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'The UFO Enigma' by Peter Sturrock: Book Description

The UFO Enigma, by Peter Sturrock

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The UFO Enigma by Peter Sturrock

About the Author

PETER STURROCK is emeritus professor of applied physics and emeritus director of the Center for Space Science and Astrophysics at Stanford University. He has received numerous awards including prizes from the American Astronomical Society; The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Cambridge University; The Gravity Foundation; and the National Academy of Sciences. His other publications include five edited volumes, two monographs, and over two hundred scientific articles.

Book Description

One of the major mysteries of our time, it continues to evoke intense public interest but has received scant scientific scrutiny-until now... THE UFO ENIGMA.

For over fifty years, the modern UFO controversy has raged between believers and debunkers, with very little input from the scientific community. The only unclassified, government-sponsored scientific study in the United States was the Colorado Project, which led to the 1967 Condon Report advising the Air Force that further examination of UFOs was useless. Official U.S. investigation came to a grinding halt-while other countries, most notably France, continued with research programs that found dramatic new evidence.

Now, in a major report commissioned by Laurance S. Rockefeller, world-renowned scientists debate the physical evidence in puzzling cases presented by UFO investigators. THE UFO ENIGMA overrides the Condon Report and concludes that there is much we could learn from further study of the phenomenon-if the evidence is carefully collected and scientifically analyzed.

An international panel of scientists grilled UFO researchers and examined dozens of cases including: Paris, 1984: Military radar confirms a commercial airline pilot's report of a gigantic disk, more than a half mile in diameter. Mansfield, Ohio, 1978: Four crew members of an Army Reserve helicopter give vivid accounts of an encounter with an unknown cylindrical object, during which their flight control system malfunctioned. Southern France, 1981: Police and scientific investigators find physical traces in the soil and biochemical changes in vegetation at the location of a reported landing of an ovoid object. Dayton, Texas, 1980: Three witnesses who observe a large, flaming object subsequently suffer debilitating radiation-type injuries.

A report on the conference findings along with supporting case material, THE UFO ENIGMA is not about alleged abductions or government cover-ups, nor about purported hoaxes or "shared illusions." With its focused scope and sober assessment by a distinguished scientific panel, its findings may be even more challenging-and more disturbing-than any of us dared to imagine.

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