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Physicist to Metaphysician: An Interview with Former Astronaut Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.

Sw. Virato, New Frontier Magazine

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Summary: The author of three books on our connection to UFOs, and other realms of existence and consciousness, Brian O'Leary was trained as an astronaut by NASA to be on the Mars Mission, and now lectures world-wide on the new science. Today, Dr. O'Leary has gone from Princeton University professor to modern day scientific prophet, and new science activist.

It all started when he had a mystical experience at a Lifesrping event back in the 70s. It was when astrophysicist turned into metaphysician. He found he was able to read the mind of another person, and another person read his as well. I first met Brian O'Leary at Lifespring in Philadelphia in 1978. Lifesrping is one of those transformative weekend events filled with processes to move you into another dimension of consciousness. It's similar to the stuff Werner Erhard developed with est and The Forum. It's also much like the Insight Training program offered by the Movement for Spiritual Inner Awareness.

At the time, I too was on my way to self-realization. It was no surprise, when I met Brian again after my return from India in 1981, to see him devoting 100% of his efforts to the transformation of human consciousness. In 1990, Brian wrote several "Beyond Science" columns for New Frontier Magazine

The author of three books on our connection to UFOs, and other realms of existence and consciousness, Brian O'Leary was trained as an astronaut by NASA to be on the Mars Mission, and now lectures world-wide on the new science.

Today, Dr. O'Leary has gone from Princeton University professor to modern day scientific prophet, and new science activist.

There is no question that Brian O'Leary has tapped into cosmic consciousness. I enjoyed meeting him again recently at the 1st Annual International CSETI Meeting (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) in Asheville, North Carolina, where he was a key speaker.

Virato: Brian, the Crop Circles don't seem to go away, and I know that you have been involved in a lot of other work since we last met some four years ago. How is what you are doing now relate to the Crop Circle phenomenon, and UFOs in general?
O'Leary: I first saw crop circles in 1991 in England. I then wrote a whole chapter on the subject in my book The Second Coming of Science. In the book, I questioned the physical process by which they are formed. I believe that it is an electromagnetic energy, or force field--a psychokenetic thing--where whatever consciousness impinges on the wheat stalks causes the base of the wheat stalks to temporarily become plastic and bend over without being broken or and then very quickly resolidify, and continue to grow quite normally.

The Crop Circle phenomenon, besides the hoaxed ones, is a very real phenomenon created by some unknown, probably non-human intervention.

That's a speculation, non-human only insofar as that most humans, unless they are part of the secrecy apparatus, have fairly healthy egos and would want to take credit for their artwork. The richness and tapestries of the crop formations themselves, and the sheer beauty of the symbology is awesome, as is the energy inside the Crop Circles. I brought a pair of dowsing rods into one of them, and they went around like the blades of a helicopter.

All of these are signs that we are dealing with--from the point of view of traditional western science--another anomalous, unanswered phenomenon.

You're now involved in free energy work that has been around since before the time of Tesla. Some people are now showing some correlation, at least mathematically and scientifically, to other forms of energy involved in the development of Crop Circles. What kind of energy could ever produce such a thing?

The energy we are dealing with is the energy of consciousness. What I'm learning, having observed Crop Circles, various feats of psychokenesis, and the grace and materializations of Sai Baba (I've now been to see him in India four times--personally and privately--and have seen him create these things out of "nothing."), and having seen demonstrations of what we call "free energy" or "zero point energy," and having been all over the world and visiting others like researcher, Thomas Green Martin, it's clear to me that there exists an ether, or a condition which precedes matter and energy.

Why is so much of society from your point of view continually suppressing the advancement of this knowledge?

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift and a consciousness revolution of unprecedented magnitude. When the new paradigm comes in, those who subscribe to the old way dig their heels in, and become so resistant that they become very unscientific. I've seen this among my former colleagues. First, there is the question of overcoming the resistance, so we address that question but also the question is: What is the common denominator of crop circles, bending spoons, Sai Baba, free energy and so forth?

The common denominator is that energy and matter can be created out of "nothing," which means that nothing is really something, and that "nothing" could be considered consciousness. It could be considered what scientists call the "zero point field," an all pervasive, electromagnetic field. This means that the fundamental nature of reality is not the matter and energy that we observe, but the first cause of that, and the interactive process is what I find interesting.

Have you worked with Rupert Sheldrake? You seem to be defining the morphic resonance concept?
Yes, I have. There is a morphic resonance which is a very important concept of energy fields of consciousness interacting and causing results in our physical reality. Yes indeed, Rupert Sheldrake's ideas are extremely important. There are others also, like David Bohm and his Implicate Order, and all the Nineteenth century physicists who got us the concept of the ether.

You talk about a paradigm shift happening, but Samuel Hahneman brought us the same energy concept in the medicine of homeopathy back in the last century, and it's still essentially unaccepted now...over a hundred years later.
That's true. Nikoli Tesla, T. Henry Moiré and a number of others pioneers through the years, and my work in the last three years, has been to look at the best credible evidence for the reality of free energy as a concept. I went to laboratories all over the world, and the good news is that people are developing it everywhere. The genie's finally out of the bottle, and no amount of suppression is going to stop it at this point, regardless of how people feel in this country.

The thing that makes me sad is the fact that in this country, many of the best and brightest experimenters and inventors have become expatriated because the environment here is not good for this kind of development. The suppressive forces come from a number of different directions including the inventors themselves. There is lack of funding and support, the inventors are isolated, the patent laws in this country are outmoded, and the investment strategies are very Byzantine, where people expect return from their investment in a given inventor's device. That return could be in the trillions of dollars, or nothing at all.

So far, it's been nothing at all, because we're in the R part of the R&D cycle, and it's going to take probably tens of millions of dollars to do it right, and no company in this country has been willing to fund that as of yet. Japan is beginning to fund some research, so we have things like cold fusion being developed there.

The pioneers of cold fusion, Martin Fleischmann, of Southampton University and Stanley Pons at the University of Utah were chemists who discovered cold fusion several years ago. Rejected by this country, they are now being funded by a Japanese Consortium, living in Paris and working in a laboratory there and being funded about nine million dollars. Then there's Dr. Suji Inumata, a government employee of Japan for thirty five years, president of Japan Psychotronics Institute and author of many peer reviewed papers. Inomata has developed a version Bruce DiPalma's Zen machine with two million dollars funding from Toshiba Corporation to develop superconducting magnets for his device. So you see, these developments are happening on a broad front.

The Japanese seem to be one of the few countries funding Crop Circle research.

Yes, the Japanese generally seem to be more open to these things. In this country I normally speak to audiences that are metaphysical, with groups of fifty or so. A few months ago in Japan there were over seven hundred people who attended my lecture, and these were mostly men in ties and suits. There were engineers and scientists from Toshiba, Toyota and other big companies and they were very open to this information. They are looking to develop energy sources which are not only competitive, but that can help clean our planet.

Of course, that's really the bottom line. I see this technology as the way to solve our most heartfelt environmental problems, particularly the greenhouse effect which is now upon us. I really believe that the consensus of climatologists is that we're now into the greenhouse effect causing a lot of the local weather and climate extremes, and even creating a potential widespread of airborne diseases such as yellow fever, dingo fever and malaria. There are different parts of the world that have extreme climates now, as a result of our routinely burning oil, our internal combustion engines, and our power plants.

It's really interesting, when you go to the history of free energy, and into the history of both the suppression and also the victories by actual proof, that the suppression can still be a sociological phenomenon. Bertrand Russell said it very well: "The resistance to any new idea is proportional to the square of it's importance." So, when we talk about things like energy sources that are non-polluting, and we talk about consciousness and the ability to eventually be very powerful creators in the physical universe, and of course the whole UFO phenomenon, these questions now are being met with this dualistic interpretation.

Dealing with the media, for example, I find that the concept of free energy is even less credible than the concept of UFOs, simply because it hasn't been in the body politic. It's extremely difficult for me to even get to first base to address the credibility question when speaking with newspapers or on TV, no less to really explain the concept of free energy, and what it can do to change the world in ways that are bigger than anything in human history. Here I am, a scientist with a Ph.D., a physicist formerly at Princeton University, and a published author and I still have to deal with the credibility issue. I've traveled the world and visited inventors, and spent days hanging out with them and have just published my latest book, Miracle in the Void, a third in a trilogy of new science books, which covers this issue.

The movie, Powder deals somewhat with the concept of our being energy and going back to energy. There seems to be interest these days in bioelectricity, and our connection to some Divine Source. Some feel the human form is a part of a God or Divinity and has the power to create everything.
This has been relegated to mysticism, and I think in that sense, religions developed made it dogmatic, and then they made it secret and they scared the devil out of you if you believed the other way. The scientific method has always been to be atheistic or agnostic, and so it's always wanted to fight the mystical creating a dichotomy between science and spirituality. Now as we enter the 21st century are things changing?
I describe this in my book, The Second Coming of Science, where all of the areas of science, and all areas of existing belief systems leave people participating in our culture in boxes, with each box being a limiting belief system. The box that we mostly accept in our body politic is a box we call western science, which has become a mere limiting case of reality.

Here's how I describe it. Imagine the box being bound in time and space with the time axis running from our birth to our death. Any inquiry or conjecture about what happened before our birth or after our death is considered taboo in a court of scientific inquiry. The box is bound by innerspace and outerspace, in other words, outside the box are inquiries into such things as psychokenesis, free energy, alternative healing, psychic experiences, UFOs, and Crop Circles.

All of these things are worthy of scientific inquiry, and in fact, where very good scientific inquiry has taken place, nobody believes it, or let's say the body politic doesn't believe it. You then have this duality inside the box and outside the box. We have to get from here to there, and this is the bridge time and it's been extremely challenging for folks like Steven Greer [Director of CSETI], myself and many others to be able to express this reality in a way that's palatable, because when your dealing with two paradigms coexisting, your dealing with two very different realities.

The "box of science" is a limiting version of reality. Under some circumstances it applies, but under the most general circumstances it doesn't at all. The key here is consciousness, yet Stephen Hawking or Carl Sagan continue to sell you on the concept that there is no such thing as consciousness. That's absurd, and you don't have to be a mystic to see that, you can be a scientist and observe the affect of consciousness upon our "real" world, and prove it in a laboratory as I have done. I guess you could almost call me an Indiana Jones for new science, I'm trying to help wake up the world and tell the people that we've got this potential in us, coming just in the nick of time to save us from environmental disaster on this planet.

I get into various moods around this. When I was researching Miracle in the Void, I thought it was simply going to be a photo journalistic piece on the state of the art of free energy, and that I would be performing a service, but I also found that I was going through a lot of emotion--of change within me--in that I began to embrace the new information, and began pondering it's implications. I got into a number of unpleasant emotions.

I discovered I was going through a grieving process, and that we all are. Some of the seminal research of Elizabeth Kübler Ross on death and dying shows that the psychologically normal person does have to go through these emotions, and I was able to track my own emotions and find that yes, I was going through that profile, that pattern and that the sequence of emotions that Elizabeth Kübler Ross discovered. This applies to people that have been told they are going to die of cancer or a loved one dies. The first step is denial. I remembered that when I had my first remote viewing, or psychic experience while at Princeton University in 1979 in a Lifespring training, that I denied that experience after I had it. I went back to business as usual, and it took a healing experience and a near-death experience to jostle me enough--to wake me up enough--to see that the science I had been teaching by dogma was not the all and end all. It took me several years to fully embrace that information.

There is a bumper sticker devised by Chad O'Shay, the Unity minister in Asheville , NC that says, "The Truth Will Set You Free, But At First It Will Piss You Off." I found that as I was getting out of denial, and embracing the new information, I got mighty angry. I was pissed off at those people who were suppressing things, and I just wanted to go for the jugular and I still am at times.

I kind of move in and out of that space. I'm certainly out of the space of denial, although unconsciously we're all denying our greater selves all the time by limiting ourselves in this time and space, but at any rate, anger usually follows denial, and then after anger comes bargaining: How can I fit these round pegs in these square holes? How can I bridge? How can I reconcile this new view with the old view? The answer is usually no, and that's very disappointing.

I went through a deep depression for a couple of years while I was putting the book together. I found it very frustrating and difficult to get some of these ideas across, ideas that I thought were scientifically as solid as anything else that I had done in my scientific career. These included about a hundred peer-reviewed papers on astronomy, physics and so forth. I went through grieving phases, and the last grieving phase, according to Elizabeth Kübler Ross, is acceptance. It's sort of a quiet acceptance of this reality, including the co-existence of the old and new paradigms. We're living in this schizophrenic time right now, and it's okay.

When I put my latest book together, I couldn't help but share my experience and also look at what's happening culturally right now. We are on the cusp between denial and anger, and the angry part of the revolution, that's now underway--the consciousness revolution--is going to be more manifest.

We are wise enough and compassionate to help ourselves and help others get through these phases so that we don't mistake, once again, the means for the end. The new paradigm we're talking about is a world where we can all be our own powerful creators, and when mass and energy become subsidiary to consciousness.

We've had the cart before the horse. Now we can put the horse in the drivers seat and really move into consciousness as the main cornerstone of a new science. It will allow us to truly know who we are, which as been held away from us. It's such a strange culture!

Thank God for the Internet, and thank God for folks like you, and other colleagues, that we're all working together on this. Back in the good old days, when I was in the astronaut program, or when I was teaching in a university like Princeton, I was very supported. A support system is really important, and to have a support system of newer colleagues as we move through these phases is even more important.

Any closing statement? By the way, this is going out on the Internet as well.
The message is that our reality is far more magnificent than we've given credence to, and that we as a people, if this is going to continue to be a government by the people and for the people, need to jump in and participate. We need more people willing to take risks. We are all psychic, and it's measurable and repeatable. Coming together as colleagues, and in groups, we can truly get to that hundredth monkey stage and then our lives will be a lot easier and the world will be better for it and that's the good news.

There exists, waiting in the wings, technologies and other tools that we can use to bring in the new, and that's really the good news, but we may have to sink and go through a lot of chaos before the new phase crystallizes.

Well, let's hope it won't be too painful. Thank you so much Brian for your time this morning. It was good to be with you again.
Thank you Virato, same here.

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