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Dr. Steven Greer Disclosure Project Talk - Sept 2001, Portland, Oregon

Dr. Steven Greer, Director, Disclosure Project - Sept 2001, Portland, Oregon

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Summary: I often say, unless we change directions, we're likely to end up where we're going. For years we've been talking about some of the fundamental structural problems in our society. One of the fundamental problems is the issue we're dealing with tonight. I will connect the dots for you of why this issue is relevant to the events of yesterday. I'll do it as delicately as I can.

Steven M. Greer ,  M.D.

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I wasn't sure I was going to be here today because my daughter was in Washington when these events unfolded yesterday. We were trying to evacuate her until last night out of the city pending further events there. And then I found out one of our friends and supporters of this project was in the World Trade Center when it fell.

I often say, unless we change directions, we're likely to end up where we're going. For years we've been talking about some of the fundamental structural problems in our society. One of the fundamental problems is the issue we're dealing with tonight. I will connect the dots for you of why this issue is relevant to the events of yesterday. I'll do it as delicately as I can.

But let me start off by saying this: On the 13th of December, 1993, my wife and I flew into Washington. I had someone take a shift from the emergency department--I'm a doctor, a medical doctor--did emergency medicine; and I was asked by President Clinton's first CIA director to brief him on this subject. And you might ask, What the hell is a country doctor from North Carolina, where I was living at the time, doing briefing a sitting CIA director on the most classified projects in the history of the U.S. government?

Well, my uncle designed the lunar module that took Neil Armstrong to the moon--yes, we did go to the moon--and when I was young I saw one of these objects: close range, anti-gravity, disc-shaped in broad daylight. I was a little boy, about eight or nine years old. And of course, my parents said, Oh well, it's a child about this age [indicates child in audience]--and was sort of discounted. Don't discount your children. Believe them.

I began to study this issue, and by 1993, and three years after starting CSETI, Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, we had successfully been able to set up protocols to go to the various areas of the world where these objects were being seen and establish initial contact with them. Close range. They'd hover in a field with us...all kinds of things. And word of this, of course, while it's been laughed about a lot by the public, the head of Army intelligence and other spooks took this very seriously. And they invited me to a meeting and began to ask, Just who the hell did I think I was and what were we doing going out there doing this?

Subsequently, some people close to the CIA director after President Clinton was elected had been following me around at lectures just like this, little meetings, small gatherings of four, five, six hundred people. He came up to me after one of these presentations, where I had stated that we needed to have a government-related disclosure of this subject so that the relations between humans and these other life forms could be taken care of properly by the people in our government and in our society capable of dealing with this as something other than strictly a military paradigm. And this gentleman said, "Well I know a few people and I've been following you for about four of these events." I had not recognized him in the audience--I was being stalked by a CIA spook. But he said, "I really want to help you do this, and I know some folks that you need to meet with." And I said, "Who might that be?" I thought he was going to say, you know, this network or that network, or whatever. But he said, "Well, I'm good friends with the director of Central Intelligence." I said, "Oh, that's a start!"

He said, "Would you be willing to put together some information for me to share with him?" I said, Sure, and put together a dossier of cases and information and what have you, and it was given to the CIA director, James Woolsey.

A couple of months passed and we continued to plan working this whole issue into the Executive Branch. We began to brief the President, we began to brief other people, and had concluded that we needed to do a lot of education on this issue with government officials because we couldn't assume that they knew or didn't know anything about it.

Ultimately what happened is I get a FedEx back from this man who was good friends with CIA Director Woolsey, that says (I'm paraphrasing here), but essentially it says, "Woolsey can not find anything on this subject through channels, and he wants you to come to Washington to meet with him and brief him on the matter."

Now, c'mon, this is '93. I'm working as an ER doc. Yes, I'm sitting on a lot of information, but give me a break. This is the CIA director. So I thought this was a prevarication, you see. I thought this was clearly something that was just sort of a they're--just-trying-to-pick-my-brain to find out what I knew and what I was doing, as opposed to actually needing information. I was wrong. I was very wrong.

My wife and I flew into Washington. We went to this townhouse. By the way, everything important happens at a dinner party in D.C. Nothing happens, ever, at an official meeting. Never, ever, ever, ever--forget about it. By the time you get to an official meeting, it's a dog and pony show. Everything happens at a private home. So we went to this private home inside the Beltway, not far from the Pentagon in fact. My host and his wife greeted us, and she didn't know who was coming to dinner. It's like, Guess who's coming to dinner? Well, the eccentric doctor from North Carolina dealing with extraterrestrials and the CIA director. Oh, honey, I love it, what are we having? You know, it was surreal! The poor woman hadn't a clue who was coming to dinner. This is a true story.

Essentially, the people that we met with turned out to be not only the CIA director, but his wife, the head of the National Academy of Sciences, Sue Woolsey. Dr. Woolsey came first, and later the CIA director in a limousine with secret service and all that. We spent ten minutes on testimony, evidence, government documents, and he stopped me. I had a whole huge briefcase full of material to go through--briefing material. You do it very crisp, paramilitary style. You kind of learn to do that during your presentations as a medical doctor anyway, with case summaries and stuff like that, so I just kind of took the medical training and transferred it into intelligence stuff, so, hey, you just learn to be versatile.

He said, Yeah, I know these are real. He had seen one, it turned out, just like I had in the sixties in broad daylight in New Hampshire in '67, or something like that. And the CIA director said, "I know they exist, but I want to know what the hell is going on! Why can't I find out about this? Who's keeping this secret, and why?" And we spent two and a half hours on that. That is the nut you've got to crack. Because you can understand the data. Anyone can understand the data.

We've now put together 69 military intelligence and corporate witnesses' transcripts in here [holds up Disclosure Project book]. Get this, buy a case of it half price if you want, and give it to everyone you know. The evidence and the documents are in here, and in this video tape, the other half of which you'll see later tonight. And in this thing--the CD-ROM that we're giving to members of Congress, and to scientists, and to the head of NASA, and a few other folks--that is a more scientific briefing document. You might want to get that if you have that sort of orientation.

But the point is, is that is the information that [the CIA director] could fully understand very quickly. He's a very smart man. But what he couldn't understand is how he and the President could be denied access to that information--that intelligence information. I had to break him the sad news that, yes, there are black projects that nobody knows about--that this is the granddaddy of them all. This is the most classified subject in the history of our planet. Extraordinary measures have been used to keep it secret. And the reason for it isn't because this is silliness--yes, there's a lot of silliness about the subject--you know, if you believe everybody comes out of a trailer park who just had sex with a Venusian. That's what the media wants you to believe. But the truth is, when I meet with a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which I have done, and other people like that, they are gravely concerned about these issues. But they're terrified to do anything about it. Terrified.

I had to explain to the CIA director that, in fact, there was an alternate, parallel, secret governmental entity, largely privatized in the corporate world--Lockheed Martin, SAIC, Black Ops Boeing, Aesop Systems, EG & G--you want a list, we'll give you a list. It's in this book, the whole list, or a good bit of them. The point I make to people is that that is exactly what Eisenhower, no pinko-liberal-commie he, five-star general and two-term Republican president, who said, "Beware the military-industrial complex," because of the likelihood of escaping the checks and balances required by our system of government--by the rule of law. And so it has come to pass. We can prove this with the testimony not only of these men, but additional people who've come forward since May [2001], including Daniel Sheehan--who represented the Pentagon and The New York Times in the Pentagon Papers, and the Iran-Contra case--who, during the Carter years, saw that President Carter had been denied access, and was trying to find out what was going on through the Congressional Research Service, because that's where he was sent by the CIA director at the time. As it turns out, this has happened to many of our presidents and many of our leaders.

So, you have an infrastructure that is an unacknowledged world--and that's the proper term: an unacknowledged special access project. And that world is inaccessible to these types of people--our leaders that you and I elect. Worse, the media is no more free on this issue--this issue, the big media--than the Chinese media is. We can prove it. We have people who have been in those positions on the payroll of the National Security Agency and the CIA, who work for the major media, whose job it is to kill these kinds of stories. Daniel Sheehan saw such a memo that listed 43 people on the payroll of the intelligence agencies working for the major media, whose job it was to "spike" these kinds of national security stories.

Now you may say, Why? You can understand the architecture of secrecy, you can understand how in a two-trillion dollar annual budget you could hide a hundred billion, five percent, and whisk it all into a covert world that takes on a life of its own. You can understand this.

This has been done in other cases. Senator Richard Bryant from Nevada, with whom I met, explained that he had uncovered that there was a 300 million-dollar office building being built in Maryland that was a national reconnaissance office facility. It said out front Rockwell International. It wasn't--that was a cover story. It was actually being built with taxpayer dollars--300 million--never approved by the President of the United States or the Congress. This was in The New York Times, my friends. Go look it up in Lexus Nexus or wherever you want to. Later he found another couple of billion dollars in these same funds--your and my tax money. So we understand this happens. The question is on this issue is why? And there you have the 64 trillion-dollar question. And I have to tell you this: that the implications for the future of our planet couldn't be graver, and what happened yesterday is an exclamation point.

We have witnesses ready to testify in the Congress tomorrow that we have not needed, nor has it been necessary, to pump one gallon of oil out of the ground and burn it since the time I was born. There have been classified projects that have figured out how these advanced propulsion systems work, and that by the 50's more money had gone into anti-gravity, electro-gravitic technologies, than the totality spent on the Manhattan Project. And we have a witness whose family was involved in that, who has confirmed the statement I was just sharing. And, that the entire geo-political situation, where there's this massive disparity between the first world and the third world, has been an artificial result of the attempt to keep the world on the fossil-fuel economy. And the chickens have come home to roost.

I'm afraid to say that we're at a point in our history where, as one of the first head of Central Intelligence, Admiral Rosco Hillenkoetter said in 1960 in a letter we have, that the UFO subject was of grave importance, and the secrecy surrounding the subject was a threat to the national security. Under no circumstances did he say that the UFO's were a threat to the national security, but the secrecy surrounding the subject where presidents of the United States, senior members of the Congress, and others, have been routinely denied access. And it is because people did not want the public to know what we had.

Now in the early days, the witnesses we have who handle the extraterrestrial vehicles and their technologies have confirmed that, in fact, we really didn't know what we had. It was so far ahead. But by the 50's and 60's, combining human breakthroughs in advanced electronics and electromagnetics and electro-gravitics, which had been worked on from Tesla's time, even from the work of people like Townsend Brown (his work is summarized in this CD-ROM), what you'll find is that that was greatly potentiated by the studying of the materiel, and the physics of these extraterrestrial objects which were retrieved. So the two came together, and they figured out basically how to make this work.

We have a witness who can be subpoenaed who was a subcontractor for Lockheed, who was at a secret facility with former Secretary of Defense, Frank Carlucci, at Norton Air Force Base in 1988, who saw a hovering alien reproduction vehicle. One about 25 feet in diameter, one about 60 and one about 120 feet in diameter, sitting there perpetually hovering by use of these advanced electronics, without any external power source or any nuclear power. Is this possible? Yes. Do I know people who can build these? Yes. Want to get on the dance floor? Let's build 'em. And when they give us a Section 181 Patent Seizure, or a National Security Act Order to cease and desist, I will go back on Larry King and tear it up. [APPLAUSE]

We have in effect lost 50 years of human evolution. And what my concern is, what has moved me to walk away from a quarter-million dollar a year position as chairman of emergency medicine and be the butt of jokes and put up with what I've had to put up with to do this, is because there's a group of people who know this is real, and who know what the implications are, and they are the gravest implications imaginable for this reason: If we stay on the path we're on, we're going to sink into further geo-political chaos, growing disparity between the wealthy and the poor nations, increasing international resentment over U.S. presence in the Middle East, increasing energy shortages, particularly if we had an interruption in our oil supplies from the Middle East and foreign countries where we're getting fifty percent of our energy, and a collapse in the biosphere within our lifetime, with both polar ice caps currently melting. It's stupidity, when we have people. If you will contact your members of Congress, and your senators, and the President, even in this crisis, and say, We can say goodbye to the oil and the sands of Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, and Iran, as soon as these projects are declassified, and god almighty, we want it done now! [APPLAUSE]

Fifty years of human history have been hijacked just as surely as those jets were hijacked yesterday. And we can make a better world. And here's the world we can create if we work together. We can begin to declassify this information and we can put our wise elders to work on our relations with extraterrestrial life forms. We can allow these technologies to be declassified and applied for peaceful energy and propulsion purposes. We can begin to have a world where this four billion people that are living in abject poverty can live with some dignity and decency, and which will greatly ameliorate geo-political tensions and lead to a rapprochement between the first and third world, and a truly peaceful and unified planet. This we can do in our lifetime, but it's going to take a great deal of work on our part.

What I would like to suggest is that there are other implications. This falls into the area of the Law of Unintended Consequences. Back in the 40's and 50's when the lid was slammed on this subject, which we can now prove, believe me what you're seeing here tonight, these two hours, the next hour you'll see the rest of the testimony, is one-sixtieth of what we've already recorded, which is one-fourth of the people we've identified. So you're going to see one-two-hundred and fortieth, and that's it. That's all you're seeing. We can prove every statement I am sharing here tonight in any court of law with government document backup, and in many cases with hard evidence. [APPLAUSE].

To say that some of these witnesses are terrified is an understatement. You know, I feel like I've been the cosmic hand-holder for ten years. I had to go to the Pentagon. I was asked by the head of intelligence for the Joint Staffs, who had an office not far from the section that was blasted yesterday. This admiral, Tom Wilson, who was the J2 position, the head of intelligence Joint Staff and I, met along with one of the Apollo astronauts and a couple of these military witnesses, one of whom has not been recorded because of security reasons--his family were some of the original directors of NACA who saw some of the extraterrestrial bodies brought into Langley way back. He found this out on a deathbed confession from his father. But in this meeting with the Admiral, we [came to a conclusion] based on information I had given the Admiral, which had included some of the code names--you want code names? Project Red Light, Project Looking Glass, Magi Control, Royal Ops, Cosmic Ops. Don't walk, run to anyone you know who has access and ask them to go into these classified areas and take whatever they can out and hand it to me. We'll take a walk on the beach, and I'll take full responsibility for it. I've been doing it. I'm a big boy. I'm willing to do it. Nobody has to be identified, because we have concluded the following: None of those projects have legal classification controlling authority. Why? They've opted out of the system because they have subverted it. And essentially the head of intelligence Joint Staffs said, "I am horrified that this is true. I have been in plenty of black projects, but when we tried to get into this one," he was told, and I quote, "Sir, you do not have a need to know." The head of intelligence Joint Staffs. You don't have a need to know. Neither did the CIA director, and neither did the President. Who the hell does? Well, a bunch of bureaucrats and corporate and other people who have these projects, and people within the National Reconnaissance Office, NSA, and very compartmentalized islands that are free-standing islands that basically operate as their own sovereign nation. We can prove that they've violated the Constitution of the United States. They were operating outside the rule of law, a priori, they cannot hide behind the law by enforcing National Security Act regulations on anything they have. Which means that somebody can haul an entire ET spacecraft out of a place, and I'm asking them to do it, and do it now. We're ready to roll! [APPLAUSE]

We do have people with that kind of access. Of course, they're nervous. But, I do have some documents in these books, that if you look at them carefully, they are secret and top secret, and they have not been declassified. An FBI guy said, "You know, it's a $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison each time you share that information." I said, "Oh, really. Oh, come put on the handcuffs now. Let's get on the dance floor. Because then you will prove that these documents are real, we'll be all in the media, and we'll get on the dance floor with a lawsuit, and we'll go to discovery. I mean Daniel Sheehan who did the Iran-Contra and Silkwood and Pentagon Papers is ready to rumble. Let's go." They didn't bother me. You kidding?

So, if you know anyone with access, put them in touch with me. If you know anyone who's a past witness, put them in touch with me. I'm a physician. I can maintain a confidence to my grave if I have to. I've got 350 additional guys like this that no one knows about. But, the world can't wait 50 more years for the truth to be known and for these technological advances to begin to be applied. Because once that is known, we can then say every single country and people, every continent, can have energy extracted from the ambient environmental electromagnetic flux field. This is not pie in the sky, and it's not "perpetual motion." This is an advanced physics which is well known by people who we're working with and who can prove it. These physics will permit a society, if they're in the jungle of India, to have energy for electrification, irrigation, crops, light manufacturing, with no pollution and no multi-trillion dollar infrastructure for power lines and fossil fuel or nuclear power plants. Imagine what would happen to the world economy when that blossoms. This is the tide which will lift all ships on planet earth. And we cannot have it deprived from us any further, because if we do, the wake up call yesterday--which is a horrific tragedy in the history of our country, worse than you can know. It's unfathomable what happened--will look like a minor event. A minor event. And we've known this for a long time.

I've been in meetings with top national security people for years. I was on the phone yesterday with my national security military advisor, one of them--we sort of have a little bond, a little kitchen cabinet that runs around with me--and there's no question that the fundamental structural geo-political problems cannot be fixed with a zero-sum game of the way the world is operating today. Fossil fuels are the ultimate zero-sum game. It defines poverty, because Europe and America is only ten percent of the world's population. The other 90 percent of the world's population, if they began to live anywhere near how we do, the price of a gallon of gas would be god only knows, about ten or twenty or thirty dollars a gallon, maybe a hundred. It would just be unbelievable, and everyone that I know at the Pentagon and the Department of Energy last year and the year before when we had meetings said, "We will see world war over the Middle East and oil within this decade," and that was said to me in the Fall of the year 2000. And here we sit, on the brink of war.

Unfortunately, those of us who have been raising this alarm for eight, nine and ten years at the highest levels of the president and national security and the military and Congress, these people who have not heard it from us privately are going to have to hear it from the People. And so the hundreds of people here [tonight] need to tell

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