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Betty & Barney Hill Abduction Case

The first abduction case to be brought to the publics attention was back in 1964. Betty and Barney Hill reported seeing a UFO and experienced a period of missing time while on a long car journey. When they started suffering from bad nightmares they sought help from psychiatrist Dr Benjamin Simon who hypnotised them as to find out what was the root of the nightmares. Under hypnosis they both seperatly described how they were abducted by Aliens and shown around the spacecraft before under going medical examinations. Betty also spoke of the origin of the aliens which were of the zeta reticuli system but at that time it wasn't discovered until 1969. Afterwards they both went public about their experience and it was then when Alien Abductions were born.

articles & documents

The Hill Abduction

Loy Lawhon, About.com

Overview article on the Betty and Barny Hill abduction case by Loy Lawhon. R

The Zeta Reticuli Incident

Astronomy, December, 1974

Article published in the scientific journal 'Astronomy' about the Betty Hill abduction, star map, and the Zeta Reticuli incident, as referred to in the Hill case. R

UFO Casebook: The Betty and Barney Hill Abduction

UFO Casebook

Full-length overview of the Hill abduction case, from the UFO casebook.

websites & organizations

NICAP: The Betty & Barney Hill Incident


Reports and evidence-related literature into the Hill abduction case, from NICAP and Francis Ridge.