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Unsorted Documents 5

articles & documents

40 Questions for Scientists Who Care About Truth

Joe Firmage, November 22, 2001

Having studied the UFO mystery for many years, I have many important questions. Most of them are focused on the long-term, transformational implications of the remarkable phenomena reported. Other questions relate to our understanding of 20th century history and the present circumstance human civilization. I share with you below some of these latter questions, with the hope that they may at least open your mind, and at most engage you in a shared quest to open what may be among the grandest future chapters in our ancient saga.  R

A New Start on the Whole UFO Problem? Review of Hynek's 'The UFO Experience'

Joachim P. Kuettner, Astronautics and Aeronautics, November 1973

"The UFO Experience" no doubt represents the best and most objective introduction to the UFO problem available.

A Testable Astronautical Theory for UFO Events

T. Roy Dutton

This article is about work to probe phenomena currently regarded as taboo by the pillars of modern science. As a result, it has suffered hostility and summary dismissal for more than twenty years. Nevertheless, as will become apparent, the discoveries being claimed have resulted from long-term objective and detailed processing of the best available data. It is hoped that, some day, they may be considered to be of significance.  R

Air Force Regulation 55-88 (CIRVIS) Under JANAP 146: Reporting of Vital Intelligence UFO Encounters

United States Air Force (reprinted by CUFON)

U.S. Air Force regulation on reporting of UFO sightings vital to intelligence and national security. R

Alien Intelligence? Think Again

Guillermo Gonzalez, Space.com, 29 February 2000

Skeptical article on ET intelligence. "The existence of extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI) has been debated since the ancient Greeks. Over the last few decades, both intellectual and public opinion have been decisively in the pro-ETI camp. Unfortunately, the debate has taken place on a very slanted playing field, at least in the United States." R

Area 51, A History and Update

Dennis Balthaser

For a place that doesn’t officially exist, Area 51 has been referred to by a lot of names over the years. This article provides a history and overview of the secret military installation at Area 51.

Area 51: Still Above the Law

Dennis Balthaser, 10/05/03

Since 1955 the United States has developed and maintained a secret military base 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, known by several names, such as Groom Lake, Dreamland, the Box and the most popular name, “Area 51.” President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed an executive order on August 19, 1955, restricting the air space over Groom Lake, Nevada, which is still heavily in force today.

Beyond Great UFO Photos: An Inquiry Into the Billy Meier Case

Michael Horn, UFO Magazine, Volume 14, No. 3

A nondescript farmer in Switzerland purports to have taken the most stunning group of UFO photographs ever. Since the advent of his claimed contacts with ETs from the Pleiades in the mid-'70s, Eduard Billy Meier and his photographs have been alternately revered and reviled, depending on whom you talk to. For the first time in UFO Magazine, a Meier aficionado gets into fundamentals, not photos: "Pleiadian" philosophy—and prophecy.

Billy Meier Case: A Refutation of false Claims and Distortions by Korff

James W. Deardorff, Research Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University

In his book, Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story (Prometheus Press, 1995), Kal. K. Korff makes masses of claims against the reality of Eduard Meier’s contact experiences. Thus the reader who is unfamiliar with the research by Wendelle Stevens, Lee & Brit Elders, Thomas Welch, Jim Dilettoso and Gary Kinder on the Meier case, and unfamiliar with Korff’s background, may mistakenly think Korff’s claims are valid simply due to their sheer number.

Carl Sagan - Background and Bibliography

Paradigm Clock

A brief biography of Dr. Carl Sagan, as well as a recommended bibliography.

Close Encounter with Dr. J. Allen Hynek - An Interview With The Dean

J. Allen Hynek with Dennis Stacy, 1985

For over two decades, from 1948 to 1969, Dr. J. Allen Hynek was a consultant in astronomy to the United States Air Force. The subject of his advice, however, was not the fledgling space program or even the moon and stars above, but Unidentified Flying Objects. In 1973 he founded the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) and had serves as Director and editor of its journal, "International UFO Reporter." The following is an interview with Hynek by researcher Dennis Stacy.

Contact: More Than Just a Film

Larry Klaes, SETI League Northeastern US Regional Coordinator

In keeping with the title, this document is more than just a film review, and far more than an editorial. What follows is a rather lengthy treatment which could form the syllabus for a whole college course based upon Carl Sagan's "Contact."

Correspondence with Dr. Thornton Page regarding the CIA Robertson Panel


While doing other research, we discovered that there was only one surviving scientist-member of the Scientific Advisory Panel On Unidentified Flying Objects, (commonly known as "The Robertson Panel.") This person was Dr. Thornton Page. We were able to exchange letters with Dr. Page. We believe that these letters, and the other material provided by Dr. Page, provide a unique view into the Robertson Panel and surrounding circumstances, and Dr. Pages' views and actions relating to the subject of UFOs.

Cosmic Deception: Let the Citizen Beware

Steven M. Greer M.D., Director, CSETI & The Disclosure Project

Maybe - people will take seriously, however farfetched it may seem at first, the prospect that a shadowy, para-governmental and transnational entity exists that has kept UFOs secret - and is planning a deception and tragedy that will dwarf the events of 9/11. R


Dennis Balthaser, 03/01/99

Credible, according to the dictionary is defined as, "1. capable of being believed; believable: a credible statement, and 2. worthy of belief or confidence ; trustworthy: a credible witness". Volumes could be written merely on that one word as it relates to the 1947 Roswell Incident.

CSICOP and the Skeptics: An Overview

George P. Hansen

The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) has become the most publicly visible institution engaged in the debate on the paranormal. Initially CSICOP was primarily a scholarly body but soon after its beginning it adopted a popular approach that fostered a more broadly based social movement.  R

CUFON Interview of Kevin D. Randle

Kevin Randle / CUFON

Ten-question interview/survey with UFO researcher and author Kevin Randle, including questions about the state of ufology today, and views on general aspects of the UFO phenomenon.

CUFON Interview of Larry W. Bryant

Larry Bryant / CUFON

Ten-question interview/survey with UFO researcher Larry Bryant, including questions about the state of ufology today, and views on general aspects of the UFO phenomenon.

CUFON Interview of Michael D. Swords, Ph.D

Michael D. Swords, Ph.D. / CUFON

Ten-question interview/survey with UFO researcher Michael Swords, including questions about the state of ufology today, and views on general aspects of the UFO phenomenon.

CUFON Interview of Richard F. Haines Ph.D.

Richard F. Haines / CUFON

Ten-question interview/survey with UFO researcher and author Richard Haines, including questions about the state of ufology today, and views on general aspects of the UFO phenomenon.

CUFON Interview of Richard Hall

Richard Hall / CUFON

Ten-question interview/survey with UFO researcher and author Richard Hall, including questions about the state of ufology today, and views on general aspects of the UFO phenomenon.

CUFON Interview of Thornton Page, Ph.D

Thornton Page, Ph.D / CUFON

Ten-question interview/survey with scientist Thornton Page, including questions about the state of ufology today, and views on general aspects of the UFO phenomenon.

Cultural Aspects of SETI

SETI Institute

What happens if we find intelligent extraterrestrial life? This Report is the product of a Workshop convened by NASA, with the support of the SETI Institute, to examine the implications for human society of such a discovery. R

Declaration of Principles Concerning Activities Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence

SETI Institute

Statement by the SETI Institute regarding contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. R

Disney, UFOs, and Disclosure

Grant Cameron, PresidentialUFO.com

Drake's factors irrelevant in our lonely galaxy

The Toronto Star, Dec. 7, 2003

In 1961, American astronomer Frank Drake developed his famous equation for estimating the number of technologically advanced civilizations in the galaxy. However, more and more scientists are having their doubts about the optimistic numbers and a substantial number of researchers consider the equation as obsolete as a black and white television from the '60s. R

Encyclopedia Britannica Article on UFOs

Dr. Thornton Page, The New Encyclopedia Britannica, 15th Edition, 1974-1984

The complete article entry on UFOs in the Encyclopedia Britannica, written by scientist Dr. Thornton Page, member of the CIA Robertson Panel and co-host of the AAS Symposium on UFOs.

Engineers Praise Disc Performance

Francis Ridge

I have maintained a small file throughout the years, of statements by scientists and engineers regarding the use of a saucer shape for space travel and flight within the Earth's atmosphere.

Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the Solar System: Resolving the Fermi Paradox

Robert A. Freitas Jr., Journal of the British Interplanetary Society 36 (November, 1983)

The assertion that extraterrestrial intelligences (ETI) do not exist, based on the apparent contradictions inherent in the Fermi Paradox, rests upon an unproven and untenable presumption: That ETI are not now present in the Solar System. The current observational status of the Solar System is insufficient to support the assumption that ETI are not here.  R

Famous Quotes on UFOs


Quotes from famous people regarding UFOs. R

FBI File of Dr. James E. McDonald

FBI (reprinted by CUFON)

Through the Freedom of Information Act, CUFON has obtained a portion of the files the Federal Bureau of Investigation was maintaining on Dr. James McDonald, widely held to be the most effective "establishment" scientist to take a public interest in UFO. CUFON has provides this material to provide an insight to the workings of the FBI as relates to an effective scientist who was an outspoken man of conscience and happened to have an interest in UFO.

Fire Fighters, Disaster Control and the UFO Potential

Dennis Balthaser, 03/01/03

The Fire Officer’s Guide used to train Firefighter’s at the National Fire Academy in Maryland contains a chapter on UFOs. I couldn’t help but ask myself, if all these rumors about UFOs were untrue, why would firefighters be trained on this subject?

FOIA Request Frustrations

Dennis Balthaser, 05/01/00

The Freedom of Information Act law, enacted in 1966, is without a doubt one of the best tools available to obtain information. Over the years, many documents previously kept from the public have been disclosed through FOIA requests. Most researchers that I've talked to however, share my experience in that many times the information takes months or years to obtain, if in fact obtainable. Many times it is still cataloged as secret or not available due to National Security concerns, and some information is still "blacked out", or delay tactics are used in their responses.

Follow the Bouncing Ball

Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, TRUE Magazine, 1967

Article by Donald Keyhoe in TRUE Magazine, 1967.

Foo-Fighter Documents

Barry Greenwood / CUFON

The text of several official documents mentioning Foo-Fighters and Foo-Fighter-like phenomena are presented here. These documents were located, and provided to CUFON, by Barry Greenwood.Foo-Fighters are often mentioned in the UFO literature as being among the first modern era sightings of unidentified aerial objects, predating as they do the widely known civilian Arnold sighting of June, 1947.

Frank Drake Interview

Contact the movie, Warner Brothers

In 1960, the astronomer Frank Drake went to West Virginia and ran a two-week experiment using an 85-foot diameter radio telescope: he searched for artificial signals from two, nearby stars. Called "Project Ozma", this was the first modern search for cosmic company and the start of a life-long involvement with SETI for Dr. Drake, who is now the President of the SETI Institute. This is a brief interview with Frank Drake. R

From Godspell to God Games

Neil Freer

Paper delivered as invited speaker, Zecharia Sitchin Day, last day of International Association For New Science Conference, Denver, October 1996. R

Getting to Level 2

Mark Cashman

The problem with Klass, as opposed to the position of the properly skeptical ufologist, is that he won't accept the contention that there are unexplained UFO reports which are challenging and interesting; while our properly skeptical UFOlogist has no problem with accepting both that many reports can be explained and that there are challenging and interesting UFO reports which cannot be explained prosaically.

Growing Up With ET

Space.com, 15 November 2000

If some day we detect a radio signal from a distant civilization, we’ll have to make some adjustments in the way we view ourselves. In the process, will we simply gain a little healthy humility about our place in the universe? Or would it be downright humiliating to compare our own meager accomplishments with those of more advanced extraterrestrials? R

Have We Visitors from Space? - LIFE Magazine 1952 Article

LIFE Magazine, April 7, 1952

The introduction to this classic 1952 article in LIFE Magazine reads: "The Air Force is now ready to concede that many saucer and fireball sightings still defy explanation; here LIFE offers some scientific evidence that there is a real case for interplanetary saucers."

History of SETI

SETI Institute

A brief history of the SETI project. R

How Can We Achieve Contact?

Allen Tough

The scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence could add several powerful new search strategies, instead of limiting itself to just one or two.  R

How Old is ET?

Ray P. Norris, CSIRO Australia Telescope National Facility

This paper considers the factors that determine the probable age of a civilisation that might be detected in a SETI search.  R

How Scientists Tracked a Flying Saucer

Commander Robert B. McLaughlin, USN, True Magazine, March 1950

In its January (1950) issue TRUE said that the flying saucers are real and interplanetary. Its story was widely supported by the nation's press and radio.TRUE's findings are here confirmed by Commander McLaughlin, a rocket expert at White Sands Proving Ground, who worked independently of this magazine's investigation. He reveals how a troup of Navy men and scientists tracked a flying disk with a precision instrument and tells of flights he and others witnessed.

How to Achieve Contact: Five Promising Strategies

Allen Tough

The scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) is expanding its array of search strategies. This is a highly appropriate change. Five of these strategies are especially promising.  R

Inside the Space Ships (FULL BOOK by George Adamski)

George Adamski, 1955

The complete text of the book by the classic, controversial contactee George Adamski.

Intelligence in the Cosmos: Flesh or Machine?

Space.com, 15 August 2000

Seth Shostak, who works for the SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is among a band of scientists trying to beat it out of our heads that humankind will inevitably encounter what he calls "soft and squishy aliens." R

Interstellar Radio Messages

Alexander L. Zaitsev, Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Science

JANAP146E - 1977 Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication (JANAP 146(E)

Reprinted by CUFON

Complete text of: Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication (JANAP 146(E)), Canadian - United States Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings (CIRVIS/MERINT) as released on February 28, 1994 including "change No. 2", promulgated May 17, 1977 . (Posted 2-April-1994)

JANP146C - 1954 Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication 146(C) CIRVIS

Reprinted by CUFON

JANAP 146(C) - Joint Army-Navy-Air Force Publication 146(C) - Communication Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings from Airborne and Waterborne Sources. Dated March 10, 1954.

JANP146E - 1966 Canadian - United States CIRVIS Instruction

Reprinted by CUFON

JANAP 146(E), Canadian - United States Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings, is an unclassified non-registered publication prepared under the direction of the Canadian Defence Staff and the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff for Canadian and United States Joint use. Dated 31 March 1966.

Joe Firmage at 1999 UFO Symposium - Oral History Project

Joe Firmage

I would like to share with you a person-to-person version of my story and also share with you a preview of some of the things I have been thinking and writing about which have become a part of the book that I have begun to publish on line.  R

Krill Papers - Acquisition of Advanced Technology from Alien Cultures

O.H. Krill

Humanity has been led down a false path, a path that has been plagued by layer upon layer of conspiracies and disinformation. The intent of this paper is to bring much of the details regarding this into the open.

Looking Ahead to the Past

Dennis Balthaser, 9/01/00

One of the things I've always enjoyed about researching the Roswell Incident, especially since I moved to Roswell in 1996, was the number of locations, structures and buildings that could be seen or visited in the area, which had a direct or indirect connection to the incident in 1947. Whenever other researchers, friends, family or media personnel visit me, I always take them to some of these locations.

My 10 Favorite UFO Cases

Dennis Balthaser, 7/01/02

UFO researcher Dennis Balthaser lists his 10 favorite UFO related cases. 'The list of my 10 favorite UFO cases is not in any order as far as importance to me, but rather ten of the cases that I personally feel are worth further investigation or research, based on the information already known.'

Mysteries - Myths - Motives

Richard F. Haines, Introduction, Flying Saucer Review Index, 1995

An essay from the introduction to a published index of the leading UFO magazine, Flying Saucer Review.

One Man Against Secrecy

Washington Post, November 26, 2003

Newsletter Editor Works to Limit Classified Information R

Physicist to Metaphysician: An Interview with Former Astronaut Brian O'Leary, Ph.D.

Sw. Virato, New Frontier Magazine

The author of three books on our connection to UFOs, and other realms of existence and consciousness, Brian O'Leary was trained as an astronaut by NASA to be on the Mars Mission, and now lectures world-wide on the new science. Today, Dr. O'Leary has gone from Princeton University professor to modern day scientific prophet, and new science activist.  R

Professional Skeptics Group Proves UFOs Real

Michael Horn

Organization expected to retract defamatory claims, facilitate $1,000,000 award to Swiss man. R

Proposed SETI Reply Protocols

SETI Institute

Proposed protocols in the event of discovery of intelligent ET signals. R

Pursuit of Project Aquarius


Irrevocably connected to the Paul Bennewitz case is a document which has been called many things including "bogus." It is usually known as either "The Aquarius Document," or "The NASA (or NSA) Telex." The name of a supposedly highly secret UFO related project, "Aquarius" appears in an unverifiable Telex.

Questions for Other Civilizations

Allen Tough, International Astronautical Congress in Turin, Italy, October 1997

What people hope to learn from other civilizations. Probably SETI (the scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence) will eventually detect and confirm an extraterrestrial radio or optical signal. An international organization (such as Unesco, COPUOS, or IAA) may then compose a reply from humanity.  R

Recommended SETI Reading

SETI League

A list of recommended reading on SETI related topics. R

Searching for the Truth

Dennis Balthaser, 01/16/99

No longer being affiliated with the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, NM has given me mixed emotions about my chosen field as an investigator and researcher on the subject of ufology.

Selected term papers from Dr. Thornton Page's Science 101 'Flying Saucers' course - PART ONE

Students in Dr. Thornton Page's course, Wesleyan University, 1968

Selected term papers from Dr. Thornton Page's Science 101 "Flying Saucers" course, Spring quarter, 1968, Wesleyan University.

Selected term papers from Dr. Thornton Page's Science 101 'Flying Saucers' course - PART TWO

Students in Dr. Thornton Page's course, Wesleyan University, 1968

Selected term papers from Dr. Thornton Page's Science 101 "Flying Saucers" course, Spring quarter, 1968, Wesleyan University.

Shortcomings of Kal K. Korff's Spaceships of the Pleiades: The Billy Meier Story

Jeroen Jansen

A comprehensive critique of skeptical claims made by Kal Korff in his book on the Billy Meier photographic and contactee case.

Small FAQ on Evidence in the Billy Meier Case

Jeroen Jansen

A collection of answers to frequent questions regarding the evidence in the Billy Meier case.

Strategies for Collecting Evidence of Intelligent Extra-Terrestrial Activity

A Ph.D. physicist at a U.S. government laboratory in Maryland, Runner-Up, NIDS Essay Contest

This essay, runner-up in the National Institute for Discovery Science essay contest, deals with the question of collecting evidence of extra-terrestrial intelligence (ETI) activity on Earth and to a lesser extent in the solar system.

The "Pentacle Memorandum"

CUFON (Computer UFO Network)

Including Text of Correspondence from Dr. Jacques Vallee. The "Pentacle Memorandum" has been a controversial item since its existence was revealed to the wider UFO community by Dr. Jacques Vallee in his excellent work Forbidden Science. Among other things, this document contains confirmation that Battelle Memorial Institute was working on UFO project(s) at the time of the Robertson Panel, (January 1953), and apparently could exercise some amount of control over the handling of the subject matter.

The Alien Autopsy Film: Facts vs Armchair Research

Michael Hesemann, Nexus Magazine, Volume 3, #6 (Oct-Nov '96)

While nobody has been able to present any proof that the Santilli autopsy footage was faked, we have some convincing indications that the film might very well be genuine. If it is a hoax, it is definitely the most ingenious fake of the century.  R

The Alien Question: An Expanded Perspective

Neil Freer

The synopsis of this paper: The current context within which The Alien Presence Paradigm is viewed and dealt with is too narrow and limited. The Alien Presence Paradigm should be seen as having two parts, separate but related: 1) the recognition of the presence of an alien culture or cultures from outside our solar system 2) the recognition and restoration of our true history as a genetically engineered species, half alien Annunaki, half indigenous Homo Erectus, according to the thesis paradigm of the Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, and its ramifications for our future.  R

The Book 'Rare Earth' Punctures Alien Assumptions

Space.com, 09 February 2000

We may not be alone, but our extraterrestrial neighbors are likely to be bacteria. In Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe, geologist Peter D. Ward and astronomer Donald Brownlee present a thoughtful, well-argued case that animals (let alone astronomers) are rare and perhaps limited to Earth.  R

The camera never lies? The Billy Meier Case (skeptical)

Peter Brookesmith, UFO updates mailing list, January 1997

Massive scientific expertise has vindicated Billy Meier's spacecraft photographs, according to his supporters. These claims however should be pitted against the rather different conclusions of skilled ufologists.

The Evidence for Extraterrestrials (partly skeptical)

Davy Russell, X-Project

Serious UFO researchers should refrain from being swept away into the extraterrestrial theory...which should be just that...a THEORY. Every report of a flying disk or nocturnal light, every report of an alien abduction, every photograph of a fuzzy gray "something" in the sky should not be assumed extraterrestrial simply because there is no other acceptable explanation.  R

The Extraordinary Adventures of a Nonconventional Researcher

Aimé Michel, Planète #20, January-February 1965

Reflections and essay on the UFO phenomenon by French ufologist, Aimé Michel. R

The Ice Documents Press Conference

Dale Goudie and Christian Lambright, National Press Club, June 25, 1987

'We came to Washington, D.C. on a direct challenge that had been made on a National Television Network as to the authenticity of newly released information by the National Security Agency (NSA) concerning Project Aquarius; and other documents released via Freedom of Information Act requests which would indicate that a Project Aquarius truly exists.' The following is the text of the press conference, including referenced documents and related articles as attachments.

The Intruders' Foundation UFO Abduction Conference, New York 1990

Nick Pope

On 6 May 2000 I took part in the Intruders Foundation UFO Abduction Conference in New York. In terms of the data put forward and the quality of the presentations I believe it was the best such event that I’ve ever attended. The purpose of this article is to give an overview of the conference, bringing the data presented to a wider audience, and provoking some debate.

The Many Faces Of ET: The Field Guide To Extraterrestrials

21st Century Radio

Interview and discussion with Patrick Huyghe, co-author of 'The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials: A Complete Overview of Alien Life Forms Based on Actual Accounts and Sightings' by Patrick Huyghe and Dennis Stacy. R

The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects

Edward J. Ruppelt, former head of USAF Project Bluebook

The complete online text of this classic book by the former head of USAF Project Bluebook. Captain Edward J. Ruppelt not only was the head of the United States Air Force’s secret Project Blue Book that studied UFOs, but he also was the head of the Air Force’s earlier and similar project named "Project Grudge." This man knew more about UFOs than probably any other person alive, at least in the United States. This historical document reads like modern science fiction, but it isn’t. It’s real. And what makes this document so brilliant and valuable is that it was authored by a man who was there in the very beginning of this phenomenon.

The Robertson Panel Report (The Durant Report)

Advisory Panel on UFOs, Office of Scientific Intelligence, CIA (reprinted by CUFON)

This file contains the text of a document known variably and interchangeably as The Durant Report or The Robertson Panel Report. In truth, the above named items are indeed different items, but the Panel report is contained in the Durant Report, which is a detailed report of the Panel proceedings. It is the REPORT OF SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY PANEL ON UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS CONVENED BY OFFICE OF SCIENTIFIC INTELLIGENCE, CIA January 14 - 18, 1953.

The War of the Words

Mark A. Raimer, X-Project

A problem exists in ufology which derives from the widespread use of the term Unidentified Flying Object in the first place. To avoid ascribing inaccurate qualities across the board, I introduce the term UAP (an acronym, pronounced "you-app"), which stands for Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon.  R

UFO facts and quotes from CURRENT ENCOUNTERS


A compilation of UFO related facts and quotes from the Current Encounters mailing list.

UFO Sightings in Africa

UFOs at Close Sight

UFO sightings occur all over the world and it includes Africa. But they are less largely known in than for example UFO events in the US because the general flow of information tend to go more into Africa than out of Africa. This page includes an overview and summary of UFO sightings in Africa. R

UFOs At The Edge Of Reality

Jim Keith, Paranoia magazine, Issue 17, Fall 1997

A lecture by Jim Keith, exploring some of his thoughts and opinions about the nature of UFOs and aliens and reality, based upon an interest that goes back to about 1957. Focuses on some material suggesting that UFOs and ETs walk a fine line between reality and thought (or awareness).  R

Underground Bases

Dennis Balthaser, 04/22/99

Belief in a subterranean world has been handed down as myth, tale or rumor for generations from all over the world. Whether these caverns exist within the earth is anyone's guess. With satellite technology evolving to what it is today, it is a fact that many governments have built underground tunnels and facilities for a variety of reasons.

Verifying Research

Dennis Balthaser, 11/01/99

Discussion on any subject is good and should be encouraged, as new theories, allegations, and claims are introduced and “kicked around”, however when facts and documentation no longer support that, it’s time to move on to new ideas and thoughts. Such has been the case in recent months on this subject of ufology.

We Do Have Contact

David Kingston, Crop Phenomena Investigations

Contact is virtually unlimited if the psychic is good. It is used on a regular basis still today by many groups and despite what is stated by the various intelligence units around the world.  R

What Are the Possible Societal Effects of a SETI Success?

SETI Institute

Would the detection of another intelligent society disrupt our own? Would it provoke hope, or fear?  R

websites & organizations

An Expanded Context For Genetic Exploration and Explanation

Neil Freer

This paper, written by a generalist for scientists, is submitted as a brief to inform the reader of an archaeological paradigm, developed over a century and a half, which renders outmoded, corrects and subsumes both the Darwinian evolutionary and creationist models, as related to human history, and provides an expanded, fresh perspective on DNA research.

Classic Contactee Cases

UFOria Research

A collection of resources on classic contactee cases.

Contact in Context: A Journal of Research on Life in the Universe

The SETI League

Contact In Context is a peer-reviewed, web-based academic journal intended as a scientific forum for research in astroanalytical chemistry, astrobiology and in the search for intelligent life in the universe. Articles differ in scope and focus, but are intended for researchers in SETI and astrobiology, resource professionals, and scientists in general.

Contact Scholarship, Science & Enlightened Speculation

UFOria Research

Collection of resources and links.

Contemporary Contactees

UFOria Research

A large collection of links and resources on contemporary contactee cases.