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UFO Theories: Why do they come here?

Andy Page, Ultimate Ufologists site

original source |  fair use notice

Summary: This page will outline some of the most popular theories as to why we are being visited by lifeforms from other civilisations.

This page will outline some of the most popular theories as to why we are being visited by lifeforms from other civilisations. The ideas put here are basically my own thoughts on the situation. I discuss each of the theories in turn but I feel that the issue is not black and white and indeed the true picture is a combination of all the theories.


One of the many reasons put forward as to why we are being visited is that it is just a simple case of curiosity. In a similar way as the first explorers of our planet discovered new lands and new civilisations (e.g. the Incas, Mayans and Indians), alien lifeforms who stumble across us in their exploration of space may find us an intriguing and interesting species in our own right.

This would tend to explain why there has been so many sightings of various types of craft. Alien races, once they had learned of our existence, would want to come and observe us in a similar way that other civilisations on Earth were observed.

However, this simple curiosity theory does not explain some of the more 'disturbing' aspects of Alien encounters such as abduction experiments and mutilations. This problem can however be catered for by the fact that we are probably being visited by more than one race of alien civilisation, each having their own agenda.

Also, once an alien civilisation had discovered us maybe various groups within that civilisation started visiting us. A group of alien scientists would obviously have a different agenda to a group of alien 'tourists' or even alien 'joyriders'.


Another popular theory put forward is that the Earth may well contain certain minerals which are not present on the alien planet. There has been some evidence of this in various reports and claims of 'underground' alien bases and sightings of craft seemingly taking samples of earth, planet and even other lifeforms.

However I feel that this is probably the weakest of all the theories as surely we would notice any great reduction in any of our more common minerals. However it may be the case that the aliens only require very sample amounts of a particular substance for their purposes.

To warn and protect

One strong theme to of emerged from many of the abduction and contactee tales is one kindness and protection. Many abduction victims claim to have been shown mental images of the destruction of Earth through neglect and war. These images have been remarkably similar across a broad spectrum of abduction victims each basically confirming the same images of death and destruction.

The early contactee claims of the 1950's also had a similar theme to them. Many contactees claim to have been shown similar mental 'films' and to of been warned that if the people of earth do not change their ways then the earth will slowly destroy itself.

At first many of these claims seem strange if not absurd, however it must be remembered that the modern UFO era occurred very shortly after the first atomic bombs had been detonated around the mid 1940. Now this may or may not be 'proof' but it is certainly then a strange coincidence.

Another fact worth remembering is that several of the famous sighting cases have occurred around nuclear installations, (Roswell was the worlds first nuclear bomber Air Force Base), and seems to indicate that the aliens are demonstrating that they could if desired 'take-out' the nuclear arsenal of both East and West.

Genetic Manipulation

One of the more recent theories is that the aliens are using the human race to conduct some form of genetic experiment. This has come about fairly recently due to the connection between animal mutilations and UFO's.

Many abduction victims claim that they were subjected to strange experiments including the removal of semen from men and eggs from women. Some women even claim that they have been impregnated only to have the foetus removed shortly after conception.

Various reasons have been put forward for these experiments. They range from the theory that the alien civilisation is dying and needs our genetic material to continue to survive to the fact that they a crossbreeding humans and aliens to make a new race. Indeed several abduction victims claim to of encountered strange 'human-like' children whilst on board the alien craft.

Another theory for this genetic experiment is that the aliens are changing themselves so that they can live on earth. The alien lifeforms as they stand might not be able to survive on our planet for to long due to atmosphere differences and our diseases.

This theory certainly seems very plausible when you take into account the abduction stories, animal mutilations and experiments. Several of the early contactees also claim that the aliens 'were adapting themselves' so that they could 'coexist' with humans.


The last theory that I will put forward for now is that of the 'invasion' theory. Now this theory was put together by early contactee claims. However, over the years the theory has become less widely accepted.

The main reasoning against this theory is that any civilisation that can traverse space and time should be able to invade a civilisation that has been flying for less that 100 years. Also if the invasion theory is correct then surely we would have been invaded many years ago and I would not be writing this.

Supporters of the invasion have recently started using the Genetic theory to explain why have not yet been invaded. They claim that the aliens can not exist as they are at present without some genetic modification, and hence the abduction, mutilation and experiments.

This could be plausible but again with all the abduction cases there has been very little 'evil' intent from the aliens. Only in one or two cases has any invasion overtones been mentioned.

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