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UFOs and the MIR space station

Michael Hesemann

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Summary: Only a few insiders know that MIR cosmonauts had several UFO encounters - and reported them frankly on camera.

Michael Hesemann

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March 22, 2001

For Friday, 23 March, scientists from all the world expect the reentry of the Russian Space Station MIR over the South Pacific. An important chapter in the history of astronautics ends when this proud symbol of the peaceful exploration of Space disappears from our skies. The original purpose of the MIR project was to train men to stay in space long enough for interplanetary journeys - Mars was the Russian's prime target on the agenda. But the financial and political breakdown of the Soviet Union changed it all, and the US, without any competition, postponed their plans to send a man to Mars, too - for sheer financial reasons.

Only a few insiders know that MIR cosmonauts had several UFO encounters - and reported them frankly on camera. Some of the best UFO footage, published in our series UFOs: THE FOOTAGE ARCHIVES, comes from MIR missions.


28 September 1990: MIR Cosmonaut Gennadij Strekhalov reports "an unidentified flying object... a large sphere, silver-coloured, glistening" over Newfoundland. Later, in a video-taped interview with Uvarov, he described it as "like a Christmas-tree-decoration, very beautiful and glittering. I saw it for ten seconds ... a perfect sphere ... it appeared and disappeared suddenly."

Beginning of 1991: MIR Kosmonaut Musa Manarov filmed the approach of a PROGRESS cargo flight, when he suddenly discovered a cigar-shaped object, surrounded by a rotating light, floating in space. He filmed the complete maneuver of the UFO for over two minutes. (see UFOs: Footage Archives, part 2) In 16 May 1996, he was interviewed by our co-worker Valerii Uvarov. August 1991: A luminous sphere comes from deep space, passes MIR and enters the earth atmosphere - filmed by the Cosmonauts Volkov and Krikaliov. The footage was officially released by the Russian Space administration. (see: UFOs: The FOOTAGE ARCHIVES, part 5)

18 November 1995: Another UFO sighting by the MIR cosmonauts was filmed, the film released by the Russian Space authorities.
17 May 1997: Before docking MIR, astronauts of the NASA Space Shuttle mission STS-84 film several UFOs, including a triangular formation, passing the Russian Space Station. The images were radioed to Earth and received by a Florida radio amateur. Two years later, the Russian Space Administration released their images of the same phenomenon. (published in UFOs: THE FOOTAGE ARCHIVES; PART 4 AND 5)

On March 21, Germany´s SAT 1-Television interviewed Hesemann on the UFOs-MIR-connection. The interview was broadcast in the Late Afternoon News of 22 March (Hesemann´s 37th birthday!) and repeated during the life broadcast of the MIR re-entry on Friday morning.

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