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What are UFO's and where do they come from?

Andy Page, Ultimate Ufologists site

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Summary: This section will describe some of the various theories regarding where the "aliens" come from as well as some of my own thoughts.

This section will describe some of the various theories regarding where the "aliens" come from as well as some of my own thoughts.

I started out being one of those people who believed that UFOs were a very simple phenomena. That is they were "Nuts and Bolts" spacecraft piloted by another advanced species from other planets. However over the years I have begun to change my mind.

It now seems that this is far too a simple explanation and infact does not explain all the strange things reported by witnesses. It would also be a bit of a let down if indeed these were simple "Nuts and Bolts" spacecraft.

It does not explain why sighting reports seem to jump with technology i.e. In ancient romans times they saw chariots in the in sky, and then later in the 1880-90s witnesses reported seeing airships. Now witnesses report seeing super sleek discoid objects.

It does now also explain why we have been visited since the beginning of recordable history and why there are so many varying report of the types of "aliens" being reported as well as the numbers of strange messages given to contactees.

It does not explain the abduction phenomenon and the strange medicals which are performed on victims. For a race so advanced, if indeed that's what they are, why do they need to perform strange and sometimes outdated and "clumsy" medicals on people.

It also does not explain why we still have no "SOLID PROOF" of there existence. Yes we do have some blurred photos and some intriguing "Official" documents etc. etc. but nothing which proves once and for all.

Don't get me wrong I believe UFO's are real and that we are being visited by some advanced intelligence, the only question is where do they come from.

Below are some of the more popular theories regarding the origin of this intelligence.

Another Planet

This theory which is still one of the most popular in the publics view is steadily decreasing among serious UFOlogists.

Early on in the history of UFOlogy this seemed the most "romantic" of the various theories and was popularised by the media.It did not concern most researchers that unless Faster than light travel could be achieved this would be a quite unlikely reason, unless they come from much closer than was originally thought.

In the early 30's it was believed that the Moon, then Mars then Venus were the homes of our ET visitors. As science slowly moved forward and it was very unlikely that these planets and moons could have intelligent life on them, so the locations of these homes moved ever so further away. Although in recent times life has been proved to be almost inevitable in the universe the chances that intelligent life is very close by is very remote.

This theory has many problems:

- Why are there so many different types of aliens visiting us.

- Why do they need to abduct so many people. They must surely have enough of our genetic material by now.

- Why do they need to perform clumsy medicals on people

- Why have they been visiting for us for so long.

- Why would they be remotely interested in our small, insignificant planet.

- Why are there so many landings etc. It has been estimated that over 10 Million landings must have taken place if we consider the percentage of reports that go unreported and the number that go undetected.

- Why to they keep taking soil samples. Surely they should enough of our soil to build a huge range of hills.

The other question that I would like answered is that if so many of their craft crash, as is claimed, why do they always seem to crash in a desert in New Mexico ?

Another Dimension

This theory has been round for quite a while and is one that Jacques Vallee feels is a more likely explanation of the UFO phenomenon rather than the "nuts and bolts" theories.

It explains the problems of physical travel in so much as they are already here and explains many of the strange abductions cases where the entities are seen to float, and travel through solid objects.

Again for proof of this theory we will need to redevelop our knowledge of science and physics.

Psychological / Earth Effects

Many skeptics and a few other researchers still believe that the UFO phenomenon is actually an unknown psychological effect. One theory is that as our brains are essentially electronic then the increase in radio and electromagnetic activity in our society is causing strange effects on the brain. One such area is the effect of tectonic plates which when they "rub" together generate a variety of electronic waves and can cause light to appear. Some studies have shown that there is some correlation between the tectonic plates and UFO sightings especially during plate and earthquake activity.

The main problems with some of these theories is that is does not explain the physical trace aspects of some cases such as radio, radiation, indentations and gun camera and photographic evidence.

Another interesting feature to come out of abduction research is that some abductions seem to take place without the person being physically involved.

From the Future

This theory has recieved some support in recent years due to the fact that it explains some of the unanswered questions regarding UFOs, but it also opens up some more questions.

One of the biggest arguments against UFOs is that unless we can develop a faster that light method of travel, or UFOs come from much closer that we realise then the sheer distances involved are just too great. However if these are craft from the earth's future this would explain without the need for faster than light travel, (although we will need to develop the physics for time travel).

The other argument that this theory could solve is that of "Why" are they bothering visiting us, as we a just a small insignificant planet, in an ordinary solar system, in an ordinary galaxy, in an average part of the universe. If these are indeed craft from the future then this explains why they are interested in us, just in the same way we teach history they to maybe learning about their past. This could also be why they are interested in our biological makeup.

It could also explain how these craft seem to materialise from apparent nothing and then to disappear suddenly.

Some of the supporters of this theory use the "Aliens" themselves as "proof" of this theory. They claim that the 2 main types of aliens, "Tall Blondes" and the "Greys" are very humanlike. The Greys are what some scientists think we could well look like in the future. Large heads, small fragile bodies, small nose and ears and longer fingers. The "Tall" blondes supporters claim they are just too human considering the sheer variety of life on earth that the chances that a visiting race would like so like us. (Although many people think that what we see is what the aliens want us to see).

However this time travel theory also has problems in that time travel opens up the many paradoxes which many popular Movies and TV shows have highlighted.

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