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Strange Connections

Shane Hill

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: As with any field of study, ufology should be looked at through the eye of scientific enquiry. Regardless of how those that call themselves regular scientists see it we must see it that way. Had we been taking the right approach since Kenneth Arnold had his sighting then perhaps ufology might not have the stigmata associated with it that it does. Gather enough facts, place them all together ask the right questions then things start to appear, small similarities, patterns, or clues start to creep out from the mountains of data that most of us seem to collect.

As with any field of study, ufology should be looked at through the eye of scientific enquiry. Regardless of how those that call themselves regular scientists see it we must see it that way. Had we been taking the right approach since Kenneth Arnold had his sighting then perhaps ufology might not have the stigmata associated with it that it does. Gather enough facts, place them all together ask the right questions then things start to appear, small similarities, patterns, or clues start to creep out from the mountains of data that most of us seem to collect.

This is one reason I recommend a database, every enthusiastic hobbyist or serious investigator will have a database. Many have designed their own, today's software enables even those with the most basic of computer knowledge to manipulate or design a database. Once you have one you should begin asking questions, questions lead to other questions that you database can not answer. Here amongst the unanswered questions lay the biggest clues to understanding the enigma of UFO‚s.

Let me explain, by asking your database to compare directions of UFO flight with types of craft you might discover that certain types of UFO tend to favour certain directions. You might for example find that triangular shaped craft are most often reported as flying toward the west.

By asking the database to correlate types of craft with dates the researcher may find that certain types or classes of UFO tend to favour certain times of year or even certain times of day. One may even be able to pin point small flaps that are not apparent to the casual observer. The combinations are endless you could compare dates with times with craft or dates with years with reported CEI or CEII eventually patterns will start to emerge.

This however is only one aspect of what we might find because each question we ask the database prompts other deeper questions the biggest being, why? Why should a certain type of craft be seen more at one time of year than another, why are humanoid beings mostly reported with CS2 type craft? Why are CS1 type craft only reported during daylight hours while BOL class UFOs are seen at night. The there are the other questions that jump out at us when we look not at the data but at the reports themselves, the description of each encounter. For example similarities in reported craft.

In 1998 I had the good fortune to conduct an interview with a couple who had seen triangular shaped craft moving over their property. During the investigation while waiting patiently Œagain‚ in the thick woods of their property we drank coffee chatting about the mysteries of the universe. Two things happened that always seem to happen on these investigations firstly I got cold, wet, miserable secondly I did not see any UFO, thirdly I was told that the couple had a friend who „knew stuff‚.

While I have yet to meet a UFO witness who doesn't know of another witness or has some friend who seems to have a real handle on the mystery, I am getting tired of the whole affair, however I am still not one to miss an opportunity however small to get one step closer to the answer.

This attitude has as you can imagine lead me to a lot of crackpots or armchair experts. Yet every once in a while I will garner a titbit of useful information. That can be run through my various sources along with my database prompting new ways of thinking about things. This was such an occasion.

I arranged to meet the couples friend. The next time he visited. He would be staying only three days a small window of opportunity which I took. The person I met turned out to be one of those rare people that time had forgotten for him time had stopped right in the middle of the wood stock concert. Dressed in pure natural sheep's wool sporting a woolen knapsack full of pure natural suspicious substances. Long unkempt hair, the type of demeanor that only comes from living in the off the land for a few years.

As we talked I discovered that he did indeed live off the land somewhere in the wilds of Tasmania in a small woodsman shack with a raggedy old dog for company, the shack was I suspect full of three things food, suspicious weeds and books on UFO's his favourite subject. It turns out that he had once been a normal urbanite with a good job, family with good prospects for the future, a divorce with other things had led him to reject society taking up vegetarianism, naturalism living the hermits life. He was however very amiable and friendly had we met under other circumstances I think we could be good friends.

We talked most of what he said had to do with Œbeing watched‚ or massive UFO's filling the night sky blocking out the stars, then he moved on to conspiracy theories his favourite seemed to be the propensity for aircraft to fall from the sky. He somehow tied this to numbers the number twenty seven to be more precise. Something I will look further into given the time. In all standard fair for the ufologist nothing Id hadn't come across before, except perhaps for one thing one thing that got me thinking.

There seemed to his mind to be a correlation between certain reports of craft or features of craft which I found interesting to say the least. Did you ever notice he asked me that Adamski‚s UFO had three pods underneath it? I said I had Did you ever notice he asked that these new triangular craft have three lights on the underside in roughly the same configuration as Adamski‚s craft? Again I said that I had noticed this.

Next he asked me if I noticed that Bob Lazars description of the inside of the sports model had three pods in again roughly the same tri-configeration. Hmm I said beginning to see a pattern. Yes I had.

After an hours discussion on the in and outs of Lazars claims my new friend produced a folder from his knapsack. I was a little put back as amongst the suspicious weeds, herbal remedies and assorted beads there was a large folder of UFO photographs. Many where from a so called society called Thud, showing amongst other things more examples of Adamski type craft with these pods. Other photos of craft showing this triangular formation in one form or another under various craft. Then numerous descriptions by witnesses who had claimed to be inside UFO's each describing this similar formation inside various UFO'. I recognised all the photographs along with most of the encounter stories. What I didn't recognise was this correlation of data.

People from all walks of life who had never met from differing parts of the world all describing similar traits of UFO's. Even given that some of the photos would have been fakes or that many of the stories would have been false the similarities were compelling. To his mind this offered clues if not the answer to the propulsion system used by many craft, these pods can be internal to the craft or external. Most of the evidence suggests that these pods can be moved into (raised) or lowered below the ship as required. His main point was that they are almost always there in some form or other that they seem to always be in this triangular pattern. Further to that each craft that exhibits this anomaly can be associated in some way or other with the EBH. Meaning there is some connection with our planet. Be that the nazi UFO theory or obvious lies told to witnesses by supposed space travellers.

All in all an interesting hypothesis, a fine example of something that needs to be run through my database. Perhaps yours as well. I don't suspect for a moment that we will discover anything more than a correlation having the information does not imply that we will discover the actual means of propulsion. But I strongly suspect that it will prompt other similarities in various craft descriptions. Other similarities will become apparent leaping out for somebody. A good example is the apparent need for certain types of UFOs to travel along lay lines in some parts of the world. Or for certain types of craft to exhibit certain capabilities like one eighty degree turns while other craft do not. My friend found strangely that on the whole craft with these pods do not exhibit amazing movements such as this they can however hover, interesting stuff.

He found other correlation's or connections, which he promised to use to enlighten me. What I asked my friend then produced a second series of photographs, drawings and reports. Most of these I recognised as beam ships. A class of UFO reported by miere and others. He began explaining that he had placed them into categories those with windows and those without next those with external pods, along with those without, he correlated each report. We became side tracked again as I argued over the validity of Mieres sightings.

My arguments fell on deaf ears as he explained that genuine, fake or hoaxed sightings fitted into his theory.

Stunned I demanded to know why.

The reason he said is simple because real or fake the sighting shows the contemporary view of UFO‚s that's what his theory deals with the popular view further the correlation's still ring true even when taking hoaxes into account almost as if some of the fakes are influencing the genuine sightings or visa versa.

He progressed many UFO‚s have small antenna these small metallic looking spikes on the top can be seen in numerous photos. Then he pointed out another interesting thing, that craft which have these antenna do not have external pods. Strangely these same UFO's are reported as making some sound either a humming or a droning noise, while generally pod type UFO‚s are reported as silent.

I immediately pointed out (from memory) several examples were this is not the case. Again for his theory it didn't matter. These he explained might be exceptions to the rule misreports or the fakes however over the vast number of sightings it seems to be true.

His theory concluded (assuming any conclusions can ever be drawn about this subject) was that these pods are an earlier version of the propulsion system used by the UFO's, then according to a time line he had created from his sightings, in about 1979 the reports changed the antenna type craft began appearing. Later the triangular shaped craft were according to him the same propulsion system is used only a more advanced version of it, i.e. the external lights. According to his theory each of the various stages of these craft are still in use by „them‰ yet we are more likely to see less of the older styles as the years progress.

You meet the darndest people. While his theory was soundly structured being a good example of how the evidence can once collected then correlated lead to new ideas, new questions, there are still holes in it. I am also apt to take the whole person into account when reviewing these theories. For example had my friend the woodsman stayed on track even I might have been inclined to give his theory more credit. His reasoning started to fall apart at the seems however when he talked about being watched, that now he was suspicious of certain things that occurred around or near him. In short he suspected that „they‰ might be after him to stop his revelations from becoming public knowledge. Even then I agreed to meet him again at some time in the future assuming of course they don't get him first.

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