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Ufological Obstacles

Alfred Lehmberg

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: Is Ufology impeded? It doesn't seem to go anywhere. I mean... it's been stuck in neutral for the last fifty years for all the valiant attempts to steer it into the mainstream. What keeps ufology in a giggle-factor limbo? What banishes it to the realm of tabloid magazines?


Is Ufology impeded? It doesn't seem to go anywhere. I mean...
it's been stuck in neutral for the last fifty years for all the
valiant attempts to steer it into the mainstream. What keeps
ufology in a giggle-factor limbo? What banishes it to the realm
of tabloid magazines?

By definition...ufology remains disqualified, betrayed and
denied! What disqualifies its respect? What betrays what's
scientific about it? What denies the reality of millions of
people with the insulting analysis that they're misinformed,
misleading, or mentally ill?

The forces arrayed against the ufological are mighty...

That there is a well funded and steady push from "uphill"
against disclosure is obvious. This is abundantly reflected by
the busy imps at CSICOP! It's ponderously reflected in the
dismissive attitude (and senseless!) inattention of a corporate
mainstream media. It is profusely reflected in the suspicious
actions of black_ box institutions, unaccountable agencies, and
non-elected government officials... all of these engaged in an
ongoing but dismissed, ridiculed, and wrongfully discredited
conspiracy to deceive.


Why risk the betrayal of trust that this official behavior must
absolutely generate! Why provide for the denigration of the
agencies, institutions, and governments we need to survive in a
21st Century? Why invalidate a mainstream media needed to keep
us properly informed... and so then able to give intelligent,
rational, and informed consent in the truth of a viable society?

What strange mechanisms force our cultural authority to work so
furiously to discredit itself? =What= are they hiding?

These "powers that be" _are_ duplicitous and obfuscating... This
becomes increasingly apparent as the most powerful nation on
Earth is hijacked by... religious fundamentalists and "just
business" corporate fiends, elitists, and other monsters
beholden, allegedly, only to the *shameless*, nameless, and
cluelessly blameless... stockholders.

That these *powers that be* are duplicitous and obfuscating is
easily demonstrable in everyday life, and... we only have to
take a short walk in the prosaic to see it all stand revealed
for the self_ involved shame that our culture really is.

Revealed is the shame regarding justice because it is only
available to the highest bidder. Revealed is the shame of
dishonesty concerning sex because it's teasingly pushed into
your face on the one hand, and then you're persecuted for
indulging in it on the other. Revealed is the shame of double_
dealing as regards even our physical well being... as hazardous
pharmaceuticals and toxic food substances are celebrated ...
while vitamin and mineral supplementations undeniably required
by human beings are furiously invalidated (and so, if I can
digress... at the root of _much_ of the chronic disease of this
21st Century - from Attention Deficit Disorder to Cancer and
Heart disease and beyond...)!

The point...? If they'll lie and deny about the everyday,
they'll work overtime to clutter_ up the *highly strange*!
Especially if the *highly strange* complicates their program.
Especially if the *highly strange* invalidates their standard.
Especially if the *highly strange* implicates them in the
commission of their crime! Especially, if the *highly strange*
interferes with their very convenient and coveted status quo...
And please, please, please... challenge me on who "they" are.

So, what's wrong with UFOs?

Everything, because they CHANGE everything. Sorry! Aristotle's
crystal spheres are righteously shattered at last! Get over it!
The deceitfulness, dishonesty, and double_ dealing we talked
about a moment ago becomes outmoded, outdated, and
invalidated... and you know what Errol? This is even assuming
full disclosure _is_ some new deceitfulness, dishonesty, and
double_ dealing perpetrated by aliens and replacing the former
human ones! LOL! We're used to deceitfulness, dishonesty, and
double_ dealing! We've been the subjects of master human
manipulators, programmers, and controllers for years! Let's
sample a New variety!

... and consider this, it may be the *aggregate* individual
prefers that *NEW* deceitfulness , dishonesty, and double_
dealing, forsaking the old... and there's the rub! Do you see

What's _wrong_ with UFOs?

UFOs are the purest of pure seditions. They're not beholden to
the unequally applied laws, convenient mores, and occluded
sensibilities of humankind! Their star- faring or dimension
hopping precludes the necessity for any respect shown us and our
infant's ways! They are a clear challenge, you see, to the sense
of loyalty and allegiance the individual is supposed to feel
towards... God, the state, community, and traditional family!
This is the nature of the threat they impose... not to invade,
or depose and subjugate, but to offer the individual an
attractive alternative to the current status quo!

If aliens _were_ here to subjugate and dominate then all that
our leadership would have to do is give us a hint of that
reality (like it does with regard to the threat of
Fundamentalist Islam?) and we would sign on for the most
draconian reductions, imaginable - of our rights, benefits and
entitlements (just like we have with the war on terror, or the
war on drugs).


Your acceptance of a ufological reality is the gestalt
realization that some perceivable *someone* or *some- thing*
doesn't have to answer to the likes of George Walker Bush or his
deputy tyrant (the Anointed) John Ashcroft... This is a source
of extreme discomfort for George and John (and their shadow
handlers) who are, without question, men more comfortable
officiating guns, scheduled drugs, and the huge piles of blood
money precipitating from those things... than they are
investigating the righteous ufology!

Hmmm... Perhaps something's being kept from us that only causes
us spiritual or philosophical problems, if we are exposed to it?
Perhaps non- disclosure of the ufological is imposed upon us for
our own good! We can't... *handle the truth*? Our ignorance is
bliss! Is ignorance _ever_ bliss?


Reject "blissful ignorance" because it does not work, it does
not respect you, and it seems to prove, invariably, that it's
only a mechanism for the control of _your_ energies and _your_
efforts on projects or activities you're, by *design*, not well
informed about. Seriously, to let an individual go blithely
along in an ignorance that suits the manipulator and not the
individual... is to communicate an ongoing lie! You are being
lied to if others know better, and don't tell you. That's not
informed consent. That is duplicity and obfuscation and _I_
would be expected to be jailed or otherwise discredited if it
was _me_ engaged in that behavior...

Additionally! It has been pompously intoned that "It is folly to
be wise when ignorance is bliss." But, you see, that old proverb
makes an assumption that continued ignorance equals continued
bliss, and this is not the case. Ignorance, from my experience,
can be bliss... only for the moment! In the real world there is
always a premium paid for ignorance, and that bill must
eventually come due. In the real world ignorance equals loss,
injustice, sickness, and failure... abject failure... failure to
grow, failure to achieve, and failure to make meaningful
progress! Truly, the only life worth living is the examined one,
and ignorant bliss is a tragic booby- trap where the individual
concerned is not aware that his primrose path is a minefield.

More obfuscation! It has been proclaimed that we don't have any
disclosure out of interests regarding National Security... but
anyone who has skimmed Richard Dolan's book "UFO's and the
National Security State," knows that to be the tired, overused.
and shopworn rubric that it is!

No... secret keeping has been so roundly abused and inbred over
the last 50 years... that the original reasons for it are
rendered, largely, invalid. "Need to know" is a concept too
anally applied anymore and the best information available is
forgotten, buried, and otherwise concealed behind faceless,
autocratic, and arbitrary little men, and away from persons who
could make better use of it! These "secret keepers" have misused
their privilege, undeniably, when they can tell sitting
presidents that they don't have a "need to know"! Consider... a
vetted person... elected to the highest office in the land and
required to officiate the most critical of "informed consents".
_He_ does not have "a need to know" but his unelected, nebulous,
and non- accountable underling, does... what's up with THAT!
Flag down!

Is there quality information with regard to UFOs hidden from
rank and file individuals? Almost certainly! Does the
information available justify attention by the mainstream...

Yet the mainstream does NOT pay that attention! Not because we
would be better off in some blissful ignorance. Not because the
truth is too horrible to be known! Not because our national
security is so fragile and imperiled! No.

We decry UFOs, and we keep UFOs *indistinct* with "giggle
factors" and "denial campaigns", to protect a corrupt,
scurrilous, and demeaning Status Quo... a Status Quo framed,
incidentally, by a self_ absorbed minority of tenth generation
pirates and clever sociopaths. We avoid a ufological
investigation... friends and neighbors, to accommodate the
wishes of a few who handily _dictate_ that we be fed manure and
kept in the dark like a consumable mushroom. Verily, UFOs are
ridiculed for the benefit of the few at the, transparent,
expense of the many...

UFOs are the reality! It's most everything else that is the
distraction, obfuscation, or lie in the fog... much of what we
only think we know is a distraction contrived wholly or in part
to divert individual attention from the bigger picture and
larger reality...

These diversionary components include warfare (always at the
convenience of a few who won't be doing any of the fighting),
overpopulation (a horrific program to insure that there are
always more worker-bees available than have to be paid
individual respect), public education (a device to assembly-
line manufacture docile employees at the expense of their
critical thinking), and an ironic system of health care (a
scurrilous enterprise to manage illness at the expense of curing
it). It's all a ruse... to keep you, the hapless individual,
dazed and confused and so NOT demanding information upon which
you can base an informed consent!

Honestly, if you knew the actual costs of some of things you
take for granted around you, you'd likely, quite gladly, just
say no... Indeed, the individual lacks information in the first
place because the rank and file would demand a fairness they're
more than willing to pay, fairly, for... even as their
manipulators are not! Back at the ufological ranch...

What can we do about a ridiculed ufology, given the powerful,
cultural, and sociopathic forces arrayed against it? What can we

Well - considering the recent successes of the Science Fiction
Channel at the mere suggestion of civil action (busting loose
some, albeit ho-hum, documents regarding the Kecksburg
affair?)... We can, very simply stated, sue for grievances in
civil court for damages incurred... damages incurred as a result
of the denial of our civil right to give informed consent in a
*free* society! The public is having a dangerous fraud
perpetrated upon on it for reasons that are not being made
evident. This is wrong.

Now what's that going to cost _you- ?

Well - the first thing you have to be prepared for is that much
of what you hold valuable now might be perceived later as
dangerous, ignoble, or even unintelligent... childish things
better put behind you... Motor cars and fast food, for
instance... Hey! It's the future. ...As it has _always_ been, we
change or we die! The _history_ of Humanity!

Cost? ...One time at Mickey "D's"...ten bucks, say.

...If everyone in the sound of my voice gave up ten dollars to a
ufological civil fund and that fund hired a cracker_ jack person
to organize the legal assault, we could precipitate that
disclosure (we all know is a good thing even if we can't
articulate why...) in a comparative eye_ blink!

The person to hire is one Daniel Sheehan, I think. Sheehan is a
barrister with a _proven_ track record of stunning successes
prosecuting difficult cases like Watergate, Wounded Knee, Karen
Silkwood, Iran/Contra, Dr. John Mack, Ollie North and a host of
others... His competence is more than merely vetted and his
resume is spectacular. Moreover, he already has a plan for a
legal assault that is irresistible because it does not have to
chase a ufological quarry down the path it's on... for a loss...
No, rather it flanks the problem obliquely and effectively
prosecutes it from a path that runs parallel to it which _is_
prosecutorial... where the direct approach was not, you see...

All he needs is a grassroots effort to produce a war-chest and
he's got the problem well on the way to being solved at best or
most significantly addressed at worst! This thing could be done
right, if we wanted to do it. We're *power* we don't use!

It's pretty obvious that we are all in a position to _start_ that
effort at the grass roots... we are the grassroots. Do we
_want_ to do something about this? I think yes. Blissful
ignorance is a myth and a very real minefield. *Knowing* is
better. Then, we can build something that's real. *Real* is


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