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Unsorted Documents 6

articles & documents

A Position Statement of the Swedish national UFO organization UFO-Sweden

UFO Sweden

Position statement on UFOs by UFO Sweden.

Archives for UFO Research: A History of AFU

Archives for UFO Research (AFU), UFO Sweden

Archives for UFO research (AFU) has chosen as its main objective to document and preserve the history of UFO research and ufology, particularly the Swedish and Scandinavian part of that history. This article details personal insights from 'the AFU project' since the start, twenty-two years ago. No doubt AFU is now one of the largest repositories for UFO data in the world.

Canada's Flying Saucer Observatory

Nick Balaskas (UFO Updates mailing list 13 May 2002)

Last month my friend Mike and I drove out to Smiths Falls to check out the huge collection of government surplus electronic and scientific equipment at 'W. J. Ford Surplus Enterprises' located in Smiths Falls, about an hour's drive west of Ottawa.  R

Canadian Program Director Discusses Communication With Aliens


In a just recovered 1961 interview with television station CJOH, the former head of the official Canadian Government UFO investigation, Wilbert Smith, was asked a number of questions about what he had learned during his days of investigating flying saucers for the government.

Canadian Program Director Discusses Communication With Aliens


In a just recovered 1961 interview with television station CJOH, the former head of the official Canadian Government UFO investigation, Wilbert Smith, was asked a number of questions about what he had learned during his days of investigating flying saucers for the government.

Context and Implications of the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life

Richard C. Hoagland

One of the things I have tried to understand, as my research and that of others has revealed ever more suggestive data, supportive of the phenomenal idea that these objects in the Viking images could in fact be artifacts, is the curious "historically anomalous" position of the agency which took the pictures in the first place: NASA. R

Crop Circles in Sweden Tickle the Imagination

Clas Svahn, UFO Sweden

When the circle phenomenon came to Sweden the summer of 1993 it did so with a bang.

FOTOCAT News October 2003

Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos (UFO Updates 17 Oct 2003)

LATEST COUNT The latest tally of FOTOCAT shows 4,000 entries! Considering an estimate of 10,000 of the total number of photographic cases world-wide between 1947 and 2003, it shows the big progress accomplished to date. R

Historical UFO Quotes


The following quotes and excerpts are from various sources. I can't be certain of the validity or the accuracy of translation in all of them, but these are some of the more interesting ones I have come across and thought they should be included.  R

How Disinformation Experts Spread Fear About UFOs

Anne Strieber

Bill Moore, UFO investigator and author, has learned a great deal about the government coverup of UFO information over the years. A large part of this coverup has to do with what intelligence agencies, such as the CIA, refer to as DISINFORMATION. R

How far is...Far Out?

Ted Skewes, Victorian UFO Research Society (VUFORS)

Several UFO commentators, most recently Marc Davenport have put forward the theory that UFOs exhibit behavior that can be explained if we accept that time is being manipulated. Can time be manipulated? R

Hynek Classification System

J. Allen Hynek

The system used to categorize the various types of UFO sightings invented by Dr J. Allen Hynek and adopted by many UFO researchers as the standard for classification. The system was later enhanced by Jacques Vallee. R

Military UFO Quotes


UFO-related quotes from military officials. R


Jerome Clark

These days, paranoia - or anyway, deep suspicion; perhaps there is a difference - seems in style. This time the inspiration is the ongoing, ever un-resolved MJ-12 dispute. The spectrum of paranoia ranges from the mild (and probably defensible) to the pathological (as in see your psychiatrist). Fortunately the latter has afflicted few on the sober side of ufology, but it is running rampant on the wild side.  R

Project 1947: A Progress Report

Jan L. Aldrich, UFO Magazine (Mar-Apr, 1996)

Project 1947, an examination of the beginning of the UFO era, had as its main goal screening 1,000 North American and 400 foreign newspapers during the main concentration of UFO activity in 1947, 24 June through 15 July. Since this project started in February of 1995, thousands of cases have turned up. The number of 1947 newspapers screened worldwide is now well nearly 5000!

Project 1947: Filling in the Gaps

Jan. L. Aldrich, MUFON Journal, April 1996

The amount of published UFO information is truly staggering. In North America there are probably well over 300,000 newspaper stories! Carrying on the early work of Ted Bloecher whose research found over 850 reports from 1947, PROJECT 1947 is a modest attempt to expand on the foundation that Bloecher laid down when he wrote Report of the UFO Wave of 1947.

Project Magnet

Alberta UFO Study Group

In 1950 the Canadian government authorized a short-lived program designed to study UFOs. Here is the program's report by Wilbert B. Smith, Engineer-in-Charge, Project Magnet.

Project Magnet

From the Encyclopedia of UFOs, edited by Ronald Story

This project was a study of UFOs carried out by the Department of Transport (DOT) in Canada in the early 1950s. It was set up in December 1950 under the direction of Wilbert B. Smith, then a senior radio engineer, Broadcast and Measurements Section. R

Reaching Disclosure: An Interview with Stephen Greer

Steven Greer, MD & Michael Peter Langevin

If what Stephen Greer is saying is true, CNN, ABC, NBC, and the Fox Network should be camped outside his door waiting for his latest pronouncement. That they aren’t may be evidence of the level of denial about UFOs and extraterrestrials that has permeated the media, government, and mainstream culture.  R

Report on the Work of Dr. Steven Greer and CSETI

Elaine Darlington

Doctor Steven Greer of the Centre for the Study of Extra Terrestrial Intelligence has stated without a doubt that we, the human race are being visited by intelligence's not of our earth and communication has been occurring for some time. R

Russians Worried UFOs Could Trigger Wars

For the first time, the Russians have linked their opposition to Star Wars with UFOs, saying that they are worried that UFOs could accidentally trigger a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union.  R

Santilli's Controversial Autopsy Movie: A Comprehensive Review

Kent Jeffrey, International Roswell Initiative Bulletin #5

The claimed 1947 "alien autopsy" footage, acquired and marketed by Merlin Productions, a small London video distribution company owned by Ray Santilli, has now been seen, and in may cases believed, by tens of millions of viewers in over 30 countries world-wide. Through a selective presentation of the facts and selective editing, programs like Fox network's "Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction" have misled the public by giving the impression that a number of interdisciplinary experts, including pathologists and film-makers, feel that the Santilli footage milt be genuine.

Sarah McClendon: News Reports from White House Correspondent Interested in UFOs

Sarah McClendon (reprinted by Dave Vetterick)

Famous White House Correspondent Says It's High Time To End the Secrecy on UFO's and Hold Congressional Hearings. In these articles she supports the efforts of Dr. Steven Greer in trying to get congressional hearings on the subject.  R

Scareships over Britain: The Airship Wave of 1909

Dr. David Clarke, UFO Sweden

The phantom airship sightings, dubbed by some commentators as "scareships", were largely ridiculed by the Press. But they contributed to the growing demand by British patriots for more resources to be spent upon a military aircraft for defence against the Zeppelin threat. These demands reached fresh heights during the winter of 1912-1913, which coincided with a second airship scare.

Scientists on UFOs


Quotes on the UFO phenomenon by various scientists. R

Signs from up above

Clas Svahn, UFO Sweden

With this article, the author wishes to shed some light on some of the occurrences when unknown form of writings have been retrieved or observed during or after a UFO sighting. In most of the cases, the contact or the observer has believed the writings to be alien in origin. Proof of this does not exist. On the contrary, in several cases it is clear that the explanation lies elsewhere. Clas Svahn, a reporter for UFO-Aktuellt here offers the reader a few case files to ponder.

The Curious Utterances of the Vatican's Monsignor Corrado Balducci

Gordon Creighton, Flying Saucer Review, Volume 45/4, Winter 2000

This important Catholic prelate was already well known for his previous statement, some time ago, that he believed in the presence of alien intelligences interacting with planet Earth.  R

The NICAP Organization

Cohen UFO

History and overview of the leading UFO organization NICAP, National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.

The Rainbow Declaration and Human Destiny in the Cosmos

John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D., 1990 MUFON Symposium Proceedings

In this paper I will talk about the destiny of humanity in the Cosmos as it is now unfolding before us. I will also talk about the Rainbow Declaration, which is my attempt to bring together what is good and precious form the human heritage with what we now know of the Cosmos, to the end that humanity's future will be good and it will achieve its appropriate destiny. However, this paper is really about knowledge and dialogue.

The U.S. Air Force and Ufology: Chapter on UFOs from Air Force Textbook on 'Introductory Space Science'

United States Air Force

The following document is taken verbatim from the United States Air Forces Academy textbook, " Introductory Space Science, Volume II, Department of Physics, USAF. " This is the volume that was being used by the Air Force Academy, at Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Air Force Academy has since pulled this volume from the curicullem in the very early 70's, because of the contraversy it generated, but after reading this, I think you will find that the United States Air Force has considered the subject of UFOlogy to be very "serious business." R

The UFO Evidence - NICAP - A Position Statement

Richard Hall, NICAP

Over thirty years ago I compiled this documentary report (The UFO Evidence - 1964) for the leading UFO investigation group, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) in Washington, D.C.

UFO Books by Author

Andy Page, Ultimate Ufologists website

An extensive listing of UFO books by author. R

UFO Quotes by Government Sources

Mattweb - Ufology Resources

A collection of UFO-related quotes by various international government officials. R

UFO Quotes: Celebrities and Others


UFO sightings and quotes by celebrities and personalities. R

UFO Seen In Bahrain Skies

Bahrain Tribune, 10-15-2003

People from around the country have reported seeing an Unidentified Flying Object in the skies of Bahrain emitting strange lights for about a minute at around 11pm on Friday.  R

UFO Theories: How do they get here?

Andy Page, Ultimate Ufologists site

This section will deal with some of the ideas regarding how the UFO's actually travel from their civilisation to our planet. One of the main arguments against the reality of the extra-terrestrial nature of UFO's is that sceptics claim, and quite rightly, that the distances involved are just too vast to make space travel a viable option.  R

UFO Theories: Why aren't we told the truth?

Andy Page, Ultimate Ufologists site

This page will discuss some of the various reasons as to why the majority of people are being kept hidden from the truth over the extraterrestrial nature of UFO's. I will discuss several of the best 'reasons' for secrecy that could account for why the truth is still being hidden. R

UFO Theories: Why do they come here?

Andy Page, Ultimate Ufologists site

This page will outline some of the most popular theories as to why we are being visited by lifeforms from other civilisations.  R

Ufology - Activities [of UFOs] on Earth (Chapter 9)

James McCampbell, Ufology

As the UFO people have said that they are conducting a scientific investigation on earth, one would expect that they have been observed in the process. A thorough study of earth would require an enormous variety of activities. From the classic book by James McCampbell.

Ufology - Certified UFOs (Chapter 1)

James McCampbell, Ufology

The possibility that the witnesses may have been telling the truth is strongly suspected when a general uniformity of the reports is noticed. From Chapter 1 of the classic book, 'Ufology', by James McCampbell.

UFOLOGY - Complete Online Version of Classic Book

James McCampbell

Complete online version of the classic book by James McCampbell, described as a major breakthrough in the scientific understanding of UFOs.

Ufology - Composition and Luminosity of UFOs (Chapter 3)

James McCampbell, Ufology

Quite apart from the general appearances of UFOs as established by their sizes, shapes, and structural details, they also seem to be very colorful. From the classic book by James McCampbell, Ufology.

Ufology - Flight and Propulsion (Chapter 7)

James McCampbell, Ufology

UFOs have unusual and distinctive flight characteristics. This aspect of the subject has been investigated extensively for many years, usually with an emphasis upon documentation. Numerous cases have been cited to illustrate each feature of UFO flight. (1) Let it suffice here to consider a composite, hypothetical sighting that includes the prominent flight patterns so that the maximum space can be devoted to analysis.

Ufology - Some Concluding Remarks (Chapter 10)

James McCampbell, Ufology

It is quite appropriate on logical grounds, even an indispensable technique, for an investigator to use any hypothesis that appears to him to help clear up some complex problem. An inquiry can then be undertaken from the perspective afforded by the new hypothesis that is tentatively assumed to be true. (From the classic book by James McCampbell.)

Ufology - Sounds of UFOs (Chapter 4)

James McCampbell, Ufology

Whether hovering motionless, gliding along at tree-top level, or cruising across the sky, UFOs are notably silent. While the familiar noise of flight is not associated with UFOs, they are known to produce some sounds. From the classic book by James McCampbell.

Ufology - The Vehicles (Chapter 2)

James McCampbell, Ufology

This chapter discusses the various types of common UFOs reported. From the classic book by James McCampbell, Ufology.

UFOs: A Demonic Conspiracy

Fr. Thomas Kulp, Flying Saucer Review, Volume 45/3, Autumn 2000

There are still a surprisingly large number of people who seem to take all UFO reports with complete equanimity and, as it were, refuse to see anything "nasty" anywhere in it. Then, on the other hand, there are others, like Father Thomas Kulp, the author of this article, who take the opposite view and hold that every single case, without any exception whatsoever, is something straight out of Satan's bag. R

Unique UFO archive hidden in warehouse: The story of the APRO archives

Clas Svahn, UFO Sweden

One of the biggest UFO archives in the world is tucked away in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. There were approximately 15.000 UFO cases contained in the archive for the once influential UFO organization APRO. But no one is allowed to have a peek. Here is the story of how this historical material went adrift.

Vallee Classification System

Jacques Vallee

A system used to categorize the various types of UFO and paranormal experiences invented by Dr Jacques Vallee and is now used more often instead of the HYNEK CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM since it gives the reader a more detailed summary of a case.  R

What are UFO's and where do they come from?

Andy Page, Ultimate Ufologists site

This section will describe some of the various theories regarding where the "aliens" come from as well as some of my own thoughts.  R

Why The Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis Should Be Taken Seriously

Matt Vest

The best hypothesis we have at this moment is the extra-terrestrial hypothesis.  R

websites & organizations

Michigan UFO Sightings

Michigan UFOs

An extensive collection of UFO sightings in Michigan, including earlier cases.

MUFON Worldwide UFO Database: Statistics


WUFOD STATISTICAL REPORTS reports are automatically generated every Friday from MUFON, Inc.'s Worldwide UFO Database. These reports compare elements of UFO sightings to help determine possible patterns. Data is derived from approximately 2000 UFO sightings, with most noise removed.