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In Memoriam: Tribute to Shari Adamiak, by Dr. Steven Greer

Dr. Steven Greer, Director, CSETI

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Summary: Shari Adamiak passed on to the worlds of Light today, January 20, 1998.

Steven M. Greer ,  M.D.

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Shari Adamiak passed on to the worlds of Light today, January 20, 1998 at 9:50 am MST.

Shari made her transition in the presence of friends and loved ones, peacefully and without pain.

I ask that everyone pause to say a prayer for Shari and the progress of her soul in the presence of God.

What words can contain our sense of loss and of the love we all shared with Shari?

Since 1991, when we first met at a lecture in Los Angeles, Shari has been a pillar of strength and support, an indefatigueable colleague, a true friend, an intrepid fellow explorer, an irreplaceable confidant and a fearless lioness without whose dedication CSETI could not have realized its many historic achievements.

She has been my right hand and trusted assistant for over six years. Whether braving the dangers of the remotest parts of latin America or assisting with meetings at the offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon, Shari was there with me - and for all of us. She never faltered and she never gave up.

Unphased by the barbs of critics or the machinations of relentless covert operations, she resolutely worked for a time of peace - a peace universal, for the earth and for countless worlds beyond.

How many wonders did we witness together? From walking in the shadow of some of this world's largest volcanoes with extraterrestrial spacecraft floating silently above us, to watching a dozen top-secret military witnesses tell an assemblage of Congressmen the truth about UFOs, Shari and I saw events unfold of such great significance that only the passage of time will
reveal their true and ultimate significance.

And through it all, Shari was filled with a joy, an excitement and energy, an almost child-like curiosity and wonder at the mysteries of creation and the astonishing potential of these times.

Even as her body began to fail her, she evinced a spirit of such grace, courage and love that all those who knew her were amazed and blessed by her example.

Just two months ago, in November of 1997, she journeyed to Joshua Tree wilderness in California with me. There she experienced what she loved most: the oneness with the stars, the universe and the communication with those peoples from other planets visiting our turbulent world. Fighting weakness, pain and increasing paralysis of her right arm and leg, Shari went into the desert each night, undeterred by the growing obstacles posed by her physical condition. And there, through the crossing point of light, we saw the depths of space and the people and spacecraft from other worlds, who await our own coming of age as a people. Nothing would keep her from this purpose.

Now, a great light has gone from this world, but it shines forever brightly in the realms of eternity. I know Shari was ready for this great journey: Precisely 7 mornings before the morning of her passing, we crossed over together to the other side, if only for a while. Awestruck, we witnessed a Light- a Presence- so beautiful, emanating from the center of creation. No words can depict it; it was beyond anything the intellect can grasp. An infinite brilliance, golden white in the center and becoming more peach, pink and magenta as it expanded infinitely before us, suffused us in a sea of love, joy and beauty unlike any experience of my life. It was the experience of the consciousness of God - pure light, unspeakable love and peace. And permeating that Spot were millions of voices joining as one, singing a melody too sweet to recall. And the refrain was: "We are all one in Spirit".

Knowing that her time was near, I came to Denver yesterday to see her to the other side. Last night while saying prayers, she emerged from the coma, and with a look of great joy on her face, opened her eyes. I told her all was ready for her transition to the world of Light, and that she should go when she was ready. I could hear her acknowledge these words, and a large tear
welled up in her eyes as she knew that our time together in this world was nearly over.

This morning, we were called to her bedside. As we gathered, we said prayers and prepared her spiritually for the transition. As lights and a breath of great spirit filled the room, we saw it was time, and I said: " Shari, go into the eternal light". With that, she took her final breath and ascended to Providence...

Even while knowing the joy and love of her present state, the loss is nonetheless severe. But let us remember her thus: She lives in the worlds of Light, joyous, and she would want us to continue the work to which she dedicated her life - the establishment of Universal Peace, and the creation of a cosmic civilization.

And we find hope in the knowledge that those who have passed on to the next world become the leaven which raises this world of existence. Shari and I discussed her future work, from beyond the veil of light, which would advance the cause of peace and enlightenment in all the realms of God. I have no doubt that she will serve well from her new home in the eternal and
become one of the angels of peace.

Without peace, there can be no progress on this earth. So let us work for peace with hearts filled with love. For when we pass from this world, all we really take with us is love- endless, infinite love.

Steven M. Greer M.D.
Director of CSETI
20 January 1998

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