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UFO Theories: Why aren't we told the truth?

Andy Page, Ultimate Ufologists site

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: This page will discuss some of the various reasons as to why the majority of people are being kept hidden from the truth over the extraterrestrial nature of UFO's. I will discuss several of the best 'reasons' for secrecy that could account for why the truth is still being hidden.

This page will discuss some of the various reasons as to why the majority of people are being kept hidden from the truth over the extraterrestrial nature of UFO's. I will discuss several of the best 'reasons' for secrecy that could account for why the truth is still being hidden.

Technological/Defence Implications

With an estimated annual spend of over 400 billion dollars for the purposes of military research and development by countries of our planet it must be obvious that any nation that can 'leapfrog' technology can obtain substantial rewards. Any nation that can reproduce the capabilities that the various UFO's display would put simply rule the planet.

Now if any nation managed to obtain alien technology it is very unlikely that they would admit this as it would then come under the scrutiny of scientists all over the world and hence every nation would be able to exploit the new found technology. This would be in a similar way that nuclear technology is now being developed in over 20 countries.

The other problem with obtaining alien technology is that it is probably several thousand years in advance of anything that we have here on Earth and that we would probably not understand how it worked anyway. Imagine giving one of today's Personal Notebook computers to Isaac Newton. Would he be able to work out how a microprocessor worked, I think not. Even the most brilliant of our scientist would have a job trying to reverse engineer this technology.

So the nation who had obtained this technology would probably 'sit' on it until slowly their scientists could unravel the mystery of the alien technology.

Many people have claimed, (Bob Lazar being the most famous), that this is indeed the case and that the US government does indeed posses this alien technology and are, as we speak, trying to reverse engineer it. There have also been several claims that the US government is actually flying around in alien spacecraft although not fully understanding the propulsion technology behind it. (see the CASH/LANDRUM case)

This to me anyway is probably the main reason why we have not been told the truth MONEY and POWER!!

Social Upheaval

Although the governments would not like to admit that the reason for hiding the truth is money and power it is probably the case. The reason next most commonly given is that of the tremendous upheaval of society. This excuse has been used by many of the military personnel who have come forward over the recent years.

However, there are some valid reasons the this excuse. Obviously one of the first things that will need re-thinking is that of religion. Nearly all religions that I am aware of see the Human race as the only intelligent race in the universe. Some even go so far as saying that we are the only race and planet with life on.

Most religions at first would not accept the truth if it were indeed made public, but slowly they would need to recognise the fact and modify or abandon their religions for new ones.

Another problem with releasing the truth is that the 'fragile' money markets of this world would probably collapse initially, wiping billions of dollars off of shares and stocks. After a while however this should slowly improve as the threat of 'invasion by Martians' decreases.

Many scientists would also need to change their theories of space travel and look at the concepts of Space and Time, Gravity, and Magnetism all over again as I am sure that these 3 areas of science have missed some important aspects of each of these which allow the propulsion and travel to remote parts of the universe in very short time spans.

Embarassment of not knowing the full picture

Another of the reasons that they are keeping the information from the public is that maybe they don't know enough about the situation. If the government were to release to the public that aliens existed and that they had recovered alien technology they would then be hit by a barrage of questions.

The Government would not be able to answer all the questions and in the eyes of the public they would appear 'weak'. The public could start to lose faith in a Government that could no longer protect them from the alien presence. The military spending would be harder to justify due to the fact that no matter how much they spent on improving their weapons and systems, they would never be a match for an alien civilisation many years in advance of our own.

The U.S military would be very reluctant to lose just one cent of their annual budget.

They have learnt the evil truth !

A more worrying reason that we are not being informed is that the Governments know exactly why the aliens are visiting us but the reason may not be too our liking. If the Governments know that the aliens purpose is an evil one, in our eyes, then we are probably better off not knowing.

Maybe the Governments know that the aliens are abducting it's citizens and mutilating it's cattle but they are powerless to do anything about it due to the superior technology that the aliens undoubtedly posses.

Informing the public of this fact would cause major panic and concern and a lose of faith in the Governments.

My feelings are that if the aliens are friendly why not tell us ?

They don't know the truth

The last reason that I will put forward here is that the Governments don't know what's going on, so they can't tell us. Maybe the Governments are being truthful when they say they don't know.

It may be a case of only a few select people who know the complete picture. Why tell elected people who are only likely to be in office for an average of 8 years the truth about UFO's and aliens. Would they be able to keep the secret once their term of office ends ?

The people who probably know what's going on are unlikely to be public figures, many researchers feel that there is probably a 'Black Projects' or Government within a Government that control the data. This was used as part of the MJ-12 hoax documents. Although the documents were proved to be hoaxes, the information contained within them are generally regarded as being fairly close to the truth. The MJ-12 documents describe a very top secret group of 12 people who co-ordinate all things UFO.

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