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South American Encounters

Space 2001

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Summary: South America has some of the most amazing UFO encounters on record. Especially remarkable is the sheer variety of the sightings which range from straight forward accounts of flying objects to abductions, landings, cattle mutilation, as well as contactee accounts and strange beings that emerge from oddly shaped craft.

South American Encounters.

South America has some of the most amazing UFO encounters on record. Especially remarkable is the sheer variety of the sightings which range from straight forward accounts of flying objects to abductions, landings, cattle mutilation, as well as contactee accounts and strange beings that emerge from oddly shaped craft. In addition there are peculiarities to these sightings that are uniquely South American - twists to the tale that are to be found on no other continent.

Villas Boas.

Undoubtedly the best known of the South American encounters occurred in 1957. A Brazilian farmer, by the name of Villas Boas was working his fields with a tractor when he claims he was abducted by aliens and taken aboard a space craft. There he claims to have had intercourse with a beautiful fair-skinned girl with "high cheekbones, a very pointed chin, and vivid blue 'Chinese-type' slant eyes,' who stood about 4 feet 8 inches high without helmet."

The case was thoroughly investigated and researchers admitted feeling impressed at the clarity of Boas evidence. In the ensuing months and years the details were checked and rechecked by dozens of separate people without revealing any contradiction into the nature of the farmers story. As such it merits its notoriety as one of the most riveting abduction accounts on record.

The Minas Gerais Incident.

Significantly the Villas Boas incident is far from being the only reported case of abduction within that same province of Minas Gerais. In fact this is a region which according to Jenny Randles "has one of the highest concentrations of claimed abduction anywhere in the world"! In August 1962 for example there was an incident that made even the Boas case look tame. Unfortunately on this occasion the victim did not survive to tell the tale.

Briefly the facts are these: On the 19th of that month two glowing red spheres the size of footballs are reported to have flown over the hut of a poor diamond prospector named Rivalino Mafra da Silva. Later two aliens approximately 1.5 feet in height entered the hut and peered at the family as they lay in bed. The next day one of the mans sons was surprised to discover two strange balls beside the hut. One was entirely black and the other black and white. When the father came out to look at them, they apparently rose up at him, and enveloped him in a cloud of yellow smoke. He was never seen again. Shortly afterwards the son was reported to have been taken into custody by the Brazilian army, some say as a means of silencing him.

The travelling salesman.

Another astonishing encounter occurred in 1973 near the town of Catanduva Brazil. The seventies were to prove the heyday of South American encounters, and this is perhaps one of the most sensational. A travelling salesman returning home in a torrential downpour suddenly found his car radio cut out on him, followed shortly afterwards by the engine of his car. Almost immediately a blinding beam of blue light then shone down from above, and overwhelmed by a great sense of heat the driver panicked and fled from the car.

The salesman was later to testify that his vehicle became transparent, and his skin began to burn as he lapsed into unconsciousness. Hours later he was discovered spread-eagled in the road by people in a passing car who called the police. Taken to hospital he was quickly discharged, but later strange blotches developed on his abdomen. The examining doctors opinion was that they were caused by "strange rays"!


The amazing corollary to this story is that a year later the same man disappeared for six days, before being found over five hundred miles away sitting on a hill completely soaked. He later claimed to have been abducted by aliens and medically examined aboard a UFO. Then as before doctors were impressed by his lucidity and were happy to pronounce him fully "compos mentis"!

The worshippers.

In 1965 around 50 Indians of the Toba tribe were astonished to see three tall beings emerge from two saucer like craft that came down close to the Argentinian town of Formosa, near the border with Paraguay. The beings appeared to have luminous haloes around their bodies, and the Indians knelt down and worshipped them.

Witnesses speak of verbal contact being established with the aliens who informed the Indians that the Space People would eventually come in greater numbers. An Indian who made a close approach to the craft was warned off, and eventually the beings returned to the craft which took off in a dazzling burst of light. Police who hurried to the scene are believed to have taken numerous photographs which are reputed to show at least three landed saucers and five aliens!

Monte Grande, Argentina. 1965.

Beings that emerged from an egg shaped craft assured a local hunter that before long the whole world would come to know of them. The hunter, named Felipe Martinez claims to have met the aliens on no fewer than three occasions. The first time in 1949, he ran toward a hovering object revolving above the trees only to be paralysed by a mysterious burst of energy. From a door in the object a small being then descended down a ladder. Standing no more than a meter in height the being was described as wearing a helmet and clothes "like a divers costume"!

In an interview Martinez claimed to have been taken aboard one of the alien vessels, which oddly was piloted by a crew of four beings around a metre in height, and another blonde haired being, just over six feet tall! He claims to have been placed in a space suit, but this had an alarming effect on his heart-rate, and the suit was quickly removed. Conversation with the aliens was slow and difficult but according to Martinez the aliens name for their craft was a 'sil'!

Fire walkers.

In 1963 in Parana State, Brazil, a crowd of onlookers was amazed to see a bright zinc coloured object descend into the flames of a major forest fire. Even more astonishing was that after quarter of an hour several tall beings were seen to emerge from the craft and strode around in the flames completely untouched by the furnace like heat that surrounded them. Even more perplexing was the fact that the beings seemed intent on collecting charred rocks and other material from the fire which they then took back to the waiting space ship. This done the craft then departed as silently as it came. Witnesses described it as a basin shaped craft, 35 metres in diameter, and around eight metres in height.

Venezuelan Encounter.

In 1954, near the Venezuelan capital Caracas , two men claimed to have wrestled with a hairy creature that was seen to emerge from a luminous craft. One of the men Gustavo Gonzalez says he was thrown fifteen feet through the air by a tiny dwarf like creature, who despite its size possessed incredible strength . It also proved impervious to a knife blade thrust.

Gonzalez who lunged at the creature with a sharp knife saw to his astonishment that the blade just glanced off the body as though made of steel. Apparently angered the creatures eyes literally glowed in the dark, sending out a blinding flash of light that left both men dazzled and disorientated. Before the craft took off Gonzalez's friend noticed that two other creatures of similar description were gathering earth and rock's and loading them aboard the hovering sphere.

The craft was reportedly ten feet in width and throughout the incident remained hovering just several feet from the ground. When later examined in hospital Gonzalez was found to have several deep red scratch marks down his side. For several days afterwards he remained under heavy sedation as both men struggled to come to terms with their terrifying ordeal.

Luminous Machine.

Barely two weeks later a similar incident occurred in the same locality! On this occasion two young hunters came across a luminous machine around ten feet wide hovering just two feet from the ground. Four or five beings were seen to emerge from the craft and then attempted to drag both youths inside. Fighting them off as best they could one of the young men lashed out with his rifle butt bringing it down on the head of one of the aliens. Incredibly the weapon broke in to fragments as if it had been struck on a rock! Finally managing to break free of the aliens both youths ran off to summon police who later reported signs of a struggle! As in the previous incident both youths required hospital treatment and remained in a highly agitated state for some time afterwards.

Attempted abductions.

In Argentina, the year 1965 brought a series of abortive abduction attempts where aliens attempted to take people by force. The national press published numerous reports of these incidents which bear evidence of a wide spread trend of which relatively few cases were adequately investigated . Of those that were an incident in the Province of Corrientes tells of five luminous craft observed flying low over- head. One vessel proceeded to land near a farm house and five beings around "two metres tall" were then seen to emerge. On their heads "were instruments giving off flashes of light".

Bitter Struggle.

The focus of the beings attention was immediately directed at the farm house. Forcing their way inside they attempted to over-power the owner and drag him away. Fighting the aliens as best he could the farmer eventually broke free of his attackers who fled when other villagers rushed to his assistance. Several days later the aliens returned and attempted to abduct another man. Once again villagers turned out in force , firing rifles which although not able to injure the aliens was sufficient to drive them away again.

El Chocca, Argentina.

In 1963 in El Chocca province Argentina , the crew of a speeding freight train were horrified to see an immense being walking calmly along the rails towards them. Just when a collision seemed unavoidable the being shoot straight upwards in the sky " as though in a whirl wind". The train crew later described the being as well over six feet tall, wearing a shiny one piece garment coloured entirely red. A few moments later the same being was witnessed dozens of miles away by a family having supper in their garden. They described a tall being who " descended towards them " , and then abruptly disappeared.

Link to antiquity.

The association of Latin America with " sky visitors", who arrive from the stars goes back thousands of years ! To native Indian cultures these beings brought with them the rudiments of civilisation , initiating major developments in science, agriculture, astronomy , and masonry.

By the shores of Lake Titicaca the ancient ruins of Tiahuanaco bear a mysterious reflection of these ancient beliefs. Here the imposing Gate of the Sun contains enigmatic hieroglyphs that some have interpreted as advanced astronomical data. The best selling author Erich Von Daniken found the place highly indicative of alien influence! He wrote: " What does legend say about the mysterious city of Tiahuanaco? It tells of a golden ship that came from the stars". He continues: " What titantic forces where at work here? And to what end ? Von Daniken concludes: "What secret does this city conceal? What message from other worlds awaits its solution on the Bolivian plateau?"

The Nasca enigma.

Equally evocative of mysterious influence are the Nasca lines etched in the Peruvian desert close to the town of Ica. Here dead straight lines traverse the desert for dozens of miles. Other shapes include depiction's of monkeys, whales, and decorative birds.

At ground level the patterns are barely perceptible and only really become apparent when viewed from the air. Since the antiquity of the lines goes back thousands of years, the question has been asked and re-asked : Why would an ancient people go to such immense effort to construct a line system only visible from the air? Who was meant to see it?

Alien landing strips.

Inevitably Von Daniken saw the answer in terms of aliens. He interpreted the lines as markers or landing strips for alien space craft! While this may appear a far fetched explanation the Indians of that area have other ideas! Their traditions frequently make mention of strange visitors who descend from the sky aboard fiery craft. Visitations which they insist have carried on down to this present day!

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