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Vehicle Interference Cases

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UFO Interference with Vehicles and Self-Starting Engines

James M. McCampbell (MUFON 1983 UFO Symposium Proceedings / NICAP)

Disruption of automobile engines by UFOs is a familiar phenomenon. Less well known are instances where an engine that had been killed comes back to life again when the UFO departs, that is, the engine restarts itself without assistance from the driver. Twenty- seven such cases are summarized. A key observation by a mechanic whose engine had been stopped by a UFO suggests a mechanism by which self-starting might be understood.

UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference: A Catalogue and Data Analysis

Mark Rodeghier, CUFOS (Center for UFO Studies), 1981

This study is an examination, chiefly through statistical means, of the subclass of UFO events wherein the car, truck, or other motor vehicle in which a witness was either riding or in near proximity to, was seemingly affected by the presence of a UFO. Includes full catalog of 441 cases.

other articles & documents

A Catalogue of Australian Vehicle Interference Cases

Keith Basterfield

A particularly perplexing aspect of the UFO phenomenon is the sub-group of reports concerning effects on motor vehicles. This catalogue is intended to gather together, in summary form, those Australian cases which appear to fall in to the sub-group of interest. The search for cases involved the files of most Australian UFO research groups, books, Journals and magazine articles. However, where ever possible original investigation notes have been located and used.

A Chronology of Certain EM Events

Mark Rodeghier, from "UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference", CUFOS, 1981

As a means of introducing the reader to the EM data, and as an interesting exercise in itself, this article presents here a list of "firsts;" that is, within the category of EM events, the first appearance of an important or unusual characteristic.

BUFORA Vehicle Interference Catalog

BUFORA (British UFO Research Association) / Mark Cashman, Temporal Doorway

This is a collection of cases where UFOs were reported to interfere with the operation of vehicles, engines, or electrical / magnetic equipment. This catalog was created by the British UFO Research Association in 1979. (428 cases listed, with summaries)

Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports (Sturrock Panel): Vehicle Interference

Peter Sturrock / Sturrock Panel Report / Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports

Rodeghier reviewed a small but important fraction of UFO reports that are said to involve effects on electric lights, automobiles, and other machines of various sorts. These reports have occurred throughout the modern era of UFO reports (since 1947) and come from all over the world, although (as with all UFO reports) they come primarily from Western nations. Of such reports, those that involve claims of vehicle (mainly automobile) interference have received most attention. One such case is discussed below. R

The Effects of Position and Distance in UFO Ignition-Inteference Cases

Donald A. Johnson, 1983 Journal of UFO Studies

Some reports of UFO sightings involve events in which motorized land vehicles experience ignition or electrical system interference in the presence of a UFO; 276 such reports were collected from the UFO literature. These events were analyzed to determine the role played by position of UFO and distance from UFO to vehicle in the severity of the reported electrical system interference. A highly significant relationship (p .001) was found between position of UFO and severity of effect. A substantial majority of the cases experiencing complete engine failures (stalls) occurred when the UFO was reported either directly in front of or above the witness' vehicle.

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CUFOS Vehicle Interference Catalog

Mark Cashman, Temporal Doorway; CUFOS

This is a collection of cases where UFOs were reported to interfere with the operation of vehicles, engines, or electrical / magnetic equipment. Note that not all of these have internal dates, which means that at present, the order of the cases may not always be chronological. This catalog was created by the Center for UFO Studies in 1981. (Contains 222 vehicle interference cases)