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UFO Cases

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Ariel School in Zimbabwe Close Encounter


On the morning of September 16, 1994, teachers and school officials at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe were amazed when the school's students, aged approximately 5 to 12 years old, reported that a flying object had landed on the school grounds.  R

CUFON's Washington National Sightings File (1952 Washington, D.C.)


The case of the Sightings over the capitol city in the summer of 1952 is among the UFO classics, and is often cited in reply to the question: "why don't UFOs just go to Washington?" What this Web document contains is the text of Project Blue Book Case 1661, (12W2, 18/5A, Bx 35, RG 341 Records of the USAF (Project Blue Book) obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration, the text and illustrations of A PRELIMINARY STUDY OF UNIDENTIFIED TARGETS OBSERVED ON AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL RADARS, CIVIL AERONAUTICS ADMINISTRATION Technical Development -Report No, 180, May 1953, and a partial list of reference materials.

Malmstrom AFB UFO/Missile Incident

Robert Salas and Jim Klotz / CUFON

This is the story of extraordinary events that happened in 1967 to US Air Force Strategic Air Command Missile Combat Officers and other enlisted personnel; Missileers assigned to operate, maintain, and protect the Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile , an essential part of America's Cold War strategic nuclear deterrent.  R

Malstrom Air Force Base Incident, 1987: Report by USAF witness Robert Salas


Report by former US Air Force officer Robert Salas, working as a missile launch officer monitoring the status of ten nuclear missiles (ICBM Minuteman), when guards reported a UFO hovering outside the base, after which the nuclear missiles shut down inexplicably. R

Socorro / Zamora UFO Incident - 1964

Chris Lambright, CUFON

The experience of Lonnie Zamora on April 24, 1964 stands as one of the most profound ufo events in the modern history of the phenomena. To this day it remains a case in which all the facts involved support the witnesses claims and it is this kind of case that makes the ufo phenomenon such an enduring mystery . Lonnie Zamora saw a highly unusual device of unknown origin, what can only be described as a "craft" of some kind, and he reported seeing what he believes were occupants.