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UFO/Alien Timeline 1985-2001

Alien ISP

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Summary: A timeline of recent UFO-related events.

Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee invited to Norton AFB to meet with DAVA about UFOs.
Moore & Shandera discover the Cutler Memo while searching the National Archives for corroboration of the MJ-12 documents.

April 27
Death of famed Astronomer and Ufologist J. Allen Hynek.

August 28
Death of Jim Lorenzen, co-founder of APRO.

November 17
Japan Airlines flight 1628 is followed by a UFO over Alaska.

The MJ-12 documents are released by Shandera, Moore, and Stanton Friedman.

Whitley Strieber's Communion is published. Budd Hopkins' Intruders published.

Ed Walters begins producing Polaroid photos of UFOs that he takes from his home in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

John Lear, son of the Lear jet inventor and former CIA pilot, releases a statement about U.S. government involvement with aliens.

The TV special UFO Cover-up? Live! is telecast, with Falcon and Condor claiming that aliens have a joint base with the U.S. at Area 51 and that they like Tibetan music and strawberry ice cream.

April 12
Death of Coral Lorenzen and the end of APRO.

November 29
Death of Major Donald E. Keyhoe.

Milton William Cooper, formerly with Navy intelligence, releases The Secret Government, with claims of underground bases and aliens.

TV's Unsolved Mysteries airs a segment on the "Roswell Incident" that produces responses from people who claim to have been involved.

September 28
The U.S. government allegedly shot down & recovered a UFO at Moriches Bay on Long Island.

Robert Lazar claims to be a physicist and to have been taken to Area S-4 at Papoose Lake to examine the propulsion system of a UFO.

November 29
Wave of UFO sightings occurs at Eupen, Belgium.

March 30
A second wave of UFO sightings occurs in Belgium, at Wavre, Belgium.

UFO Crash at Roswell by Kevin Randle & Donald Schmitt is published.

July 11
Wave of UFO sightings begins during the eclipse at Mexico City.

September 1
Approximate date of UFO crash in Shaitan, Mazar in the former Soviet Union.

Crash at Corona by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner is published. It's about the Roswell crash.

November 24
A UFO purportedly crashed in South haven Park near Shirley on Long Island.

Showtime TV produces Roswell, a recreation of the events at Roswell in 1947 according to Schmitt & Randle.

August 7
Kelly Cahill and her husband have a close encounter while driving near Belgrave South, on Belgrave Hallam Road, Victoria in Australia.

Randle & Schmitt publish The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell, an updated version based on the Showtime movie and with new information.

After being commissioned to investigate the Roswell crash by Congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico, the GAO begins its investigation.

March 5
Death of Carlos Allende.

The Air Force releases its own report claiming the debris was a Project Mogul balloon train.

The GAO releases its report on Roswell.

January 20
"Aliens" are said to have been captured at Varginha, Brazil.

Jun 15
LIUFON's John Ford arrested & charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

March 13
A huge UFO flap in Arizona, centered around Phoenix.

The Air Force releases further reports stating that the "alien bodies" reported at Roswell may have been crash test dummies dropped from balloons in the 1950's, with Roswell residents getting the dates confused. Some events may have been confused with a military plane crash that occurred in the area, they say.

A CIA historian claims that 50% of all "unexplained" UFO sightings have been due to U-2 spy plane flights and later to SR-71 Blackbird spy plane flights. He also remarks that in the early days the U-2 was painted silver, but it was later painted black.

The Day After Roswell by Philip J. Corso is published, with claims that he released alien technology from the Roswell crash to U.S. military and industry during the 1960's.

A group of scientists known as the Sturrock Panel, in a study commissioned by Laurance Rockefeller, issues a report stating that the physical evidence for UFOs is worth studying, and may contribute to the advancement of science.

Joseph Firmage & Project Kairos release a new set of MJ-12 Documents.

A wave of UFO sightings occurred in China at the end of 1999.
January 5
Lebanon and Millstadt, Illinois are the site of UFO sightings by several police officers.

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