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Victim Mentality In Abductees: An Unacceptable Concept

Ann Druffel, Flying Saucer Review, Volume 45/3, Autumn 2000, pp. 18-21

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Summary: During a magic 2.5 hours with Art Bell on COAST TO COAST, I fielded intelligent questions from numerous listeners and will presently appear on DREAMLAND with Whitley Strieber. All this demonstrates the interest in the subject of "resisters" who successfully tell the abduction phenomenon, whatever it is, to go away and quit bothering them.

Flying Saucer Review, Volume 45/3, Autumn 2000, pp. 18-21

Victim Mentality In Abductees: An Unacceptable Concept.
An Essay by Ann Druffel, (California), FSR Consultant

[This article was first published in the MUFON UFO JOURNAL for
May 2000, and has been revised slightly by the author for the
overseas issue in FSR - Editor FSR.]

In August 1998 my most recent book, HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF
AGAINST ALIEN ABDUCTION, was published by Three Rivers Press, a
"How To" division of Random House, followed closely by a U.K.
edition in November 1998 from Piatkus Publishers Limited. Better
publishers could not have been found - the finest editors and
class-act books which covered twenty-five years of personal
research on the UFO abduction phenomenon. For a year afterward,
and continuing full speed today, the book receives publicity on
radio and TV. It has been reviewed favourably in numerous UFO
and parapsychology journals, and in newstand magazines in the
U.S. and the U.K.

In spite of the fact that the new concept presented in the book
is of supreme importance to the UFO field, certain influential
UFO researchers have remained strangely silent. This is in stark
contrast to favourable reviews by top objective researchers -
Dwight Connelly in MUFON UFO JOURNAL, Jennie Zeidman in
INTERNATIONAL UFO REPORTER, Tim Owens and Paul Norman in
REVIEW among others.

During a magic 2.5 hours with Art Bell on COAST TO COAST, I
fielded intelligent questions from numerous listeners and will
presently appear on DREAMLAND with Whitley Strieber. All this
demonstrates the interest in the subject of "resisters" who
successfully tell the abduction phenomenon, whatever it is, to
go away and quit bothering them.

Many abduction researchers in various countries have sent
letters of agreement and encouragement, and my data base of
"resisters" grows rapidly as many abductees continue to share
their experiences, containing approximately 100 cases to date.
Yet a few top abduction researchers continue to ignore the new
concept and message in the book, namely, that stout-hearted
witnesses and abductees can and do fend off so-called "UFO
aliens", and even permanently rid themselves of the visitations.

In conversation at the annual Laramie Conference last year with
a well-known author and abduction researcher, he told me that he
came across "resisters" in his case load but did not elaborate
how he handled this information. I know for a fact that other
researchers come across resisters, but these cases somehow never
make it into print. Do these particular researchers dismiss
"resisters" because they don't fit in with their own hypotheses?
If so, I feel that this attitude is unscientific. In science,
don't we work with all data that comes to us from rational,
honest sources and not try to "screen out" what is unacceptable
to us?

Curious as to why certain researchers have been ignoring the new
ABDUCTION, I recently sent friendly letters, copies of the book
and related bio/resume/bibliographical material to four of those
who had been so silent, with a simple request for feedback and
input. None of the four responded. Their silence was so
deafening that it allowed valuable insight to seep into my brain
- information which seems so startling that I feel impelled to
share it with you. Namely: Certain factors in the UFO field
apparently *do not want* instances of successful resistance to
come out. If they ignore the book and its new concept, will they
perhaps not be tempted to try to advise their own traumatized
abductees that resistance may be possible?

Perhaps they do not believe that resistance works and so don't
want abductees to even consider it for fear they will "fail" and
emerge doubly traumatized? Or do they perhaps sincerely believe
that experiencers have *no right* to resist? What other reasons
would prevent researchers from learning vital, new information
about a phenomenon on which they have laboured for decades?

All four "silent" researchers I refer to are Americans working
mainly with American abductees. I do not know if any researchers
in the U.K. share these thoughts, but practically nothing has
been written in overseas journals, either, about successful
resistance. Do researchers truly feel that the abduction
phenomenon is so overpowering that it is able to overthrow the
principles of freedom on which democracies and republics
worldwide were founded - the same principles of freedom from
fear and oppression which guide our everyday lives?

Do these researchers really believe that self-determination,
right of privacy and other principles of individual freedom no
longer apply? Do they truly think that we are now in the hands
(or claws) of whitish, frail, large-eyed humanoids whose source
is, at best, uncertain? What kind of nonsense is this? I think
it is "nonsense" being fed to us by the phenomenon itself,
whatever it is.

Where in the great works of history, philosophy, and theology
does it say that other orders of beings can tamper with us,
guide our destinies or are responsible for us in any way? Say
what you will, authors like Von Daniken and Sitchin are not the
equivalent of Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Muhammad, Buddha
and other world thinkers, (not to mention one other who is held
to be far greater than any of these! -G.C.).

The theories put forth by these top-profile abduction
researchers are conspicuously contradictory, but they do not
seem to recognize this among themselves. There is a "oneness"
among them which is difficult to understand. Some of them
theorize (or are actually convinced) that extraterrestrial
creatures are hybridizing humans against their will so that they
can take over our planet.

Others theorize (or are convinced) that these creatures are
somehow responsible, in the great order of things, for evolving
the human race and bringing us to "higher spirituality"? These
gentler thinkers do not explain why the creatures first
traumatize victims with unpleasant interactions, then eventually
lead the abductees to "love" them. According to this theory, the
creatures' painful interference is really "good" for the human
race, and abductees should go along with it because the
creatures "know what is best for us."!

TWO SEPARATE PHENOMENA? The data is overwhelming that
unidentified, possible extraterrestrial, craft seem to be
monitoring mankind. These demonstrably physical UFOs reported by
credible witnesses constitute a serious scientific question
which has regrettably been covered up by governments and ignored
by official Science.

THE REAL "UFOs". However, in my considered opinion, UFO
phenomena can be separated into two separate groups:

Craft-like UFOs which are caught on radar, chased by jet pilots,
and sometimes photographed, appear to be physical in our earth's
space-time, but in these cases little or no interaction with any
"occupants" is noted.

So-called "alien abductions", on the other hand, generally take
place in altered states of consciousness and are retrieved in
large part through hypnotic regression.

Claims of "genetic manipulation", "missing foetuses", "implants"
and "alien-military co-operation" lack solid, scientific proof
of extraterrestrial involvement, although I concede that some
so-called "implants", "scars" and the like *might* be due to the
creatures' ability to materialize temporarily into our space-

But the proliferation and escalation of abduction claims seem
more likely caused by (1) telepathic leakage during hypnosis
between witnesses and hypnotist/researchers; and (2)
psychological deception by the phenomenon itself.

The logical question to all this is: Why is the trauma
necessary? If these creatures are really "in charge of us" why
don't they approach us with kind logic from the beginning?
Another logical question: As an American, I have to ask:
Whatever happened to our individual rights of self-determination
and liberty?

The same question can be logically asked by citizens of many
other countries. To me, both theories in the UFO field outlined
above consider these creatures to be "in charge of us".

This idea contradicts the principles of freedom of the
individual. It flies in the face of the American "Declaration of
Independence", the English "Magna Carta", the French Revolution
and every other instance in which a nation of free-thinking
peoples have emerged from rag-tag armies of revolutionaries or

If any reader thinks I am emphasizing "human rights" too much,
consider this: Police detectives who investigate horrible cases
of rape, for example, do not think of our "inalienable rights."
They are simply outraged by the immoral act that has been
perpetrated upon the victims.

Alien abduction scenarios are basically the same as rape and
other criminal attacks. The fact that they take place in an
altered state of consciousness does not matter here. Abduction
scenarios are very real to the experiencers; they constitute a
type of *altered reality*, the effects of which extends into
their physical lives.

The nine resistance techniques described in HOW TO DEFEND
YOURSELF_ enable traumatized experiencers to break the altered
state of consciousness in which abduction scenarios occur. Once
the altered state is broken and the person returns to full
waking consciousness, the creatures vanish and the scenario

My book gives multiple examples of actual documented case
studies which illustrate in detail the way in which the
techniques are used successfully, and it also describes the
psychological concepts and personality traits which seem to be
involved in successful resistance.

I might gratefully add that Dr. Edgar J. Mitchell, U.S.
astronaut and sixth man to walk on the Moon, endorses my book on
the cover thus: "This is a very powerful book because it shows
the deep psychological component of the UFO experience.
Druffels' research does us all a great service." As the founder
of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and author of THE WAY OF THE
EXPLORER, Dr. Mitchell's statement was gratefully received.

hypothesis to explain why resistance techniques work so well
against entities which present themselves as technologically
superior extra-extraterrestrials. The hypothesis is this:

Abductees are possibly interacting with interdimensional beings
which have been described in philosophical, historical and
regligious writings, and in folklore and legend, from every
major culture of the world and in minor cultures as well.

These beings reportedly delight in harrassing and deceiving
human beings, often in a sexual manner. Specific examples are
the "jinns" described in the Koran, the Celtic "Sidhe" or "faery
folk", the "incubi" of Europe, the "Old Hag" in Newfoundland and
the "elementals" in Buddhist cultures.

They are also known by many other names in many different
languages. They are described in Malaysia and Indonesia, in
Iceland, by the aboriginals of Australia and by various Native
American tribes. Because these beings reportedly have the
ability to shapeshift, it is surmised that they have now taken
on a form which would logically frighten even modern,
technically-advanced human beings.

The creatures reported in folklore and legends, *as well as in
present-day accounts*, have at least eight characteristics in
common with our so-called "UFO alien abductors". All of them

1. Materialize and de-materialize; 2. Harass human beings,
frequently in a sexual manner; 3. Reportedly "steal" human
babies and/or unborn foetuses; 4. Distort the witnesses'
perception of time; 5. Pass through solid matter; 6. Enter
temporarily into Earth space-time, sometimes leaving physical
traces; 7. Shape-shift into various forms and sizes including,
at times, animals; 8. Exist normally on what is described as a
"hidden plane" which co-exists alongside our normal earthly

All these world cultures have developed means to resist these
creatures, and many of their techniques are similar to the
techniques used by the seventy-two (72) resisters described in
my book. So why shouldn't abductees in modern cultures be able
to fend them off as well? The answer? -They can, and they do.

It is crucial that adequate attention be given to the concept of
successful resistance. "Resisters" are able to live happy,
productive lives, free of the trauma and other negative effects
caused by their prior experiences.

The concept of resistance is spreading: Several research sources
are speaking about it on the Internet, and letters from a few
researchers who have begun to teach resistance techniques to
abductees are passing over my desk. I would hope that a
continuing dialogue on the subject will be started in FLYING
SAUCER REVIEW to counteract the silence of the few colleagues

case examples and practical pointers to persons experiencing
abduction trauma and lets them know that they are not helpless
victims. Free people around the world should not have to feel
that they are victims of anyone or anything.

Human beings are neither: (1) victims being taken over against
their will; nor (2) frail creatures who need help in being

Human beings everywhere can, with bold assurance, fight against
anything we need to fight against, and win!

Terry W. Colvin, Sierra Vista, Arizona (USA)

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