 years and claimed to be long time friends. He reported an incident where his friend had shown the Guardian video tape along with other tapes, documents and photographs to a group of six people including himself. The incident was fresh in his mind because he thought all of this UFO stuff was nonsense and he remembers falling on the kitchen floor laughing in hysteria. His friend was so adamant about the veracity and authenticity of the material that he assured him that he was the Guardian and that it was all true. It wasn't until he heard and saw local news reports of eyewitnesses to the events and that NBC was in town filming that he realized there may be more to it than he first thought.

I called the number he gave me for the Guardian and tried to arrange a meeting by leaving a message on an answering machine. Guardian called his friend back and left a message for me on his machine basically denying any knowledge or complicity. The more the friend challenged him, the more remote he became. However during the course of my investigation it became abundantly evident that this individual was in fact the Guardian of whom I was searching. Only forensic evidence is yet to be collected for final proof. Nonetheless I an quite convinced that I know who Guardian is and an awful lot aDout nim and tne events nhne has been involved in for many years. I never believed it was necessary to expose him because all of the other witnesses and landing contamination effects was sufficient. to validate the case. The bottom line is simply that not one of Guardian's rather outrageous claims has been disproven and quite a number of them have so far been completely validated.

5) Is the Guardian the same one as "original guardian" described in CURSE.TXT? ... (Peter)

[RES] ... A review of CURSE.TXT reveals that "orginal guardian" referenced is an executive with the motion picture. My suspect is clearly not involved in that field. The so called "incident" occurred in a city east of Toronto, that is a rather large area. The video taped landing incident that I investigated occurred about 30 miles west of Ottawa, which is some 200 miles east of Toronto. The Guardian involved in the case I investigated was clever enough to put his fingerprint on the label of video tapes he sent out. That makes them unique in as much as it certainly cuts down on Guardian claimants and that's why we featured that issue on the "Unsolved Mysteries" and "Sightings" segments. The Guardian documents that I investigated referred to a roll of 35mm film of alien images that was submitted by an anonymous photoarapher to NRC (National Research Council) in Ottawa. We have not to date been able to verify if such a roll of film was received at that repository, but it does seem to coincide to a certain degree with the "original guardian" reference. In summary, there does appear to be some possible similarity in the two cases but there is insufficient detail in the CURSE.TXT report that I have to draw even the slightest parallel or even to determine if there exists a mergence of the two. It is difficult to give much credence to reports that are warranted by unsigned individuals and even more difficult to find rationale to prompt research and investigation.

6) Was Bob ever taken to an off-shore research platform by the Gov't and shown an anti-gravity chamber? ... (Mike)

[RES] ... As reported in the hardback book Alien Liaison - The Ultimate Secret authored by Timothy Good and originally published by Random Century Ltd, London 1991 (47 weeks on the London Times Best Seller List) and subsequently in paperback by Arrow Books Ltd, London 1992 and now available in the U.S. under the title Alien Contact published by William Morrow Comipany, NY 1993, the chapter called Cosmic Journey refers to a project which I was involved in under commercial secrecy contract to Kenneth Feld Productions Special Development Group out of Orlando, Florida. The project was sanctioned by the White House Office of the National Space Council and by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the latter of which I was a former employee during the mid-seventies. I was retained for the project due to my robotics expertise and involvment in the adaptation of the manipulator arm for the Shuttle Project as well as my expertise in innovation of RF remote control systems, and all of that not withstanding my UFO research credentials.

The activities referred to in the question relate directly to my involvement with a former astronaut and Air Force General Officer in the U.S. Intelligence establishment at the Pentagon. On a project trip to the Houston area, I was taken along with a group that filled three unique helicopters to a NORAD (North American Defense Command) facility located on an off-shore platform off the Gulf Coast between Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida. We were flown from Ellington and were on the platform little more than an hour at most. Refer to one of the above books for details. During the same visit to the Houston area I visited a facility southwest of Houston referred to as the Micro-Gravity Research Center. It did not involve to my knowledge the swimming pool facility which I believe is located at the Johnson Center complex and did not involve the famous airplane rero gravity airborn project. This facility housed a micro-gravity chamber which was encompassed in a room approximately 20' x 4O' and housed several dozen if not hundreds of experiments, protein crystal experiments being one of the most notable to me. A small scale model of the manipulator arm on the shuttle was previously arranged and set-up for me along with a computer simulation for modeling modifications. The purpose of my visit was to install design changes with limiter stops and axis weight changes for adaptation to a gravity environment for the full scale model for the Cosmic Journey Project. I believe the micro-gravity environment was effected by an unusual lighting system installed in the ceiling. The effect was analogous to what it might be like if one could stand inside a florescent light tube. For more information, again refer to the above referenced books.

7) Was the space tracking station (off-shore research. platform) on the "fence" off the SC coast? ... (Peter)

[RES] ... The facility was not on the Atlantic Seaboard, see question six above for location. I am not familiar with the reference "fence". The off-shore facility was not to my knowledge a research center. It was an on-line NORAD monitoring facility with capabilities far exceeding ordinary space tracking.

8) What was Bob's position at NASA? What does (position) mean? ... (Mike)

[RES] ... My NASA credentials are referenced in the book Alien Update authored by Timothy Good and published in the U.K. et.al. by Arrow Books Ltd 1993. The photo section depicts my original NASA identification photo badge with security number in black and white, the original is in color. My position was titled Mission Specialist which is a catch all reference given to about half of the employees at the Goddard Space Flight Center, the rest were referred to as Operations Specialists. My job entailed project engineering, documentation and sub-mission appraisal. Some of the projects that I worked on included the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project (docking collar latch mechanism), the IUE (International Ultraviolet Explorer), the manipulator arm connecting mechanism for the Shuttle Project and several DOD (Department of Defense) missions. I had no interest or knowledge of the UFO phenomenon during my tenure at NASA and have repeatedly announced my failure to recognize the connection to my work at NASA and my subsequent UFO research other than as it has applied to the Cosmic Journey Project. I continue to be amazed at the wild conspiracy theories and the constant speculation about my supposedly working as some kind of a mole for the Gov't. My position has always been that if the Gov't doesn't know what UFO researchers have discovered, then they ought to know and probably do know a great deal more than all of the researchers combined.

9) I'm still wondering how he managed to go from doing freelance research (under NASA auspices) on some video tapes taken by a contractor to being able to order a military polygraph for a Canadian official that was alledgedly taken against her/his will aboard an ET craft, ... (Bob Perse)

[RES] ... Since you're wondering, perhaps I can shed some light on the issues for you. Actually I prefer interested individuals to ask this sort of question rather than blindly speculate. First let me clarify the "freelance research on some video tapes" issue. As a video and photographic analyst, I was very interested in the depiction at close range of a UFO craft in flight shot by Ed Walters in Gulf Breeze, Florida on December 28, 1987. The moving images afforded an opportunity to evaluate the fundamental operational physics of the craft and since I had been cited by the United States Chamber of Commerce for my work in field applications technologies in robotics there existed a natural interest in deterimining the prospects of the video taped object being a remote controlled model. Therefore I was asked by several groups including "Unsolved Mysteries" and the Fund for UFO Research to have a look at it. I was looking for an independent lab whwre I could conduct my analysis in privacy and without commercial expense. Since I have several former associates still working at GSFC (Goddard Space Flight Center) within thirty minutes of my home, including the local MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) director of investigations, it was natural to inquire of the possibility of conducting my work in their rather well equipped studios during off-peak hours. Arrangements were made with the section director at GSFC TV Studios to move the necessary equipment into one of their editing studios. There was no official inquiry on the part of NASA HQ nor GSFC hierachy since the station which is closed circuit was operated by Bendix. Therefore the work I was doing was clearly NOT under th "auspices" (look it up) of NASA.

The second and independent issue which does not appear connected in any way that I can imagine relates to the Guaraian Case. The Canadian Official initially contacted me anonymously by mail, but included enough information that I was able to locate the individual due to my knowledge of the landing area. The individual claimed to be having explicit memories relating to the landing event depicted on the "Unsolved Mysteries" broadcast. I did not learn until later that this individual had significant credentials within the Canadian Government. The clainis involved witnessing the landing event, being taken onboard the craft and interacting with not only the alien entities depicted on the program but also a human being of a specific nationality as being in charge of the operation involving the craft and entities. There was never any allegation regarding being taken against anyone's will since no invitation was extended or refused.

The issue involving the taking of a polygraph examination of the claims was raised due to the sensitivity of the witness' position within the Canadian Government. Since the witness was not acting on behalf of any agency of the Canadian Government and the onboard events did not directly involve same (in other words the witness was not onboard as a representative of the Canadian Government), there existed a need for specific anonymity in order to avoid the appearance of a potential international incident. For clarification it should be noted that the witness' voice and/or likeness would be readily recognized at any Canadian Embassy throughout the world. Therefore in order to establish credibility for the claims of an anonymous witness, it was clear to all interested parties that a polygraph exam of the witness claims would be required for the record to be included as a valid contribution to an already complex case. I did not order a military polygraph, I selected a polygraph examiner in Canada who had been trained by the U.S. Military. Dr. Bruce S. Maccabee (Ph.D. Optical Physics and Exec. Dir. of FUFOR) assisted me and the polygraph examiner in developing the questionaire strategy in consultation with skeptic Jerry Black who arrariged the polygraph for Travis Walton, Allen Dallas, etc. just before the 1993 release of "Fire in the Sky". We wanted to be sure that any positive polygraph result could not only be supported, but subjected to review by other examiners.

It seems to me that this last question poses some important points that should serve these inquires well. We need to be very careful about jumping to conclusions.It does not seem fair to me that just because someone excercises care and diligence in investigative technique, that somehow this correlates with heavy handed old fashioned CIA tactics. Or somehow suggests that the analyst or investigator is secretively intrenched iri some covert government plot. I do recognize that conspiracies have and do exist, but my experience suggests that such activity is vastly overstated in UFO research activities. It's really not needed here as most researchers in this field tend to bicker and debate so much that precious little actual research ever gets acomplished much less accepted. When it comes to establishing public opinion the tabloids win hands down it seems simply because they are so well financed.

Hope this proves helpful and doesn't bore anyone to tears. Thanks very much for the questions. I believe the Guardian Case will eventually make for a good book and could serve as an excellent template for future investigations of this nature. If you think writing a book is going to make anyone rich, I suggest you try getting something published. It always amazes me when skeptics try using the old rich and famous explanation to attempt to discredit witnesses and researchers/investigators. It is quite a naive ploy in the eyes of the informed.

Thanks again,


BoB Oechsler


BoB Oechsler: Pronounced X-ler

Former NASA Mission Specialist
Goddard Space Flight Center
Greenbelt, Maryland

Who's Who Listings
Who's Who in tbe East
Who's Wbo in Finance and Industry
Who's Who in tbe World
International Book of Honour

Author - The Chesapeake Connection

Contributing Autbor: The Gulf Breeze Sightings - Walters Wm. Morrow, New York 1990

* Alien Lialson - Good
Random Century LTD, London 1991

The DFO Report 1992 - Edited: Good
Sidgwick & Jackson, London 1991

Alien Contact - Good
Wm. Morrow, New York 1994

Alien Update - Good
Arrow, Random House, London 1994

* 27 weeks on the London Times Best Seller List.

Lecturer: The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia
Speaker: The United States Chamber of Commerce

International Television exposure:

NBC - "Unsolved Mysteries" (Regular Consultant)
ABC - "America's Best Kept Secrets"
ABC News - With Science Editor Jules Bergman
CBS - "UFOs: The Best Evidence" (Award Winning Documentary)
FOX - "Sightings"
Syndicated - "Now It Can Be Told"
Central Television - London

BBC - London
NTV - Tokyo, Japan
RAI - Rome, Italy
META - Berlin, Germany

Technical Expertise: Photo & Video Analysis
Invented process for converting nighttime Polaroid images
into almost daylight conditions for easy analysis.

professional Expertise: Robotics Field Applications Technologies
Electro-gravitics Research
Radio & Television Broadcasting

Primary Guidance within the U.S. Intelligence Community:
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - Science & Technology
U S. Naval Intelligence - Director, Naval Ops Air Warfare
National Security Agency (NSA), Institute of Def. Analysis
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
Executive Branch - Defense Science Board



UFO Video Case

February 1993

The Ottawa, Ontario UFO Landing reported by the anonymous Guardian has resulted in a year long active field investigation. I believe it to be a landmark case which involved the complete cooperation of several agencies in Canada including the Department of National Defence. DND has participated actively in the investigation to the extent of providing an alert team ready to respond to any continued helicopter harrassment activity at the site and witness residence. Although we have interviewed several witnesses to this helicopter activity, we have yet to identify the perpetrators inspite of several photographs taken at times of intrusion.

Transport Canada has been quite cooperative in providing classified radar data at the site location. The National Research Council has been receptive to my investigation of Guardian claims, classified helicopter research activity and has provided access to CSIS, the Canadian Secret Intelligence classified radar data at the site location. The National Research Council has been receptive to my investigation of Guardian claims, classified helicopter research activity and has provided access to CSIS, the Canadian Secret Intelligence Service. Energy, Mines and Resources have provided aerial photography for the research area. Canadian UFO author Arthur Bray and researcher Graham Lightfoot have provided invaluable assistance in the investigation. CUFORN, the Canadian UFO Research Network has been helpful in providing me with a background on Guardian's prior UFO report for 1989 and original materials they received from Guardian including photographs and video tape.

Scheduled broadcasts of the investigation by network television include NBC's "Unsolved Mysteries" (February 3rd) and Fox's "Sightings" (February 12th) clearly achieve Guardian's implied interest in widespread exposure for alien UFO activity in the Ottawa Valley area. Television attention of this caliber should give significant credit to the investigation and open the door for those reluctant to come forward for fear of ridicule. These broadcast provide the first international exposure for this case which centers around the events instead of the anonymous Guardian who video taped the extraordinary landing event.

Guardian began reportiny UFO incidents in the area where the landing occurred as far back as November of 1989. The landing was video taped without the knowledge of other witnesses to the event on August 18, 1991. We discovered the landing site and witnesses on May 10, 1992 and began an investigation based on contamination evidence suggesting an extraordinary event which affected the site. I have testimony of several experts in diversified scientific fields which strongly argues against human technological involvement in the event.

The size of the craft was approximately 20-25 feet in diameter as determined by correlating field tests. The flares or PYrotechnic activity at the site has been determined to be of unknown origin, not compatible with any universally known compounds. The craft depicted in the video apparently left residue elements identified as not being indigenous to the site. Acoustics analysis of the video tape correlates with the geography and particular topography of the investigated field site. A Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) from a Digital Audio Tape (DAT) taken from an original Guardian supplied copy of the video detailed no evidence of electrical fields, repeating pulses or oscillations within the detection frequency range of the recording equipment used, yet all ambient sounds typical to the senario depicted in the video including the distant sounds of

barking dogs, wind noise, insects,camera operator bieathingand walking as well as camera equipment noise in close proximity to the microphone were all identifiable. No unknowris could be attributed to the object or pyrotechnics depicted in the video.

NBC invested in excess of $115,000 unsuccessfully attempting to duplicate the effects in the Guardian video and concluded that to fake what was observed in the video would have taken a sizeable investment and would have been virtually impossible to Pull off without the cooperation of the residents in the neighborhood, some of whom have agreed to polygraph examination in order to refute that possiblity. Even NASA's JPL was unable to find evidence of hoaxing the event depicted in the video.

After five research and investigation trips to Canada, the task is not yet complete. The final conclusions niay only be reached upon meeting the anonymous Guardian who holds the keys and answers to many questions. The single most important question that remains to be answered is: "How did Guardian know that the craft was going to land at that time and place?".

My remaining efforts will be focused on establishing a dialogue with Guardian. His decision to remain anonymous is in my opinion prudent. Removing public anonymity can only put the dialogue with Guardian. His decision to remain anonymous is in my opinion prudent. Removing public anonymity can orily put the focus on his credibility and integrity instead of the incredible event itself. My objective will be to encourage his cooperation upon confirming his identity and ascertain the rationale to his methodology and determine the level of veracity of his claims.

BoB Oechsler


T H E I N S I D E R ' S R E P O R T

By BoB Oechsler

Investigating The Guardian Enigma

NBC's "Unsolved Mysteries" airs video of lanaed UFO craft.
FOX's "Sightings" features this landmark UFO landing case.

A strange series of events unfolded during the summer of 1991 in a rural area about 20 miles west of Ottawa in the Ontario Province of Eastern Canada. Out of the rolling hills and heavily wooded swamp lands of West Carleton Township, residents were reporting surrealistic screams, excruciating cries of tormented agony that warned off all attempts by residents to investigate. Those that went to the edge of the forest land to look into the matter were met not only with silence at first, but an eerie permeating sensation of fear that seemed to hang over the area. The strange silence was penetrated by a startling screanm like no other sound experienced before. Even the dogs would not venture into the area as their keen senses warded them off ahead of their inquisitive masters. This was but one of a pattern of unusual events that rained down on this sparsely populated residential former farming estate community that summer. One individual now known publicly as Guardian had the courage to investigate and report his unique findings of unusual activity.

Guardian began reporting in late 1989 to UFO research organizations in Canada that American and Canadian Security Agencies were engaged in a conspiracy of silence. He anonymously claimed that UFO sightings in the Ontario region had intensified in the 1980's (specifically around nuclear power generating stations) and that on November 4, 1989 Canadian Defense (sic) Department radars picked up a globe shaped object travelling at a phenomenal speed over Carp, Ontario. The UFO, Guardian reported, abruptly stopped and dropped like a stone. He claimed that the ship landed in deep swamp in a rural area of West Carleton Twp. While monitoring satelites traced the movements of the alien occupants, two AH-64 Apache choppers and a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter descended on the area the following night. Guardian says they carried full weapon loads and were part of a covert American unit that specialized in the recovery of alien craft. Independent UFO investigations revealed no less than three eye witnesses confirming the hovering craft over the swamp area, sounds of explosions, military vehicles and personnel with no identification marks blocking off a main access road to the swamp area. Guardian reported the recovery of "three reptilian fetus headed beings" listed as Class I NTEs (Non Terrestrial Entities) identified as muscular, grey-white skinned humanoids.

Guardian's rather elaborate report details a matrixed dielectric magnesium alloy craft driven by pulsed electromagnetic fields generated by a cold fusion reactor. He reveals that the craft was of a military nature and coldly calculates a mission designed to pit human speciesagainst humari species in an ideological war to further strain east-west relations. His expressed knowledge of alien installed human implants, military operations, high technology EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) weapons and ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves calibrated to the sam.e wavelength as the human brain to subliminally control test subjects all suggest an extraordinary intimate involvement in these events. If his assertions are correct, then we humans are in for a tough time regardless of the official secrecy surrounding these issues. Guardian warns of an impending hostile invasion much like the concerns expressed numerous times by former President Ronald Reagan about a potential "Force from outer space". He reports that data aboard the recovered sphere explains why the aliens are so comfortable on our world. They preceded humans on the evolutionary scale by millions of years and that their civilization was destroyed 65 million years ago during an interdimensional war forcing them to leave the earth. Now they have chosen to attempt to reclaim what was once theirs.

Guardian was not the only one to report evidence of UFOs and alien entities in the township of West Carleton. Alana Masters (pseudonym) reported to the local presJ in September 1989 that her daughter had been making drawings of a ghost with big black eyes and spoke of unusual dreams and visitors at night. One evening before retiring, Alana was drawn to a winnow looking out over her back yard by a bright light. Concerned about the unusual shape of the object idling silently out back, she went to check on her two and a half year old daughter. Upon opening the door she was startled to see two beings that had really dark eyes and glowed a whitish yellow color. One of the entities turned toward Alana and the next thing she remembered was waking up on the sofa the next morning. Alana's neighbor reported seeing a glowing creature of like description appearing to be taking ground samples from the back yard and another in her house. She said she never would have mentioned the event were it not for Alana's report. The Canadian National Research Council reported over 100 UFO sightings reports during the same period.

In February of 1992 a video tape and several constructed documents arrived at my mailbox postmarked from Ottawa, Ontario. There was no return address, but the video tape was cleverly labeled with the name Guardian accompanied by an inked finger- print as a unique identifing reference. The documents eontained a map of the same area as reported in the 1989 UFO landing event, but referenced a newer landing and retrieval occurring on August 18, 1991. The cover document was fabricated with a DND Department of National Defence) stencil, a maple leaf watermark and two photocopies of Polaroid flash pictures depicting events in the video. Other documents resembled typical FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) responses involving deleted classified data using a black "majic" marker. The documents contained the same ideology referred to in Guardian's 1989 report, but seemed to focus more on theology and Nostraaamus type apocalyptic proclamations. Had it not been for the exceptional video tape Guardian's reports would have no doubt been dismissed as the ravings of a misguided ideologist. Psychologists that I consulted reviewed the material and concluded that while there is evidence of pathology (perhaps sociopathic) as it relates to the source's interpretation and explanation of the senario, there exists no evidence of schizophrenia or other similar disorders. Guardian is clearly literate in some areas of ufology, but may lack the ability to discriminate extremiist and conspiracy theorists viewpoints from traditional rationalists.

In April of 1992, I completed a preliminary video analysis on the case. The video appears to be a series of edited takes from a longer video. This was determined as a result of several stops and starts with the observance of technical changes in the setting. For example in earlier sequences there appear to be several flares burning with billowing smoke rising from that general area, in later sequences it appears that the flares had burned out yet the remnants of smoke are still visible. The individual segments may however just be a product of starting and stopping the camera in order to conserve battery power. Guaraian may have missed the initial landing due to late arrival. If he was influenced by the intelligence aboard the craft, he may have been affected in such a way as to inhibit filming of the departure of the object.

The first segment that I examined depicts a wide angle nighttime fiela of view with a series of bright reo fires or flares burning on the left side of the screen with smoke billowirig up and to the right of the frame reference and an eliptical bright white light to the right of the frame on an approximate horizontal even plane with respect to the red lights. The luminosity of the flare activity is great enough to expose a tree line or forest area in the background not far from the lumination source. The segment depicts a variation of zooms in and out of the scene with slight panning action to the right and left. At the fully zoomed setting the camera is far enough away from the total scene so that both the left scene and right scene are still simultaneously visible, except during gross panning of the camera. The right side scene with the eliptical white light also exhibits a flashing blue strobe light vertically aligned above the primary light source. Residual light smearing is evident below and slightly bleeding to the right of both primary scenes. On the left scene the smear is red and on the right the smear is green with a centralblue. This is typical of nighttime electronic photography and eyewitness reports typically confirm that smear color is reflective of the actual naked eye color observed in the prime light source. This segmient runs 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

The second segment commences with the photographer walking closer to the scene of the strobing lights, apparently at the full zoomed in setting or perhaps the view that exhibits only the flashing lights is such that the actual disc is initially obstructed by the terrain horizon on approach. During the initial frames smoke is visible which is apparently luminated by light from below the frame horizon. The smoke continues to be visible throughout the segment. Through a series of zoom sequences, apparently while the photographer is still walking, a clear image of what appears to be a disc shaped object is visible especially when examined frame by frame. There appears to be two flares or red colored fires at the left front leading edge of the disc but at least separated from the disc which does not appear to be damaged or on fire.

The center of the top of the disc builds into a triangular shape or turret area. The flashing lights depicted in the previous segment resolve to a blue strobe that is oscillating about the outer portion of the top of the turret and each flash reflects off of the curved portion of the top side of the disc below. The strobe seqence is approximately 7.5 flashes per second and rotates vertically as opposed to typical horizontal strobes on emergency vehicles and aircraft. The luminosity intensity characteristics of the strobe are variable with high intensity flashes followed sequentially by low intensity flashes. On occasion during single frame analysis a square flash of light could be observed as the source of the strobe. On at least one frame it is conclusive that a squared light pattern was observed sourcing from amidships the turret area as opposed to the top of the turret and well above the area of ohserved reflection.

Additional features apparent in this segment include a series of vertical slats, appendages or ridges that appear on the outside of the disc equidistant from each other. These features are luminated by the plasmatic like light source emanating from the underside of the craft. It would be easy for the casual observer to view these features as windows or square porthole like features due to the shadowing effect caused by the distortion of light distribution as a result of the protrusion of the vertical slats around the disc's leading edge.

Another observed anomaly in this segment involves what appears to be a secondary moving strobe seen at times well above the primary strobing light. This is probably a product of the electronics in the form of a continuous ghost roll of the strobe that constantly repeats itself strobing from the bottom of the frame to the top much like a horizontal roll characteristic. It maintains a constant vertical alignment to the strobe and is consistent with experiments conducted using a vertical strobe. The segment runs for forty seconds.

The third segment depicts the disc at an intermediate distance without change in zoom reference. There is still evidence of flares burning near the left front of the disc. It is the most significant segment for measuring the strobe frequency characteristics. As a side reference, an interesting correlation exists between the 7.5 strobe frequency in this video and the 7.5 oscillation observed in the video of a flying craft taken in Gulf Breeze, Florida in December 1987. It should be noted that a tripod is never used by the photographer. All segments are hand held and attention is not always given to the viewfinder for frame referencing. This segment shows no evidence of the signal flares depicted in the first segment so it is not possible to develop an actual chronology regarding these segment sequences. The segment runs for two minutes and seven seconds.

The forth segment proved to be more of a challenge to analyze. The segment commences with a close-up hand held shaky view of the upper strobe area without depicting the reflection area on the top side of the disc surface. It depicts a disembodied rising strobe feature which we were able to duplicate in laboratory tests. As the segment unfolds, it appears that the photographer is walking toward a crest in topography exposing the full disc with strobing features at a wide angle much the same as in segment two, absent the back- lighting effects of the luminated drifting smoke from the pyrotechnics activity. The photographer then zooms in closer to expose previously observed details of the disc and immediate surrounding terrain. It appears that the two flares at the front left of the disc have burned out, assuming the photographer's orientation to the disc is similar to previous segments. This segment runs for one minute and six seconds.

Additional segments on the source video depict a variety of freeze frames related to the final close-up frames of the disc where a blue beam of light was apparently aimed directly at the camera from the disc itself. The tracking quality for most of the segment is quite poor. The bulk of the subject matter appears to relate to images of either photographs or actual video frames of an alien entity(s) of the generically typical gray (grey) variety with almond shaped black eyes. The facial features contain a dominant protrusion or snout which an eyewitness described as "pig nosed". Sequential images show one eyelid closing and other changes in facial features. The entity(s) appear to be self luminating as no external light source is evident capable of luminating the hands and facial features. Guardian sent one researcher an 8 x 10 black and white print of such a creature posed in the terrain depicted by the Polaroid prints with the foreground luminated by flash. These final segments run just over 26 minutes duration.

In order to estimate the actual distance of the disc from the camera,I conducted a field test using niy Sony CCD 4 Lux 8x Zoom video camera. A 1000 foot course was laid out at 100 foot intervals. I then recorded wide angle and zoom variations of an ordinary highway road flare in like nighttime conditions to that of the source video. The comparative results suggested that the disc shaped craft in the source video, at it's closest point, would be approximately 500 to 700 feet from the camera assuming an object of 50 feet in diameter. A 25 foot diameter craft would place the camera at 1000 to 1200 feet at closest approach. The latter proved to be the most viable following a field investi- gation which located the site where the video was taken.

It was immediately apparent when comparing the nighttime video sequences from both cameras that the source video was taken with a field production quality camera probably costing tens of thousands of dollars. The color retention is extraordinary even from the perspective of my own personal experience with broadcast quality field production camera systems. Considering the ultra high luminosity characteristics of the bright white light emanating from the bottom of the disc structure, it is surprising that the camera was able to retain the red coloring of the flares. The flares or flare mix in pots are exhibiting a significant amount of smoke giving indications of an active localized thermal environment with a wind velocity and direction that would later prove consistent with meteorological reports for the date and time period reported. My tests with ordinary road flares did not exhibit the same amount of smoke, nor did my camera retain the red color as that of the source camera. Test conclusions tend to validate that a high technology camera was used and that the pyrotechnics were no less than military grade.


(Prior to Field Investigation)

The evidence suggests the depiction of a real event. It can not be determined at this time whether the source is providing credible information relative to the depicted events in the video tape. Nonetheless I am convinced at this time that the events do not appear to represent a fabrication or hoax in the form of scale modeling. An actual field event seems to be unfolding in the video segments. It would appear unlikely that the photographer just happened onto the scene with at least six packs of Polaroid film (assuming there in fact exists 60 Polaroid prints of the scene as inferred from Guardian's documents) and a field production quality video camera accompanied by the requisite power source equipment. Subsequent field investigation supported this conclusion due to sight limitations in surrounding topography.

In spite of the quality of the camera, the photographer does not appear to be experienced with the equipment. It should also be noted that there is no evidence that the source sender of the written and video materials is the photographer. It is surprising that no tripod was used, rarely are cameras of that quality carried without the optional use of a tripod.

The disc appears to be active throughout all segments and is static (not moving relative) to the environment. The disc is not on a perfect horizontal plane to the camera but is tilted slightly rising to approximately five degrees on the right side. This position might be a product of the topography of the terrain where the disc appears to be resting.

The appearance of the disc could be likened to an upside down frying pan without the handle and with a conical shaped turret at the center top. It has vertical ridges or protruding flange elements at equidistant intervals around and extending beyond the leading edge of the disc. The underside appears to be quite hot in terms of light temperature. There should be significant evidence of physical effects relative to this light frequency phenomenon at the landing site where this event occurred.

Initial evaluation of the entity images on the video and other photographic material suggested that it might be easy to fake such images using a protective fencing or hockey face mask and black jumpsuit costuming. If the entity images were faked however, a dichotomy in logic would exist if in fact the video of the disc is authentic. A more intensive analysis of the entity images detected obvious changes in facial features that are not consistent with the mask hypothesis. And the apparent self luminosity characteristic infers a strange complexity associated with the images that would have to border on a Hollywood level make-up job.


Satisfied that the video segments of an active landed disc were potentially authentic, the next step was to attempt to locate the exact site where the event occurred. The map that Guardian supplied did not identify the specific site where the disc landed, but did narrow the scope to an area of approximately four square miles. On May 9, 1992 I arranged to meet several field investigators from the Toronto based Canadian UFO Research Network (CUFORN) at a prearranged location in Carleton Place not far from the area outlined on Guardian's map. Graham Lightfoot, who had conducted one of the investigations at the area based on Guardian's 1989 report, agreed to be our local guide.

That first day was spent mostly trying to get a feel for the area and unsuccessfully attempting to locate a radar site depicted on Guardian's map. Using various magnetic compass devices we attempted to locate magnetic Matrix lines drawn on Guardian's map. Most of the area that we searched was heavily wooded bush country much of which was under a foot or less of water, typical Canadian swamp land. The team had split up into three groups by day's end and eventually regrouped at a restaurant in Carp some fifteen miles away from the search area. My son and I had decided to venture deep into the forest swamp attempting to locate evidence of the 1989 landing event previously reported by Guardian and hoping to find a clearing in the woods large enough to accommodate the video tapea landing of 1991. We were fortunate enough to find our way out of the swamp about an hour before dark. The other teams had left notes on the windshield of my truck with directions to the restaurant. Although we were unable to find any evidence of the events reported in 1989, we did locate an area whose topography appeared capable of containing the sequence of events depicted in the 1991 landing video tape.

Following dinner discussions, the rather large contingent from Toronto had to make the return trip back home that night and were unable to pursue further involvement in the field investigation. Having narrowed the search to the clearing we discovered that evening, Graham Lightfoot returned the next morning to join us in visiting the property owners to ask for permission to inspect the lower field. The clearing area I had seen the day before from an opening in the swamp area was surrounded by tree lines on three sides and invisible from nearby roadways as the property sloped up to a higher elevation. The residence overlooking the lower fields was situated at the crest of a rolling hillside which sloped steeply back down to the main roadway. We called on the owners at mid-morning that Sunday and met Mrs. Labenek and her three children. Dr. Labenek was toiling away on the riding mower cutting the vast expanse of grass on the front hillside and was unaware of our arrival at the time.

Graham Lightfoot reintroduced himself to Mrs. Labenek whom he'd met more than a year earlier during his investigation of the 1989 Guardian report. Mrs. Labenek had been one of the three witnesses along that sparsely populated stretch of roadway who confirmed the sighting of an unusual bright light hovering over the swamp area in 1989. We asked Mrs. Labenek if she'd seen anything unusual down in the field the previous summer. Her uneasiness with the question was quite evident as she reluctantly suggested that there was a bright light over the field, but hesitated a t giving any further details recounting the subtle ridicule, she received from giving testimony on the subject she observed over the swamp in 1989. Not wanting to press the issue at that time, we requested permission to inspect the lower field which was granted without hesitation.

It was apparent that at one time the property was broken up into three separate fields with the remnants of stone pilings for fence posts leaving mute testimony. The fields extend 2,000 feet from the crest of the hill where the residence stands to the treeline which is fenced off from the back edge of the property. The lower field is a valley which in May was quite soft with about three inches of water covering approximately thirty percent of the surface area. Much of the field was covered in dense two feet high bush grasses and generously populated with hardy juniper bushes and a few small saplings. Spring growth was just coming up all over the area. Looking for evidence of the flares activity, my thoughts were that if this was the site, there should be some remnants of the slag from the red pyrotechnics unless flare pots were used. It figured that if we could find even microscopic evidence of the pyrotechnics activity, then it should be easy through laboratory analysis to determine if the event could possibly have been a secret military operation.

Much to my surprise it was unbelievably hot under the May sunshine in Canada that day as we hauled the video camera case and other photographic equipment and sample retrieval supplies down into the field. We were immediately drawn to an area in the middle of the lower field that seemed to be devoid of the dense growth pattern common to the rest of the field. As we scouted this area it was immediately apparent that something very unusual had occurred there affecting a roughly circular pattern approximately fifty feet in diameter.

All of the plant life in this one local area appeared to have been subjected to some level of microwave frequency exposure. The grass plants had all of the pigment bleached out and were completely dehydrated but not scorched. Outside that area the same species had turned brown through natural perennial cycles. Some of these bleached white colored grass plants had strange black sooty deposits on the surface which we collected along with unaffected control samples. Subsequent laboratory analysis proved the deposits to be of Titanium residue which was not indigenous to the site and not of any known pyrotechnics mix.

More than a dozen juniper bushes were found inside the circumference of the affected area. All had evidence of gross wilting, total loss of foliage and total dehydration. It appeared as though the cellulose had been softened allowing gravity to force the plants to lie flat on the ground, apparently at which time they became quickly dehydrated and brittle. Just outside the affected area were numerous healthy juniper shrubs that stood in stark contrast to the barren waste only several feet away.

Although all of the plant life within the circle had perished due to some form of exposure, the effects were apparently not permanently toxic to the soil. Spring growth of various forms was already beginning to sprout in the affected area. No evidence of the flare activity was ever found at the site in any of the several dozen samples taken from the entire field on two expeditions for that explicit purpose.

Developing lines of sight from the affected circle area, it became evident that while the event was clearly in plain view of the Labenek residence, the neighboring properties had an obstructed view of the area due to the specific topography and surrounding tree line. Since the Guardian video showed specific changes in elevation on approach to the event, we were able to limit the angles of view and camera orientation of objects visible in the video. Locating the direction from which the camera video taped the event would prove useful in comparing subsequent eyewitness testimony.

Discovering the actual landing site would not in itself Prove that the video tape depicted an authentic alien landing operation, but decreased the possibity of a simple staged event. The extraordinary gross physical effects suggested that a significant event had occurred involving a vehicle of high technology. If the event was the result of some top secret military aircraft, there existed no evidence whatsoever to support even an attempt to clean it up. There were no vehicle tracks in the area, no latent footprints in the soggy ground and no evidence of military pyrotechnics all of which should have been easily detectable. Clearly the site had not been touched in the nine months since the event occurred.

After our preliminary field investigation we stopped back at the house up on the hill to call on Mrs. Labenek once again before leaving the area with our equipment and samples for analysis. Convinced that an actual event had occurred on the Labenek property, we informed Mrs. Labenek that a video tape of the event had been taken. We asked if she had ever heard of the name Guardian to which she genuinely seemed uninformed. The fact that a video tape of the event existed appeared to set her more at ease and she began to open up to us about what she had seen that night in August of 1991.

She was just putting her three young children to bed and had walked into her upstairs bedroom where the windows provide a panoramic view of the lower field. There was no need for privacy shades which would only spoil the rustic view. As Mrs. Labenek crossed the room, she couldn't help but see the bright flicker of red fires deep in the field below. She went to the window and threw up the sash for a closer look. She said there was a lot of smoke and a lot of light from the cherry red fires but they didn't seem to be catching the brush or moving toward the forest swamp area and so she hesitated about calling the fire department so late on a Sunday night. There was a substantial fine for calling in false alarms and she sensed that they might burn themselves out before the fire trucks could arrive so she stayed at the open window to keep a close watch.

The Labenek boys were watching from their bedroom on the opposite end of the house while Dr. Quarrington, living in the house next door, was sitting in his den watching television when he saw what appeared to be red lightning over the Labenek field next door. He got up to go to the window to investigate but could only see the flickering glow of red light over the horizon from his vantage point. As he stepped outside to investigate further, he saw a tremendously bright elliptical white light with a golden aura descending over the trees out of his view into the Labenek field.

Mrs. Labenek and her two boys were independently watching from the upstairs windows as the disc shaped object moved over top of the red fires and settled to about ten feet above the ground in front of and to the right of the red flare like fires. There was no sound except for the barking of a dog(s) ana none of these witnesses could see any movement of people in the field. There was so much light coming from the craft that it was easy to define it's structural shape which was highlighted by a bright flashing blue light on top which luminated a cone shaped central hump on the disc shaped object. After several minutes the object began to rise and then disappeared as if someone had turned off a light switch.

Meanwhile on an opposing side of the field through a short stand of trees, Sarah Janille's (pseudonym) dog began excitedly pacing back and forth from an open living room window to the den where she was watching television. When the dog began barking at the front window, Sarah got up to go check on the disturbance. As she peered through the open window, she noticed a peculiar array of red lights glowing through the trees across the street which she assumed were fireworks in the Labenek field. As she continued to watch, she saw a set of colored lights rise up over As she peered through the open window, she noticed a peculiar array of red lights glowing through the trees across the street which she assumed were fireworks in the Labenek field. As she continued to watch, she saw a set of colored lights rise up over the treetops and angle off at about forty five degrees before instantly vanishing. After waiting a while to see if there would be more, she returned to the den to ponder the event. She thought it was strange that the fireworks didn't make any sound and didn't explode into an umbrella of light like normal fire- works displays.

Out of curiosity she decided to venture outside onto her driveway to catch a closer look. Suddenly just above the trees in front of her was a most awesome sight of swirling colored lights which defined a strange looking object like nothing she'd ever seen before. As the object descended in front of her, she almost collapsed in panic attempting to retreat closer to the house. The Labenek dogs could be heard barking up a storm in the distance.

While the cylindrical object hovered, two occupants whose skin glowed a yellowish white came out of the vehicle and opened a panel on the side exposing a tremendous amount of white light. As the one "pig nosed" entity worked at the open panel, the other motioned sort of a hurry up signal as he pointed over the roof of Sarah's house. She recalled feeling quite concerned as the creature struggled to close the panel on the side of the craft and seemed to be moving as though in water or molasses in trying to reboard. The next thing she remembered was being back on the couch startled at the roaring sound of a helicopter bearing down low over the roof of her house. In a somewhat groggy state she ran back to the window, but could only hear the helicopter hovering and flying around the Labenek field. She was relieved that it didn't crash into the trees across the street.. Weeks later she recalled in explicit detail being on board the craft ecalled a car with it's headlights turned off racing by in front of her house just after the helicopter flew over the trees descending into the Labenek field. Perhaps it was Guardian fleeing the area and trying not to be detected.

Following a well documented pattern of helicopter harrassment activity of the witnesses at the site, an investigation of the origin of the helicopters was launched with the cooperation of the Canadian Department of National Defence. The publicly stated conclusion by DND was that the helicopters did not originate from Canada. That conclusion has been debated by other Canadian Agencies whose investigations suggested that DND was more aware of the situation than what was publicly acknowledged.


What actually happened in the fields of West Carleton? Was it an elaborately staged hoax? Was it some kind of Top Secret military vehicle landing on private property? Or was it powerful evidence of visitation by beings of non-human origin? Since witnesses have agreed to take polygraph exams, we can probably eliminate them from complicity in any hoax hypothesis. NBC's "Unsolved Mysteries" Production Company invested between $115,000 and $250,000 attempting to recreate the events depicted in the Guardian video yet were unable to meet the criteria. Even NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory optical film analyst Dr. Robert Nathan was unable to find any evidence of a hoax related to the video. Therefore we can comfortably set aside even an elaborate hoax hypothesis as an answer for these events.

The lack of any physical evidence at the site of the flare or pyrotechnics activity became the single biggest mystery in the case investigation. Video analysis eliminated the possiblity of misinterpretation of the pyrotechnics activity as camouflaged electrical lighting with companion cosmetic smoke canisters. According to top experts in pyrotechnics chemistry, there would be no way to hide or extract the long term residual effects of the primary pyrotechnic residue ingredients pouring over the field in the form of smoke from the red flare activity. There- fore we can conclude that whatever form of pyrotechnics used during the event, they do not conform to known military or any human known compounds that academicians say would be required for red colored flare type pyrotechnics. Added to the gross physical evidence of Titanium residue from the craft, the apparent microwave exposure of the plants, the helicopter response and eyewitness verification confirming the exact location of the site, this pyrotechnics mystery would appear to be the smoking gun UFO researchers have been in search of for decades.

Few conclusions can be drawn about the enigmatic anonymity known publicly as Guardian. Did he too befall the same fate as Sarah when the blue beam from the craft was pointed at the camera? Our investigation has located a strong suspect as to Guardian's identity. There appears to be absolutely no evidence to suggest that Guardian has distorted the facts in any way. His choice to remain anonymous has greatfulIy forced us to focus on the evidence presented instead of challenging his credibility. It seems most UFO investigations tend to focus so much attention on the level of veracity and motives of the messenger that we often misplace our objective priorities. In this case the scientific analyses have proven to be the reaI tools of investigation. Nonetheless, our thirst for answers to the Guardian mystery will remain unquenched until he at least anonymously can fulfill the myriad of inquiries about his knowledge of the event and the entities he apparently encountered.


As I prepare to return to West Carleton Township for the seventh time in this expanding investigation, more evidence has surfaced with regard to the apparent alien presence there. On February lOth following the local broadcast of "Unsolved mysteries", another sighting was reported on the same property. The event apparently completely overwhelmed an elderly lady who had not witnessed any of the previous events. And again on may the 12th of this year at 8:30 PM just before dark, another report came in. This time a red-orange disc hovering directly over the previous landing spot lifted off slowly and instantly vanished upon clearing the treetops in the field below. There has been talk of an alien camp nearby and helicopters that descend into the forest where no roads have been found to access. Further still there are claims of strange looking footprints along the banks of a nearby stream. And so the investigation will continue...

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