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The Dropas

"Chi Pu Tei, a professor of archaeology at Beijing University, was leading some his students on an expedition to survey a series of interlinking caves in the Himalyan mountains. According to one account, the caves may have been artificially carved, and were more like a complex system of tunnels and underground storerooms. The walls were squared and glazed, as if cut into the mountain with a source of extreme heat. Inside the caves were several ancient, but neatly arranged burial sites, and in them the skeletal remains of a strange people. The skeletons, measuring a little more than four feet tall, were frail and spindly with disproportionately large skulls."

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L. Broden

The story of Dropa, the mystery of the Dropa Stones or the Chinese Roswell. This story is known under a lot of names and no matter which one is choosed, the story of Dropa is one of the most interesting and fascinating stories in the history of alien and human mankind. R

The Dropa Stones