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Soviet KGB Files on UFOs (ABC News television program transcript)

ABC News

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: The following is a transcript from ABC News Prime Time Live,a segment about recently released Soviet KGB UFO files. The date on the original files is October 5, 1995.

The following is a transcript from ABC News Prime Time Live,a segment about recently released Soviet KGB UFO files. The date on the original files is October 5, 1995. As far as I know this is the date that the story was broadcast.

DIANE SAWYER: In an ABC News exclusive first broadcast last October (1994) We asked ABC News Correspondent David Ensor to find out what's in the KGB UFO files.

DAVID ENSOR: During a five month investigation Prime Time obtained over a thousand pages of documents collected by the old KGB. We spoke to dozens of Russian scientists, government officials, and military men. We now know that the entire Soviet armed forces, a total of 15 million people over ten years, was involved in a UFO study that turned up forty major incidents, including one that prompted fears of starting an accidental nuclear war.

As a result of the study hundreds of UFOs were recorded and some were photographed. Some of the reports and some of the photos are clearly faked. But in other cases there were multiple witnesses {At this point they show awesome film of a huge triangular UFO, filmed by a Soviet propaganda film crew doing a film about military preparedness in the 1960's. The film is very clear, showing a huge triangle shaped UFO a few miles high. The report states that the film was locked up by the KGB. - It really is pretty amazing footage- Dick}

DAVID ENSOR: October 4th, 1982 Byelokoroviche, Ukraine. Near a sleepy farming village our search brought us to perhaps the most frightening case of all, an incident that could have started an accidental nuclear war.

RUSSIAN MAN, EYEWITNESS: "I was riding a motorcycle not far from here. I saw a large object in the air. It had a perfect geometric shape."

DAVID ENSOR: Every person we spoke to in Byelokoroviche said they saw a flying saucer on that day. They told us it was huge, about 900 feet in diameter. For hours it hovered over the nearby ballistic missile base. Where Lt. Col. Vladamir Plantonev worked as a missile engineer.

LT. COL.VLADAMIR PLANTONEV: "It looked just like a flying saucer. The way they show them in the movies. No portholes, nothing. The surface was absolutely even. The disk made a beautiful turn, like this, on the edge just like a plane. There was no sound. I had never seen anything like that before."

DAVID ENSOR: Lt. Col. Plantonev took me to the ruins of what was then a missile silo with a nuclear warhead pointed at the U.S. It was dismantled 3 years ago after an arms reduction treaty. Plantonev was in the bunker on that day 12 years ago. In this room were dual control panels for the missile, each hooked up to Moscow. What happened next so alarmed Soviet Military leadership that a four man commission was sent to investigate, including Col. Chernovshev.

COL. IGOR CHERNOVSHEV: "During this period for a short time signal lights on both the control panels suddenly turned on. The lights showing that missiles were preparing for launch. This could normally only happen if an order were transmitted from Moscow."

DAVID ENSOR: No one had touched any buttons. No one had entered any codes. And yet as the UFO hovered over the base, the control panel showed the missiles were preparing to launch. For 15 agonizing seconds, the base lost control of its nuclear weapons.

Feb. 23rd, 1988. Six years later, at Kapustin Yar, near the Caspian Sea. It is Soviet Army and Navy day, a national holiday. An unidentified flying object appears on the radar screen protecting the military base. As the UFO moves toward central Russia the entire Soviet ballistic missile radar grid goes on alert. Several times fighter pilots are ordered to fire on the object. Each time the pilot would report that as he prepared to fire, the target had disappeared. Finally the UFO moved away for good.

{The report goes on to play back the actual audio tape of Soviet radar operators watching the UFO on radar, although you can't understand them unless you speak Russian, it is obvious they are agitated and seeing something very unusual. And then the segment has interviews with eyewitnesses who saw the large UFO which had been tracked on radar.}

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