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An Interview with Steven Greer, MD, Director, CSETI

Sw. Virato, Executive Editor, New Frontier Magazine

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Summary: Dr. Greer spends all his free time as head of organization that investigates extraterrestrial life. Greer was always interested in these phenomena and their overwhelming substantiated evidence, and five years ago founded an organization called the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, popularly known as CSETI.

During the day Steven Greer, MD, works as a staff physician in the emergency room of a hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, "dealing," he says, "with life and death crisis daily." The former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital in North Carolina, he was also the president of the International Meditation Society in the Bahamas.

However, these days, Dr. Greer spends all his free time as head of organization that investigates extraterrestrial life. Greer was always interested in these phenomena and their overwhelming substantiated evidence, and five years ago founded an organization called the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, popularly known as CSETI.

The organization now has thousands of members and 25 working groups world-wide, including a 10 member Executive Council, with offices in Boulder, Colorado and Asheville, North Carolina They claim to have made contact with extraterrestrials.

Greer relates to his work in search for extraterrestrial intelligence similar to the search for a cancer cure, "Certainly in medicine a 10% probability of finding a cure for cancer would warrant an all-out effort in the cancer research community." Although Greer was on the Larry King Show, he is quiet about his private life, and devotes virtually all of his free time to his ET research. He believes that one reason the ETs do not make open contact is simply that we are not mature enough yet to understand what they offer, nor can we communicate with them. Dr. Greer has worked with senior government leaders world-wide in his quest. For more information write CSETI, PO Box 15401, Asheville, NC 28813.

Sw. Virato: What is the purpose of your organization?
Steven Greer: Our mission is establishing sustainable relations between human civilization and extraterrestrial civilizations, and to facilitate that through a project known as Project Starlight--a disclosure event that will involve a number of the world's leaders, as well as many witnesses who are military intelligence, aerospace scientists and others.

Our assessment on this phenomena is very unconventional, but I think reasonable, and that is that the UFOs as we describe them are in fact extraterrestrial spacecraft, but have aspects of how they appear that are extraordinary, and have an interface with what you might call consciousness or mind.

They are no more paranormal than any human being. We do not investigate ghosts, poltergeists, astral beings, angels, or that sort of thing; but at the same time we acknowledge that we are dealing with civilizations that have a reproducible technological link with what we would call non-locality.

Non-locality, not only of matter, but also of mind, enables them not only to facilitate communication through vast distances of space, but also travel and propulsion systems that are related to non-linear systems.

SV: How would you describe non-locality?
SG: I think virtually everyone who reads your magazine will know that. Non-local, or non-linear means not restrained by a time-space continuum. It operates parallel to, but really outside of, and transcendent to, linear reality.

One problem is that there is much discussion in the UFO field suggesting that these are paranormal or interdimensional things, and of course that's said without any self-actualization that there is nothing more interdimensional than a human being. We eat, we have babies, we make love and we have physical bodies. If you cut me I bleed, but we also can astrally project, and we have pre-cognitive capabilities and telepathic capabilities that we can manifest if we're adept to telekinesis, levitation and so on.

We don't have to invent a new fanciful theory regarding interdimensionality and paranormal occurrences to explain the existence of UFOs. They are manifesting in our time-space as physical spacecraft with biological life forms, and also manifest utilizing non-linear, non-local technologies that involve interfacing with what we would call the mind stuff of reality. Not only mind in terms of individual thought, but the transcendent substrate of consciousness that is the warp and woof the universe.

SV: The phenomenon of being able to go interdimensional has obviously been around since the beginning of time, or as long as life forms have existed in the universe. Might you be suggesting that out interpretation of them now that we are "scientifically adept" is no different than Ezekiel in the bible etc., and others that have been seeing these phenomenon.
SG: Unfortunately, there is a lot of anthropocentrism that gets into this. For example, people will see a UFO and it then "disappears," and they will say it became unmanifest. If there is a technology that enables one to go beyond light speed instantaneously, the human eye is not going to be able to track that kind of acceleration any more than you can see a bullet moving through the air.

A big mistake in the UFO field is that it's a little bit like the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, where someone throws a coke bottle out of a plane and the tribe's people below find it, making it an object of magic, mystery and conflict, because it's this thing that came from the sky. It's very childish, and humanity must rise above these very primitive ways of looking at something simply because we don't understand it.

The first thing we have to do is step back a minute and see that we're half one step out of the jungle, just that, and that's if you take the better part of humanity. The universe is at least 20 billion years old, and the likelihood that there are civilizations that have evolved a few thousand, to a few millions years ahead of ours it is extremely likely. And that's just within our galaxy, never mind the universe. There is the likelihood that we are dealing with civilizations whose technology would look just as magical to us, if not more so, than a laser, television or telephone would look to someone a thousand, or even two hundred years ago. In fact if you went back 300 years ago to Salem and showed them a simple tape recorder you would probably be burned at the stake for being a witch or sorcerer for being able to capture someone's voice.

We have to step outside, not only of our anthropocentric mindset, but our time-centered mindset of the 20th century, and take the long view into a large horizon of the potential of life in the universe, and how it might manifest in our time-space. Their physical technologies, never mind interdimensional stuff and non-local stuff, by definition are not going to be 20th century earth. They are going to magical or supernatural, or to use a term you used earlier, paranormal to us.

I personally prefer not using this kind of jargon, because it's very deleterious, since it puts this subject in a field that becomes unnecessarily inaccessible and overly distant. It's okay to be visionary, but you also have to kind of walk the mystical path with practical feet and say: Can we not make an assessment that looks at this, not only from a technological point of view and three dimensional physicality, but begins to stretch the horizons a bit and looks at what the implications are of technologies that are transluminal?

Let me define that. Let's say that you are from a star system 100 light years from here, which is actually very near by. At the speed of light it would take a hundred years for the words " Hello, mission control. How are you?" to reach us, and another hundred years for them to say "Fine, how is your day going?" That 200 earth years!

Any civilization that becomes a "starfaring" civilization runs up against the light barrier first. We are already dealing with this at NASA in trying to assess how to put a rover on the surface of Mars because the number of minutes it takes, at the speed of light, for it to send data back that the rover is about to go over a 60 foot cliff, or what have you, is so long that by the time we would send the signal back it would already be a billion dollars of scrap at the bottom of a hill, so the speed of light, even in our solar system is too slow.

If we start looking at interstellar travel we run up against this light barrier, so advanced civilizations, it goes to reason, would very early in their stage of becoming a planetary civilization, a high tech civilization and then a space exploring civilization would begin to look at ways to transcend linear space-time, not only for propulsion, but for communications.

And guess what? The Moody Blues were right. Thinking is the best way to travel, and its also the best way to communicate. If you could invent something that interfaces with this stuff that we call mind and thought, reliably, not just some accidental occasional telepathic event or precognitive event, but a reproducible technology as accurately as AT&T, you would be able to transmit information and also material matter through time-space at velocities that are non-velocity oriented, in other words they are non-linear. They become instantaneous, and what's interesting is if you go to Dr. Jahn's lab at Princeton, you'll find that there are studies that have been done where people receive information before it's sent in experiments dealing with non-linear, mind, thought and telepathy.

SV: This seems like the ultimate advancement of the mind-over-matter concept.
SG: My point here though, is a very central point, illustrating that the nature of mind, and the nature of matter is non-local. What's really interesting, if you go into sub-particle quantum physics, you find that science cannot even identify the existence of a linear basis for matter in time-space. In other words, they find that matter itself is non-local. These kinds of things sound like "paranormal," "supernatural," "magical" things to us, but so would a satellite TV, Larry King Live beaming into 200 countries to someone even a hundred years ago, or 50 years ago.

We have to have some degree of humility in recognizing that the universe is a very large place, and that what we know about it is probably an infinitesimal glimmer of the reality of it. The big problem with scientists and doctors, is that there is a complete lack of perspective and humility. Everyone thinks we're at the apex of all knowing, and we're just a half-step out of the jungle. Looking at it that way, then we can begin to understand that there are extraterrestrials that move through time-space in non-linear fashion, and can communicate that way, which affect our paradigm, and inject sort of a vision into our future, probably our own future.

SV: Let's talk about those communications. One of them is the Crop Circles or "pictograms" that are appearing in crop fields world-wide. What is this communication? The Hopis are saying it's one thing, and other people are coming up with their conjectures, so you might as well join the rest of them.
SG: I'll join the rest by declining to conjecture. I think the message is a meta-message--an archetype. People are trying to explain and decode something in a very linear way that is, at it's essence an attempt to interface with our consciousness in an archetypal fashion. What I mean is that the Crop Circles that are authentic are saying to us something very simple, something that my children would understand. Look up! You are not alone.

The first time I saw one of these huge Crop Circles, the affect was not, "Oh, this is some kind of language, or some kind of code with some kind of specific meaning," but rather it had an effect on my mind. It had an effect on consciousness that was transcendent, and which conveyed some kind of archetype meaning and experience that is really quite difficult to put into words.

SV: What your saying then, is it's the same as Michelangelo's artwork. It isn't necessarily the artwork itself, but it's the result and effect of the artwork creating something in one's consciousness?
SG: Yes, that's correct, but I think it's something relatively difficult to put into words, less tangible than a piece of art in many respects, but at the same time conveying some very simple messages from them. My assessment by the way, is that the authentic Crop Circles are not plasma, nature theory or other theories, but they are in fact made by extraterrestrial spacecraft in orbit over those parts of the world where they appear frequently, and in fact we have very good reason to think that's the case from our own experiments and our own observations.

This of course runs right into the face of the conventional wisdom that would like to believe they are supernatural, paranormal or being done by fairies, angels or an ascended master from Tibet. You name it, there are a thousand different theories. The evidence that we have seen suggests that there is a very clear technological mechanism for their creation which is quite separate from their meaning.

There have been a couple of daytime observations of attempts of these spacecraft to make these things. One farmer, whom I know very well, had a farm hand with him on a day in August of 1991, when a black, cylindrical energy field, came down out of an absolutely clear sky, went into the field which he had just finished cutting, and started swirling around in his field. I don't know how to describe it other than that, but he said it was extraordinary. It then went back up, connecting to something very high in the sky. Twenty minutes later it appeared again at the other end of the field, and did the same thing.

We have other similar sort of witnesses, and these have not been shared very much because for the most part the people in this field want to have a magical and mysterious explanation for this, and if you give them anything that becomes too clear, they want to disregard it because the mystery disappears and I think there is still plenty of mystery, don't get me wrong.

SV: You may be talking about the so called metaphysical, new age, paranormal society but what about the rest of society that still looks at this as total nonsense, and anyone involved in it is almost always discredited. How do handle your professional life dealing with the Disneyland type approach that people see to this, and what evidential stuff are you coming up with? I know Dr. Levengood at the University of Michigan came up with his theories.
SG: We take an empirical approach to our research. Empirical observation is the mother of all science. It is really the mother of all learning and knowledge. What we do is actually go to where whatever aspect of the phenomenon, and your referring now to crop circles, is appearing and stay there for long periods of time, day and night, literally twenty four hours, making observations. To the extent we can, we also document things.

What we have come up with is the very clear sense that these Crop Circles, the ones that are authentic, are of extraterrestrial origin, and that there is a meta-message involved that says basically "You are not alone, and the time is coming where this going to become quite clear to everyone on your planet." There may be other messages about the environment and consciousness and what have you, but I think that's the meta-message.

As to how the public perceives these Crop Circles, remember that we are basically a population of lemmings, and the tendency is for everyone to jump off the same cliff. So, if Dan Rather gets on the news and announces that Doug and Dave have solved the Crop Circle mystery because they hoaxed all 2000 of them, the people will believe that because an authority figure at a major network said so. We are really a very pathetically codependent and pathetically docile population at this point in our history.

As for my profession, I'm a medical doctor, and I'm respected in the work I do. I was involved in this after I had already been established in my medical practice, and interestingly because I try to take at once a visionary and rational approach to these phenomena, I have not found that people are negative. In fact, surgeons, cardiologists and other physicians are not only extremely fascinated with our explorations, but extremely supportive. A significant number of people in the CSETI organization are medical doctors and scientists

SV: The media tend to depict any Crop Circle discoveries the end of the eleven o'clock news as the joke of the day.
SG: Absolutely! I told Larry King that if he put one percent of the resources and energy and talent that he put into covering O. J. Simpson into the extraterrestrial issue he would have the story of the millennium.

SV: He did do a piece on the Roswell cover-up though…
SG: My point is that instead of actually doing a concerted investigative report effort, the population at large wants to hear some authority figure give them answers. That's what happened with the Doug and Dave phenomenon and the whole Crop Circle investigation.

I think the average person is very willing to listen. I have had meetings with heads of state recently, and with people who are leaders in our government and they are not laughing. They take this very seriously, but of course they would laugh if I came in twinkie-eyed and started prattling fanciful theories that are supernatural, paranormal and what have you. There is a way to speak about this that can relate it to the real lives that people live in, and that then takes them to a vision into the future. It stretches their mind a little bit, and I think this is what we need to learn to do. Those of us who are involved, and trying to get the truth about this out to the public need to learn to be where people are and take them a little further. In terms of their understanding--not only the phenomenon but the nature of reality--one of the real difficulties is that the reality we have been taught about the nature of the physical world is false, absolutely false.

The world is not linear or reductionistic, it is in fact holographic, quanta, non-linear, and non-local. So the advent of this new way of looking at our reality is a transcendent theme whether it's UFOs, Crop Circles, or human self-actualization. All of these things impact on a tension that's developed between a flawed linear paradigm, and an emerging non-linear one that is a little more correct. I'm not about to say it's the ultimate one, because I think there will eventually be paradigms beyond that, but I think that we're at this point of tension in our history and evolution of going from one to another.

What we need are more bridge builders. I'm no twinkie. I live in a very hands-on world of trauma and emergency, with life or death situations in my hands, so I can bridge the reality between the three-dimensional, linear existence, and bring a sense of the holism from that to this other understanding which is kind of evolving to coexistence.

If you hit glass with a rock it will break, but at the same time we can say there is an aspect to this matter, to our mind that is non-local, non-linear and that the two can interact. We are seeing of some of these kinds of abilities formalize and become systematized in extraterrestrial technology, and when the truth about extraterrestrial presences comes out, it is going to revolutionize science, consciousness and philosophy, because we will no longer be able to cling to childish concepts of reductionism and mechanistic existence when we see how other life forms interact with the world and what we call reality.

This is very exciting. One of the real promising things about the whole subject, quite external to the fact that these extraterrestrials are visiting the planet, is one of the lessons that we will learn about the nature of reality by honestly observing their capabilities.

SV: What other things CSETI is doing?
SG: Well, one thing is the Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Initiative, which is the formation of teams of people to go out to communicate with these life forms. We are using non-linear technologies now to do that. We are using not only linear things such as tones that we are sending out in space and lasers and this kind of stuff. We are also using remote viewing techniques. Techniques that involve the ability of the human mind to remote view space craft in deep space and see them and then through holographic interface with their technology mind stuff, vector them in and guide them into near landing events.

I think the reason we've had multiple near landing events with our teams is because we are beginning to at least approximate what their capabilities are even though we are doing it low-tech, and they may be doing it high-tech.

The other thing, in which we need your help, is Project Starlight. We are in the late stages, far along in providing briefings to world leaders on this subject, serious briefings with heads of our governments, United Nations, other world governments, military leaders, intelligence heads and what have you. I have personally been doing this now for about two years. One of the things we need, is people to have both the courage and the direct relation to this phenomenon who have been in the military, intelligence or aerospace capacity who are ready to break silence.

This is the first time I have said this publicly. We have asked the White House staff and the President for an executive Order protecting these people from prosecution for violation of their national security oath. We have identified about twenty of these people to date. Some of them have been aids to other presidents, some of them have been in intelligence divisions, and some have been high ranking military, aeronautic or astronomic figures.

Our intent is to collect as many of these witnesses as we can and at one time, hold a disclosure event where they will tell the world the truth about this and there involvement with it. We have notified the military and the intelligent heads, including the CIA and others is that we intend to do this. Regardless of a presidential executive order protecting these people, there are a critical mass of them who are willing to do it with or without the president's protection.

What I would like for your reader's to ask themselves, and then it's like six degrees of separation, to ask people they know is that is there are people that they know who are ready to come in out of the cold and are ready to join with a very serious high level disclosure effort on this subject, that they need to contact me.

Some of these people that I am working with are extraordinarily courageous, or amazingly dedicated to returning this subject to the public domain, and out of the covert world of secret operations. It is essential that this happens, not only for the security of our planet, but it is also essential that this happen for the continuation of a Constitutional Democracy. I appeal to people to come forward if they are courageous enough to speak out. They will not be speaking alone. I want to emphasis and there is a tremendous amount of protective things that we have put in place. If we do not do it, I'm afraid eventually the subject will come out and be confirmed to the world in a way that could induce a lot of dislocation and chaos. We're trying to do this in a way that is conscious and not harmful, and a way that is truthful.

SV: Thank you for your time.
SG: It was my pleasure Virato, I look forward to working with you.

©1997 New Frontier Magazine.

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