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How to build a UFO

Ufology UK

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Summary: In the 1950's and into the 60's the bell shaped UFO was seen in many parts of the world, and continues today. George Van Tassel, George Adamski, and others who have made contact with the occupants of these bell shaped crafts have offered some insights into how they are built. The following information is based on their testimony.

Anti-Gravity Concepts and Principles of Propulsion...

In the 1950's and into the 60's the bell shaped UFO was seen in many parts of the world, and continues today. George Van Tassel, George Adamski, and others who have made contact with the occupants of these bell shaped crafts have offered some insights into how they are built. The following information is based on their testimony.

The construction that such a vehicle would fall under would be submarine technology, rather than aircraft, as it has to withstand internal pressures verses external vacuum within the three mediums in which the vehicle is capable of operating, under water, atmosphere and space.

One principle is electromagnetic and the other is electrostatic (high pressure-voltage).

The electromagnetic and the electrostatic will function independent of each other while within the influence of each other.

There are two basic principles involved with the electrostatic. One is the magnitude of charge, the other is its ability to break down the air returning it to its pure etheric state leaving a vacuum. This process starts at about thirty thousand volts which commences to break down air to about seven sixteenths of an inch,. The electrostatic potential emitting from the exterior surface of the vehicle is enormously high, passing through the various color spectrum ( Depending on it's magnitude) creating thusly a vacuum about the vehicle.

The degree of vacuum depends on the magnitude of electrostatic emission from the vehicles outer hulls surface.

The electrostatic emission from the surface of a conductor will always concentrate where the surface curves or even presents an edge. The sharper the curve or edge, the greater the concentrated emission. The whole of the exterior surface of a vehicle of this nature would have an edge like the surface of a record disc, only perhaps more coarse, like the threads of a bolt or reverse stair step arrangement. The vehicles circular configuration conforms to structural strength and the desire of the electrostatic charge to spin about the craft. Nikola Tesla also observed this desire of the electrostatic charge to spin.

There is a staff through the center of the vehicle which serves as a superstructure for the rest of the vehicle and also caries a high voltage, high frequency coil about its self, sort of a resonant transformer which gives the electrostatic and electromagnetic charge to the craft and establishing polarity to it. This coil is relative to what is known as a Tesla coil.

This staff, approximately two feet in diameter, is hollow. On some vehicles this hollow area has a turbine generator in it. so when the vacuum is created on one hemisphere of the craft, the atmospheric pressure rushing through the hollow tube to fill the vacuum at one end intercepts turbine blades activating the primary generator. When the air reaches the vacuum end of the tube, it too is broken down as stated previously, continuing the process. The extraterrestrials that use this system say they use it as stationary power plants for electrical energy on their planets as well.

On other vehicles, this hollow tube, as well as supporting the coil, houses parabolic lenses making it also a telescope.

The eyes of the craft are arranged by video cameras placed at quadrants or wherever they wish to see from. The t.v.'s expressing the cameras views are placed on a console where the navigator can observe all areas around and about the vehicle at the same time without changing positions, including the telescopes when they are used.

There are also windows about elbow level and about one foot through or thick. This distance would have to be so in view of the four or more walls or plates of the capacitor hulls making up the major portion of the craft. The outside of these windows have an iris type of shutter, like is used in some cameras, of a conductive material so that when they are closed, they are hermetically sealed as the electrostatic charge forms on them also.

The Biefied-Brown Effect

The landing or earth contact facilities of these vehicles are of two conditions: One is by way of what we call the Biefied-Brown effect. This principle was discovered by Townsend Brown in 1926 and to this day has not appeared in any physics book I can find. It consists of three spherical capacitors placed at 120 degrees on the underside of the craft. They are placed two thirds their diameter apart so they will not electrically arc to one another. They are secured to the craft, but insulated from it. They can be mechanically projected a certain distance out from the craft and can be retracted to it.

The size of these three spherical capacitors, as observed in the early years, is about four feet 10 inches in diameter. They consist of hollow core surrounded by bowl like conductive plate hemispherically overlapping one another two thirds (see illustration) with insulation between the plates. A sandwich type of capacitor with opposing plates.

The principle involved is that when electrostatically charged (high voltage), the positive hemispherical plates must be of greater magnitude of charge. When so, the negative hemispherical plates will seek the positive which is passive. The positive hemisphere being mounted next to the craft, thus pushing against the craft at 120 degrees points.

Directional Flight Control ...

Inside the vehicle at the control console, there are three rheostats - one to each spherical capacitor, whereby the voltage can be altered independently with each capacitor. If the voltage can be altered independently with each capacitor. If the voltage potential is decreased at one capacitor, the pressure point being greater at the other two points, the craft will be tilted in the direction of the weaker capacitor. This gives direction of flight. If the pressure point is equal at all three points the vehicle will move in the direction of its plane or hover in one spot if within the influence of atmosphere and pressure is equal at all points of the vehicle... really slick!

The Spherical Capacitors

These spherical capacitors are the landing supports for the vehicle. When landing to earth they are discharged, as they will discharge within the closest quarter of their field, because the earth is the greater ground or (-).

They do not roll. When on the ground, they insulate the vehicle from earth contact. In the extraterrestrials mother ship, the craft slides and rests on the flange hull of the craft on conducting rails like railroad tracks. There they can be recharged like a battery. The three spheres are generally charged only in flight.

When the vehicle takes off from earth contact, the exterior hulls electrostatic charge is activated, being high enough of voltage to break down the air creating a vacuum immediately above the vehicle. The atmospheric pressure underneath and around the spheres pushes the vehicle into the low pressure area above. Once away from earth, the spherical capacitors are activated.

Another system used instead of the spherical capacitors, is a large non-conductive column or tube, that is projected out from the under side of the vehicle, far enough to insulate the craft from earth ground. Entrance in and out of the craft is by way of this column.

When the vehicle levitates by the principle previously stated and the following, the column is withdrawn back into the craft. This is simpler, but offers no propulsion to the unit. It is used on large vehicles whereas the three spherical capacitor types are used on the scout ships.

The vacuum created by electrostatic emission from the exterior hulls surface as previously stated, by the break-down of the atmosphere about the craft, is one of the prime propulsion systems of this type of vehicle. To better understand this, the construction of the hulls must be understood.

They start out with a hollow core where the intelligence manifest (the entities that operate the vehicle). The first wall around this hollow core of living area is established as the positive reference. There are no less than three or more walls that are the negative factors (plates) around this positive wall. When electrically energized, a condition of Leonard rays is established creating an eternally powerful electrostatic emission from the final electrode or exterior surface , which breaks the air down leaving a vacuum. The degree of vacuum depends upon the magnitude of electrostatic emission. The vehicle is a capacitor constructed on the order of an atom with the intelligence on the inside.

As the vehicle rests within a vacuum, it will not necessarily go anywhere unless a tunnel of vacuum or low pressure area is created at one side or the other of the craft. If the tunnel is a complete vacuum, the vehicle will move so fast, an outside observe would not see it go.. it would appear to have disappeared.

The tunnel vacuum is created by a positive ray projected at a first surface parabolic lens, from within the center of a dome, established at center on top of the vehicle. This ray then reflects back out over one hemisphere, in close proximity to the cathode rays or negative electrostatic field, emitting from the exterior hulls surface thus attracting the negative field out further from the surface. This created more of a low pressure tunnel on that side of the craft than elsewhere. The vehicle then moves into at a speed relative to the degree of vacuum created. This positive ray can be projected out over the whole hemisphere or just half. thus giving directional control, as this positive ray can be moved around the vehicle at will, presenting instant directional change.

Anti gravity or levitation is one thing, directional control is another. The people within the vehicle feel little effect because they are not affected by external forces, in a sense, they are part of the craft.

The Power Source

All of these so far are secondary energies. The primary generators used in these vehicles sort of vary. One is an acid solution encompassed within a magnetic field saturated with helium nuclei. When gamma rays are passed through the solution, they excite the helium nuclei generating electrons which gather on plates like a battery, creating a very high electric potential.

Another generating system is a wheel within a wheel electrostatic generator. These counter rotating forces are mounted in the lower portion of the craft just up under the flange. Their formula for these is when these two counter rotating forces reach a speed equivalent with the r.p.m. of the planet, and in direct relation to its mass, then a static charge is forthcoming to the extent it repelled from the planet.

When George Adamski questioned his contacts why they used electrostatic generators, they said a static charge can be created at any point in space with them, which is one of the primary energies of the universe.

At about the second story up on George Van Tassels "integreton", built in Yucca Valley, CA , by extraterrestrial request and blue prints, is a Dirod static generator developed by A.D. Moore. Approximately fifty-five feet in diameter, it creates the energy for a multi-wave oscillator coil utilizing Tesla and Lakhovshy's principles.

An efficient electrostatic generator can take the place of public service removing the control and burden on the individual. They are an unlimited supply of electric potential. They are relatively simple with low maintenance. Unlike magnetic generators they do not pull down with energy taken from them, clear up to their full potential.

When capacitors charged by them are discharged through a spark gap, the energy is transformed from static to dynamic, there by introducing electromagnetism.

In an ordinary frame house, insulation is put between the studs. Some is even aluminum, If plate capacitors were put between the studs and charged by a static generator, the walls of the house would literally become like a storage tank of electricity relative to these space ships hulls.

One of the early Denver UFO society past presidents, Lloyd Arnold, designed, built and displayed a table model of a roundhouse with a central staff relative toward a vehicle of this nature.

Another principle involved in the generating and propulsion system they use is the atmosphere itself, which has a charge of its own. When the voltage potential of the vehicle itself reaches a certain point, the air around it being broken down is ionized (charge and polarized). The negative ionization is repelled from the surface of the negative charged hull of the craft and re-observed by the atmosphere. The positive ionization is attracted to the craft which is then used for the craft energy supply. The entities using this system say this atmospheric charge supplies more energy than what is required to run the vehicle. They say atmospheric pressure is one of the most powerful known forces in nature.

They say that DIA (between two-resistance) magnetic application of static electricity in a field, will build a wall stronger than the strongest building materials.

Another understanding of electrostatic ability is worthy of mention. In nature, the cube is projective, male in gender. The sphere is receptive, female in gender. If staffs or poles were placed at given areas within the industrial part of a town or city with square or pointed electrodes at the top being insulated from earth ground (-) and other poles with spherical electrodes at the top, but being grounded to earth ground, and with high voltage applied to the square electrodes, an active electrostatic field is established: Any particle of matter entering this field will be attracted to the positive electrode, charged, then repelled and attracted to earth ground. A very common electrostatic principle, so that when a space ship travels through the atmosphere, it leaves a purified atmosphere in its wake.

The electromagnetic principle here involves what is called a vector force. It is well known in electro dynamics that a moving electron creates a magnectic field.

Any magnetic field which is changing in intensity, will create an electric field which at any given instant, is equal in amplitude opposite in sign and perpendicular to the magnetic field. If the two fields become mutually resonant, a vector force will be generated. Unless the amplitude and the frequency of the resonance is quite high, the vector field will be very small, and may pass un-noticed. However, the amplitude of the vector field increases at a greater rate than the two fields which generate it, and at high resonance levels, becomes very strong. The vector field, whose direction is perpendicular to each of the other two, creates an effect similar to, and in fact identical with, a gravitational field. If the center of the field coincides with a vehicles center of mass, the only effect will be to increase the inertia, or mass of the craft. If the center of mass does not coincide with the center of force, the craft will tend to accelerate toward that center. Since the system which created the field is a part of the craft, it will move with the craft and will continue constantly to generate a field whose center of attraction is just ahead of the craft's center of mass. so that the craft will continue to accelerate as long as the field in generated. To slow or stop the craft, the controls can be adjusted so that the field is generated with its center just behind the center of mass, so that negative acceleration will result.

The Cigar Shaped Craft...

The cigar type mother ships that house these scout vehicles, also have a coil would staff in their center and use the static and magnetic field, but they are not their main principle of propulsion.

The intelligence that operate these ships says the universe is a song, and so they have diaphragm at one end of the cigar shaped vehicle. With this diaphragm they create a discord with the musical tone of space they are in and are repelled by the space itself.

The principle involved is like when the "A" note of a piano is struck and there is another stringed instrument in the room...like a guitar leaning in the corner. The "A" string on the guitar will vibrate on its own.

The systems given here are gathered strictly from the references given:


" Counsel of Seven Lights" by George VAn Tassel

"The White Sands Incident" by Dr. Daniel Fry

"Inside the Space Ships" by George Adamski

"Flying Saucers Farewell" by George Adamski

"Biefield-Brown" research

This information Compiled by Juan Green, 1993

UFO Science Facts...

The Biefield-Brown effect is anti-gravity when the positive polarity electric charge exceeds the negative polarity charge of the mass.

Electricity, magnetism, and gravitation are three separate forces, yet each is dependent on the other to product effects analogous to all of them.

The closer the plates of a condenser are to each other the greater the effect.

The higher the "K" or electric stress of the insulation between the plates the greater is the effect.

The greater the area of the plates of a condenser the more the effect will be. The more voltage on the plates will also give greater effect.

A free-to-move condenser will always move in the direction of the positive polarity side. The greater the mass of the material between the plates the greater will be the effect.

A charged condenser produces thrust without having any moving parts.

An anti-gravity field will collapse if it is within "grounding distance" of the earth. This is roughly one-quarter of the diameter of the field.

In ion propulsion the frequencies in the orange spectrum will be found to produce maximum results.

Gravity will decrease as pressure proportionately relative to the charge of the mass of a body, or planet.

Control of gravity will be best effected at points of 120 degrees of arc.

Electrostatic sources such as the Van De Graaff and Wimshurst and Dirod generators are required for anti-gravity research.

"Wheel within a Wheel" Electrostatic Generator (Rotated in opposite directions)

When these two counter rotating forces reach a speed equivalent with the r.p.m.of the planet, and in direct relation to its mass, then a static charge is forthcoming to the extent it is repelled from the planet.

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