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USOs - do they exist?

Christian Pfeiler, UFO + PSI Magazine

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: If a UFO moves beneath the sea we call it a USO - a unidentified submarine object and there are more sighting reports about such strange submarines than most of us know.

Many people know sighting reports about UFOs - strange objects that fly trough the air of our planet. Only through the air? It is remarkable that most parts of our world are covered with water and that there is some evidence that the UFOs also use this "matter" to move to most places of the planet without being seen from anyone. If a UFO move beneath the sea we call it a USO - a unidentified submarine object and there are more sighting reports about such strange submarines than most of us know.

On June 30 1967 a group of people on board of the argentinian ship "Naviero" recognized a cylindrical-shaped object in the sea. The object emited a blue-white light and was approximately 33 metres long. The most surprising fact: there came no noise from the object and - although it was moving with moderate speed trough the water - there were no waves. While the people were watching the strange submarine it changed its course in direction of the "Naviero", accelerated and dived - short before a collision with the ship - and disappeared fast in the deeper sea.

On July 26 1980 the sailors on board of the brazilian ship "Caioba-Seahorse" saw a grey round object with a diameter of approximately 10 metres drifting in the water. At the same time a bright light appeared on the horizon and came nearer to the ship. All technical equipment on the ship stopped working as the light was approaching the grey object in the sea which was illuminated from green, red, blue and yellow lights (see image above). The light - appearing now as a very bright disc shaped object - sank down to the metalish USO in the water and connect with it. Both objects rose from the water, hovered some minutes over the sea and accelerated then with very high speed up to the sky and disappeared.

Especially the Bimini area in the Bermuda triangle is famous for hundreds of sightings of unidentified and strange submarines and unexplainable lights beneath the sea (some people claim that Atlantis was located in this area and there are in fact some very unusual and maybe artifical structures on the ground of the sea there.) But appear USOs only in the ocean? No, there are also sighting reports about such objects in rivers and even in lakes.

On April 30 1976 an unidentified object broke with great power trough the ice of the frozen lake Siljan in Sweden. The ice was over 20 cm thick, but witnesses report about a grey object which was approximately 9 metres long. This USO came from the ground of the sea and caused an over 800 metres long and 4 metres wide "channel" in the ice while it was moving and cracking with a speed of nearly 100 km/h trough the frozen surface of the sea before it was flying up to the sky without any damage.

But why are USOs moving trough the water? What is their task? Maybe they have the same reason as the flying UFOs in the sky. Unfortunately we dont know their task. Are UFOs and USOs parts of the same phenomena and have they a common origin? Can all UFOs also be USOs? Is it no problem for them to move in space, air and water? It seemed so. Are there alien bases beneath the sea? Who knows. At last: are there any normal and natural explanations for the sightings of USOs. Maybe. Some tiny plants and animals (plankton) in the sea are in fact able to emit light and to produce "glowing spots" on the water and also chemical reactions can cause such phenomena (the mysterious "white water" in the Bermuda triangle is maybe a result of chemical reactions.) But can plankton produce "illusions" of solid and metalish cylindrical and disc-shaped objects moving with high speed? How can plankton rise from the water and start flying trough the air (as many USOs have done)?

If we believe that UFOs are a fact, we must believe that the submarine objects also exists. If we find the truth about one of the phenomena we can maybe solve also the other. In the meantime people in the whole world will certainly continue to discover strange objects not only flying in the sky but also diving beneath the sea.

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