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Interview: UFO/USO Researcher Jennifer Jarvis of Lake Ontario 'Orbwatch'

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q.1 -- Throughout UFO/USO History, there have been murmurs of undersea alien bases of operation. Do you think such a thing exists or has ever existed?

JJ -- I do not use the word "alien" in my own reports. The word does appear occasionally on our website, but only in documents authored by other people. Judging only from what I have witnessed personally, there could be some truth to the concept of "undersea/underwater" bases of operation. However, whether or not one can determine the origins of these so-called bases is another matter.

My personal observations have all been associated with water. Obviously, I am mostly observing on Lake Ontario, but have seen the "ORBS" in other places too.

I went to Australia in April 1998 and witnessed ORB-like activity out over the Gulf of St. Vincent near Adelaide. I am told by OW Co-Director that there are no shore lights even slightly resembling what we saw over the Gulf from Adelaide. On the other side of the Gulf there is a very sparse population. There are about 6 towns down that side of the Gulf, spread along about 250 km of roads. Apperently, none of these little settlements would be capable of producing what we saw. Shipping and roads may also be ruled out.

In England I saw similar activity right over the River Thames in Bershire, west of London. I had been given information regarding a multi-lighted craft that had been witnessed one week before my initial skywatch. I set up base camp to keep a watch for any repeat performance of this colorful event, and, as a result, was witness to three consecutive nights of ORB-like activity right over the river.

On the east coast of England, just north of the Thames Estuary, I saw more ORB activity. These "lights" would hover just like the ORBS that I see over Lake Ontario. However, I saw no submersions.

Whilst staying in Torquay, Devon, I witnessed an ORB rising up over the river to the north of our observation location. The light quality was very similar to the ORBS that I see over the lake.

The only conclusion that I can really draw from my own observations is that I, personally, see aerial phenomena in association with water. However, in the case of Lake Ontario, I would hazard a guess that there is definitely "something" down there under that dark, cold water!!!

q.2 -- Was there an Atlantis, and is any residual effect from that civilization still with us? In other words, did remnants of Atlantis survive in any way?

JJ -- I have met up with the concept of Atlantis on many different occasions and in may different contexts. The Atlantean issue is one into which I have not delved.

I have read references to Atlantis whilst researching the similarities between the Bermuda Triangle and the so-called "Great Lakes' Triangle."

The concept of a lost land somewhere out in the ocean between North America and Europe does sound very exciting. I recall mention, as a child, of the lost land of Lyonesse, which, I believe, was associated with King Arthur and the Grail. Lyonesse was supposedly situated off the coast of Cornwall in south west England. That was always something that appealed to my Celtic nature!

But, on the subject of Atlantis and its remnants, I can not say.

q.3 -- Why do you believe - or disbelieve - that our species was ever visited by celestials [extraterrestrials] in ancient times?

JJ -- Based on my research into rock art and cave paintings, it would appear that many early inhabitants of planet Earth depicted similar events, people and creatures. The artwork on the rock faces in Utah show very similar shapes and symbols to those found in the Bancroft Petroglyphs in central Ontario. Of course, the inhabitants of the Bancroft area and the wilderness of Utah might have had common ancestors, so that the art styles could possibly have been passed down through the generations.

The common images that I have noticed in the rock paintings have been very tall figures with black triangular bodies, and small heads atop these bodies. But, as to what these represent it is still not clear. They could represent deities, or they could represent dwellers of the spirit realms. On the other hand, they may represent people from somewhere other than planet Earth.

q.4 -- Have you become convinced unequivocally that the phenomenon you've been investigating at Lake Ontario is non-indiginous to the planet?

JJ -- There is no way of determining the origins of the phenomenon that I witness over the western end of Lake Ontario. Until we have the opportunity of communicating with these craft and/or any occupants of any craft, we will have no answers.

q.5 -- Are you aware of any unsolved 'Bermuda Triangle'-like cases involving shipwrecks, plane crashes, disappearances, etc., on Lake Ontario?

JJ -- Hundreds of cases have remained unsolved. A few cases are mentioned in an excellent book by Hugh Cochrane entitled "Gateway to Oblivion - the Great Lakes' Bermuda Triangle."(1980) Jay Gourley has also written a very interesting book called the "Great Lakes' Triangle."(1977) Both of these works should provide some insight into the strange happenings over, around and in Lake Ontario.

(c)1999 Jennifer Jarvis (ORBWATCH) -- contact@orbwatch.com

(c)Interviewed by M.Q. Osiris, summer 1999 -- protoalien@netscape.net

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