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UFO Waves

articles & documents

1967: The Overlooked UFO Wave and the Colorado Project

Richard Hall, MUFON 1978 UFO Symposium Proceedings

A major wave of UFO sightings occurred in 1967; even by official Air Force figures it was the 4th largest in terms of sightings reported, yet no one talks about it. The special significance of the 1967 wave is that it occurred during the one full year of investigations by the University of Colorado UFO Project.

A Revival of the 61-Month Wave Theory

Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D.

The Knowles family CE-II encounter with an ovoid-shaped UFO on the Nullarbor Plateau in Western Australia January 20th was right on target in terms of time and place, according to the 61-month wave cycle first proposed by Dr. David Saunders back in 1971. At least two other UFO encounters of major importance occurred that same night in Australia and Tasmania. If the indications are correct and this is not an isolated incident but the beginnings of a major UFO wave, we will have to reconsider the significance of this long-term prediction... R

Analyzing UFO Waves - Surge of Sightings Imminent?

Joseph W. Ritrovato, MUFON UFO Journal, March, 1995

During my investigation into the UFO phenomena all promising sightings were collected from ancient times to the present to see if any noticeable patterns would arise. Nobody (to my knowledge) has been able to claim success in predicting UFO waves consistently, but this could be explained by many periodic factors interacting rather than just one or two waveforms.  R

List of Worldwide Major UFO Waves: 1896 to the Present

UFO-WAVE / UFO Research Malaysia

Chart showing major UFO waves throughout history. R

Peak Months in Worldwide UFO Waves

UFOCAT 2002 / UFO Sweden

A statistical table showing peak UFO waves throughout the world during the last 50 years.

Preliminary Calibration of a UFO Wave

Ahmad Jamaludin, UFO Research Malaysia

The magnitude of UFO waves varies in intensity both in time and space. There is, however, at the moment, no method or any attempt by any researcher to accurately quantify a UFO wave. R

Signals, Noise, and UFO Waves

Richard Hall, The International UFO Reporter, Winter, 1999

Over the past 50 years a seeming outbreak of UFO sightings has captured public and news media attention on average about every five to eight years. Sometimes the sightings have been sufficiently spectacular that the publicity has led someone to attempt a scientific study, but these studies usually bog down in confusion and controversy, and the interest fades away.

The Great UFO Wave: October, 1973 - What Happened?

Kenny Young, UFO Research, Cincinnati

Perhaps one day through future revelation or discovery, history may acknowledge the bizarre blitz of UFO sightings across America which happened in the shadows of Watergate. But for today, most people are unaware of the extraordinary UFO Wave of 1973.  R

The Importance of UFO Waves

Joseph W. Ritrovato, MUFON UFO Journal of June, 1996

In his book UFOs and Outer Space Mysteries, UFO skeptic James E. Oberg proposes a hypothetical test case to demonstrate that there is probably nothing of significance to the UFO phenomena. If one was to search his book for any reference to UFO waves one would come up empty handed. He ignores the subject entirely. The reason, I suspect, is he knows that therein lies possible proof that UFOs are a serious phenomena and distinctly different from simple misidentifications or overly active imaginations.  R

Theories Regarding the Cause or Stimulus of UFO Waves

UFO-WAVE / UFO Research Malaysia

An overview of various theories regarding the cause of UFO waves. R

Top 300 UFO Hotspots in the United States

Donald Johnson & CUFON

These listings are of the top 300 UFO hotspots in the United States. One list is sorted by State and the second sorted by rate of unexplained reports per 10,000 population in 1990.

UFO Flaps - A Context for Scientific Study

Bill Chalker

One of the more frustrating aspects of the UFO phenomenon is its unpredictability. One of the mainstays of the scientific method is the repeatable experiment. In the case of an unpredictable and elusive phenomenon this is rather hard to organise. Occassionally UFO phenomena occurs in specific localities for an extended period. These are refered to as localised "flaps".  R

UFO Patterns & Predictions

Researchers have tried to establish one aspect of the UFO phenomenon; not at the locations where sightings have taken place, but as regards the time of the periodicity of UFOs. The reports of sightings are based on the time factor with possible correlation of their periodicity, to type of physical interpretation that shows a similar periodicity. R

websites & organizations

*U* : Worldwide UFO Sightings Maps

*U* UFO Database / Larry Hatch

Maps from the *U* UFO Database by Larry Hatch, including specific maps for major UFO waves throughout the world.

The Belgium UFO Wave

UFO Evidence

Beginning in late 1989, a definite UFO "flap" converged on Belgium. For some time from that point on, literally thousands of people reported seeing triangular aircraft in the Belgian skies, exhibiting flight characteristics which simply cannot be explained, with regard to mundane terrestrial aircraft. Unlike previous flaps, these accounts generated report after report of what, in essence, was exactly the same type of craft.

The Great UFO Wave: October,1973

UFO Research Cincinatti

This site is dedicated to presenting details of a most inflammatory UFO happening: a nationwide rash of UFO sightings climaxing in October of 1973. Appearing on the internet 25-years afterwards , this informational resource will recount these stirring events through newspaper articles, journalistic reports and investigative essays.

UFO-WAVES: A Website for the Study of UFO Waves

UFO Research Malaysia

This website is dedicated primarily to the study of UFO waves - a very important and significant aspect of the UFO Phenomenon which has been largely ignored by most UFO researchers today.