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The Irrelevance of UFO Secrecy

Michael Mannion, Mindshift 2001

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: Do you want to know the truth about the UFO-ET phenomenon? Avoid those who claim to have access to secrets. The truth is not hidden; it is right before your eyes.

Do you want to know the truth about the UFO-ET phenomenon? Avoid those who claim to have access to secrets. The truth is not hidden; it is right before your eyes.

Let the keepers of the UFO and ET secrets keep them. Leave them to themselves in their world of self-spun mystery. The facts about the new cosmic reality are in the open, plain for all with eyes to see. Why don't we ignore their little game and move on to more productive pursuits? The secrets kept by the deceptive figures in the military, the intelligence community and departments of civilian government are the secrets of the past. The truth is to be found in full, living contact with the present.

The keepers of the UFO-ET secrets are like the dead souls some say remain in this world after they pass on. They cannot let go and remain bound here, unable to move forward. Of course, they can still do harm and take others down with them. Therefore, avoid them like the plague.

The so-called secrets are irrelevant. Most of the "secret" government information has already been released in one form or another-as information, disinformation or misinformation. It can be found it books, magazine articles and on websites. In contrast to old secrets, new scientific facts are being discovered and submitted to the public as evidence supporting a change in our view of the UFO-ET phenomenon. For example:

· over 50 planets have been found in the last five years; · data suggest Mars once supported life, and may still; · other bodies in our own solar system may harbor life; · space is not a vacuum but filled with an energy that can one day power space craft; · the speed of light is no longer seen as an unbreakable barrier, making deep-space exploration possible · "extremophores" exist where life was once thought impossible

It now remains for the public to evaluate this evidence and incorporate it into a rapidly changing worldview.

The old secrets are irrelevant in the face of the new discoveries which are shattering the former worldview. New knowledge is the foundation of the world that is being born. Secrets form the links in the chains that shackle people to the world that is dying. New scientific discoveries are undermining the belief that life exists only on earth and that contact with non-human intelligences is impossible. We ourselves are on the verge of becoming a space-faring civilization because of new technological developments permitting travel at speeds beyond our wildest imagination. (Whether we are ready for this is another question entirely.)

If you could have told those present at the first flight at Kitty Hawk that what they had just seen would soon lead to man flying to the moon, few would have believed you. Yet it took only 66 years to get from the Wright Brothers to the first lunar landing. What will humans have achieved by 2035, or 66 years after the first lunar landing?

Major change becomes possible when a society's mindset changes. Public knowledge of such events as Kitty Hawk and the lunar landing changes mindsets. Correct information about the UFO-ET phenomenon will also change our mindset on that subject. In Project Mindshift: The Re-Education of the American Public Concerning Extraterrestrial Life, it is suggested that the media is gradually reshaping the public mindset on the UFO-ET phenomenon. One recent example will illustrate the point.

A couple of years ago, ABC Evening News ran a piece on the SETI program, in which the idea of intelligent life in the universe was ridiculed. This was standard treatment. Yet in the spring of 2001, on one of its national evening news broadcasts, ABC featured another story about SETI which asserted that the significant question is no longer "Is there intelligent life beyond earth?" The new question is, "What will we say when we meet that intelligent life?"

The difference represents a sea change in thinking. Who makes the decision to broadcast such a different message? And why did that story appear at this time? There was no apparent "hook," no breaking news event to which the story was connected. ABC claims that more Americans get their news from ABC than any other source. Sad as that may be, it is interesting to note this major change in the way news about life beyond earth is being handled.

Today, there are so many openings through which information about new knowledge is flowing. Why waste precious time running down the false leads of the keepers of the secrets? How many UFO-ET cul de sacs and dead ends must one face before moving on to other, more fruitful areas of investigation?

Some may ask, "How can you really learn about the UFO-ET phenomenon if you don't try to uncover the 'secret' information that only the insiders know?" Here are some alternative ways:

· Spend time looking at the night sky. You will be surprised at what you see. · Listen to your friends, neighbors and family members. You may be startled at the anomalous experiences you will hear about. So many people have them; so few feel comfortable sharing them. · Read about what is being discovered at the edges of mainstream science about life on earth and about life beyond earth. · Investigate the exciting work being done at the frontiers of science. · Study the books and articles written by hard-working researchers who investigate the UFO-ET phenomenon seriously. · Listen to what others have to say with an open mind.

Forget about the secrets and the keepers of the secrets. They are irrelevant to learning and to new knowledge. Form your own views on the subject based on your own study and experience. Most important of all, learn to think correctly and to think for yourself.

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