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Mexico's Department Of Defense Releases UFO - Evidence of a International Rift in the Management of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Affairs?

Michael E. Salla, PhD - 5/11/2004

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If major world governments begin disclosing information concerning contemporary UFO sightings, then it may be predicted that the non-disclosure policy in place for over 50 years may soon come to an end.

On Tuesday, May 11, 2004, an international press conference was
held to announce the findings of a joint official and private
effort to investigate a UFO sighting. What is remarkable in the
press conference is that Department of Defense collaborated with
a top Mexican UFO researcher, Jaime Maussan, in the release of
information concerning the appearance of up to 11 UFO's in the
vicinity of a Mexican Air force flight that was on a drug
surveillance mission on March 5, 2004. Using infrared cameras
and radar tracking, the eight-man crew of the Merlin C26/A
flight was able to monitor the UFOs, which at one point formed a
circle around the flight. In investigating the incident, the Air
force contacted Jaime Maussan and asked him to participate in
the inquiry.

The release of data on the UFOs taken by a Mexican Air force
crew was certainly a coup for Maussan who released the
information in the popular television program 'Great Mysteries
of the Third Millennium' on May 9, 2004. Maussan was initially
contacted on April 20, by the Department of Defense and had a
meeting the next day with General Clemente Vega Garcia,
Secretary of Defense and his senior officials. The Secretary of
Defense went further however than simply informing Maussan of
the incident. General Clemente released film and other data of
the incident to Maussan that he could investigate with his own
independent research team. The Department of Defense confirmed
to international media outlets such as Reuters in a May 11 Press
Conference that it had handed over the film and data to Maussan.
This was certainly unprecedented and signaled a major new
approach to dealing with the UFO phenomenon by a major world

Up to the present time, there appears to have been a well-
coordinated international effort in managing UFO sightings and
reports of UFO crashes. These have typically been handled in a
way suggesting a sophisticated global system for dealing with
UFO sightings, and even collecting the remains of crashed UFOs,
without witnesses having much credibility before the mass media.
This global management system has prevented governmental
releases of UFO information to the general public and
international media. Whatever releases did occur typically
involved private civilians rather than military personnel in
their official capacities revealing UFO information. In the US,
military personnel have been legally proscribed from
participating in the release of information of UFO sightings
according to military regulations described in the Joint Army
Navy Air Publication (JANAP) 146 released in 1953. Similar
provisions are found in the British Ministry of Defense and
other major nations that have had to deal with the UFO
phenomenon, and/or cooperate closely with the US.

This official international system for repressing UFO reports
suffered a significant setback in 1999 with the release of a
French government supported study of the UFO phenomenon. The
COMETA Report comprised former top military officials and found
credible evidence to support the existence of UFOs as phenomenon
that required serious political attention. The COMETA report was
not widely covered in the US but signaled that major nations
differed in how much information they should release to their
general publics. In December 2002, the British Ministry of
Defense released a file on the Rendlesham UFO incident of 1980
describing one of the most well document UFO sightings in
British history. Significantly, the US military has not released
its own files of the incident despite having played a leading
investigatory role at Rendlesham. The respective official
positions over the Rendlesham files suggests a clear difference
of opinion between the British and US military officials over
the extent to which UFO information will be released to the
general public and the mass media.

The participation of the Mexican Department of Defense in
collaborating with Maussan in releasing information on a
contemporary UFO sighting is unprecedented. This is a
significant development that goes even further than the COMETA
report in challenging the non-disclosure position supported by
the US government that apparently plays a major role in the
international management system in place for UFO
sightings/crashes. The Mexican Department of Defense effort in
collaborating with Maussan simultaneously achieves a number of
things. First, it helps legitimate research into the UFO
phenomenon that now has official government support as a
credible field of study at least in Mexico. Second, it
legitimates the investigatory skills and experiences of private
Mexican researchers such as Maussan. Third, it comes at a time
of great international friction over the war in Iraq suggesting
that this Mexican initiative marks a major rupture in the de
facto global management system for UFOs that echoes global
dissent over US policies in Iraq. If the COMETA report and the
release of the Rendlesham files are solid indicators of the
European position towards UFO disclosure, then it appears that
the US is becoming increasingly isolated in its strict non-
disclosure policy.

If indeed there is a major rift in the global management system
over the rate and extent to which disclosure of UFOs sightings
and/or UFO evidence is made to the general public of major
states, then it may be predicted that further disclosures by
other governments are likely. It may be concluded that the
Mexican Department of Defense collaboration with private UFO
researchers heralds a major new phase in the UFO phenomenon.
With a more integrated global media and Internet, it will be
very difficult if impossible for the mass media in the US to
ignore UFO developments in other countries. If major world
governments begin disclosing information concerning contemporary
UFO sightings, then it may be predicted that the non-disclosure
policy in place for over 50 years may soon come to an end. This
would usher in the age of exopolitics where the political
implications of an extraterrestrial presence would predictably
dominate global politics.

Michael E.Salla, PhD
May 12, 2004

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