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Scientific Studies

articles & documents

AIAA Committee Looks at UFO Problem

AIAA UFO Subcommittee, Astronautics and Aeronautics, December 1968, p. 12

The Committee has made a careful examination of the present state of the UFO issue and has concluded that the controversy cannot be resolved without further study in a quantitative scientific manner and that it deserves the attention of the engineering and scientific community.  R

Report on a Survey of the Membership of the American Astronomical Society Concerning the UFO Phenomenon - Summary

Peter Sturrock, Stanford University

Refereed journals, to which scientists turn for their reliable information, carry virtually no information on the UFO problem. Does this imply that scientists have no views and no thoughts on the subject, or that all scientists consider it insignificant? Does it imply that scientists have no reports to submit comparable with UFO reports published in newspapers and popular books? The purpose of this survey is to answer these questions.  R

UFO - An Appraisal of the Problem (A Statement by the UFO Subcommittee of the AIAA)

Aeronautics and Astronautics, November 1970, p. 49

At the suggestion of the AIAA management, the Technical Committee on Atmospheric Environment and the Technical Committee on Space and Atmospheric Physics jointly formed a UFO Subcommittee in 1967. The Subcommittee was asked to arrive at an unbiased assessment of the present situation and to serve as a focal point in the AIAA for questions regarding the UFO problem.  R

UFO Articles Published in Scientific Journals and Literature


Bibliographical listing of articles on UFO's published in leading (mainstream) scientific journals and literature. R

UFO ENCOUNTER 1: Sample Case Selected by the UFO Subcommittee of the AIAA PDF Document

Astronautics & Aeronautics, July 1971

The American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics published this case file in the journal Astronautics & Aeronautics. "The selected case, which occurred on July 17, 1957, is treated in the Condon Report. This sample case may serve to illuminate the difficulties in deciding whether or not the UFO problem presents a scientific problem."

UFO Reports from AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) Members

Peter Sturrock, Stanford University - Astronautics and Aeronautics, May 1974

Most UFO reports concern the experiences of laymen, but scientists and engineers divulge accounts resembling others when asked to do so in appropriate circumstances. The Executive Committee of the San Francisco Chapter of AIAA gave permission for a survey of its membership. This article describes the survey and gives the results.  R