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Men in Black - Where Do They Come From

James A Hill

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: It has often been reported after making an unidentified flying object report that those, that have made the report have often been harassed and intimidated by the enigmatic, Men in Black or M. I. B. as they are more commonly known.

Who are these persons unknown? Well let’s start with a description of the M. I. B. They are said to drive large and always black old-fashioned cars in America, cars that resemble Lincolns and Cadillac’s, in England possibly old Rovers and Jaguars, or Rolls Royce. They always appear to be brand knew and it has been reported that they have strange logos and insignias.

The M. I. B. are always impeccably dressed, they are always dressed in what appears to be brand new clothes consisting of black suit, white shirt, black ties and black, shoes, which appear to be a perfect fit. Their hair is jet black and shiny and their skin is said to be without blemish.

The M. I. B. Are said to have a dark possibly oriental, eastern European look to them. They are also said to have expressionless faces and their movements sometimes appear to be robotic, by people that have been interviewed by them. They are said to arrive in groups of two or three. When walking they appear to be in formation as if they are military and they are said to look identical.

When stood up the M. I. B are said to have unusually wide shoulders and thin waists. They also have a knack of knowing things about the witness that only the witness knows. They also seem to be masters of illusion by way of being able to make themselves appear and disappear without trace.

Where do they come from? There are a few theories to this:

Firstly some people would have that they are a human alien hybrid race that are keeping a lid on the alien presence on Earth.

Secondly possibly they are a super trained engineered military group who possibly work out of Rudloe Manor, or there again Menwith Hill or some other secret underground base.

Thirdly they could even be from M.I.5 or M.I6 or some other security force.

Lastly the sceptics in society would have it that the M. I. B. Are merely an over active Imagination.

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