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Theories Regarding the Cause or Stimulus of UFO Waves

UFO-WAVE / UFO Research Malaysia

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Summary: An overview of various theories regarding the cause of UFO waves.

1. WINDOW AREAS : This theory was put forward by the American journalist and UFO researcher John E. Keel. It does not specifically refer to UFO waves but more to the recurring manifestations and concentration of UFO sightings in a particular geographical area time and again. This theory imply that the area where UFOs constantly or regularly appeared seem to be facing or exposed or associated to a "window" whereby the UFOs are entering our physical world.

2. GATE THEORY : Proposed by Dr. Bernard E. Finch from the United Kingdom. This theory also does not refer specifically to UFO waves but it could explain how the wave started.According to the theory, there are fixed "gates" or points in Space where entry and exit from one dimension to another is possible. When in contact with a gravitational field, these "gates" open and thus allow the UFOs to enter another dimension. When the Earth orbit around the Sun, it will cross one of these "gates" and it will open, allowing the UFOs to enter. The UFOs, however, have a limited time on Earth as the "gate" swept across the Earth. They have to re-enter or return home before this "gate" closes or the Earth by-passes the "gate".

3. EXTRA-SOLAR COORDINATE : Dr. David Saunders from the United States working on the spatio-temporal distribution of UFO waves came to the conclusion that the number of UFO sighting reports increases every time a certain area of the Earth faces a certain direction of the sky.

4. SOURCE-X THEORY : Proposed by Ahmad Jamaludin from Malaysia to explain the helio-centric geographical migration of major UFO waves around the Earth in a 10-year cycle (plus or minus 1 year). This "Source-X" is believed to be an astrophysical entity orbiting between the planet Mars and Jupiter (because of its 10-year cycle) but on a highly eccentric orbit. This "Source-X" must be emitting gravity waves which is aiding the UFOs to surf on it and hence it function as a corridor or highway to come to Earth. Its pulsating nature determine the number of UFOs appearing on Earth i.e if it pulsate slowly, only isolated UFOs appear, but when it suffers a glitch and pulsate rapidly, UFOs will appear in large numbers and hence the UFO waves. This pulsating astrophysical entity is also believe to be responsible for triggering earthquakes on Earth due to the gravity waves it emit in exciting the Earth's weak spot i.e the fault lines. Source-X or this astrophysical entity is not a solid object but just a mass of energy. It must have formed from a planet that once existed between Mars and Jupiter but has dissipated for some unknown reasons. If UFOs appear out of "Source-X", then they must be coming out of it from a parallel universe (if there is any).

5. MORAL PANIC : A term coined by sociologist Jock Young to describe a form of social delusion. Moral panic arises due to public fear or perceived threat from some source, usually external. It is a societal reaction when its fundamental interest or values is perceived to be under threat. For example, the 1909 "Airship Scare" in England was attributed to the Germans Zeppelins and the 1946 Swedish "Ghost Rockets" were believed to be Russian projectiles.

6. MEDIA PUBLICITY : In the early 1950s, the general assumption was that the UFO waves was actually triggered by the mass media. When they highlighted a case, it triggered others to report their own UFO experiences. Hence there was a sudden increase in the UFO sighting reports in the area. But on the other hand, the media is also responsible in reporting the actual UFO wave. If there have been no influx of UFO appearances or manifestations, there would have been no UFO reports in the first place!.


The Window Area, Gate Theory, Extra-Solar Coordinate and Source-X theories, all have one thing in common - they all point to the existence of a specific point in time and space which is responsible in contributing to the proliferation of UFO sighting reports in a specific geographical area. The Source-X theory is more specific as it shows the ground track of the stimulating source on Earth (marked by the wave locations in time and space), its probable orbit and its effects on Earth i.e seismic activities. This theory could be checked. If UFOs and earthquakes are trigerred by a common source, then there must be certain characteristics commonly shared by UFOs and earthquakes such as its periodicity, spatial-temporal distribution, epicenter orientation etc.

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