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Trindade Island

articles & documents

Full Account of NICAP UFO EVIDENCE Analysis Summary

NICAP, UFO Evidence

Weighing all the facts, we conclude that the pictures appear to be authentic. They definitely are one of the potentially most significant series of UFO photographs on record

The Almirante Saldanha UFO Sighting off Trinidade Island - Brazil 1958

Hynek, J. Allen . The Hynek UFO Report

"One of the most highly celebrated and controversial series of photos in the Blue Book files are those taken by an official photographer aboard the Brazilian Navy survey ship, Almirante Saldanha, off Trindade Island, some 600 miles east of Rio De Janeiro.  R

The Controversial Trindade Island Incident

Alexandre de Carvalho Borges, Brazilian UFO Magazine

The photographs of a UFO over Trindade Island, on January 16, 1958, are considered a landmark in Ufology worldwide and a very strong evidence of extraterrestrial life existence. However, they still arouse controversy and new criticism. R

The Trindade Island Incident, January 16, 1958

Claudeir Covo

It was the beginning of the International Geophysical Year of 1958, and on January 16, upon an invitation by the Brazilian Navy, Almiro Barauna joined the crew of training ship Almirante Saldanha on its way to explore Trindade Island, on the coast of Espirito Santo, a state in the Southeast of Brazil. R

The Trindade Island photographic case of 1958: The Events

UFOs at Close Sight

Summary of the Trinidade Island case from UFOs at Close Sight. R

The Trindade Island UFO Incidents and Photographs

Brent Raynes, Classic UFO Cases

On January 16, 1958, while a Brazilian Navy ship known as the Almirante Saldanha sat anchored off the south coast of Trindade, a small rocky island located in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean, it seems that a most remarkable event transpired. R

The Trinidade Island Photograph

"The Encyclopedia of UFOs" by Ronald Story (UFO Casebook)

Overview, summary of the Trinidade Island photographic UFO case, from 'The Encyclopedia of UFOs' by Ronald Story.  R

Trindade Island

Loy Lawhon, About.com

Brief overview and summary of the Trinidade Island Case R

Trindade Island Photographs

Contains a large reprint of one of the photos from the Trinidade Island case.

Trindade Revisited

Dr. Willy Smith, July/August, 1983, International UFO Reporter

Twenty-five years ago a series of photographs of a UFO were taken from onboard a Brazilian Navy vessel, a sailing ship, then engaged in scientific work. Both the UFO and the taking of the pictures were witnessed by 47 crew members, who vouched for both. These photographs have stood the test of time, and have appeared in many books and articles about UFOs over this past quarter-century.

Trinidade Island Photographs

Jerome Clark, CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies)

Trindade, a small rocky island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean 600 miles off the coast of Bahia, Brazil, was the site of one of the most impressive photographic cases in UFO history.

Trinidade Island, Brazil

UFO Area

Brief summary of the case, from UFO Area, includes photographs.

UFO Briefing Document - Case History: Brazilian Navy Photographic Case

Don Berliner, UFO Briefing Document

An overview of the Trindade Island photographic case, as presented in the "Case Histories" section of the "UFO Briefing Document: Best Available Evidence."  R

websites & organizations

Classic UFO Cases: Trinidade Island

Malta UFO Research

Brief overview and photographs of the Trinidade Island UFO case.

CUFOS - Trinidade Island Case and Photographs

CUFOS, Center for UFO Studies

In-depth collection of articles, documents, and analysis of the Trinidade Island case and photographs. Trindade, a small rocky island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean 600 miles off the coast of Bahia, Brazil, was the site of one of the most impressive photographic cases in UFO history

NICAP: The Trindade Island UFO Photos/RADAR/E-M Case

NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon), Francis Ridge

In-depth collection of documents and articles on the Trinidade Island case, from the NICAP website. "The Trindade Island case provides us with some of the best photos ever taken, of what many have referred to as, a "flying saucer"."

The Trindade Island photographic case of 1958

UFOs at Close Sight

In-depth collection information and documents on the Tridinade Island photographic case of 1958.