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The Peace Project - Outreach to the Cosmos

Shari Adamiak, CSETI

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: In late July of 1995, the research team of Joachim Koch, a Surgeon from Berlin, Germany, and his colleague, Hans-JuÎrgen Kyborg, also of Berlin, put into play their second multi-group meditation project in Wiltshire County, England. In July of 1994, Joachim and Hans brought together groups to test their hypothesis regarding energy grids, perhaps activated by extraterrestrials, which occurred around sacred sites, ancient monuments, and seemed to be connected with the formation or location of certain crop circles.


Following is a report concerning the RMIT Events of Jan. 30 - Feb. 4, 1993. This report is an assessment of these events by Steven M. Greer M.D. and relies on the written reports of the members of the team as well as his own experiences in Mexico.


In mid - January 1993, the members of the CSETI Executive Council and the CSETI Director learned of the continuing wave of Extraterrestrial activity in the volcanic zone outside Mexico City, Mexico. As recent as Jan. 1, 1993 we were told, at least 100,000 dwellers of Mexico City had seen an Extraterrestrial spacecraft (ETS) in broad daylight. Several videotapes were made of this bright, rapidly rotating disc as it hovered over the area, and the event was covered in the Mexican national media. This was only the most recent event in a wave of sightings which began on July 11, 1991 when, during the total eclipse of the sun, thousands of Mexicans observed a similar, if not identical, daylight disc over Mexico City and other nearby cities. (These events, along with numerous videotaped craft, are chronicled in a videotape by Lee Elders entitled "Messengers of Destiny").

Convinced that a truly significant Extraterrestrial event was continuing in the volcanic zone of Mexico, CSETI's Director activated the RMIT to investigate directly these events, and if possible, interact with the extraterrestrials. This brief trip, lasting 6 days from Jan.. 30 - Feb. 4 was primarily oriented towards only fact - finding and a preliminary investigation in advance of a more lengthy research trip in the future. However, as you will see we were to experience a series of full scale human - extraterrestrial interactions over the course of these few nights in Mexico.

The RMIT consisted of five people: Dr. Steven Greer, Director of CSETI; Dr. Joseph Burkes, emergency physician and Coordinator of the Los Angeles Area CSETI Working Group; Ms. Shari Adamiak, Coordinator of RMIT and Coordinator of the Denver area CSETI Working Group; Dr. Barbie Taylor, a Clinical Psychologist in Las Vegas, NV and "Ambassador at Large" for CSETI; and Mr. Jeff Baker, the documentation specialist for the team. The members of the team were selected according to

their ability to function well as a unified team
their experience with and dedication to the CE-5 Initiative*
complimenting yet diverse skills, abilities and characteristics - (for example Dr. Burkes, in addition to his formidable organizational skills, has a good command of Spanish)
their immediate availability for the research trip.
*Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Initiative: Human - initiated contact or interaction with Extraterrestrial Intelligence or beings, often associated with UFO activity at other CE - contact levels.

Having obtained commitments from these five people, the decision was made to convene the team at the Mexico City Airport at approximately 4 PM on Jan.. 30, 1993. What was to follow was to change forever the lives of these five researchers, and indeed, the course of the young and emerging field of Extraterrestrial studies.

Before going further, I would like to thank Lee Elders for his advice and for the fine job he has done documenting this Mexican wave. Heartfelt thanks also to Ron Russell of Denver, who helped bring these events to our attention, and whose unavoidable absence from the team was a loss felt by all of us.

A very special "thank you" goes to each and every member of the team for their dedication, unity of purpose and sacrifice. While it is true that 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts', it was the beautiful and selfless ability of "the parts" to give themselves to "the whole" team that made this RMIT such a success.



Consciousness transcends space and time; it is bound by no time and no place, and yet it is present at every place and is witness to every time. It is subtle and all - pervading, yet it is at the very core of our own being: It is that whereby we are awake; it is that whereby we are. While we are generally focused - bound if you will - to one space and one time, consciousness is essentially unbounded - and therefore, so are we . . .

Upon activation of the RMIT on Jan. 17th, a series of unusual events occurred which may be viewed as coincidental by some, synchronous by others - or even premonitory. Significantly, multiply witnessed "UFO" events began in Denver and the Asheville area where three of the five RMIT members reside as soon as the decision to activate the RMIT was made. In the week before RMIT left for Mexico, dozens of people in the Asheville area witnessed craft, some at close range, predominantly in the part of the country where the local CE-5 Working Group conducts its research. The night the decision to get to Mexico was made, a man called the CSETI office and reported that he was witnessing a huge, silent object gliding over the wilderness area near Lake Logan, very near to the site where the Executive Council had been conducting CE-5 research the night before. Coincidence? Perhaps. But at the minimum these and other events gave us the sense that something very significant awaited us in Mexico.

Then on Monday, Jan.. 25, 1993, I had a very lucid dream involving a place and time which we later learned was exactly one week in the future. We were in a green field in Mexico, and the moon was bright, greater than 1/2 full, hanging in the sky in the late afternoon, when a disc shaped UFO came into view. As it passed in the area of the sky near the moon, it connected with the team, and as we thought "move to the left", it moved to the left, and then we thought 'move to the right' and it moved to the right, and so on. This interaction was remarkable for how natural and effortless it seemed, not withstanding the strange nature of the event! This lucid, full color dream ended with a sense that something extraordinary awaited us in Mexico, now only a few days away. At the time I had this 'dream', I was completely unaware of the present phase of the moon, or the phase at which we would find it seven days hence.

But seven days hence, on Feb. 1st, 1993 we found ourselves in such a Mexican field, with the moon exactly the size and phase in which it appeared in the dream, and an event of unparalleled significance soon enveloped us. Another coincidence? Perhaps. But I think not, and even at the time of the dream, I knew it presaged extraordinary events. Convinced of this, I immediately told my wife, Emily, about this dream, and also shared it with Shari Adamiak, Jeff Baker and others.

Nor was this the only such experience involving consciousness during the week of our departure. On Friday night, Jan.. 29th, as I slept in Denver awaiting our departure the next day, I again had a very lucid dream. We were driving in a small car up a very steep road in Mexico winding through dense and cool woods after dark. Then as we rounded a curve we could see dozens, then hundreds of spacecraft brilliantly white, ascending from below a ridge into the sky. The entire sky was eventually filled with these objects. I was amazed not only at the sight of these objects, but by the fact that the forest was so dense. Since I had never been to Mexico, I assumed, wrongly, that the terrain would be desert and scrub brush, devoid of trees, and certainly lacking cool green forest! But 24 hours later, there we were driving in a small car, through the darkness into the cool high forest as the NW. slope of MT Popocatepetl (MT Popo) and our first experience awaited us there . .

Coincidence? Perhaps many of the secrets of outer space lie within inner space, in consciousness, in the essential non local nature of mind. Here we are reminded of the statement by the great physicist Erwin Schrödinger ". . . The overall number of minds is just one." and of the ancient mystic Ali who said . . . "Dost thou reckon thyself only a puny form When within thee the Universe is folded?"

I will admit that sharing this is not easy, since I know it will be used to debunk, attack and dismiss us. Nevertheless, now is not the time for secrets. A very large and emerging truth is this: That consciousness - mind stuff, if you will - is one; that as humans, we have access to this one mind; that every conscious, sentient being in the Universe is a window through which this same one mind is shining. And that at least some, if not all, of the Extraterrestrial civilizations visiting earth realize this, and most likely have applied this to science, technology, communication, and perhaps even to transportation.

The constricted view of mind as being separate from matter is an archaic intellectual construct akin to the idea of the sun revolving around the earth. And I believe, as a scientist and researcher, that we ignore this emerging truth of the non - space / non - time nature of consciousness at our own loss and peril. For could it be that star - faring civilizations, experiencing the vast distances and attendant limitations of radio and other electromagnetic communications have focused on and developed the ultimate instant network: Mind? Indeed, since non local mind is bound by neither space nor time, one may receive a communication even before it is sent . . .

DAY ONE - Saturday, January 30, 1993


All five members of the team arrived between 4 and 5 PM, and after renting two small cars, we set out for our first stage in the volcanic zone. Joe Burkes and Jeff Baker had a bright red VW beetle while the rest of us drove a four door Nissan. The two groups communicated via small radio devices which had a limited range, but which were nonetheless helpful. Day One brought Lesson One from the school of hard knocks: Do not rent a car out of Mexico City without a Mexican driver! Within a few miles of the airport, we were stopped by corrupt, armed police who eventually robbed us. Their initial demand was for 300,000 pesos, but thanks to Joe's Spanish and negotiating skills, we got their extortionist demands lowered to 50,000 pesos (or 16 - 18 U.S. dollars). Initially, they confiscated our drivers licenses and threatened us with jail (the fact that no crime had been committed was immaterial). I mention this only as a warning to others who may travel there: this type of police harassment and corruption is very common in Mexico City - so go at your own risk. We recommend flying to an outlying city, or engaging a Mexican Driver. At the minimum, you need a Mexican contact, preferably an official, who can come to your assistance if needed.

We arrived at our first nights destination, Amecameca, at around 9 PM, and after unpacking and a brief meal, set out for a road which went up to the pass between MT Popo and MT. Iztaccihuatl (MT Izzy). I was singularly struck by the cool green forests, the road and the entire setting which perfectly matched the previous night's dream. We found a grassy area off of the road, which was infrequently traveled at that hour, and set up the research site at around 11 PM.

Then just prior to 12:30 AM, the entire group was struck by a brilliant beam of light, amber / golden in color, which suddenly emerged from the northwest sky. There were no airplane, cars or other people or homes anywhere near the remote research site. Where did this beam of light originate? Except to say that it emerged from the darkened sky, nobody can say for sure. I was startled by the light since I was facing NW and it struck me directly in the face.

This event seemed to be a contact of some type - several of us felt a distinct tingling on our skin from the light / energy beam. And the light beam struck the group after approximately 1 and 1/2 hours of Coherent Thought Sequencing (CTS), high-powered light work and use of on - site beeping tones - (all part of the CSETI CE-5 Initiative contact trilogy, wherein we intentionally attempt to contact ETI).

Later, at approximately 1 AM, an amber globe was seen coming up from the West. It disappeared briefly, but after signaling in that direction with a high powered light, it reappeared and flashed a bright white color. It then moved from left to right and was lost to view. Could this object have been related to the bright beam of light which struck the group 30 minutes earlier? At a little past 2 AM, we departed for our hotel, wondering what awaited us in the coming days. Certainly, our first few hours in Mexico were event - filled, even intimate in the nature of the light beam experiences. There was something very direct and personal about how the group was engulfed in this light beam, however briefly. As I prepared for bed, I wondered if the group had been 'scanned' by some craft which had locked onto our group. Or were they simply returning our light beams in an enigmatic fashion?

DAY TWO - Sunday, January 31, 1993


The next day, Sunday, Jan.. 31, 1993, we awakened to the color and bustling activity of the town of Amecameca. After consulting as a group, and studying the maps of the area and past sightings reports, we decided to leave the area for a remote site on the other side of the volcanoes. (The exact site will remain unnamed in this report, since we consider it an active RMIT site and we wish to preserve its integrity and security for future RMIT use).

Here, a note about the volcanic zone is in order. Above Mexico City looms the largest volcano in the world. At just under 18,000 feet, it is snow capped at the summit and is a magnificent sight. Around the time of the solar eclipse and onset of the current wave of ETS sightings. The volcano Popo became more active, and vulcanologists have warned of a possible calamitous eruption, with attendant earthquakes in the Mexico City area. 30 million people would be affected, perhaps catastrophically by such an eruption of Popo. Indeed, the local village had organized an emergency evacuation committee, and there is genuine concern that such an eruption may be imminent.

There is speculation that the intense presence of ETS in the area is related to this recent upsurge in Mt. Popo's activity. Some believe the Extraterrestrial people are monitoring the situation and may even be involved in a project to somehow reduce the force of any future eruption. I must admit, that both our retrospective survey of past sightings and our own real - time observations lead me to conclude that the Extraterrestrials are there for reasons related to the volcano's recent increase in activity. To precisely what end remains to be discovered.

Even during our brief stay in the area, we observed an increase in the steam and smoke coming from Popo, and, given our very close proximity to it, I wondered more than once if my "last will and testament" was in good order! Certainly, we discussed an evacuation plan of our own, but luckily never had to use it. The spacecraft which have been seen - and videotaped from a distance - are of two types:

(1) A large, triangular craft with a light at each apex and a red light in the center, very similar to those seen in Russia and Belgium: These are 300 - 800 feet in diameter, and appear at night, usually fairly late, in the areas adjacent to the volcanoes.

(2) The second type is a silver disc, probably 20 - 30 feet in diameter, seen at night and during the day time. Multiple daylight videotapes of these exist.

In the coming days we were fortunate to see and interact with both of these types of ETS. One the night of January 31, 1993, we set up the research site in a large field off of a road which connected two small villages. This site was on a high plateau of 7,000 ft. elevation, at he vary base of MT. Popo. In the moonlight you could see Popo and Izzy looming directly above us, at once beautiful and menacing, with steam rising from the gaping opening at the summit.

After checking the various equipment - still cameras, video camera, micro cassette recorders, radar detector, high powered lights, audio tones etc. -, we reviewed the team roles and prepared for the night's research. In the event of a landing and opportunity to board a craft, the Boarding Party order was reviewed; Communicators, who would attempt to communicate with Extraterrestrials, were assigned roles; and Jeff Baker preferred to attempt to document any CE-5 which may occur. having evaluated the site and made preparations we began the CE-5 Initiative protocols. No ETS were seen, but as we were leaving the site, well after 1 or 2 AM, the radar detector started signaling at full impulse. There were no microwave or radar sources, no cars on the road and no source for energy to activate the detector. The first night: Light. The second night: Sound. The third night: ?

DAY THREE - Monday, February 1st, 1993


The main purpose of the CSETI project is to develop teams of humans capable of establishing mutual, sustainable, peaceful and diplomatic relationships with any and all E.T. civilizations visiting earth. Extensive training together is required for the team to attain the level of unity and congruence needed to realize this goal. This project, and the CSETI team, is without known precedent; it is a unique attempt to establish the foundations of open interplanetary relations.

The bonding among the members which is required to create such a coherent and highly functional team occurs by planning, working, exploring and living together during the research project. On this day, Monday, February 1st, we undertook an arduous expedition which deepened the unity of the team, and created the energy and potential for the extraordinary beauty of that same night.

Setting out on foot, we traveled over primitive trails through the Mexican countryside to a pyramid-shaped mountain noted for it's proximity to the epicenter of many sightings. The five of us set out on foot for the 10-12 mile journey to this remote and enchanting spot. Using a compass and a few good hunches, we picked our way along the unmarked route, which was passable only on foot or by donkey. Arriving at the base of the pyramid-shaped mountain, Jeff Baker volunteered to scale the slopes with me while the others rested down below. What Jeff and I thought was a straight climb up turned out to be a series of ridges and valleys which led to the final steep climb up. En route, we passed several ancient native ruins, and we could sense the rhythms of a long-vanished civilization teeming around us. From the summit we observed the heart of the wilderness of the volcanic zone and could clearly see the entire region, which was being frequented by some E.T. civilization.

After returning to the group, we all departed for the long trek back. The day was growing late and we were pressed to get out of the wilderness before nightfall. On the way back we passed through a certain field in which, on the way up, we had sensed a strange presence---like someone or something unusual had been there, or was perhaps still there. On this pass through the field, we again remarked on the unusual feeling of the place, and as we looked up we saw a large cloud, high in the zenith, which looked exactly like an eagle with feathery wings outstretched and head pointing to our research site! It was a magical moment, and we felt it gave promise to the coming night's efforts at contact.

The eagle, which is an important symbol in ancient Mayan teachings, shared the blue sky with the moon. As I looked into the sky, and over the terrain, I knew that it was THIS sky, and THIS moon, in that enchanted land which was seen exactly one week before in the dream. It was then that I knew an event of great significance awaited us.

For in the one mind, beyond space and beyond time, the end can be seen in the beginning.

This night we set up the research site in the same field at 9:30, and again went through our check list of procedures and equipment. The camcorder, a Canon LI Pro with 30-60x magnification and a 5 Lux was set up, and through it you could see the moon and the volcano clearly. It and the other cameras were in fine working order, and so we began our contact protocols.

On the previous night, local villagers had been up very late, noisily celebrating a religious festival; I was a bit unsure of the security of the site. On this night, the area was quiet by 11:00 or so, and we settled into our research protocols, undisturbed and without incident.

Then, at 11:45 pm, a CE-5 of profound significance occurred. The entire group was performing CTS, and I was in a state aware only of "one mind". Suddenly, I sensed---knew---to sit up and look to my right, and there it was: a large amber craft moving obliquely away from us in the northwest sky.

My immediate sense was that it was looking for us, that it was over the area of the pyramid-shaped mountain and the field of the eagle cloud. I immediately notified the team saying: "This is it - this is the real thing!" With both CTS and powerful lights, we signaled for the spacecraft to come over to our location. IMMEDIATELY, it turned off it's present course, and moved directly towards us.

Initially, the spacecraft was 2-5 miles away, but as it silently glided towards us it came within 1500-3000 feet, and only 200-500 feet in the air! We immediately realized the historic significance of this event: a team of humans had consciously and intentionally vectored a spacecraft into a research area. It was clearly responding by changing course and coming directly to us, now in an apparent landing approach, or at least landing approach simulation.

By now the exact shape of the ETS could be seen: it was a huge 300-900 foot diameter triangular-shaped structured craft, with a light on the underside at each apex and a reddish glowing light in the very center on the underside. This was no vague distant light in the sky, but a large craft with technological lights. We noted that even though the wind was coming from it's direction, no sound was heard whatsoever!

The excitement, if not astonishment, of the team was obvious, and yet all performed beautifully in the coming moments.

Jeff ____ moved the video camera to the adjacent field, and set out our portable landing strobe lights - indicating to the E.T..'s that we welcomed a landing, should this be safe and feasible for them.

The rest of the team prepared for boarding and I sent signals with the high-powered light. The spacecraft made a sweeping arc, approximately 180 degrees, and then came straight towards us in an apparent landing approach. As I signaled to it, it returned by illuminating large and powerful lights on the now "front" Antero - grade of the triangular craft.

It descended to 200-300 feet, coming straight towards us, and as it did so, it greatly increased the luminosity of the front lights, as if signaling to land. We could also see a small "scout ship", red- orange in color, floating alongside and behind the large triangle.

As Jeff ____ activated the high-powered camcorder, he noticed that no image was coming through. The camera, which had worked perfectly before the event, was now non-operational. Even his hand and flashlight in front of the camera lens were not visible in the viewfinder!

Moreover, the still cameras (Canon EOS system with 70-210 lens), would not operate, nor would Shari Adamiak's little instamatic! It was clear to us that some interference prohibited the filming of this very close range event. WAS THIS INTENTIONAL JAMMING of the equipment or an inadvertent electromagnetic effect of the ship itself?

About the time Jeff tried to film the spacecraft, it aborted it's landing approach, turned to our left (east-northeast), and began moving away from the site. However, in a beautiful gesture of continued communication, the receding spacecraft illuminated it's retrograde lights and clearly, unequivocally signaled with us as we flashed our lights to it. It was a lovely and poignant "good-bye."

In one to three minutes, it dipped below a nearby ridge, and was not seen again at close range that night. The entire event had lasted about ten minutes, and we all felt that we had been "tested" to see how we would perform in a landing simulation. I believe we passed the test. There was great joy and excitement in the team, and we knew we had just witnessed the most significant group CE-5 in history.

After the spacecraft left, we were astonished, perhaps dismayed, to see that the powerful Canon LI Pro Camcorder was fully operational again! We have in our archives the immediate post-event footage, showing distant village lights and clearly recording our excited voices as we discussed the close encounter, then only minutes old.

But as a team---and as an organization attempting mutual, diplomatic contact with ETI, we were left with some hard questions, and a dilemma:

Why did the cameras fail just at that moment, when they worked fine before AND after the event? Was this an inadvertent side-effect of their energy and propulsion systems on our electronics at very close range, or was it evidence of deliberate "jamming" of the equipment, with the message, "NO, not now, not at this close range with a high magnification camera. We do not want to be documented for the world at close range yet, and if we were, it may endanger our mission, and your (CSETI) mission as well....."?

Were we "breaching diplomatic protocol" by unilaterally attempting to film the event at close range?

Our policy is to document fully SO LONG AS THE PROCESS OF DOCUMENTING DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH THE CONTACT-EVENT ITSELF. Had we crossed the line and shortened the event by trying to document it? These and many other questions occupied our thoughts, and continue to be a source of policy discussion within CSETI to this day.

Later that night, at 12:20 a.m., we saw three small red, white and blue-lighted craft which moved into a vertical configuration, one stacked upon the other. Shari Adamiak and I saw a beam of light descend from the craft, vertically down to the distant ridge over which they were hovering. Then at 2:15 a.m., another small craft was seen moving towards the west. It descended behind the pyramid mountain, to which we had hiked earlier that day. Then, after the moon set behind the volcano, we noticed in the sky another strange cloud formation. This time it was not an eagle, but a humanoid face: a strangely shaped ring of clouds made a head, and two bright stars made two eyes, staring from deep space across the Mexican volcanoes. This day, one week from the night of the strange dream, showed us that dreams do come true.

DAY FOUR - Tuesday, February 2nd, 1993


After a day of exploring the region for other suitable sites, we prepared once again for another night of research. Earlier that day, in the morning, we had held a debriefing and consultation on the previous nights' historic CE-5. It was a beautiful and transcendent event, and the memory of it, while still fresh seemed almost dream-like, or like it had been in a movie. Five people in a field, vectoring in a massive triangular spacecraft one to three football fields in size, signaling to it, preparing for it to land, signaling good-bye to it.....

During this debriefing, we discussed many issues, including the camera failure and simultaneous departure of the ETS. But a real-time recording of my comments that morning revealed personal concerns about the security of the site, concerns which, as you will see, were somewhat prescient. Here's a quote from the transcript of the actual tape: Steven Greer: "Number one, ..I think there are other considerations---again THEIR security. They are on a mission here and they have certain security requirements. And Number two, the location where we are doing this. There's a road that connects two towns that goes along right adjacent to the field. There are people up at that hour. We don't know who has guns and who doesn't... So it's not a totally secured site... I'm quite sure they (the E.T..'s) had concerns about the site."

That night, February 2nd, we set out for the field in a steady, cold rain. We remained in the cars with the rear of the cars backed up to each other. Both the rain and the previous night's experience with the cameras convinced us to leave the cameras packed. Then, at 9:36 p.m. an ETS was seen again, directly over the pyramid mountain - right at the apex of the pyramid where Jeff and I had been standing the day before. Barbie Taylor and I saw it clearly through the binoculars. It was amber-colored, moving to the west towards Mount Popo under a cloud ceiling of about 12,000 feet.

Then, at around 10:30 p.m., I sensed danger to the west of the field. We saw someone with a light, acting as if he was imitating our overhead light work. Suddenly, a powerful gunshot blast echoed through the area and I remotely viewed, but could not physically see, a figure headed our way across the field. Sensing a serious danger to the team, I asked that we all evacuate the area, with lights off, and rendezvous on the paved road. The team responded immediately and left without incident. Jeff later confirmed that he saw a figure coming across the field, and was half-way to us when I gave the order to leave.

It appears the concerns expressed that morning about the security of our site were well-founded! In retrospect, we were thankful for the rain, because it forced us to stay in the cars and packed up.

Some of the members of the team were fairly shaken-up by this event, but after about 30-45 minutes of debriefing, we settled into a new site directly adjacent to the road. Then, at 11:45 p.m., the exact same time as the previous night's CE-5, we saw the same huge triangular spacecraft floating silently along the ridge just to our northeast. This time it was only 100-200 feet in the air, and we could see two of the three apex lights, and the central red light underneath the structure. Then, as I said, "Do CTS, and get the light out to signal to it ", it instantly illuminated massive lights which dramatically filled the humid air in front of the craft! Was this, too, a coincidence, or had they heard my voice, or even detected the thought form?

At this point it moved below our level on the other side of the ridge, and we never saw it emerge from that area again.

DAY FIVE - Wednesday, February 3, 1993


This was our last full day in Mexico, and we took much of the day to relax and reflect on the momentous events of the previous 48 hours.

We found another site near some old ruins, and arrived at 9:20 p.m. As soon as we arrived on site, as we were getting out of our cars, we saw a brightly-lit craft, again over by the pyramid mountain. Through binoculars, it appeared to be the triangular craft. It was moving from the east-southeast to west-southwest position. When I flashed to it, it emitted a very large beam of light in response.

At 9:40 p.m., we saw another ETS, silently moving towards the pass below Popo and Izzy. Towards the end of the sighting, it began to emit a bright strobing light, very similar to the craft videotaped by some villagers earlier. We noted that we had a sighting last night at 9:36 p.m., about the same time.

Suddenly, at 10:35 p.m., we saw two disc-shaped craft floating by in tandem, with rotating colored lights apparent. Joe Burkes signaled to them, and one flashed back in response. This sighting lasted seven minutes, and the craft moved from east to west, over the pyramid mountain. Again, they were silent.

Then at 11:40 p.m., we again saw the familiar triangular craft, some distance away, again near the pyramid-shaped mountain, moving eastward. While signaling to it, the craft became much brighter for a brief period then dimmed back down, moving behind a ridge directly to our north-northeast.

We left this site at 2:00 a.m. to, as Shari Adamiak stated, "get some good rest for our long drive tomorrow, and having to deal with the shake-down factor in Mexico City." How True.!

Before leaving Day Five, I should note that Joe Burkes, Barbie Taylor and Jeff Baker had visited a village near our research site earlier in the day. While at a local restaurant they saw a daylight flying disc, at fairly close range, for a few seconds before it disappeared into a cloud. Dr. Burkes saw rectangular porthole-like structures and estimated it at 20-30 feet in diameter, approximately one-half mile away.

As it turned out, this brief sighting was a prelude to three more daylight discs which would "buzz" our team during our final 24 hours in Mexico.

DAY SIX - Thursday, February 4th, 1993


It is almost unbelievable what has happened in just a few days. What might be achieved if we could send a team down, to an even more remote and secure site, for two or three weeks? With some reluctance, (and with some dread concerning what might await us back in Mexico City), we left our village and got on a toll road outside Pueblo.

At 10:40 a.m., directly ahead of us in a crystal blue sky, Barbie Taylor and I saw a brilliant silver disc. It hovered briefly in front of us, then streaked off to the east.....and disappeared.

To our astonishment, five minutes later another one - or the same one returning - did the same thing! As it hovered in front of us, we got the distinct impression that this was a send-off, a good-bye of some sort. But it was not the final good-bye......

For as Shari and I sat on our Delta flight and taxied out onto the Mexico City runway, yet another silver disc appeared, hovering briefly, and then was lost behind a billboard. It was time to go home.....

Post Scriptum


In about one year, the CSETI team has had a massive triangular spacecraft hover in a cloud overhead in Belgium (January 1992); has been greeted by 4 ETS outside Pensacola Florida - signaling with them for 10-15 minutes; has witnessed a CSETI-conceived and projected design appear in a field as a crop circle in July 1992; has witnessed the near landing of a 100 foot diameter ET craft which signaled with us in a field at Alton Barnes, England (July 27, 1992); and now has made contact on multiple occasions in the volcanic zone of Mexico City.

What the coming months and years will bring can only be discerned in part. But of this we are certain: we have begun a journey which will take us to the stars and back, and which will change the world as we know it.

We invite all those who are sincerely interested in a peaceful, international approach to extraterrestrial contact and relations to join us.

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