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Science, Proof And The "UFO"

Val Germann

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Summary: Here is one of the stickiest wickets in the whole field of Ufology. The debunkers all say "where is the proof?" And the "Ufologists" keep trying to turn themselves into physicists and produce it. But the plain facts are these: If there is a another, non-human intelligence operating on the Earth then "science" could be of little help and there may be no "proof" available except as these "others" desire.

Here is one of the stickiest wickets in the whole field of Ufology. The debunkers all say "where is the proof?" And the "Ufologists" keep trying to turn themselves into physicists and produce it. But the plain facts are these:

If there is a another, non-human intelligence operating on the Earth then "science" could be of little help and there may be no "proof" available except as these "others" desire. The concept of "proof" requires that there exist a human agency possessing the ability to determine with authority what is happening in the world. When "science" is dealing with things like sulphur dioxide or chimpanzees there is no problem. But if "UFOs" are the products of a superior technology then where is the "authority" to determine what is really going on? We must remember that scientists are neutral, objective observers only within their narrow specialties. They are all, regardless of specialty, part of a self-selecting social elite. They have a position to protect. Someone has to pay for "science" and every last scientist. Science and scientists are caught up in the economic and military systems that dominate the United States and most other nations. These systems are paid for by the average citizens of these nations and those average citizens must retain confidence in that which is taking so much of their money.

Who is the "jury" who must be convinced by "evidence" for the existence of "UFOs" as "artifacts of another intelligence?" The same people who would be severely damaged if that "evidence" ever were to become "proof!" It is not rational for "Ufologists" to expect science and scientists to cooperate in their personal diminuation. It is not going to happen. The proof of a superior technology and civilization operating on the Earth would be a tremendous blow to all of our various elite groups, including scientists. This is so even though the first reaction of the average man might be an "us against them" reflex that would actually enhance the power of our current human leaders. In the long run (several decades) present human social arrangements would have to change, and drastically, if we were to "make contact" with another intelligence. Those at the top of the current heap understand that clearly, whether the rest of us do or not.

The 1987-89 statements of John Lear and William Cooper are interesting mostly because they deal with the issues above. Is it conceivable, as these two men claim, that our scientific and governmental elites have sold us out to "others" from off the Earth? "NO," say most of those who have heard the charge. But for many people, more and more all the time as we Americans are sold out to earthly "foreigners" by our social and economic betters, the answer is becoming, "Well, it might be possible, should such creatures exist." This last is the starting point for our discussion.

The Three Arenas Of Proof:

1) Legal "Proof" 2) Scientific "Proof" 3) Intelligence Proof

The Three Arenas Of Proof: 1) Legal "Proof"

In the legal profession "proof" does not exist until a jury has been convinced and a conviction obtained. Before that time "proof" was simply "evidence." Jurors hear the statements of witnesses and experts. The "physical evidence" in a trial is given by a police expert and it is HIS credibility that makes the evidence, whatever it is (ballistics, fingerprints, etc.), stand up in court. If the jury convicts evidence becomes "proof." There is no such thing as "machine proof." A human being always has to testify as to what sophisticated machines are saying. Machines cannot speak for themselves. They are only tools and have no legal standing to testify. "Proof" at trial is a human thing, not a machine thing.

Let us take the legal paradigm and put it into the world of the UFO. Let us suppose that a "crashed disc" is brought before the nation. It looks for all the world like a Flying Saucer. Let us suppose further that it REALLY IS a Flying Saucer! What would make it real to the public at large? Would seeing it on TV be enough? No, it would not. The thing could be fake, right? Hollywood can make anything look real these days.

No, it would be a statement of strangeness given by a figure in authority that would make that "crashed disc" real. The artifact in itself is NOT sufficient. A human being in authority has to PROCLAIM a mute physical thing to be what he believes it to be! That puts it into the human system, that's the proof! This is the absolute core of the issue.

In the modern world a thing is not necessarily what it IS but what someone in authority SAYS it is. The rest of us must then take the word of this authority about the "reality" of any artifact or process. We, just like a jury at trial, have to take someone else's word about nearly everything. The only question is: whose word are we going to take?

In 1954 I saw a large, diamond-shaped object go over my five-year-old head. My best estimate is that this object was some hundreds of feet across and several thousand feet above me. I did not see it close to the horizon but had a sudden urge to look straight, and I mean straight, up--to the zenith. I had to bend over backwards to do this. Then and only then did I see this thing. It made no sound and was cruising smoothly and rapidly under a solid overcast. It frightened me deeply.

For me, this event is experience--beyond proof. I am a witness. The questions are:

1) Do YOU believe me? 2) Does my sighting resonate emotionally with you? 3) Does it fit in with what you believe to be the "reality" of the current human situation? Or is it emotional anathema to you and you want to send me a sharp note of protest, telling me that my mental processes must be defective? To you my sighting is a "story," but so is much of the rest of the world!

It is unfortunate but true that as long as great numbers of "Ufologists" continue to insist on "proof" we are going to learn very little about what is actually happening. "Proof" is simply not available. This is something that "they" (if they exist) understand quite well and use against us. Ufology has been spinning its wheels for four decades, chasing lights in the sky in a vain search for "proof," while the real action has been right here on the ground. In the opinion of UFOSearch this has not been an accident.

The Three Arenas Of Proof: 2) Scientific "Proof"

The following is a quote from a letter I recently received: "Ufology ought to be a scientific study of a legitimately puzzling phenomenon." You see, I just can't agree with that. In my opinion, "Ufology" can never be truly "scientific." This is because of the nature of science and the probable nature of the "UFO." If in fact the "UFO" represents another intelligence of some kind then the fundamental assumptions of "science" and "scientists" are null and void. These assumptions are:

1) The universe is objective (totally material, in effect, dead) and knowable with certainty by human beings, i.e., by scientists, who are the most human.

2) The scientific method is the best way to study the universe and its language is quantification--mathematics. The ideal here is the "hard, physical evidence" that can be deemed "proof" by the ultra-materialists of the world of science.

3) The highest form of "science" therefore is physics, the most provable, with chemistry a strong second.

But if the UFO is not "objective," if instead it is under the control of an agency equal or superior in intelligence to humans, then the UFO is not necessarily knowable at all, let alone knowable with certainty. Science assumes that humans are at the top of the universal brain chain. Science has not really looked at what it might mean if we are not.

The "scientific method" demands repeatability either of experiment or observation. It assumes "control" of one kind or another by human beings. But if the "UFO" represents another intelligence then that "control" may not be available. And if that control is not there then science is not going to give us what we need. We need more than science.

In the final analysis science is not a whole lot different from the legal profession. Both scientists and the jury at trial see only a part of the real world and they both make rule-bound assumptions concerning both evidence and the nature of that world. To the scientist the universe is a gigantic mechanical device and the results of experiments and observations are valid for that reason. If enough evidence can be assembled then the majority of scientists (the "jury" of science) will accept that evidence as proof. That's how it works.

The Three Arenas Of Proof: 3) Intelligence Proof.

For two generations America has been the most powerful country on Earth and fought war after war to acquire and maintain that power. Yet to the average American his country is as pure as the driven snow, innocent of the "great power" sins of older empires. It is no wonder that "Ufology" is making no headway with the public. That same public is bullet-proof to even the obvious truth about its own CIA and NSA. In this environment of blissful unknowing what chance does something really strange and dangerous have? None.

Americans in general know nothing of the world of intelligence and the power that intelligence can give. In the world of intelligence the universe is not mechanical, rather it is covertly or overtly hostile. In the world of intelligence there are only opponents and very little is "objective." The intelligence game is not "us against a mechanical universe" but instead "us against an enemy who means us harm." In this arena if you wait for proof--you'll see it from the afterlife. This is the world of the UFO.

For the intelligence operative "science" is a weapon of great power against all opponents and High Technology determines who wins and who loses. The patty-cake, patty-cake of ideal science is out the window. In the years following World War Two a new science came to the fore -- power science, a discipline much too important for our true elites and their intelligence services to ignore. America was now a world power in a world full of enemies. What type of proof was required here? What was the role of "science" now?

Most Americans are totally innocent of this. Oh, they know there is a CIA and that it spies on people, sure. They have heard something about the FBI spying on "subversives" in the 1960s and they may know of the National Security Agency. But not one American in a thousand has any idea of what is actually happening. If the most powerful country in the world is going to "maintain innocence" then its people must not know very much and it is this public ignorance and apathy that helps make many things, including the "UFO," so hard for most people to accept. People who are unaware of the bizarre things their own elites are doing have no way to deal with what ANOTHER civilization might be up to!

Thus the "threshold of belief" is just too high for most people where the "UFO" is concerned. In the opinion of UFOSearch this is the DESIRED result of a covert plan. Until this planned wall of ignorance is broken down for a large number of Americans there will be no real progress on the "UFO front."

Science, "Intelligence" and Power

Into the intelligence world came thousands of scientists during World War Two. For most of them it was new. Some, however, had already served in this "nether world" through the brutal domestic and overseas extraction industries, mining and the oil business. The scientist had no doubt of his cultural superiority over the rest of Earth's human beings. His machines needed resources and they would get them--one way or another. As a result of World War Two the marvelous inventions of the previous one hundred years were turned into weapons beyond history, true planet killers. Horror and shock spread through civilization. Today we are numb to it but in the 1940s and 1950s is was real and palpable. For the first time large groups of scientists had been admitted to REAL POWER and given huge resources for their work. As the Cold War against the Russians gained momentum, fueled by dreams of "imperialism on the cheap," the position of "scientist" rose higher and higher. The horror of the new weapons and the hatred of the USSR drove America's cadre of emigre scientists and their home-grown colleagues onward and upward. By 1947 the best and brightest of the Western World increasingly and willingly began contemplating planetary-scale destruction. Von Braun's prediction had come true, America could afford the very best.

This became that "nether world" of the "power scientists" like Vannevar Bush and Lloyd Berkner, Edward Teller and Detlev Bronk. This was the world of the European refugee and his pathological fear of the USSR. It was the world of the American physicist who in 1940 had a budget of five hundred dollars and who by 1945 was spending millions.

It was these people who soon defined the terms of engagement for the military types who "ran" the various intelligence services. "Science" was NEVER, EVER going back to the 1930s, never going back to the days when the elite of the Earth had to grovel for a plumber's wages. It was a member of the A.E.C. (Rockefeller operative Strauss) who goaded the Air Force into monitoring the stratosphere for possible products of a Soviet atomic explosion, three years before any "military expert" thought there was even a possibility of a Soviet bomb. Proof? It was enough that the Russians existed and that we had the bomb and that they would certainly try to get it. A very dangerous, multi-million-dollar operation was set in motion on the basis of a "hunch" on the part of an influential scientist. Of course, the "hunch" did fit the paranoia of the day. The "hunch" fed the power complex. And when the "hunch" was proven right (instrumental data was acquired), it wasn't "a hunch" or "paranoia" anymore, it was revealed truth! It was the "scientists" who pushed for the U-2 and Atlas, Polaris and Discoverer -- over the objections of carrier-happy Admirals and stick-happy Generals. The scientists were the ones who made The National Reconnaissance Office possible and gave The National Security Agency its abilities.

Who pushed for the H-Bomb and saw to it that the American scientist Oppenheimer was discredited? Hungarian Edward Teller. Who sat on their hands as Eisenhower tried to get a test ban treaty to cool off the Cold War and stop the Strontium 90 from showing up in my milk in Carrollton, Missouri? The former General Of The Armies pleaded with his scientific advisors for help but none came. None of them were curtailing their brand new power. It is said that Eisenhower feared the "military-industrial complex." That may be true. But behind that was the arrogance of the new elite, an elite that had tasted forbidden fruit and was lusting for more. Thus the "scientists" helped crush the old government elite during the so-called "McCarthy Era" and pushed the "weapons culture" ahead as fast as possible. There was no effective resistance to any of this within the scientific community and by 1954 scientists of Oppenheimer's persuasion were either keeping a low profile or had been driven out of government through "security checks" and McCarthy-Era purges. Opposition to the new "power science" was pushed to the fringes, along with Astrology and the UFO.

By the middle of the 1950s half of the scientists and technical people in the USA were working for the War, er, the Defense Department--as they do today. For almost two generations now our very best people have been totally concerned with power and the projection of power--raw military power. This set them against many of their own ancient traditions; power does that. Thus was created the situation we see today: "Science" as part of the Cold War establishment, hip-deep in weapons research, spying and God knows what else. Today, "Science" is not always a noble work, not always a part of an ancient "liberal" tradition (based on the rule of law and the free exchange of information) but can now be an integral part of an imperial system riven with secrecy and power mania. In this world nearly anything goes--anything. In this world, a world of arrogance, duplicity and bad faith on a planetary scale, planetary blackmail becomes possible.

This is the world of Lear and Cooper, in my opinion the real world of the UFO. Not that everything that Lear or Cooper says is "true," whatever that means. I mean that when you really start down the rabbit hole of the "UFO," when you stop looking into the sky and start looking at things on the ground, you have left the mythical world of "science" and entered the world of intelligence and power. The rules here are different. This is serious.

The existence of "aliens" from another planet, another dimension or even another part of the Earth would be both a shock and a threat beyond tolerance for our elites. It is easy to say things like "human culture would change if we make contact" but when you are on top of the current heap you don't want to hear things like that. Not at all.

Now we're where we need to be. "Flying Saucers," in and of themselves, would be a tremendous threat to existing human society. Add to that what I suspect became known in the 1950s about implantation and abduction, mutilation and disappearance, and the Eisenhower years became a living nightmare for many of our new economic and scientific elites. They were ripe for blackmail, overweeningly proud and yet insecure in their new positions. If our little grey friends (or those behind them) didn't seem to care about human social arrangements and said they just needed a few things from us and a little help in getting them (from 50 or 100 light years away they probably couldn't bring the whole store) then by God they were going to get the stuff--from our own elites using our tax dollars. And if a little inducement were offered, such as high technology, well, all the better. A little bribe makes a guilty conscience a whole lot easier to live with.

We here at UFOSearch can well believe that in exchange for "protection" our new scientific elites would have eagerly provided assistance to others, even if part of the "deal" involved harm or even death to average Americans. We must remember that these are the same people who would bring the world willy-nilly nuclear testing and Thalidomide. They view the "average man" as not much better than a dog. It would have been a deal that they could hardly have refused, a deal they would already have made with the nuclear devil.

Does UFOSearch believe that our hereditary elites (the employers of Allen Dulles, James Forrestal and William Casey) would trade a few million lives for their continuance in power? Yes. Do we believe that the people who created Project Phoenix would trade a million or so of our lives for a power that might put them on top, over and above their old- line earthly superiors? Yes. Was a "revolt of the Dulleses" possible? Yes.

All of these people have one interest in common--staying on top. For them, as for the many scientists, the common people are a common herd and occasionally some slaughtering must be done--that's the way it is. Our nuclear progams have killed thousands of Americans over the years. None of them care. What would they do for the power of the Gods? Would they kill us all? We fear they might.

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