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Preliminary Calibration of a UFO Wave

Ahmad Jamaludin, UFO Research Malaysia

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Summary: The magnitude of UFO waves varies in intensity both in time and space. There is, however, at the moment, no method or any attempt by any researcher to accurately quantify a UFO wave.

Ahmad Jamaludin

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The magnitude of UFO waves varies in intensity both in time and space. There is, however, at the moment, no method or any attempt by any researcher to accurately quantify a UFO wave. Terms such as a minor wave, a major wave, flaps and flurry of UFO sightings has been used loosely to describe the concentration of sighting reports in a given geographical area. In actual fact, the terms does not give us the true picture of the intensity or magnitude of the waves.

What actually triggers a UFO wave?. Is there an astrophysical, a geophysical or psychological process which is conducive for the phenomenon to appear in large numbers in a confined geographical area?. To find the answer, our method of defining UFO waves has to be more precise.

For a start, we could use a scale akin to that used to quantify the intensity of earthquakes. Just like the Mercalli or the Richter Scales, we can give an intensity scale of 1 to 10 for UFO waves. Since we are not measuring the natural forces released in the ground, the UFO picture is a little more complicated.

When we talked about UFO waves, we have to take into account the space and time factors, the number of sighting reports, the number of humanoid or UFO occupant encounters. Since a UFO wave is directly proportional to all these factors, any deficiency in its documentation could result in the magnitude of the wave being recorded wrongly.

At the moment, we at a loss to say whether the Mexican wave of 1991 is more intense or larger than the 1996 United Kingdom wave or is the 1993 Israeli wave bigger than the 1968 Spanish wave.

Since we have no proper measurement for all these waves, I would like to suggest this simple calibration method. It is based on the following observations : an intense wave must cover a bigger area, a longer duration, must have more landing reports and the occupants associated with the UFOs must also be sighted on many occasions. Any drop in these observations, must also denote a drop in the intensity of the waves.

Based on these factors, the magnitude of the UFO waves could be determined as below:

Wave area divided by the duration ( in kilometers & weeks respectively).
The result is further divided by 100 .
Add the assigned number for the number of CE3 cases documented ( refer table ).

Since we do not have the actual number of humanoid encounters, the table below simplifies the problem by assigning a given number to the approximate number of CE3 cases documented.

Table to determine the assigned number for CE3 cases.

Assigned Number         Number of CE3 cases Documented

    1.   1                         Between 0 to 9 cases
    2.   2                         Between 10 to 19 cases
    3.   3                         Between 20 to 29 cases
    4.   4                         Between 30 to 39 cases
    5.   5                         Between 40 to 49 cases
    6.   6                         Between 50 to 59 cases
    7.   7                         Between 60 to 69 cases
    8.   8                         Between 70 to 79 cases
    9.   9                         Between 80 to 89 cases
    10.  10                        Greater than 90 cases

Based on this formula, below is listed some of the UFO waves and its magnitudes.

                                      ( km )        ( weeks )         CE3 No.

1896       California          500               2                    2.5 + 1                    3.5

1909        England            400               6                    0.6 +1                     1.6

1933        Scandinavia      750               7                    1.1 +1                      2.1

1946        Scandinavia     1350              8                    1.7 + 1                     2.7

1954        France               750            10                   0.75+6                      6.7

1968        Spain               1000            12                   0.83+1                      1.8

1972        S.Africa           1450            10                   1.45+1                      2.4

1973        SE USA           2000             8                    2.5+4                        6.5

1978        Italy                    950             6                   1.58+3                       4.6

1979        Philippines           700           10                   0.7+1                         1.7

The above scale is just a guideline and subjected to change. I welcome suggestions and recommendations from other workers so that we could have a truly indicative and accurate scale to the true magnitude of UFO waves.

Once we have the proper indicator of the intensity of UFO waves, perhaps we could understand better on the periodicity and the underlying mechanisms which might have started the waves.


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