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Travis Walton Abduction Case

In November 1975, a group of six tree-trimmers were driving home from work in a truck in the Sitgreave-Apache National Forest in Arizona, USA. The driver stopped the truck when he noticed that a flying saucer was hovering about fifteen feet above some nearby trees. Travis Walton approached the craft on foot, despite the objections of his workmates. He was then knocked to the ground by a blue and white light. When the men in the truck saw this, they were terrified and sped off down the road leaving him for dead. Once they had calmed down, they returned to that spot and couldn't find any sign of Travis or the flying saucer. Five days later, Travis was returned to earth wondering what had happened to him for the past few days.

articles & documents

Cy Gilson Polygraph Test of Travis Walton

Cy Gilson

The following report on the final polygraph examination of Travis Walton was actually sponsored by a skeptic, Jerry Black. The test was performed with the latest state of the art equipment, by Cy Gilson, the most highly respected polygraph expert.  R

The Travis Walton UFO Abduction Case

Geoff Price

Overview article of the Travis Walton UFO abduction case by Geoff Price. 'As the first seriously investigated UFO event to involve the disappearance of an individual in conjunction with a UFO sighting, the Walton incident put the honesty of UFO claimants, as well as the validity of lie detection evidence, squarely in the spotlight.' R

The Walton Abduction

Coral Lorenzen, APRO

On November 5, 1975, six young woodcutters, along with their employer, were working in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, engaged in a tree-thinning contract for the U. S. Forest Service. The forest is located in east central Arizona, and the work area is fifteen miles from Heber.  R

The Walton Experience / Fire in the Sky

Travis Walton

Five-part article on the Walton aduction case, by Travis Walton himself. Condensed from the book, Fire in the Sky.

UFO Casebook: Travis Walton Abduction

UFO Casebook

Article on the Walton Abduction from the UFO Casebook. R

websites & organizations

The Official Travis Walton Web Site

Travis Walton

The Walton experience is unequivocally the best documented case of alien abduction ever recorded. This is the official website of Travis Walton, and about his UFO abduction case.