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KGB Unveils UFO Secrets?

Pavel Poluyan, Pravda

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Summary: The last issues of the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda (February 5-12) published a series of five articles under a loud headline “KGB Unveiled UFO Secrets”. These publications are based upon materials of a so-called “blue file” that the KGB once compiled concerning activity of Russian ufologists. However, the newspaper unveiled no secrets at all: the publications mentioned just several instances when UFOs were registered over Soviet military objects. What do these KGB documents testify to? Do extraterrestrials actually exist? Or, is it possible that the truth is more prosaic? Researcher from the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk Pavel Poluyan tells about it.

The last issues of the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda (February 5-12) published a series of five articles under a loud headline ?KGB Unveiled UFO Secrets¦. These publications are based upon materials of a so-called ?blue file¦ that the KGB once compiled concerning activity of Russian ufologists. However, the newspaper unveiled no secrets at all: the publications mentioned just several instances when UFOs were registered over Soviet military objects. What do these KGB documents testify to? Do extraterrestrials actually exist? Or, is it possible that the truth is more prosaic? Researcher from the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk Pavel Poluyan tells about it.

Let-s Liquidate UFO!

I saw a UFO for the first time on April 26, 1989: there was a large luminous ball flying over the Kama river. In fact, it was a thin air stratum around the ball that was glowing: some part of the ionized gas was blown away by an onrushing flow, and a short flickering track remained behind the apparatus. The case was called later ?UFO over Perm¦ and was described in the press many times as lots of witnesses saw the phenomenon.

It took me several years to outline a practical scheme explaining the phenomenon I saw. As it turned out, everything could be explained even without fantastic hypotheses, but with non-typical aerodynamic effects. The effects are perfectly known more or less now; at least nobody recalls antigravitation when sees the flight of a disk-shaped baby plane designed by the Saratov EKIP concern. How does it fly without wings and propellers? When my article on principles of UFO flights was published in Komsomolskaya Pravda on November 1, 1995, the editorial staff illustrated the text with the picture of the ?UFO¦ produced in Saratov, the baby plane I-ve already mentioned.

Later, the TV station Afontovo in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk produced a video where the story that I narrated was supplied with shooting done in the laboratory of superlight aircrafts in the Siberian aerospace academy and in the laboratory of the strong magnetic field in the Krasnoyarsk Physics Institute. In 2001, I brought my materials to the editorial office of the popular Russian newspaper Top Secret, but instead of a publication I met with a strange man. Some man found me in Krasnoyarsk and asked different questions in exchange for generous financing. He wanted to know whether I knew of what material a UFO body is done, if it can land on water; what is more, the man wanted to find out with what scientists I cooperated when I wrote my materials. After that I understood perfectly well that my surmises concerning secret apparatuses designed in the USA (and later in the Soviet Union as well) corresponded the reality, and that I must expound my version in detail. This is how my book Liquidation of UFO appeared; now it is available on many Internet websites.

You may ask why the KGB left me alone and allowed to publish my works. The problem is that I guessed the scheme of the first UFO, those that the USA tested at the end of the 1940s v beginning of the 1950s. Modern models are more complicated, I learnt it from emails from readers who were somehow connected with design and production of such aircrafts.

The recent publications in Komsomolskaya Pravda has come in handy. My opinion is that it-s high time for the KGB to ?unveil the UFO secret¦ so that people could learn the truth from Russia, as it cannot be obtained from American mystifiers.

Some romantic readers may say that what I-m going to tell is just one of the versions. However, what you are going to read right now is the truth. But first of all we must separate real ?flying objects¦ from other unidentified phenomena, as such cases were actually observed as well.

A group of ionospheric UFOs can be singled out from the unidentified phenomena: these are many-colored lights zigzagging the sky at an unbelievably high speed. These are not objects in fact, but ionospheric spots of reflected light that appear as a result of gas glowing in the spot where two radar rays with definite characteristics cross. Synchronized moving of the rays produces the spots of reflected light that cross the sky at any speed and along any trajectory. Such experiments on modification of the ionospheric environment draw attention of the community.

Another group of UFO phenomena is made up by those that psychologist Cal Jung described. The fact is that a visual picture produced by the brain is exactly a picture. In other words, it is not transported from the retina into our consciousness, but appears as a result of procession of the information that the brain receives. Sometimes some alien images can intrude into this picture, just exactly the way when some uninvited banner comes up on your computer monitor when you surf the Internet. For example, when a child sees a dwarf going out of a wardrobe, he actually SEES the dwarf, as his brain cannot yet protect the visual picture from other signals.

The same can be observed with adults: the brain work is disturbed under the influence of high-frequency radiation, and strange objects interfere into the visual picture. It is no wonder that visions of this kind occur when people see ?flying objects¦: unlike pilots in a shielded cockpit, accidental witnesses are no protected from microwave radiation from these aircrafts.

And now let-s speak about real ?UFOs¦. I hope that readers will be able to identify the following kinds of apparatuses with those that are described in the ?blue file¦: counterintelligence agents collected only actual facts and knew perfectly well what kind of objects were flying over our military objects.

We all remember an old newsreel on aviation history where some strange apparatus, something like a huge umbrella with an engine and a pilot, was demonstrated together with antiquated biplanes and gliders. The ?umbrella¦ twitched up and down; when it went down, the apparatus took off and when the umbrella moved up, the aircraft got back to the surface. The umbrella plane was tested by inventor Chance Vought in America in 1911. This very flying device was the ancestor of ?flying discs¦. The first flying discs used the same scheme but on a higher technological level. The very form of the first flying discs is flat from below, prominent and streamline on the top; it means that it was very important for these objects to be oriented down with its surface with a higher head resistance. This only fact is enough to understand that such discs rest upon the air.

As founder of the Russian aircraft construction Zhukovsky said, there is rest everywhere in the air. The umbrella plane from the old newsreel is certainly very funny, but do you think that practical Americans spent money on construction of the craft just for fun? Certainly not. The principle of flight based on formation of compression under the vibrating surface is not worse than that used in traditional planes where the lift (the difference of pressures) arises at the expense of asymmetrical streamline of a wing with the oncoming air. In 1911, there were no technologies to use the principle of flight to the maximum.

During WWII German aviation engineers employed this principle. But they managed to create only models of one meter long; however, those ?UFOs¦ scared American and English pilots very much when glowing balls appeared right before their bombers.

At the end of the 1940s, the first flying discs resembling telephone dynamic speakers appeared: their huge membranes vibrated at a supersonic speed, and a streamline top part consisting of two spherical segments guaranteed the difference of the drag from above and from the bottom. A thin metal membrane was set vibrating with a system of impulse electromagnets (later Russian engineers employed this technology in electropulse anti-icers, on the wings of Il-86 planes for instance).

What is the essence of the aerodynamic effect?

As long as a flying disc doesn-t throw out anything like rockets do, there will be no lift. This can be a ring whirl, as it doesn-t draw the disc back. The disc must be delayed on the whirl just for a couple of microseconds because another whirl is formed within this period. Air rejection gives rise to reactive force, a disc takes off, and a whirl that appears under the disc prevents the disc from drawing in until another whirl is formed. The time between these whirls is insignificant. The whirl draws in much air in the revolving, consequently, a disc can give it a bigger impulse within the period when a whirl is being formed, and it itself then moves higher.

However, the first flying discs had many defects. First of all, the push surface couldn-t resist and broke that further caused catastrophes. It was this ?elastic foil¦ that US Air Force Captain Jesse Marcell found on a farmer-s field; this case gave rise to the sensation about the Roswell incident in July 1947. Second, the disc was unsteady: it fell sideways as it slipped off the whirls. Third, flying discs with impulse electromagnets were heavy, with high power imputs and couldn-t cover long distances (as one correspondent told me, Americans had to deliver their flying discs to the Soviet shores in submarines). Certainly, this kind of aircrafts was improved, but another generation of apparatuses appeared by that time; their airframes were not shaken with electromagnetic field. It was made of piezoceramics and vibration appeared as a result of the piezoelectric effect. Apparatuses of this generation were no longer in a disc shape, they were balls, ellipses and other volumetric figures surrounded with a halo of ionized gas.

Finally, the third generation of flying discs consists of dark objects in which only small zones, whirl activators, are glowing. The light goes downwards when the disc is to take off, to the side when it is to move sideways or the light shines in the form of a pointed bracket at manoeuvres. The zone of whirl activation appears in any part of the airframe consisting of cell contacts. Uneven cells are joined together (this is the base), and voltage is sent to the other cells through a regulating switchboard. The airframe is monolithic and doesn-t vibrate, but the adjoining air is artificially ionized, and current impulses that slip by at a megahertz frequency made it expand. The principle of thermal sources of sound is known rather well, but it wasn-t effectively used in other scientific fields.

Now I would like to say about ?a mysterious material ray¦ that flying discs emit. Ufologists say that with the help of this ray extraterrestrials take people on board their aircrafts. The situation is more prosaic in fact: molecules are centrifuged and separated in the whirl zone, moisture is frozen out of the air in the cooled area and as a result of it small crystals form. The light emitted by the activation zone is shining on the crystals. Thus, a UFO 50 meters high described in the article in Komsomolskaya Pravda of February 11 is not an object itself, but the area consisted of whirls that it illuminated. The glowing zone stops where the lowest whirl loses the energy as it expanses and ceases to freeze crystals.

When the Soviet borders grew weaker as a result of perestroika, American spy UFOs flooded the sky over Russia. Unfortunately, they were not only collecting information. In December 1989, policemen in the Russian city of Krasnoyarsk saw that several dark flying discs were trying to experiment on electric mains going to the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant. However, we should also feel for Americans as they have been fooled with extraterrestrial fairy tales all this time, and the misinformation was spread intentionally. I tried to demonstrate how it is done on the example of the book UFO FBI CONNECTION. The Secret History of the Government`s Cover-Up by Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D. however, when a part of my book was published in English, the author emailed to me to express his disagreement.

So, the childish fantasy about extraterrestrial beings is currently being turned into a real spy novel. I would like to add that the disclosures I-ve done were not inspired and financed by the FSB; they are the result of my private, years-long research. I used my personal finance for the researches.

It is certainly very sad to give up the myth about extraterrestrials. But it-s time to grow older and say good-bye to fairy tales. I am not a confirmed sceptic rationalist.

Be sure, dear readers, there are more interesting things in the world than extraterrestrial beings, immortality of the soul and its post mortem fate. And those who have been spreading lies in the information sphere and fooling the humanity for 55 years already must remember this.

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