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Media Coverage of the COMETA Report

Haiko Lietz

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: A listing of media coverage of the release of the COMETA report by the mass media (regional and national radio, TV, press) and other publications.

[Tentative list compiled by Haiko Lietz as of May 2001]


21.07.99: Le canard enchaîné: "Frappes chirurgicales contre les

21.07.99: Libération: "OVNI soit qui mal y pense" (Pierre

23.07.99: Denis Letty interview on France-Inter (radio)

05.08.99: L'Express: "Ovnis: un rapport délirant" (Marc

26.08.99: L'Express: "Droit de réponse: Rapport Cometa" (Denis

27.12.99: Libération: "En attendant E.T." (Alain Leauthier)

I know of an article in the newspaper "Ouest France" and another
radio interview on "Europe 2".


17.06.00: Irish Independent: "The truth is out there" (Leslie Kean)


21.05.00: Boston Globe: "UFO theorists gain support abroad, but
repression at home" (Leslie Kean)


I heard the newspaper "Jornal de Noticias" had an article.

I also heard of articles in the UK, ITALY and SPAIN. Desired
info is the article itself and the position in newspaper/program
(size of headline, etc.).

Interesting facts:

- the French TV show: "Planète Forum" on 01.10.1999 incl.
Velasco, Lagrange, Ribes said nothing on COMETA.

- the scientific journal "Intelligence and National Security"
(Issue 14.2) printed Gerald Haines' article "CIA's Role in the
Study of UFOs, 1947­1990: A Die-Hard Issue" in 1999. The
"electronic Telegraph" reported about it on 17.08.1999 ("X-Files
version of history is backed by CIA report" by Michael Smith)

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